Watch The White House Respond When Questioned About Saudis Getting Nukes: "...But Iran!"

As if US policy in the Middle East hasn't been chaotic and contradictory enough in recent weeks and months (or more honestly decades), White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders let slip a bombshell admission regarding Saudi Arabia and nuclear weapons during a Wednesday press briefing. 

Or perhaps it's more important what she didn't say regarding Saudi Arabia's foreign minister announcing earlier that day that "his country stands ready to build nuclear weapons if Iran restarts its atomic weapons program."

Image source: Getty via the Daily Express.

Sanders was asked by a reporter about the White House response to Saudi Arabia's brazen statement declaring itself willing to pursue nukes. The exchange is as follows:

QUESTION:  Sarah, Saudi Arabia said that they would pursue a nuclear weapons program if Iran were to pursue a nuclear weapons program. Would they have the administration’s support in the event that that occurred?

MS. SANDERS:  Right now, I don’t know that we have a specific policy announcement on that front, but I can tell you that we are very committed to making sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.

Previously in the day on Wednesday Saudi FM Adel Al-Jubeir told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that "we will do whatever it takes to protect our people. We have made it very clear that if Iran acquires a nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same."

In a follow-up al-Jubeir was asked to state unambiguously that a nuclear armed Iran would mean the kingdom will work to produce its own nuclear capability, to which said firmly, "That's what we mean." So when Sanders was presented with this statement, all the White House Press Secretary could say is, "we are very committed to making sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons." 

And not even so much as a cautionary word from the White House regarding the Saudi FM's bold declaration. No doubt, both the Iranians and Saudis took note of this exchange, though largely ignored across mainstream media as Al-Jazeera's Mehdi Hasan observed: "Astonishing comment - the US has no policy on Saudi getting nukes? And yet it will be forgotten by tomorrow..."

And yet in response to the very next question Sanders reaffirmed that the US pullout of the Iran nuclear deal means "enormous sanctions" and "maximum pressure" will be put on Iran.

Sanders explained:

As the President said yesterday, he would like to see something happen, but we are 100 percent committed to making sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.  And that’s — until we see that happen, we’re going to continue to put maximum pressure, enormous sanctions on them.

All of the sanctions that were in place before the deal are back in place, and we are preparing to add additional sanctions that may come as early as next week.

Notably, Iran has never publicly declared intent to build a nuclear bomb, and yet, Saudi Arabia just did on one of America's largest and most visible news networks. 

But it appears that both the White House and mainstream media merely yawned in response, content to quickly return to Iran's supposed quest for world domination. 

As many commentators have already pointed out the obvious regarding US double-dealing and hypocrisy on nuclear proliferation, none of this bodes well for Trump's impending negotiations with North Korea regarding its nuclear arsenal.

And not to mention that Wednesday's White House press briefing just gave the Saudis the green-light to do whatever they want (though perhaps capability is another thing altogether), especially as the accepted US-Saudi-Israeli position appears to be that the Iranians were already in the process of secretly restarting their programhence the claimed need to collapse the deal

It is quite possible that historians will look back on all of this as the week the White House triggered a Middle East nuclear arms race. 


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... and the Iraqi oil for Israel (very interesting piece that connects the neocon dots quite succinctly)



Oil for Israel: The Truth about the Iraq War, 15 Years Later


“The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel.” The players were the neocons in the Bush Administration… Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Lewis Libby, Marc Zell, and others… 

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Peddling fantasies. Why would Israel take the risk when they got their own gas fields now?

But, regarding the Saudis acquiring the bomb... why did nobody mention that they have got an OPEN OPTION they probably can draw anytime? Pakistan has built the bomb, and with lots of Saudi financial support, as far as I know. So it probably would not take really long for the Saudis to acquire the bomb.

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Zionist Israel, it will be found, doesn't really like anybody, except their own. Zionist Jews feel that they are better than you. So in their minds, doing 911 to you was like killing some animals. The Zionists are in fact, the GREAT RACISTS in the world who try to pit other races and religions against each other. 

This is the real problem being solved, finally upon the World Stage. 

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According to George Webb's reporting over the last few weeks, the Pakistanis are reselling US technology given to them via the CIA-Clinton-military channels that sell all of our tech. Big $ for Congress and generals.

The Iranians are building nuclear subs and an aircraft carrier with US tech, using French and German contractors.

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Iran, formerly known as Persia, a civilization existing long before there was a west, will never bow to anyone! Any defeat, is only tactical, and not existential, and this time around, they're ready for the worst, and I mean the worst!

The idiots, charlatans, and strutting peacocks in the west, should go peruse history and they'll find better men than they are, have tried, and failed! Same applies to Russia and as for Damascus, some zionazi murderer in antiquity got his balls crushed on the way to Damascus. He became a pussycat afterwards.

I do NOT fear for Iran, I do not even worry for them, I'm confident in their determination to JUSTICE the despots, and with the army of resistance by their side, what's there to fear?

I worry about the American Republic, and what will happen to the existence of liberty, the right of man to rule his own dominion - his life - without interference.

The war for the liberation of the soul is just getting started, choose your side carefully!...

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"Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir says his country “will do whatever it takes to protect (its) people”

Ha!  Says the country with the stellar record of human rights for its women and other peasant citizens.

Here's the truthful quote:

"Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir says his country “will do whatever it takes to protect the ruling decadent incestuous family regime”

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MBS is starting to turn the ship of SA state to modernity, the slow process of turning to the civilized west and away from its ancient death cult of hatred and oppression.

Of course, you and the rest of you Poontang trolls want him DEAD

Iran oppresses its people and its death cult mullahs call for and prepare for the invasion and destruction of the only modern civilized democracy in the ME. They destroy their economy and force them to live in poverty and squalor rather than embrace the freedoms and prosperity that would come with an embrace of an open culture and society, with economic diversity and the development of a civilized world view. Stupidly, they play into Poontang’s plan to sow chaos and destruction to inhibit, destroy or, failing that, control, the flow of its precious oil so that he may save HIS economy instead by boosting prices, even temporarily, to buy him more time.


As if you give a rats ass about human/civil rights - JSB, the clarion troll call for genocide in the Middle East.

Imagine if Russia and Iran allied for full engagement with the West, invested their national treasure in their people and their economy instead of weapons, terror, oppression and death. Free up the Western powers from their wasteful spending on weapons and the flight for freedom. To see these two brutal autocratic kleptocracies come into the warm world of human relations.

 Naaah, Stick with the Death Cult and always always Blame the Joos™

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@ Jugger,

Exactly.  FYI, The following post on Zionism and any related to the Ideology gets repeatedly Censored on InfoWars.  


The Zionists who are running the US, Britain, France and Israel command the major politicians and media networks in theses nations and the majority of those who identify themselves as Jewish and in positions of power and influence.  The Rothschild banking network is colossal and the US financial establishment is subservient to it just as every major media chain and politician in the US has been for the past 100 years. The Rothschild's of Britain are avowed Zionists with first loyalties to Israel, which they view as their creation. However, they have a symbiotic relationship with the British establishment. Working together, it took them about 110 years to take back financial control of the the US after the 1776 Revolution, but as things ended up it is the Zionists who now control both nations.


There is a huge difference between reform-minded Christians trying to purify their church or denomination from corruption or deviations from universal Christian principles, and Jewish people trying to reform Talmudic Judaism or the Zionist movement. Talmudic Judaism is not even as universal as Islam. It regards the Jewish people as the "chosen" race and exclusive. The universal neighbor principle which so often is used to check Christians from exploitation and harm to others outside of their group (i.e., all people must be seen as children of God and eligible for salvation), is not present in Talmudic Judaism.  Rather, the religious loyalties and duties are tribal and exclusive. Ratcheting these beliefs up a few notches you have the Zionist movement which (based what they have done since Herzl in the late 1800's in their ruthlessness and inciting so many wars), is a movement which appears to have no moral limits except to its own tribe. Despite its enormous self-admitted power and wealth, any criticisms of the abuses of that power are wealth are deemed as racist or hate-mongering.  The control of the Middle East and its resources is just one step on their way to control of Russia, which geopolitical dominance is intended to coincide with global financial hegemony.


There are indeed many Jewish people who do not share Zionist loyalties, but unless they convert from Talmudic Judaism, it is very difficult for them to speak out, or to go against such extreme tribal loyalties. If it was not for all the good Jewish people we know and have worked with, who are liberated from all the nonsense, and who on their own merit have made such amazing contributions to others, it would be justified to subject the entire ethnic group to disapproval and correction. But we are not doing that here. We are discerning the truth and trying to avert more injustice and more senseless and unjust wars caused by a very unbalanced movement and people in its control, like Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Trump, Mr. Bolton, Mr. Pompeo, most of members the US Congress and Senate, and the US media.    


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The Zionist Elephant In The Room


The political creed of Zionism has big ears and a long trunk and I think it’s time that was pointed out. It also stampedes through our lives at every level and that needs to be said, too. 


It has created a pincer-movement on the human mind by hijacking staggering amounts of political, corporate, banking and media power on one side and by using the fear of being called ‘anti-Semitic’ if you dare to state the bloody obvious. 


 They have been able to do this by equating in public perception that Zionism = Jewish people. It does not. Zionism is a political creed introduced by the House of Rothschild to advance the goals of the Illuminati families that are largely controlled by the Rothschilds. 


 When people think of Zionism they think of Jewish people. When they think of Israel they think of Jewish people. That’s understandable given the propaganda, but it is seriously misleading and those instant connections need to be broken if we are going to understand what’s going on here. 


Zionism means Rothschild just as Israel means Rothschild. When we see the extraordinary number of Zionists in key positions around the world we are looking not at ‘manipulating Jews’, but manipulating Zionists representing the interests and demands of the Rothschilds. 


Significant numbers of Jewish people are not Zionists and oppose that appalling creed while many Zionists are not Jewish. These include the Christian Zionists and Obama’s vice-president, Joe Biden, who told Israeli television ‘I’m a Zionist’.  If, as Biden rightly says, you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, how can it be a racial rather than a political movement? It can’t. It’s just made to appear like that to manipulate public perception because opposing Zionism then becomes opposing Jewish people as a whole and the ‘you’re a racist’ card can be played over and over. 


 Far from protecting and advancing the interests of the mass of Jewish people it has often been devastating for them and caused millions to be labelled unfairly by the actions of the Zionist elite. On the Jews Against Zionism website one feature highlights how Rothschild Zionism targeted Jews who had lived for generations in Palestine side-by-side with Arabs in peace and harmony: 


 ‘The religious Jews who by virtue of their faith, clearly contradicted Zionist nationalism, and who had lived peacefully with their Arab neighbors for generations, became unwillingly identified with the Zionist cause and their struggle with the Arabs. 

 They requested the United Nations that Jerusalem be designated as a defacto international city. They appealed to the diplomatic corps assigned to Jerusalem — but to no avail. They were hence confronted with the choice of either becoming a part of the Zionist State, which diametrically opposed the interests of Jews as a religion, or abandoning the land of which their forefathers were the first Jewish settlers. 


 Let’s get this straight. Zionism doesn’t give a damn about Jewish people. To the Rothschilds and their Zionist gofers and thugs the Jewish people as a whole are merely cattle to be used and abused as necessary – just like the rest of the human population. 


The networks of the House of Rothschild were behind Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party in the Rothschild heartland of Germany where they had changed their name from Bauer in 18th century Frankfurt and launched the dynasty that was to control global finance. 


 After the war the Rothschilds used public sympathy for Jewish people targeted by the Nazis to press for a homeland in Palestine. This was the alleged reason for the founding of Zionism, but that is only part of it. 


 The campaign to impose a Rothschild fiefdom in Palestine goes back at least to the earlier part of the 19th century and probably long before. It was given a massive boost with the Balfour Declaration in 1917 when the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour declared in a letter his government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. 


This letter was sent by Balfour, an inner-circle member of an elite secret society called the Round Table, to Baron (Walter) Rothschild who funded the Round Table. 


 Today, Rothschild Illuminati fronts like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and others, still answer to the Round Table which string-pulls and coordinates from the shadows. This is why Zionists in government are invariably connected with these Rothschild-controlled organisations. 


 The Rothschilds funded the early settlers from Europe to relocate in post-war Palestine and they also funded and armed the terrorist groups, like Irgun, which bombed and terrorised Israel into existence in 1948, a campaign which forced 800,000 Palestinians to leave the land of their birth. 


Israel is simply the State of Rothschild and how appropriate that they paid for the construction of the Israeli parliament building, the Knesset, and the Israel Supreme Court. The name Rothschild means Red-shield and it originates with the red shield ‘Star of David’ symbol (not a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds) which they displayed on their house in Frankfurt .


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  Re post:

Sarah Sanders and Heather Nauert are two embarrassing State Department bimbos . PERIOD. So making fun of them ,EVEN if it comes from the left ,is worth it.

Not that the left or the Faggot's State Department's spokespersons like Jen Psaki were any better.

And this tweet was definitely funny and true ( even if it is hypocritical to make fun of only one side):

Michelle Wolf‏Verified account @michelleisawolf Apr 29

Michelle Wolf Retweeted Mika Brzezinski

Why are you guys making this about Sarah’s looks? I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a *perfect* smoky eye. I complimented her eye makeup and her ingenuity of materials.

PS :I do not endorse the left or the right, the D or the R: for me it's one party ,with two wings = the American eagle .

When William  Banzai did that picture ,he should have shown the other foot , the right one ,with Heather Nauert or Sarah Sanderson on it , for a complete picture of the American gangrene.

PS 2: the real question should have been : how does the White House feel about Israhell's 400 nuclear missiles ? Not declared . How does it feel about its refusal to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty ? Because Israhell HAS the nukes as opposed to Iran ,which DOES NOT.

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Evidently now troll articles no loner require the writer understand the spoken word.

The WH PRESS SECRETARY said SHE DIDNT KNOW if the WH has a policy on statement by SA. Not that The WH doesn’t have one - that SHE DIDNT KNOW.

Just because the policy team has not yet formulated what they wish to say about this YET does not mean they FAVOR SA’s position. 

All you Iran loving Joo hating Poontang trolls gotta take it down a notch. The WH has said repeatedly it wants NO PROLIFERATION ANYWHERE. 

If Iran doesn’t develop nukes, then SA’s position is that it wont either., THAT PUTS THE ONUS ON IRAN.

You can try to transfer it with semantics, but it doesn’t matter.

Like this:

Excuse me, officer, will you draw your gun?

No, sir, not unless you draw yours first.

Well, what if the criminal hasn’t gotten a gun yet?

Well, I don’t think criminals should get guns.

Mr. Mayor, what’s is your position on the Polceman drawing his gun?

Well, I don’t know, but I sure as hell dont want that criminal to get a gun!

TROLL NEWS: Mayor supports cops drawing guns on unarmed criminals!!!


That’s called BULLSHIT!!

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