Trump's Pyrrhic Victory: The US Opts For A Path That Can Only Lead To War

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Nearly everyone loses by President Donald Trump’s decision on Tuesday to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) relating to Iran’s nuclear energy program and to reinstate the “highest level” of sanctions while also threatening secondary sanctions on any country that “helps” the Iranians.

The whole world loses because nuclear proliferation is a disaster waiting to happen and Iran will now have a strong incentive to proceed with a weapons program to defend itself from Israel and the United States.

If Iran does so, it will trigger a regional nuclear arms race with Saudi Arabia and Egypt undoubtedly seeking weapons of their own.

Iran and the Iranian people will lose because their suffering economy will not now benefit from the lifting of sanctions and other economic inducements that convinced it to sign the agreement in the first place.

And yes, even the United States and Israel will lose because an agreement that would have pushed back by ten or fifteen years Iran’s timetable if it were to choose to develop a weapon will now be reduced to a year or less. And the United States will in particular lose because the entire world will understand that the word of an American president when entering into an international agreement cannot be trusted.

The only winners from the withdrawal are President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will enjoy the plaudits of their hardline supporters. But their victory will be illusory as the hard reality of what they have accomplished becomes clear.

Failure of JCPOA definitely means that war is the only likely outcome if Tel Aviv and Washington continue in their absurd insistence that the Iranians constitute a major threat both to the region and the world. A war that might possibly involve both the United States and Russia as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel would devastate the region and might easily have potential to escalate into something like a global conflict.

The decision to end the agreement is based on American domestic political considerations rather than any real analysis of what the intelligence community has been reporting. Deep-pocketed Iran-hating billionaires named Sheldon Adelson, Rebekah Mercer and Paul Singer are now prepared to throw tens of millions of dollars at Trump’s Republican Party to help it win in November’s midterm elections.

Those possessed of just a tad more foresight, to include the Pentagon and America’s European allies, have strongly urged that JCPOA be continued, particularly as the Iranians have been fully in compliance, but there is a new team in Washington. America’s just-confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not exactly endorse the ludicrous Israeli claim made by Benjamin Netanyahu two weeks ago that Iran has a secret weapons of mass destruction program currently in place, but he did come down hard against the JCPOA, echoing Trump in calling it a terrible agreement that will guarantee an Iranian nuclear weapon. The reality is quite different, with the pact basically eliminating a possible Iranian nuke for the foreseeable future through degradation of the country’s nuclear research, reduction of its existing nuclear stocks and repeated intrusive inspections.

The failure of the JCPOA is not about the agreement at all, which is both sound and workable. There is unfortunately an Israeli-White House construct which assumes that Iran is both out to destroy Israel, for which no evidence has been revealed, as well as being singularly untrustworthy, an odd assertion coming from either Washington or Tel Aviv. It also basically rejects any kind of agreement with the Iranian government on principle so there is nowhere to go to “fix” what has already transpired.

The United States has changed in the past seventeen years. The promotion of policies that were at least tenuously based on genuine national interests is no longer embraced by either political party. A fearful public has allowed a national security state to replace a constitutional republic with endless war as the inevitable result. Presidents once constitutionally constrained by legislative and judicial balance of power have successfully asserted executive privilege to become like third world dictators, able to make war without any restraint on their ability to do so. If America survives, historians will no doubt see the destruction of the JCPOA as the beginning of something new and horrible, where the government of these United States deliberately made a decision to abandon a beneficial foreign treaty to instead opt for a path that can only lead to war.



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Iran will now have a strong incentive to proceed with a weapons program to defend itself from Israel and the United States

Like it ever stopped!

Iran "warned" that if Trump pulled out, they would be back in the nuke business within 3 weeks!

Obama's Iran deal was just another bad deal in a long string of failures.

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Agreed.  loved this part:

Those possessed of just a tad more foresight, to include the Pentagon and America’s European allies, have strongly urged that JCPOA be continued,”

I wouldn’t go along with ONE damn thing, policy wise, coming out of our EU allies.  They have destroyed their part of western civilization by allowing the scourge of earth to basically take over to kill, rob, rape, and beat the citizens. 

They will get what they deserve good and hard, and I’m proud to stand opposed.


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Wait and see where this leads. I was ready to give up on Trump a few times. Comments and actions with North Korea, false flags in Syria. Then NK drops their weapons program, Syria false flag retalliation was a zero casualty attack and the White Helmet's were exposed.

I'm paying more attention to the results. A lot will come to pass with regard to Iran, we will judge on the results.

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I could be tempted to criticize Trump for his reckless risk taking but so far those 'risks' have led to progress. Plus it would wrench my soul to be on the side of Hillary, Kerry and Obama. The news is starting to leak out about how this abortion of a policy deal came about. The mullahs won't be around much longer.

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Geebus.  The national security state started long before 17 years ago.  Let's get real. 

Some might place the start at 1946 with the creation of the CIA.  But that ignores the fact that the CIA was a given once the Federal Reserve needed dictatorial powers to squeeze enough juice out of the tax donkeys.  So is 1913 when it started?  Well 1913 was only the culmination of the banking cartel's plans.  So was it when Lincoln was shot and the greenback was killed with him? Or do we just go all the way back to when England gave up the tally stick for Rothschild Bank of England?

FYI: Good analysis as to why the Iran agreement was only one more in a string of agreements the USA meant to break: 

Youtube: Globalist Plan: Iran Was Always The Goal


Preply to comment below: 

  • The fairness doctrine was used as an excuse to exclude opposing voices.  But in the end its ending had no effect as the corporate media was owned by the CIA before the mergers and it was owned after the mergers. Talk otherwise is lefty wet dreaming.  
  • Dynamic of political corruption:  Gees - I sense some think that a governmental system can be run correctly and honestly. But that is the worst joke of all humanities time in existence on planet earth.
  • Indeed the US economy is crippled by corruption.  This you got dead on.

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Pretty much it seemed to go underground at the end of the McCarthy era but did not really get into full swing until the war industrial complex bought out main stream media, and Reagan killed the fairness doctrine, to allow news organisation to actively lie and the Clinton's drove in the final nails by allowing mass consolidation of news organisations into six corporations.

So a long term corruption of the political system over the decades to get to the current mess and it will get messier and messier because they will become more and more corrupt in order to maintain power, whilst losing all the while and they have been losing big time in the last few years.

Many players have been exposed, the UK chief among them, along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as multi-national corporations. All exposed but corruption still in force so no prosecution, just the empty promises of them but they wont be empty for much longer, oh no, the end is nigh after four decades of mass corruption and this spreading further and further into the US economy crippling it.

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American citizens know/sense/feel the last little grip of control they had over their destiny, their government, has slipped away. 

Two games are more relevant that I imagined:

Chess - from pawns to kings and all in between are sacrificed/used/abused in sequence.  Pawns are given up without a thought. It is most societies, it is us, it is expected.


Monopoly - Someone ends up will all the $/property the rest fold/can't afford their rent, game over or the one controlling the funny money just pulls out a pencil and paper and creates money to keep the game going.  How long can it last, who knows, but surely the fun is taken out of it and you know who the winner will be.

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Iraq destroyed.

Libya destroyed.

Yemen soon destroyed.

Afghanistan destroyed.

Pakistan sock puppet.

Saudi finger puppet.

Other Stans cooperating with CIA.

Egypt preoccupied with itself.

Syria weakened.

Venz is getting crushed.

Africa nations easily bribed.

NK soon back in the fold.


Iran recently stopped taking dollars for oil. Quickly the US dropped out of nuke deal. Trump speech had at least 11 blatant lies in it. Many more lies coming to be gif's for MSM.

Then the US will  once again overthrow Iran thru war or coup.

Then the world will be made safe for Deep State and their banks.

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Ahhh, a died in the wool

My man, all theocracies are corrupt to their core. How many ghey's has the Iranian government strung up by their necks in the public square to date? Better yet, how many ghey's were sodomized by latent faggot Iranian prison guards before being strung up in the public square? 

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"Trumps first war kill an 8 year old girl in Yemen does everybody remember that? Winning!"


He has a long way to go if he's ever gonna catch up to Obama's record of droning wedding parties, funerals, lending out our air force to AQ in Libya and then having someone shove broomsticks up Qaddafi's ass.

But, he's got six moar years to go so, anything's possible ;-)

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ConanTheContrarian1 dogfish Sun, 05/13/2018 - 07:17 Permalink

Dog, ALL governments are corrupt to the core. The Globalist Cabal (bankers, illuminati, jesuits, what-have-you) has corrupted the Western Democracies through public school brainwashing and fake news media. The Chinese rule by brute force, as do the Russians. (I'm not sure how you'd classify Africa, "government" is too respectful a word). ALL of them have no compunction about killing innocent men and women and children. Grow up. And, incidentally, fuck you.

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RabbitOne is obviously FOS if he is saying that above commenters Revolla, AlaricBaith. BlackChichen, DownWithYogaPants, rtb61, BennyBoy, and dogfish are Soros trolls.  The other commenters for the most part seem to have a brainwashed idea that their government, their nation, can do no wrong, and that in foreign policy there is some difference between successive administrations. Whether it is the US, the UK, Israel, France, or sycophant nations like Canada which follow them, these nations (one of them being my own) are responsible for countless unjust wars of aggression. Syria is one example - a nation largely reduced to rubble with millions displaced, and hundreds of thousands of men, women and children murdered, with Soros (Rothschild) organizations quickly herding the “displaced” into Europe, There is no greater example of evil and injustice in the world today than what mainly the US, the UK, and Israel have done in Syria in their efforts to make it a vassal nation and clear the land for their own uses. Their plan is to do the same to Iran. So how can anyone with a shred of decency and honesty say what Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump has done in the region is in any way justified?

People have to realize that when they are content to vote for the lesser of evils they are still getting evil, and that there remains no justification for the evil deeds that their leaders or their nations continue to do, despite whether or not they are controlled by the Rothschild cabal, the deep state, the CIA, or any other evil force pulling their puppet strings. Our leaders, our nations, and “we the people”, actually justify all of our nation destabilizations, briberies, insurgencies, proxy wars, regime changes, all of the mayhem and murders, on the basis of land and resource plundering, and on economic gain, and despite the BS from the media and the politicians, we all know it. Commentator  [ConnanTheContrarian 1] below, is probably right and most of the great powers are run by shitass, corrupt, and oppressive governments, but that does not justify what we allow them to do. Unless we stop them we are equally to blame.   



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The USSR capitulated because of massive US military spending. The MIC was supreme. However, what the Reagan and Bush governments also did was to create a huge monster with an appetite bigger than all other organisms and industries living off of the public teat. The MIC is obviously as prolific a lobbyist for funding as AIPAC. To justify its existence it needs to proliferate wars (as does Israel).

Much of the US economy is dependent on arms sales. They assist in balancing trade deficits. However, you cannot be in the arms business for long by just manufacturing and selling weapons of war to other nations. You also have to be able to dominate any foreign power or insurgency you have armed. When the USSR disintegrated, the US had the chance to be a world peace keeper, using its influence to advance fair trade, peace and cooperation. But instead it opted to increase military spending and to take over and dominate more nations. The regime-change efforts in the ME are proof of the military option as the only real option utilized by the US. Trump is totally locked in to the MIC and to the military option to solve all foreign-relations problems, as he is locked into serving the interests of Rothschild's Zio Israel. The more problems are churned up in the world by military threat the more the MIC prospers. So which US oligarchs own most of the military industries? 


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Iran is ruled by paranoid mullah's 

If this were a Buddist country,  the fake news would say - Iran is run by paranoid monks. When it is Russia's turn to face the Lucifarian Zionists, the claim will be that Russia is run by paranoid Orthodox Christianity. When it is all finished with Russia, they will turn on the US to rid themselves of any belief higher than State Zionism - Christianity, Secular Humanism, ... The Holohoax laws will prevent questioning the Rothschild Lucifarian Zionists State. 

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Its not paranoia when you know they're out to get you.

2009 could well have been, you and I are not going to be told.The USA has never stopped its attempts

to de stabilize Iran since they lost the Shah puppet.Sadam didn't start his war with Iran unprompted.

As bad as the Mullahs might be,they have nothing on the CIA and their proxy SAVAK under the Shah.

Some Iranian politicians shouting Death to America is no better or worse than McStains "bomb,bomb,bomb

Iran".The Iranians are not a monolithic block, unless they're attacked of course.

Patriotism is not some exceptional quality , and for bravery /ferocity they are not far behind the Afghans

when roused.

They subdued them far longer than any other empire as the Moghuls.Hows that working out for Pax Americana ?

17 long years and even the cities are not safe.Attacks almost daily unreported by the MSM.

There really is no way to stop them blocking Hormuz for months by simply scuttling some supertankers.

See how well the west survives $200+ oil for a prolonged period.China is even more dependent  on Gulf

oil transit,you really think they will stand by idly ?

But this is just a squeeze on Iran in Syria and their supply to Hezbollah,there is no US security interest involved only

Israels greed and paranoia.




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Yes.  Some people here want to laud Trump when something they like happens, and then when something they don't like happens, they say, "he's not in control.  He's somewhat a hostage."

Well, that makes no sense, they need to pick.  The pattern of American Deep State is clear.  NK is not a win yet.  People who have studied war know that a temporary peace or cease-fire can often mean the parties involved are preparing for an even bigger war, regardless of the dumb smile of Kim's face.

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Lordflin DownWithYogaPants Sun, 05/13/2018 - 08:32 Permalink

Again, if you folks are correct, and ending the Iran agreement was always the plan with the expectation of leading to war then... why is it the EU, and the majority of 'inside the beltway people' are so vehemently opposed? Did they not get the memo outlining the plan? The world is hardly insisting on war with Iran, with exceptions... Israel obviously... who claims Iran is bent on their destruction... but in your version of events should not the EU, and the US political apparatus be behind the push? 

You take any world event as evidence of your world view. If Trump, et al, had instead come out firmly behind the agreement with Iran you would have provided corollary analysis. Nothing deters you from your point of view. I suppose such devotion should be admired...

I do not believe that we live in a unipolar world run by Zionist overlords. I do not believe this as, among other reasons, the world exhibits anything but a single pole. I do believe in the holocaust, and similar pogroms, as there is overwhelming evidence these things have taken place. I grew up among Jews as friends, as I had more in common with them intellectually than I did most of my contemporaries. I am well familiar with their outlook as victims... a thing many of you on this site provide abundant justification for. I married a Jew (now dead some 30 plus years)... a beautiful, gentle creature whose mother claimed to have spent the war in a concentration camp, while her father claimed to have fought the Germans as a member of the Polish underground. According to these folks their entire families had been killed by the Nazis with the exception of my wife's parents and one uncle. I guess they made the entire thing up?

You fashion yourself an intellectual. You perceive yourself as well educated. You believe anyone who does not see the world as you do is at best naive. I guess that you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on these things.



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Polynik3s Lordflin Sun, 05/13/2018 - 10:27 Permalink

So you lived among the delusional and have Stockholm Syndrome. Time to take the red pill aka the Roth-pill.

This goy does not believe in the unipolar power that the Zionists have.

Well, what were the Neocons and Anglo-Zionists claiming in the 1990's when the Soviet system collapsed, a uni-polar system?

What kind of power do the Rothschilds have when they print Fiat money for 98 percent of the countries in the world? 98 percent of the countries in the world have lost sovereignty.

Sounds like a 98 percent unipolar Lucifarian Zionist world.

The heroes are the resistance to Mordor. The heroes are Orthodox Christian Russia, Muslim Iran, and mixed Syria.

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Polynik3s Lordflin Sun, 05/13/2018 - 11:50 Permalink

Just take the Roth-pill and your eyes will clear.

Clearly you've been sleep-walking through the rise of the Neocons.

Any kind of test for posting would include the recognition that Dual Citizen Israelis did 911 and that 80 percent of the Bolshevik genocide was led by fake Hebrews.

The War on Terror will end when Lucifarian Israel is ended. 

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