Sarah Palin Speaks Out For Julian Assange After Ecuadorian Embassy Cuts Off Phone Calls, Guests

Julian Assange has been denied phone calls and visitors to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he and his cat share a 215-square-foot room.

The decision was made amid ongoing talks between the UK and Ecuador to decide the fate of the WikiLeaks founder, according to Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa.

"He still has no access to the Internet and communications. There is a dialogue, there is a will and an interest to move forward in the solution of that matter," said Espinosa, according to El Tiempo.

In March, the embassy cut off Assange's internet access after Ecuador says he violated a written commitment "not to issue messages that might interfere with other states," when he repeatedly criticized both the British government's response to the poisoning of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal, as well as Spain's dispute with Catalonia. 

Palin Defends Assange

Despite having her own emails hacked and leaked by WikiLeaks, former Alaska Governor  and 2008 McCain running mate, Sarah Palin, went to the mat for Julian Assange at a MAGA Coalition event Thursday night at the Trump Hotel, where she was a guest speaker. 

OANN's Jack Posobiec asked Palin how she felt about Julian Assange's situation at the Ecuadorian embassy, Palin gave a surprising reply:

We do have a lot of history….he leaked, published somehow a few emails of mine and I was so ticked off–he was such a foe until I started figuring out where he was headed with his agenda with what he’s doing - is trying to provide people with information so that we can make better decisions for our own lives for the community, for our country, for the world and I really appreciate him more. I appreciate him so much I actually probably apologize to him for calling him out,” Palin said.

He’s all about freedom. He wants people to have information. That’s power,” Palin concluded.

(h/t Cassandra Fairbanks)

Earlier in the week, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said that he regretted picking Palin as his running mate in 2008. Palin said his comments were like a "perpetual gut-punch" whenever she hears them. 

That’s not what Sen. McCain has told me all these years, as he’s apologized to me repeatedly for the people who ran his campaign,” Palin said, “some who now staff MSNBC, the newsroom there, which tells you a lot.”

(Lookin' at you Steve Schmidt)

I attribute a lot of what we’re hearing and reading regarding McCain’s statements to his ghostwriter or ghostwriters,” Palin explained. “I don’t know all the details of his condition right now. It happens to me also where people speak for me and a bell is rung, and you can’t un-ring the bell.”


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Palin stuck up for Alaska citizens against the oil company's that had been screwing them forever. Still are, but at least Palin tried to get fair royalty's for the state. She did better than any other governor since Jay Hammond set up the permanent fund so citizens could receive a share of the mineral wealth they stand on.

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Arctic Frost Yog Soggoth Fri, 05/11/2018 - 18:25 Permalink


You obviously know nothing about Palin OR Alaska. She was one of the best Governors we had and it was a shame McCain took her away from us. She gave up a HUGE salary AND insider positioning with the oil companies because she decided it was right to narc on them and their paid off politicians. It was courageous and AFTER she had put politics aside. When she had done that EVERYONE in the state begged her to run for Governor. She had an 80% approval rating and THAT is why McCain chose her. I agree with her, it doesn’t make sense McCain would say he regretted her as VP pick. McCain is crap but I still don’t believe the shit they’re saying he’s saying. If he IS saying all that crap then he’s one sick, devious, deranged psychopath. 

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Almost from his first day as AG, Trump appointee Sessions said that prosecuting Assange would be a “priority.” Prosecuting him is tantamount to silencing him forever, plus intimidating all other WikkiLeaks wannabes. This, no doubt, IS a priority for the Deep State. An administration that really did want to dismantle the Deep State (“drain the swamp”) obviously would not make such a goal a “priority.”

And they HAVE followed through on their effort to get Assange. Just look at his new situation now.

This attack on Assange and WikkiLeaks might be one of the biggest disappointments I have with Team Trump, and a clear “tell” about said team’s true colors (or Compelling evidence about who is really in charge, and/or calling the shots).

Needless to say, Trump was a fan of WikkiLeaks before he became president.

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BetterRalph Give Me Some Truth Fri, 05/11/2018 - 16:29 Permalink

As much as I would like to see Assange come home, HOME is not America, it's Australia.

I don't know what Sessions is doing, it's a symptom of the swamp's lawlessness and treason, I would DE-ACTIVATE the FBI cause I don't see how you can clean it out with the so-called 99% good guys when they should have done cleaned it out already.  I CAN NOT VISUALIZE IT. 

Meanwhile still there's an AWAN SPY RING, and people carrying their blacberries. Which tells me there are no good 99%. I would have the MILITARY seize their networks, vaults, computers, disc, disk's, phones all of it, right the hell now, so it can be secured from this stinking taint. Military knows how to keep tabs on this kind of thing without the broken chain of custody like THE FBI for hillary's server. Cause they got to sign their name to it and when it goes missing you get thrown into the .mil version of a volcano where traitors belong-HELL ON EARTH.

Who's going after Assange exactly?  Shouldn't the blame crosshairs be ragging on the CRAPPY MI-5 MI-6 spies who have this bad record over and over now, of bad work and now a bad pattern of getting things badly wrong. (Perhaps they're getting it wrong on purpose) Chris Steel is a RETARD not a SPY. The UK seems to be reverting to that which my fore fathers fought.  I'd give the embasy some props for letting him hold up there.  The UK is the problem when you make this claim to me.  Sessions isn't in the UK. who pushes UK buttons.

I hear Trump praise WL.

Since there seems to be some kind of a BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION in our government in America, I would think  DEACTIVATING the FBI, DOJ, and CIA would do great things for our country, instead of being the ones who are screwing up while remaining un-accountable, un-auditable, un-responsible, and un-reasonable.  I am not saying be like an ostrich about national security either, I would secure the hell out of ALL their funding, tech, vaults, networks, and comms with the MILITARY (you know, soldiers who actually obey orders, and have logical disciplined unbroken chains of custody), and if there ever is to be similar agencies created again they MUST get an oath that has consequences.  I don't want a LAWLESS America which is what we have with these agencies right now.  And which is why if I see them in the courts, they will get nullified because they have become well funded and protected lawless scum, and traitors. They gonna have a bad day like Equifax! when they cross my path.

a quick search on "Trump Praise Assange" can provide examples of historic actions which already happened.  But I see it looks like you know this already.

I am not sure you can convince me TRUMP is attacking ASSANGE, but I will agree SOMETHING IS ATTACKING him.  Why didn't they attack the other "news agents" with the SAME DATA?   you might think Trump is behind it, but I don't.   If you want to say Sessions went bad and dark side, I will entertain this possibility.  I originally thought He was good man, I had the most respect I can give, the more I hear day by day, I am not sure now, wondering aloud if it isn't the southern gentleman act which may have deceived me.  This stinking dirty treasonous "secrecy thing" has popped up and gripped our constitution and strangled the crap out of it. The buck can only stop where I might have interaction with the buck.

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Aerows crazzziecanuck Fri, 05/11/2018 - 13:07 Permalink

I must agree.  She's pretty shady herself, but she's able to admit when she was wrong about something.  That's not something we've seen for decades in the Oval or VP office.

Of course, now she can politically afford to do so.  If you have integrity and class, why on earth must politicians be forced to submerge it?  Oh wait.  Everybody is a shark in DC and showing integrity is bloodying the water.

If we are going to change the character of our country, we need to change the character of our Capitol.  I don't pretend to know how to do that, because there is too much money flying around, too many politicians that have no integrity, too many lawyers, too many lobbyists, and too many dishonest journalists.

Where the hell do you start?

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Give Me Some Truth Aerows Fri, 05/11/2018 - 13:13 Permalink

  narcissists, super ego, faux do-gooders who like the perks and prestige of being considered a “leader” or central planner, where they will be surrounded by fawning sycophants, are drawn by some kind of powerful psychological magnet to Washington D.C. In short, they self select, and want to be with their own kind.

Their desire and ambition to get to this place, and become such a person, is apparently super powerful. They will not be denied. 

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MoreFreedom ne-tiger Fri, 05/11/2018 - 14:43 Permalink

This is nothing compared to her standing up to GOP corruption in Alaska.  She filed ethics complaints against the GOP party chair Randy Ruedrich who was forced to resign from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  She filed a complaint against Gregg Renkes, then attorney general of Alaska, about a conflict of interest he had in some state dealings, leading to his resignation.   She was the original swamp drainer.  It's no surprise that both Democrats and RINOs worked hard to smear her, even though she at one time, she was the most popular governor in America a 93% approval rating.  The establishment types hate someone exposing them.  McCain picked her to help him win, not because he liked her politics.  Now his brain is cancer addled.

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Endgame Napoleon HockeyFool Fri, 05/11/2018 - 12:03 Permalink

She is also right about Assange’s effort to put pressure on economic elites in government, especially in an era when the people in so-called free countries have so little power, and she had the guts to apologize, even though he targeted her. It is cruel and unusual punishment to deny Assange internet access. He lives for the internet and free speech. Nice building, though. 

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