The 2017 Statistics Just Came Out... And The "War On Cops" Is Officially A Myth

Authored Carey Wedler via,

Though right-wing commentators continue to decry the ‘war on cops,’ the latest data released by the country’s top law enforcement undermines that alarmist narrative.

According to the FBI’s annual Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted report, released this week, there were fewer police deaths in 2017 than in 2016. In 2016, 118 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty while in 2017, that number was 93.

More telling is the type of death the officers suffered. Last year, 46 officers were killed “feloniously” on the job while 47 died in accidents. As the FBI’s press release noted, “Both numbers have decreased from 2016, during which 66 officers were feloniously killed and 52 were accidentally killed, for a total of 118 line-of-duty deaths.”

The data is collected from “local, state, tribal, campus, and federal law enforcement agencies from around the country, as well as organizations that track officer deaths.”

A closer look at the statistics reveals further just how nonexistent the war on cops actually is. Of the 46 officers feloniously killed on the job, five were ambushed (defined as “entrapment/premeditation” by the FBI) and 3 were victims of unprovoked attacks. Twenty-one died during “investigative or enforcement activities,” which include traffic stops, investigating suspicious persons, or tactical situations.

In other words, they were killed doing the jobs they signed up to do (consider the popular refrain that ‘cops risk their lives’ — that’s part of the job description), though police officer does not even crack the top ten most dangerous jobs in the United States.

The takeaway here is that while some officers die on the job - and that is unfortunate - the deliberate sentiment to kill officers simply because they are police officers is not on the rise.

Thirty-five officers died in car accidents — more than four times the number killed by ambushes and unprovoked attacks (eight) — and according to the FBI, “of the 29 officers killed in automobile accidents, 12 were wearing seatbelts, and 15 were not,” though two of the officers not wearing seatbelts were sitting in parked cars.  Regardless, more officers died in car accidents while not wearing seatbelts (a violation of the laws they enforce, as it happens) than died as a result of flagrant attacks on their lives isolated from situational circumstances.

Further, the total number of officers killed by accident far dwarfs the number killed in ambushes or unprovoked attacks, and the total is still greater than all law enforcement deaths recorded in the annual report.

Further still, the number of cops killed feloniously was higher in 2016, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009 than it was last year, suggesting the rate of cop murders is subject to fluctuation and not consistently on the rise.

In another relevant detail, zero federal law enforcement agents were killed in 2017. In 2016, one was killed.

Despite the ongoing claims that police are under assault (as they continue to assault the public) — and despite congressional action to designate killing police officers a hate crime — for yet another year, this war on cops notion is proving to be nothing more than a myth.



Arnold Layne SumTing Wong Fri, 05/11/2018 - 22:58 Permalink

This article is a distraction.  Worse, it's a lot of bullshit that further deludes those who are ignorant of both reality and their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

We already know that on-the-job deaths of cops, regardless of cause, is dwarfed by occupations such as farmers and roofers.  The probability of a cop dying on the job is less that 50% that of many "laborers".

The distraction is from the civilian population that is wantonly killed by cops - killers that are licensed by local governments.  Cops are a unionized force of thugs that are protected by unfair binding arbitration agreements.  The police do not "protect and serve"; they are loyal only to their union.  If you do not know that, examine any situation that involves an individual cop versus the local government that hired him.  In a cop-civilian situation cops institute lethal force from the get-go without any regard to determining whether an individual represents a lethal threat.  Whereas a law abiding firearms carrying citizen cannot draw and fire his weapon short of his life being physically terminated, a cop can say, "I feared for my life" (regardless of what the threat constituted) and kill whomever putatively caused the "fear".

Cops "lawyer up" immediately and are not required to file statements that describe a cop-civilian conflict whereas civilians in a similar conflict are jailed, have their constitutional rights denied and are coerced to provide self incriminating information - without right to counsel.

This article is an insult to all of us civilians.

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jin187 Arnold Layne Sat, 05/12/2018 - 04:58 Permalink

Cops "lawyer up" immediately and are not required to file statements that describe a cop-civilian conflict whereas civilians in a similar conflict are jailed, have their constitutional rights denied and are coerced to provide self incriminating information - without right to counsel.

Maybe in whatever fascist blue state you live in.  In this state, they hand you back your gun, and give you a pat on the back.  That said, if you're dumb enough to incriminate yourself, and don't know your rights, you probably shouldn't be going around shooting people.  As a gun toting private citizen, you should be giving the same "I don't know, I'm not sure, feared for my life" bullshit statement as the cops if you ever have to use your weapon.  It will work like a charm for you, just like it works for them.  when it gets down to going in front of a jury, it's what they can prove, not what they know.  If they know they can't prove anything, you're free to go, unless they feel the need to prosecute you for PR reasons.

Of course everything else you said is true, and there are plenty of psychos and thugs that join the cops because they like abusing the power, rather than a having a relatively benign hero complex.  We really need to get government to stop sucking their dicks, take away all their special protections, and establish legal precedent that says they're no more infallible or trustworthy than anyone else out there.  The problem is that the relationship between the cops and the elites is a two-way street.  While stupid niggas like Colin Kapernick might be dumb enough to stand there surrounded by cop bodyguards, and call them pigs and murderers, the various mayors, commissioners, businessmen, and other authority figures that rely on the cops to do their dirty work are not.  So long as the cops are protecting and serving the local elites, and only abusing the poor and stupid, they'll have nothing but support for their excesses.

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There is a war on policing by the Left.

Across the country diversity hiring and sensitivity training is slowly turning our policing into the soft British version of Keystone cops. 

BorraChoom MonsterSchmuck Sat, 05/12/2018 - 03:10 Permalink

Cops Who Flash Banged Infant’s Crib Are Blaming the Baby

A Habersham County SWAT team stormed into the Phonesavanh residence, and very nearly killed their 19 month old child. The no-knock raid was prompted by an anonymous tip which suggested there were drugs in the house. As the officers forced their way into the home, they lobbed a flash grenade which wound up landing in the crib where baby “bou-bou” was sleeping. As it erupted, the infant suffered severe burns and had to be taken to the hospital, and placed in a medically induced coma.

To any sane person, the sheriff’s department would be responsible for the damage inflicted on this child. Not only were there no drugs in the house, but the suspect they were looking for was found elsewhere.

William Norman Grigg from the Pro Libertate blog read through the lengthy document, and sifted through the legalese for our benefit. It’s almost unbelievable how far the sheriff’s department was willing to go to avoid paying the family whose child they burned alive.

    The act of sleeping in a room about to be breached by a SWAT team constituted “criminal” conduct on the part of the infant. At the very least, the infant was fully liable for the nearly fatal injuries inflicted on him when Habersham County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Long blindly heaved a flash-bang grenade – a “destructive device,” as described by the ATF, that when detonated burns at 2,000-3,500 degrees Fahrenheit – into the crib.

    Merely by being in that room, Bou-Bou had assumed the risk of coming under attack by a SWAT team. By impeding the trajectory of that grenade, rather than fleeing from his crib, Bou-Bou failed to “avoid the consequences” of that attack.

    In any case, Bou-Bou, along with his parents and his siblings, are fully and exclusively to blame for the injuries that nearly killed the child and left the family with more than one million dollars in medical bills. The SWAT team that invaded the home in Cornelia, Georgia on the basis of a bogus anonymous tip that a $50 drug transaction had occurred there is legally blameless.

    This is the defense presented by Haberham County Sheriff Joey Terrell and his comrades in their reply to a federal lawsuit filed last February on behalf of Bou-Bou Phonesavanh and his family.

The statement goes on to the blame the parents and the baby because the damages caused to the child were “directly and proximately caused by the contributory and comparative negligence of the plaintiffs and their failure to exercise ordinary care.”

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My Mom was watching a TV show called "Chicago PD".  I do not know if it is current or re-run.  I became confused by a cop torturing someone that they had in custody.  I asked my Mom about it.

She said this particular cop (in the show) did indeed regularly torture people they had in custody downstairs in a room they had some name for which I have forgotten.

I asked doesn't this lead to his cases getting thrown out.  She said no, that while other officers (in the show) occasionally had qualms, all in all the methodology was successful.

Is Hollywood conditioning my Mom to accept a future of abusive cops where the ends justify the means?  Or possibly a future where this is simply standard operating procedure?


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Chupacabra-322 LetThemEatRand Fri, 05/11/2018 - 22:04 Permalink

Predictive Programming


The theory proposes that public media (such as films, television, news casts, etc.) are deliberately seeded with subtle clues to future social, political, or technological changes. According to the theory, when the relevant change is later introduced into the world, the public has become used to the idea through exposure, and therefore passively accepts it rather than offering resistance or opposition. Predictive programming is therefore thought to be a means of propaganda or mass psychological conditioning that operates on a subliminal or implicit level.


– Wikipedia, Predictive Programming

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snblitz Chupacabra-322 Sat, 05/12/2018 - 00:12 Permalink

Is that why the people around me seem more and more like "pod people?" (Invasion of the body snatchers -- 1978 remake)

Must I start watching TV again (stopped some decades ago) to understand what is going on?

The questions are somewhat rhetorical.  I did try to watching some contemporary programs but was so horrified I have not gone back.

I am (apparently) not of the body.

Okay, who can figure out that reference?


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jin187 snblitz Sat, 05/12/2018 - 05:15 Permalink

If you stopped watching TV, don't waste your time trying to get back in.  There's maybe 5 hours of quality TV a week, and most of it makes it on to Netflix or Hulu eventually.  Now that I think about it, I watch more Netflix original series than I do televised ones, including the ones I watch when they get to Netflix.  None of them are cop shows.  Every one of them is the fucking same.  Same with any other emergency services, or law related show.  If you've seen NYPD Blue, you've seen Chicago PD.  The only difference between now and then is that they pay more lip service to the left, by making sure they shoehorn in plenty of gay sex scenes, and racist shaming.

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Note sure what Hollywood wants your mother to think! But pretty sure

The muslims are conditioning you that decapitating Christians and Americans is acceptable, and the US

MSM along with Demo's are conditioning you to view Frat pranks "waterboarding"

which many of our own soldiers have gone thru for training as something only a terrorist Nation

would perpetuated upon a enemy after killing 3,000 innocents.

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My own view is that they are conditioning those of western values to believe they were slave owners and deserving of destruction.

Though much of this argument can be easily dismissed.

You cannot have been a white slave owner in the US if your family came over after slavery ended (like 80% of all Americans).  And even if your family was here then, only 2% owned slaves.  And then you have to consider who fought to free the slaves?  How can they be guilty? And lastly we do not punish the son for the sins of the father.

I guess they have pretty much succeeded with the above programming and have moved on to convincing my mother that when the cop bashes in her skull it was for her own good.

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The police department in my dipshit, lily-white suburban town is now offering 3-day rentals to citizens for radar detectors- the citizens get trained, run the radar, get the plate #s and the cops mail the offenders a sternly-worded letter- it will free the cops ($100K/year salary) up so they have more time to BS on their cell phones.

jin187 Tarheel Sat, 05/12/2018 - 06:23 Permalink

Yeah, because whatever would we do with all those villains with a gram of weed in their pockets without the stalwart heroes of the local PD there to stop them?  Who would save us from "guy with a kitchen knife", if we didn't have a 30-man SWAT team with millions of dollars in military-grade weapons and equipment?

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Is ZH trying to appeal to the leftist parasites infecting this site in the last year?


By the down voting, hipster  soy boys taking time out from from Buzzfeed it looks like, Yes.