"We Are Telling People To Plan For The Worst": Hawaii Braces For Explosive New Eruptions

A little over a week after Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted, The Big Island is now bracing for a series of explosive eruptions which could occur within days or weeks, hurling boulders the size of small cars, creating a giant ash cloud, and oozing even more of the hot magma which has already claimed at least 36 structures and forced thousands to evacuate. 

Geologists believe the hardest hit by the new activity will be the Leilani Estates in the southwestern Puna district, around 20 miles south of Hilo where all 1,900 residents have already been evacuated. 

We are telling people to plan for the worst. They should have a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C," said county official Roann Okomura, who helps operate one of the evacuation shelters.

As a lava lake at Kilauea’s summit drains inside the volcano, magma is running underground. It could burst to the surface as large, fast-moving and intensely hot lava flows and produce higher levels of toxic gases, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientist-in-charge Tina Neal said.


In addition, Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, threatens to begin a series of explosive eruptions within days or weeks that could form huge clouds of volcanic smog, or vog, and hurl boulders as big as small cars. -Reuters.

What will take a turn for the worse in terms of hazard is if hotter, fresher magma makes it to the surface, and that could be what is coming,” Neal told a conference call on Friday. “Once a new batch of hotter, gassier magma makes it to the surface we might see larger, higher eruption rates.”

Sixteen fissures have opened up on the eastern flank of Kilauea since its initial eruption eight days ago - oozing relatively cool, slow moving magma left over from a similar incident in 1955. Scientists now worry that fresh magma from deeper within the earth is about to come surging behind it

In other words, what's happened over the last eight days was just "cleaning out the pipes" so to speak. 

Yesterday we reported on a series of powerful earthquakes which have hit The Big Island since it Kilauea began erupting. 

In Pahoa, the nearest village to Kilauea, some schools remained closed after the area was hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on Friday, the biggest since 1975.

Meanwhile, a new fissure opened up near the Puna geothermal power plant on Saturday, spattering lava less than a mile from the facility. There are still nearly 50,000 gallons of pentane stored at the siteaccording to Hawaii News Now.

Compounding worries is a text message sent to residents of the southeast corner of the island by County authorities warning them of a wind change that would bring rising levels of sulfur dioxide gas, which can be fatal if inhaled in large quantities.

Hawaii’s governor has warned that mass evacuations may be required as more fissures open in the ground and spew lava and gas into semi-rural residential areas on the east flank of Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

President Trump issued a disaster declaration for Hawaii on Friday, announcing that federal funding had been approved for local recovery efforts in the affected areas. 

"Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the state and warranted by the results of further damage assessments," the White House added in a statement.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chief Brock Long named deputy Federal Coordinating Officer Willie Nunn as the agency's top official overseeing the relief efforts. 

“As more fissures open and toxic gas exposure increases, the potential of a larger scale evacuation increases. A mass evacuation of the lower Puna District would be beyond current county and state capabilities, and would quickly overwhelm our collective resources,” Ige said.

Federal assistance would be necessary to enable us to successfully conduct such large-scale operations.” 


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But of all the scenarios I've heard the preppers talk about, and the so called experts suggest might happen, I don't ever recall a volcanic eruption with lava flows and sulfur dioxide gas being mentioned.


Did the Obama era EPA holdovers issue air quality permits BEFORE this eruption started?  Didn't think so.

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rtb61 ACP Sun, 05/13/2018 - 03:16 Permalink

Do you know what the worst outcome is for Kilauea. Not the volcanic eruption itself, no matter how bad, it is all the earthquake activity and that causing a subsurface subsidence or a below sea level avalanche. Check the google satellite image and you can see an old one, a quite large old one. Have one of those and every coast around the pacific comes under threat, a big one and Los Angeles and San Francisco and the list goes on, all have very, very bad days. Certainly be the biggest wave in our life times.

By expect the worst, that is what they tend to by implying, everyone from Japan to the USA west coast has good reason to be a little nervous, not like it will never happen, it most certainly will happen, just a matter of when and how many chunks, one great big one or a bunch of smaller ones.

Technically they should probably consider using large demolition charges to trigger smaller more manage able sub-surface subsidence's.

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nmewn Sudden Debt Sun, 05/13/2018 - 06:39 Permalink

Why is it that "the greens" always go silent when "Gaia" reasserts herself?

I would expect them to be putting on festive, flowing robes, placing flower wreaths on their heads, grabbing their tambourines and dancing in the streets over this event!

Or are they waiting on the Hawaiian State Emergency Management Center to say...

                    THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

...in flashing lights on the highway information signs?

A genuine oddity, in many respects ;-)

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Chris2 nmewn Sun, 05/13/2018 - 06:58 Permalink

Pompeii man found masturbating.


If you google gay Pahoa you find a gay cruising map which includes rest stops.

"How to cruise in Pahoa anonymously"

Maybe they should move to Key West, oh wait a minute...uh never mind.

Google Hawaii LGBT history on Wikipedia oddly listed is this:

In 1978, the constitution was amended to provide the right to privacy for the first time. Despite the State v. Mueller (1983) ruling which interpreted this amendment conservatively and ruled out any consideration for sexual privacy, the State legislature acted in 1986 to lower the age of consent to 14 years of age, the lowest in the nation at the time.

and then this:

n 2001, the Legislature reversed itself and raised the age of consent from 14 to 16. When then-Governor Ben Cayetano vetoed the bill, the Legislature overrode his veto, the first legislative override in the state's history.



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I spent about a year in Pahoa. The gay community seemed no more or less prevalent than any "I just want to get away from it all" crowd. If people wanted to cruise anonymously in Pahoa, I guess they could, but I don't see why. It was all pretty much "live and let live" there. 

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"Technically they should probably consider using large demolition charges to trigger smaller more manage able sub-surface subsidence's."

That might be feasible and prudent, but it is not going to happen.  Why?  Unintended consequences.  Were another eruption to occur after some technocrat did such a thing, the blame would be huge - likely ending his/her career.  Hence, the politically correct response is to wring one's hands and mutter something about God or Gaia.

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This is a message from the Hawaii governor, idiot. He, by position, is only concerned with what goes on in Hawaii. Your criticism is absurd. His message only related to the recent eruption. I suspect no one ever makes you happy.

If you were going to focus on anything, it might be the fact that he doesn't mention God, so you could pray to your car, the sun, or some other absurd object. Also, trying to dip into the Treasury when this shouldn't be a federal problem. After all, it is contained to one state, not interstate.

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Lost in translation RedBaron616 Sun, 05/13/2018 - 14:10 Permalink

Spare me the sanctimony.

This entire, bubbling stream of “fuck you” rage is a perfect illustration of why Americans are so very roundly despised throughout the rest of the world.

A natural disaster in America is cause for much hand-wringing and “prayers!” by obese blowhards on social networks.  But scarcely a thought is given nor prayer spoken for anyone who has lost limbs or loved ones to US bombs in southwest Asia, north Africa, eastern Europe, or anywhere else the United States has been busy dealing death and destruction.  Affluence and comfort have made Americans very, very self-centered, and exceptionally selfish.

There is a saying an elderly woman in Asia once shared with me when expressing her thoughts on America: “the death of my daughter is less than the pain of your hangnail.”  It describes the contemporary American attitude, very well.

I used to think economic hardships and financial deprivation would cure the United States of its selfishness and pettiness issues, and it’s glaring problem of self-absorption.  Now I see I was wrong.

There is no remedy for this current generation, and no solution for its perverted values; like the great mass of people in Noah’s time, this generation will simply be swept away, along with the United States itself.


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GIVJetMech Lost in translation Sun, 05/13/2018 - 08:55 Permalink

“No prayers for Syrians, Yemenis, Afghans, or anyone else though, right Love Chunks”

This is a NATURAL disaster asswipe.  Not a bunch of people fighting amongst themselves about religion or some piece of land.  Those people over there sicken me.   They kill each other off, half the time because they think “their God” condones it. 

Now....YOU fuck off! 

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IvannaHumpalot Lost in translation Sun, 05/13/2018 - 12:08 Permalink

yeah. i will 'pray' for my first world anglophone brothers in hawaii and not give a shit about the islamotards creating their own cesspools in yemen, syria or afghanistan


their lives will improve the second they drop islam as their religion. last time i checked though it was the most precious idea they hugged to themselves at night. therefore they bring their own misery on themselves


have a nice day, fuck off, stop the migrants.

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Baron von Bud Implied Violins Sun, 05/13/2018 - 00:38 Permalink

Volcanic eruptions are occurring because the earth is cooling due to lower solar energy output. The earth's crust contracts and forms fissures hence magma at tectonic ridges. Solar cycles are established science. We're in a global cooling phase. Winters will get much colder and prolonged. How dangerous is this volcano? Well, since the cycle is just now getting noticed, it may have many years to run. I wouldn't retire to anywhere on the ring of fire.

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Toxicosis Baron von Bud Sun, 05/13/2018 - 02:02 Permalink

Really, were cooling?  Is that why the Greenland ice sheet is melting and the arctic is warming at 5-8x the rest of the world, and the Bering sea lost virtually all it's ice in April, a virtual first.  Yep, you're right, ice does melt in the freezer.


Bering Sea Missing Almost 200,000 Square Miles of Ice, Plunging Into Record Lows



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Heros Toxicosis Sun, 05/13/2018 - 03:07 Permalink

I believe weather.com was the company the Rothschild's bought about the same time they bought the weather channel.  You might as well be quoting "evidence" of AGW from The Economist. 

The Rothchilds later also got heavily into weather derivatives.  Then traditional weather patterns started getting all screwed up all over the planet and then we started getting all these weather false flags.

Like the massive hurricane that suddenly was supposed to hit Southern California, but never did, right when Hillary's email server treason was hitting the front pages.  Or these weather "bombs" off of the east coast last winter.  Or all those hurricanes with massive rains hitting the gulf coast in a 2 month time frame.

Weather manipulation is real, and Rothschild and their minions are using it to great effect.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if it turned out that they were behind this eruption too, whether deliberate or not.

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