Trump Says Pompeo Is Returning From North Korea With Three Hostages

After arriving in Pyongyang early Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has successfully negotiated the release of three US citizens being held in the communist state, and is now on his way back to Washington with the hostages in tow.

President Donald Trump revealed as much in a series of congratulatory tweets Wednesday morning, Trump revealed that Pompeo and his "guests" will be landing at Andrews Air Force Base at 2 am Thursday, adding that the president will be "there to greet them."


Trump hailed Pompeo's second visit to the North in little over a month as a success, saying the hostages "seem to be in good health" and adding that a "date & place" for the historic US-North Korea have now been set following a "good meeting" with Kim Jong Un.

Pompeo said earlier that the North's release of the three US citizens would be a "great gesture," noting the US has been asking for their freedom for 17 months.

Pompeo was earlier expected to bring the three captives through the inter-Korean border, but the Cheong Wa Dae official said that will likely not be the case. All three of the US citizens are said to be Korean-Americans. Pompeo famously met with Kim Jong Un during a clandestine visit to North Korea over Easter Weekend. Last week, Rudy Giuliani angered Trump by announcing on live television that the US had secured the release of the hostages, when in fact negotiations were still ongoing.


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"gmrpeabody": A lot of things are coming into play.  The South Koreans elected Moon rather than Park, overcoming a huge amount of US interference.  The US pushed hard for Park, but she was so corrupt that US manipulation pissed off a lot of the South Koreans.  Plus Moon campaigned on resolving the issues with the Norks.

Trump's reckless approach, whether clever and devious or just straightforward, convinced the South Koreans the US was willing to sacrifice them all, which gave even more impetus to negotiating with the Norks.  The role of China can't be overlooked, either.  Xi saw an opportunity to get US forces out of SK once and for all.  It's no coincidence Kim has been shuttling back and forth to meet with Xi as the situation develops.

Since Kim doesn't tell anybody what he's up to, it's hard to tell.  But it seems the China, North Korea and South Korea all have a lot to gain and very little to lose by working toward reunification, if only in baby steps.  The US was never threatened by the Norks in reality, and has the most to lose by this process.  Once South Korea, North Korea, China, and maybe even Japan have a normal set of relationships, there's no reason for all the US military buildup in South Korea.  Japan's a little different, as the Koreans and Chinese share a vicious mutual hatred of the Japanese, which the Japanese return in kind.  So the US may keep their foothold in Japan for a while longer.  But as China continues to grow in prominence and the US recedes, the clock is ticking on US military presence in Japan as well.  All those countries know exactly how valuable their holdings of US Treasuries really are.  And they all know the tariffs, if they really happen, are targeted at them.

I expect the US to try to sabotage the peace process in Korea, and to then try to push Japan into confrontation with China.  Too risky to predict how that will go; it's worked so many times in the past; but it may be that would be one trip too many to the well this time around.

As is so often the case, what's bad for the US is very good for the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is realizing that the US has slipped so far it might be time to shut the US out of matters where the US really has no legitimate interest.  It'll be very interesting to see how Japan goes.  As in the Middle East, where Turkey is smelling a change in the wind as well.  If the US really does anything to Iran, and if East Asia values peace more than US trade, the US could be pushed out of Asia altogether in astonishingly short order.

Again, bad for the US but very good for everyone else.

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Reducing our military build up in an area that has returned to peace is GOOD for the US. It costs us a tremendous amount of money and manpower to project our military might all over the world like we have been doing.

Deep state likely views reducing our military presence as bad. You might be right that the US may sabotage the peace process in Korea, but I sure hope not.

If Trump is for real, peace in Asia will prevail and then he can focus his efforts on negotiating peace in the middle east. And not that flimflam under-the-table Iranian nuclear "deal" Obummer conjured up with bribes.

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I bet they are craving a McDonald's Big Mac and a chocolate shake.

Lets see you been in a North Korean jail, you get a McDonald's Big Mac turn on the TV and watch CNN, and then beg to be returned to jail!

CNN = Cocksucker News Network!

These people won't recognize America but be thankful for Trump for getting them out.

CNN will make them wonder if they ever actually left North Korea.

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I'm not so sure.  The number of trips Kim has taken to meet with Xi might have a lot to do with it.  Libya didn't have a neighbor/protector like China.  North Korea doesn't have 44 tons of gold to steal.  Nor does it have any meaningful resource deposits coveted by the US, if only to deprive Russia, China and the E.U. of them, like Libyan oil. 

We in the US also neglect the importance of Moon's election in South Korea.  Moon campaigned on peace with North Korea and eventual reunification, and won despite massive US interference in favor of Park, whose naked corruption and slavish devotion to the US disgusted a lot of Koreans.

Lots of wheels within wheels here.

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Try again, you almost got everything wrong. Have some more Kool Aid, too. It's doing wonders for your cognitive function.

Kim asked for neogtiations when Trump first took office, but dotard was far too tough. It took Moon reaching out, but whatever gets the US out of Korea.

More "alternative facts" because regular facts don't fit the narrative. Like inflation stats, or freedom bombs, or Israel as a righteous victim.

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Are you on crazy pills? I, among many others on this forum, in the alt and MS media, and foreign politicians have all laid out *why* it isn't a Trump win, but you just ignore all of that every.single.time. because it doesn't fit the narrative you are desperately clinging to. WTF do I have to humiliated about? The opinions of some ignorant internet posters? Oh, shit, I'm crushed by your trolling.

You still don't see how the bully trap is being laid out with every point for Trump to use as leverage being removed. It does NOT benefit the US and its fucking officially declared China and Russian containment policy to lose the Korean peninsula.

Keep doubling down, you're not hurting anyone but yourself by maintaining your delusions.


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>WTF do I have to humiliated about?

Constantly being wrong, and having to backtrack and reinvent your positions to pretend that Trump is somehow bad, then pretending that you have been right all along.

There is some level of embarrassment that breaks the hold of cognitive dissonance in most people. Wonder what it is for you?

Maybe after they put his face on Mt. Rushmore? After he gets his third Nobel Peace Prize? After presidential term limits are removed so he can have a third term?

Cut the anti American shit and join the winning team.

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Constantly being wrong, and having to backtrack and reinvent your positions to pretend that Trump is somehow bad, then pretending that you have been right all along.

So, 4D chess, right? You've lost touch with reality. 

Contrary to your opinion of me, I do stop amd look at the facts from other positions, such as yours. I can see where you are coming from with some things if I filter out data that contradicts or if I just assume there has to be more to the storyor a deeper strategy (4D chess) because as it is presented it makes no sense amd looks incompetent. Such as neocon #3 being nominated as some esoteric bluff, despite the blatant lies and W-era talking points being said about Iran just yesterday.

Explain to me how losing Korea and the THAAD sites helps the containment and confrontation with China and Russia as the Pentagon's policy states?

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