China Builds Warning System To Detect Earthquakes 3 Weeks In Advance

China is building a monitoring system that will help it predict earthquakes up to three weeks in advance, according to a story in the Global Times, a mouthpiece for China's Communist Party. The machinery will monitor for upcoming quakes by measuring "X-ray" or "CT scanners" which create an image of seismic activity.

"The real-time image generated from sensors will help the public forecast earthquake of magnitude above 5.0 as easily as reading a meteorological cloud image," the Global Times said.

The technology will first be implemented in China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in the country's southwest, where some of China's most devastating earthquakes have taken place. After that, it will then be rolled out across the country. Eventually, the sensors will be placed at 2,000 monitoring stations across the earthquake-prone region.


The equipment will monitor for "stress and energy dynamics" between eight and 20 kilometers underground, according to Dr Wang Tun. Typically, the most destructive quakes originate more than 8 kilometers below the earth's surface. While China already has an early earthquake warning system, it only covers 650 million people - about half the country's population - and can only detect quakes seconds before they occur by measuring so-called "P-waves". During one recent quake in Chengdu, the capitol of Sichuan province, citizens received messages on their mobile phones some 71 seconds beforehand.

Schools received the warnings some five to 38 seconds before the quake struck.

Eventually, the current EEW system and the new more advanced system will work in tandem, because the new monitoring system can't predict the exact timing of a quake, according to Wang.

"And it only can tell a rough location instead of an exact site where the earthquake will occur."

The first station for the new system was unveiled in Wenchuan, Sichuan this past week. The town was the epicenter of a 7.9 magnitude quake that killed 80,000 people back in 2008.


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Wow.  The Chinese really ARE more advanced than we are.  For a percentage, maybe they can tell me what the "PowerBall" lottery numbers will be next Tuesday as well.  Preez contact me at 1-800-J-ES-BACH to discuss the details.

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I’m confident we could implement a far superior system in the state of California, funded by the government and monitored by the USGS that would save lives and property, allow for a more orderly response and ensure the continued delivery of critical supplies and medicines in the event of a large temblor.

However, that would not profit Wall St. in the least, so that money WILL instead  be spent on opening up pristine national parks to oil drilling or bailing out the bond vigilantes in the next market meltdown.

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You're both right... sort of. You're talking about two very different time periods. Long ago, Muslims invented algebra and Universities and look what they offer today.

China was once free but primitive by Western standards. Mao came along and made "The Great Leap Forward" which was in fact a disastrous power consolidation and kill spree. It stripped the China of nearly every thinking mind that didn't concern itself with preserving the Commie power block and instantiated the idea of not questioning within the society, for fear of your life. Couple that with nearly 50 years of institutional brain washing, systemic atheism and many defections and you get a hard cultural stagnation.

Only in the past 30 years have some of the hard corners really been sanded off the stifling mind control apparatus in China. During that time they certainly HAVE stolen a TON of ideas from the West. It's a fact. However, they are turning the corner on innovation and are actually coming up with their own ideas more and more these days. They could easily rival and/or surpass the best offerings in any given sector from the US, Korea, Japan & Europe in the next decade. Nothing is forever; good or bad.


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Of course its correct.

Its only a line of pressure receptors along the northern line  of pressure in China, there is also a southern route.

Then they monitor it and if they dont follow Dutchsinse already, by basic scientific method will have a predictive model up and going fast.

Dutchsinse an american, subsisting on a tiny amount from youtube and donations and forecasts earthquakes daily.

USGS doesnt like him at all. USGS writes that earthquakes are random and cannot be  predicted. They have abused him many times.

Dutchsinse gave a warning on fukishima a week before, and does this week in week out,and day in day out. for christs sake. Has for 7 years forecasted quakes  and very accurate in size and within 200 miles.

Of  course China can do  this, and Dutch can use this  as well to help Iran downstream and Greece and Italy etc. This is a huge step and dutch is thrilled, a whole new set of data  hopefully.

you might not know here have been more than 70 deep quakes in the last 3 weeks which are the genesis of quakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide. Hawai volcanoes drained before fuki in 2011. There are earth cracks round the globe. stuff is on the go.

Excellence does exist. Intelligence does exist. Science without suppression does exist in some places.

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The 3 weeks modelling is a joke, but earthquake forecast modelling is actually a new and emerging frontier science that is legitimate. It's not exact, and it's still very much in the development stage, but accurate quake predictions are able to be made about 48 hours in advance of events, provided certain criteria are met.
The sun is THE biggest factor when it comes to earthquakes, as coronal holes are a significant trigger of quake events, and so by monitoring solar events, quakes can to some degree be modeled. Again, it is not an exact science.

You can get info here at:

Hope this helps.

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Yet again I note the "Western Bias" in this article. "Global Times - a mouthpiece of China's Communist Party", along with similar comments re RT and Sputnik - "Mouthpiec(es) of the Russian State".

I'll accord more credibility to the Tylers' Western media based articles when we similar honesty in their source commentary. CNN / WaPo / CBSNC - "Mouthpieces of the US Government", or more accurately, "Mouthpieces of the US War Machine".

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Was watching CNN at the university in a MPR on Friday, about a dozen or so random students in the room at the time.

Topic was Trump’s scheduled meeting in Singapore with Kim.

Talking head on CNN says, “Trump Administration officials want the meeting held in a more neutral country, and not in a communist country like China or Russia.

I yelled out loud, “when did Russia become a communist country?”

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On May 8th around 5am I was sleeping in my truck in Cabazon CA and though someone was jacking up my rig to steal my wheels but it was a damn 4.9 quake

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Patent pending probably from this guy's company that reverse engineered HAARP for a price when his "other client" tries to put the screws to them for more Gold (without interest) to pay the "bills"... Or needs a crypto mining service re-installed in Beijing (…) NEXT TIME!...…

Now who does Erik work for "AGAIN"?!!!  I could almost swear Erik was born in Haifa or Tel Aviv not Detroit?!!!


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Fast forward... 9.8 earthquake hits Hong Kong. Chinese government baffled as to why early warning system did not work... checked instruments found out why... MADE IN CHINA.


Have you ever seen a Chinese engineer? there are literally tens of millions of them and not one know FUCK ALL about engineering... except they do know how to follow the STOLEN IP from other countries really really good.