Billionaire Bloomberg Blasts "Epidemic Of Dishonesty" Since Obama Left

In what could set a new standard for cognitive dissonance, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg warned in a commencement speech on Saturday at Texas' Rice University that "an endless barrage of lies" and a trend toward "alternate realities" in national politics pose a dire threat to U.S. democracy.

"This is bigger than any one person. It's bigger than any one party..."

Careful not to call out President Trump specifically - having derided him  as "a con" and a "dangerous demagogue" before his election - AP reports the 76-year-old billionaire told the assembled crowd that Americans are facing an "epidemic of dishonesty" in Washington that's more dangerous than terrorism or communism...

"How did we go from a president who could not tell a lie to politicians who cannot tell the truth?" 

He blamed "extreme partisanship" for an unprecedented tolerance of dishonesty in U.S. politics. People are committed more to their political tribes than the truth, he said, suggesting that the nation is more divided than any time since the Civil War.

"There is now more tolerance for dishonesty in politics than I have seen in my lifetime," Bloomberg said.

"The only thing more dangerous than dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law is a chorus of enablers who defend their every lie."

Bloomberg, who flirted with a potential independent presidential bid in 2016, did take an indirect jab at President Trump with respect to cliemate change...

"If 99 percent of scientists whose research has been peer-reviewed reach the same general conclusion about a theory, then we ought to accept it as the best available information — even if it's not a 100 percent certainty," Bloomberg said. "That, graduates, is not a Chinese hoax."

As The Hill notes, last month, the former mayor pledged to cut a check for $4.5 million to fulfill the U.S.'s commitment to the Paris Climate Accords, which Trump announced the U.S. would exit last year.

And as Bloomberg's address neared its end, he dipped further into the rabbit hole of doom...

"When elected officials speak as though they are above the truth, they will act as though they are above the law,"

"And when we tolerate dishonesty, we get criminality. Sometimes, it's in the form of corruption. Sometimes, it's abuse of power. And sometimes, it's both."

Concluding ominously...

"The greatest threat to American democracy isn't communism, jihadism, or any other external force or foreign power," he continued.

"It's our own willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party, and in pursuit of power."

Falling just shy of calling for #resistance directly, the billionaire blamed "extreme partisanship" for an unprecedented tolerance of dishonesty in U.S. politics, pointing out that people are committed more to their political tribes than the truth... suggesting that the nation is more divided than any time since the Civil War.


TheWholeYearInn Dr. Acula Sat, 05/12/2018 - 13:24 Permalink

Truth are lies. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. Grab em by the Pussy is Grab em by the Balls. #covfefe is (I dunno, probably Hebrew for something like 'abracadabra, let's bomb Iran'. Or maybe it's an ancient Asian culture spell that makes missile test silos spontaneously cave-in).


& oh yeah ~ Fuck you Bloomberg!

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nope-1004 wee-weed up Sat, 05/12/2018 - 13:48 Permalink

Bloomberg sounds envious.  All these rich and powerful people are never satisfied, and so my take on his comments are that he is a little miffed that his good ol' real estate buddy from NY is now President and in the limelight, and he's not.

And "Obama could not tell a lie"?  WTF?  Bloomie.... are you all there dude?


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JimmyJones Bigly Sat, 05/12/2018 - 13:58 Permalink

I don't care about his so called religion that he probably doesn't practice, what I care about is the fact that he profits via investments directly by pushing the global warming scam that has been exposed numerous times now using falsified data. If something is true you don't need to use falsified data.…

All the real data is showing we are entering a period of very low solar activity, that means cooling and that means a real possibility of mass famine but rather than prepare for that, since it's not something that the money makers can profit from via carbon credits they deny it.

This has happened before and it will happen again. 

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snblitz Team_Huli Sat, 05/12/2018 - 14:36 Permalink

When you live in a world constructed of lies what does the truth look like?

I try the most simple arguments possible that people can easily demonstrate for themselves to be true, and yet, they choose to believe the TV instead.  Do they know they are choosing the false reality of the tube?

I try to get them to stop watching TV so they can free their minds and see the world for what it really is.

But it just does not work.  Their addiction to the TV is far too strong.

It is just conformity?  They all want to be be part of the tribe as described on TV?

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Rex Andrus snblitz Sat, 05/12/2018 - 16:46 Permalink

I don't argue. I tell them they are wrong and wait until they crash. Then I tell them again. At this point they are usually receptive and sometimes it sinks in a bit. But they quickly revert to their old thinking, so every time they crash I do it again and gradually, if they survive, stay out of prison and don't run away, they become autonomous.

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"If 99 percent of scientists whose research has been peer-reviewed reach the same general conclusion about a theory, then we ought

to figure that these scientists will never get promoted to associate of full professor or get that corporate or government research grant if they come out with a contrary finding.


There - fixed it for the little Zionist pervert

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not dead yet el buitre Sat, 05/12/2018 - 17:01 Permalink

Here's how this 99% gets calculated. They cull a biased database of papers and weed out those that mention climate change or similar. Then they do calculate the percentages pro and con based on those papers. In absolutely no way have they actually polled the scientists themselves to get their 99%. Or the 97%. Another fat lie by a lying sack of shit who's lives for lies. Surprised he isn't jealous that Obama is a bigger liar than he is.

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Hal n back JimmyJones Sat, 05/12/2018 - 14:04 Permalink


How about the affordable healthcare plan will not cost one thin dime.

Or your cost will go down $2,500 a year.

Or if you like your plan, doctor, or hospital..

or the penalty tax

or many others too numerous to communicate here.


Bloombergs comments tell me he is dispicable:  this whole issue is about to implode on the liberal democratic party, they know it and they are desperate. It will make no difference if the deaf dumb and blind left community ignores reality


I say fully investigate it all and let the chips fall where they may. Including Clintons and Obamas and the people that have enabled them.

But do not forget the conservatives who have stepped across the line.


Clean the  entire swamp.


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Endgame Napoleon nope-1004 Sat, 05/12/2018 - 14:21 Permalink

Maybe, it all started when Obama lied—and kept right on lying, bouyed by a dishonest, corporate-owned media—about the unemployment numbers.

It breeds mistrust when government fails to count 50 million working-age US citizens who are out of the workforce. It is 95 million when citizens who are under 18 and between 60 and 65 are counted.

Many of us are tired of taking the effort to vote for politicians who do not even acknowledge our existence, but who do count every employed-in-name-only illegal alien, heading  a womb-productive household while working part time to stay under the income limits for monthly welfare that covers rent and groceries.

Their paltry, negligible, earned income is likewise artificially boosted by refundable EITC child tax credits up to $6,431 that—at the max—equal 3 to 4 months of wages for many non-welfare-eligible / non-womb-productive citizens, facing rent that soaks up more than half of their earned-only income. 

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