Hellfire-Missile-Equipped Strykers Sent To Europe To Counter Russia

According to the Warrior Maven, the United States Army is scrambling to send its newest Stryker MSL (Maneuver Short-range air defense Launcher) equipped with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and Raytheon Stinger short-range air defense missiles to Europe to counter the Russian regional threat.

Air and missile defense is one of the top modernization priorities for the Army. “We are looking for a rapid solution for the near-term fight,” Maj. Gen. John Ferarri, Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation, told Warrior Maven in an interview.

For the first time since the Cold war, the Army is speeding up the development of new Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) capabilities in Europe by the end of 2018. The program is likely to encompass the Stryker MSL, which could deploy its first armored vehicles to Europe by 2020.

General Dynamics Land Systems presents a short promotional video of the Stryker MSL SHORAD.

It is likely that the Stryker MSLs could be assigned ” to the permanently forward-stationed 2nd Cavalry Regiment, which is already the first in U.S. Army Europe to have received 80 new Stryker ICVs armed with the 30mm cannon, and additional 87 Strykers with the CROWS-J Javelin system, both of which were engineered to help fill that SHORAD gap,” said Army Recognition.

Stryker MSL (Maneuver Short-range air defense Launcher) at White Sands Missile Range. (Source: General Dynamics)

In March, we reported how the 2nd Cavalry Regiment was actively testing a high-tech laser weapon in Europe, called the Mobile High Energy Laser (MEHEL) mounted on the M1126 Stryker armored personnel carrier for SHORAD purposes.

“Given that counterinsurgency tactics have taken center stage during the last 15 years of ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said the Warrior Maven, the Army now recognizes that increased close-in air Russian threats of cruise missiles and small unmanned aerial vehicles could be a major problem when the next conflict breaks out.

“We are looking for an end to end system that is able to detect and defeat the rotary wing fixed wing and UAS (drone) threat to the maneuvering BCT (Brigade Combat Team),” Col. Charles Worshim, Project Manager for Cruise Missile Defense Systems, told Warrior Maven in an interview.

The Stryker MSL includes a Boeing unmanned turret mounted at the rear of the vehicle; this is where a cargo area replaces the “original infantrymen compartment. The turret is armed with four Longbow Hellfires located on the right side and another pod with four launchers for Raytheon Stinger short-range air defense missile,” said Army Recognition.

Boeing-GDLS STRYKER MSL Ready for US Army “Shoot Off.” (Source: Monch)

Senior military officials believe Boeing and General Dynamics Land Systems could have the first Stryker SHORAD prototype ready by 2019 as a step toward producing 144 initial vehicles.

The Stryker MSL will be the most advanced SHORAD vehicle to meet the Army’s requirements for combating a rapidly emerging threat from enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, rotary wing, and cruise missile threats.

“We atrophied air defense if you think about it. With more near-peer major combat operations threats on the horizon, the need for SHORAD and high-tier weapons like THAAD and PATRIOT comes back to the forefront. This is a key notion of maneuverable SHORAD – if you are going to maneuver you need an air defense capability able to stay up with a formation,” the senior Army official told Warrior Maven in an interview.

The Army is conscious about the exponential rise of inexpensive, unmanned air and land-based drones on the modern battlefield, and is now actively working to field an entire fleet of  Stryker MSLs to counter short-range enemy threats. Judging by the regional deployment in the early 2020s, it seems as the Pentagon is getting ready for a shooting war with Russia. Will the endless war-spending bankrupt America? We will find out shortly...


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The Rothschilds serve the British royal flushes.  ROFLMAO. 

We all serve the bankers save none.  The queen is but a pee-on to the Rothschilds.

The permanent war thing has not led to the USA having better systems.  I think maybe worse. Have you seen F-35? Cluster fuck of a design.  The Russians looked into such a design and decided not to go down that route. It's more than a bit of a Rube Goldberg.

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The Russian aircraft are way prettier and more visually neutral.

The western aircraft have more contrast and more visually noticeable.

The F-117 should have been designed a B-117 and not black because of US stupidity and hubris.

And how goddam Russia use their stationary borders to threat the increasing militarized western neighbors that encroach eastwards in violation of the previous agreements to not encroach eastwards.

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Ah, the trolls and bots are out in force this morning!

So, it's cool for your boy Vlad to stock up on advanced battlefield and ballistic missiles, and for you to run to every possible blog and preen and tout and taunt the US about your vast (illusory) superiority, while Vlad crushes Crimea, Georgia, and is biding his time on the rest of Ukraine. He destabilizes the ME, and announces his hegemon daily, but the world is supposed to sit back and wait for the tyrant to conquer without a shot.

News flash: It is not "war mongering" to defend the freedom of autonomous states that a petit despot simply announces are "his," then invades.


No invasions? So those troops and tanks in Crimea are imaginary? The declaration of the Ukrainian Parliament that the Ukraine is "Russian occupied" territory is just imaginary? A brutal, detested despot in Syria, one whom every single western and even local government (except, of course, Iran, Vlad's vassal) wants gone, as do the Syrian people, "invites" Vlad in to save him from the opposition, and that is not an invasion? Do you think the Syrian PEOPLE want Russian military and weapons in their country?

All you trolls can go pound salt up your heinies, if there's any room left up there with Vlad's sausage occupying them "by invitation."

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Putin "destabilized" the Middle East? Now your name is making more sense. Guess you never heard of the 2003 Iraq invasion by the US. Or the Sunni sector disenfranchisement which led to ISIS which then spilled into Syria.

Crimea voted for Russian inclusion after the US helped a destabilizing coup in Ukraine. Seems Crimeans weren't cool with the pro-Nazi failed state of Ukraine overseeing them. 

By the way Assad is a hero to his people, and yes Syrians want Russian armor to protect them against the terrorist armies that the US organized and funded (read about Operation Timber Sycamore).

Now that's destabilization.

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Well then.   You are almost there.   Now continue your thinking to a logical conclusion.

There is a stat that you may not be aware of.    US military units suffer fewer casualties in Afghanistan and the Middle East combined than they do at home in their barracks.    I know that sounds really really strange but it does jive with your comment.

Four things contribute to that amazing fact, and you can check it yourself, (i.e. don't take my word for it).   First, training has improved so much since 1989, when I got out, it's amazing.  That training comes at a cost.   Training accidents abound. Many combat soldiers claim that training was a lot harder than actual war.   The second thing is, not many soldiers have their own cars overseas.   They certainly don't go out joy riding on the weekends.   Third,  not many opportunities to go swimming.   Fourth and most important.  No Alcohol, (Muslim world and all).   

With those four factors in play you get this actual outcome.   As soldiers stop dying in accidents involving alcohol and driving, alcohol and swimming and just plain Jane accidental drivings, and you stop having training accidents.  The casualties in combat zones actually cause fewer letters written home to grieving parents.  Casualties for one unit in Iraq a few years ago were so low that a Division Commander was able to memorize the details of the deaths of ever soldier under his command in an entire deployment.

So, to give credibility to your sarcasm I would respond.  Yep, a lot can be said for concurrency programs.   Keeping your soldiers current to live combat situations does have a dramatic effect on their survivability!   It also scares the hell out of our enemies and spoils their aim.


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This has been true for quite some time. It is also true for pilots and aircraft. Far more fatal incidents occur in training and routine flight than combat. That likely is one reason US pilots have routinely kicked the ass of all comers, even when at a technological disadvantage. Ivan's jet drivers do not relish the thought of any encounter, thus the hard push for weaponry that takes the human element out of combat actions.

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The threat are the Jews that have been running America since its inception. The founders were Masonic, and that is a front for Jewish Satanism that can operate behind the veil around the globe. At the height of US slavery 78% of Jews in America owned slaves  0.35% of whites owned slaves. Uh how do you name your missile "hellfire" and still pose yourself a a force for good in the world?

It's so obvious at this time what is going on the sheeple are unable to lie to themselves effectively anymore. And here we find ourselves on the road to 2020 when they begin to take down the scenery.

USA Progressed Sun since 2004 has moved into Pisces the sign of mass psychosis, the veil torn and the scramble to stitch it back together. It was around the time that the Abu Ghraib (meaning: place of Ravens) prison torture photos (pics are Pisces/prisons are Pisces) were made public. Looks like a Raven https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_prison#/media/File:AbuGhraibAb… At the same time the Army lied about Pat Tillmans death in Afghanistan and had to admit that it was friendly fire.

We think we are in the time of truth because Neptune home in Pisces has torn the veil, but we are in the time of untruths due to hyper level propaganda and self deception/delusion. I don't see any hope for America anymore, its going to die and something else will replace it or nothing at all.

Frank Zappa who was a musical genius on the level of say a Bach:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

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Yes, but Georgia was started by now wanted in Georgia stateless fugitive ex-Georgian Pres Saakashvili shelling apartments in Tskhinvali city (at night?) with Grad MLRS and howitzers. Even the UN and EU agree on this. So "kills his own people". Like the Ukrops did in Odessa at the Trade Union Building by beating people, strangling,  preventing them escaping and burning them alive, in the city where Saakasvili was later drafted in as Major, oddly enough.

The news coverage for Georgia was carefully managed after a slow start - MSM hurriedly rewrote their headlines to blame Russia as soon as it was West Coast USA breakfast time, since the Russians moved in pretty quickly to stop him and TPTB saw that as a bit of a gift. And left several days later after crushing most of his military including near Poti city AFAIK.

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Russia is just the politically correct Bogeyman.


I mean, what if they were claiming the Chinese threat? Hardly relevant to Europe now is it? Not going to make many sales that way.

Or the Lebanese, or Azerbaijani threat. People would just point and laugh.


Russia just happens to be in the right place at the right time to sell expensive military shit. It pretty much has to be Russia.


How do you sell "protection" to people who aren't afraid?


💀👿💀!!!! SCARY MONSTERS !!!!💀👿💀

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Totally agree, also I don't see how this will defend against unmanned vehicles that are a lot smaller aka hand held than regular military drones.  If I was the enemy I would certainly perfect the small drone to make it where it's an observation platform in order to either laser designate targets for artillery/missiles or gps tag areas/men/positions for artillery/missiles. 

It's real hard to see let alone shoot down a small drone that is hand held.


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Russans to buy/hack into Tesla Model S as a counter measure. These at some point need to travel on roads. So a hacked autopilot Tesla S makes a good IED and fire bomb.

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I still think Trump pulls the US out of NATO or at the very least pulls the troops back home.  We can still be in NATO from CONUS.

Fuck the EU.  They hate us now.  Let them spend trillions on their own defense.