The Skripal Affair: A Lie Too Far?

Authored by Michael Jabara Carley via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On 4 March 2018 it was a foggy day in southern England, and the MI6 Russian spy Sergei Viktorovich Skripal and his daughter Yulia stepped out for a stroll, stopped at the local pub in Salisbury, went to lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then took a walk in the park where they collapsed on a park bench. What had happened to them? Did they suffer from food poisoning? Or was Sergei Skripal involved in some dark affaire and the object of a hit by persons unknown, his daughter being an accidental victim?

The police received a call that day at 4:15pm reporting two people in distress. Emergency services were dispatched immediately. The Skripals were rushed to hospital, while the local police launched an investigation. It began to look like attempted murder, but the police urged patience, saying it could take months before they might know what had happened and who, if anyone, was responsible.

The Conservative government decided that it did not need to wait for a police investigation. “The Russians” had tried to assassinate a former intelligence officer turned informant for MI6. Skripal went to jail for that, but was released four years later in an exchange of agents with the United States. Now, “the Russians,” so the Tory hypothesis goes, wanted to settle old scores. Less than 24 hours after the incident in Salisbury, the British foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, suggested that the Russian government was the prime suspect in what looked like an attempt gone wrong to assassinate Sergei Skripal.

On 12 March the foreign secretary summoned the Russian ambassador to inform him that a nerve agent, A-234, had been used against the Skripals. How did you do it, Johnson wanted to know, or did the Russian government lose control of its stocks of chemical weapons? He gave the Russian ambassador 24 hours to respond. In point of fact, the Russian government does not possess any stockpiles of chemical weapons or nerve agents, having destroyed them all as of September 2017.

Later that day, the British prime minister, Theresa May, declared in the House of Commons that the Skripals, then said to be in a coma, were poisoned with “a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia” (italics added) called a ‘novichok’, a Russian word having various possible translations into English (beginner, novice, newcomer, etc.). May claimed that since the Soviet Union was known to have produced this chemical weapon, or nerve agent (also known as A-234), that it was “highly likely” that the Russian government was guilty of the attack on the Skripals.

Here is what the prime minister said in the House of Commons: “Either this was a direct act by the Russian State against our country. Or the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others.”  The hurried British accusations were redolent of those in 2014 alleging Russian government complicity or direct involvement in the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines MH 17 over the Ukraine. Within hours of the destruction of MH 17, the United States and its vassals, including Britain, accused Russia of being responsible.

The western modus operandi is the same in the Skripal case. The Tories rushed to conclusions and issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the Russian government to prove its innocence, or rather to admit its guilt. How was the so-called novichok delivered to London, did President Vladimir Putin authorise the attack, did Russia lose control of its stockpile? The prime minister and her foreign secretary had in effect declared Russia guilty as charged. No objective police investigation, no due process, no presumption of innocence, no evidence was necessary: it was “sentence first, verdict later”, as the Red Queen declared in Alice in Wonderland.

On 13 March the Russian embassy informed the Foreign Office that the Russian Federation was not involved in any way with the Salisbury incident. We will not respond to an ultimatum, came the reply from Moscow. The eloquent Russian foreign ministry spokesperson, Mariia Zakharova, characterised the British démarche as a “circus show”. Actually, Foreign Office clerks must have told Boris Johnson that Russia would not respond to such an ultimatum so that it was a deliberate British attempt to provoke a negative Russian reply.

The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated for the record that “as soon as the rumors, fed by the British leadership, about… the poisoning of Skripal appeared, we immediately requested access to this [toxic] substance so that our experts could analyze it in accordance with the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.” After the British ambassador visited the Russian foreign ministry on 13 March to receive the formal Russian reply to the British ultimatum, the foreign ministry in Moscow issued a communiqué: “… The [Salisbury] incident appears to be yet another crooked attempt by the UK authorities to discredit Russia. Any threat to take ‘punitive’ measures against Russia will meet with a response. The British side should be aware of that.” The Russian government in fact proposed that the alleged poisoning of the Skripals should be examined by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, according to procedures to which Britain itself had agreed when the OPCW was established in 1997.

On 14 March the British government expelled 23 Russian diplomats, and a few days later the Russian side expelled 23 British diplomats and shuttered the offices of the British Council in Russia. At the same time, the British appealed to their allies and to the European Union to show solidarity by expelling Russian diplomats. Twenty-eight countriesdid so, though for most it was one or two expulsions, tokenism to appease the British. Other countries—for example, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal—refused to join the stampede. Going over the top, the United States expelled sixty diplomats and closed the Russian consulate in Seattle. The Russians responded in kind with sixty expulsions and the closure of the US consulate in St. Petersburg. Momentum seemed to be building toward a major confrontation. The British prime minister even alluded to the possibility of military action.

In the meantime, President  Putin weighed in. “I guess any reasonable person [has] realised,” he said, “that this is complete absurd[ity] and nonsense. [How could] anybody in Russia… allow themselves such actions on the eve of the [Russian] presidential election and the football World Cup?  This is unthinkable.” In any police inquiry, investigators look for means, motive and opportunity. On these grounds did the trail of guilt lead to Moscow?

Momentum is sometimes like a balloon, it blows up and then it suddenly bursts. The British case against Russia began to fall apart almost from the time it was made. In late March the Russian newspaper Kommersant leaked a British PowerPoint presentation sent to eighty embassies in Moscow. It asserted, inter alia, that the British chemical weapons facility at Porton Down had positively identified the substance, which allegedly poisoned the Skripals, as a Novichok, “developed only by Russia”. Both these statements are false. On 3 April Porton Down stated publicly that it could not determine the origin of the substance that poisoned the Skripals. It also came out that the formula for making a so-called novichok was published in a book by a Russian dissident and chemist, Vil Mirzayanov, who now lives in the United States. You can buy his book (published in 2008), which includes the formula, on In fact, any number of governments or smart chemists or even bright undergraduate chemistry students with the proper facilities could make this nerve agent. Amongst those governments having access to the original formula are Britain and the United States. The Russian embassy in London noted in a published report that “neither Russia nor the Soviet Union has ever developed an agent named ‘Novichok’.” The report further stated that “While Soviet scientists did work on new types of chemical poisons, the word ‘Novichok’ was introduced in the West in mid-1990s to designate a series of new chemical agents developed there on the basis of information made available by Russian expat researchers. The British insistence to use the Russian word ‘Novichok’ is an attempt to artificially link the substance to Russia.”

The British PowerPoint presentation did not stop with its two main canards. It goes on to refer to “Russian malign activity” including, inter alia, the “invasion” of Georgia in 2008, the “destabilisation” of the Ukraine and the shooting down of MH17 in 2014, and interference in the US elections in 2016. All of these claims are audacious lies, easily deconstructed and unpacked. The referenced events are also unrelated to the Salisbury incident and were raised in an attempt to smear the Russian Federation. In fact, the British PowerPoint slides represent vulgar propaganda, bourrage de crâne, as preposterous as any seen during the Cold War.

As Minister Lavrov pointed out, the Skripal case should have gone for resolution to the OPCW in The Hague. Russia would then be directly involved in the investigation and would have access to the alleged toxin, and other evidence to try to determine what had happened and who were the perpetrators.  The British government at first refused to go to the OPCW, and then when it did, refused to authorise the Russian government to have access to the alleged substance, which had sickened the Skripals. That idea is “perverse”, said British authorities. Actually, not at all, it is the procedure laid out in OPCW statutes, to which Britain itself agreed but has refused to respect. When the Russian representative at the OPCW proposed a resolution to the executive council, that it should respect its own statutes, he could not obtain the required vote of approval. The British were attempting to hijack the OPCW as a potential tool against the Russian Federation. Thus far, that stratagem has not worked. On 12 April the OPCW released a report stating that it had “confirm[ed] the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in Salisbury….” The report said nothing about the origin of the so-called “toxic chemical”. The British accusation against Russia thus remained unsubstantiated.

What I could not understand when I read the OPCW communiqué, is why the Skripals were still alive. The OPCW says that the toxic chemical used against the Skripals was “of high purity”. Was it a nerve agent? Oddly, the OPCW published report avoids a straight answer. If it was a nerve agent, being of “high purity,” it should have been instant acting and killed the Skripals almost immediately. Yet both have survived at the time of this writing. Something does not make sense. Of course, there could be a simple explanation for this puzzling mystery.

On 14 April, Minister Lavrov at a meeting in Moscow provided the answer. The substance used to attack the Skripals was laced with a substance know as BZ which incapacitates rather than kills and takes longer to work than an instant acting nerve agent which kills immediately. The United States, Britain and other NATO countries have developed this toxin and put it into service; the Soviet Union never did so. Traces of A-234 were also identified, but according to experts, such a concentration of the A-234 agent would cause death to anyone affected by it. “Moreover,” according to the Russian embassy in London, “considering its high volatility, the detection of this substance in its initial state (pure form and high concentration) is extremely suspicious as the samples have been taken several weeks since the poisoning,” Could Britsh authorities have tampered with the samples? The public OPCW report  gives no details, and refers only to a “toxic chemical”. Nor did the report say that the OPCW had submitted specimens of the substance to a well-known Swiss lab, which promptly reported back its surprising results. The OPCW authorities thus lied when they said that the tests “confirmed” the British identify of the “toxic chemical”. Unless… Porton Down knew that the substance used against the Skripals was a BZ type toxin, and so informed the OPCW, or, unless the Tory government lied in claiming publicly that it was a novichok nerve agent. The British attempted hijacking of the OPCW has compromised its independence, for the public report issued on 12 April is misleading. Moreover, since the BZ toxin is made by the US, Britain and other NATO countries, it begs the same questions, which the Tories put to Moscow: how did the perpetrators obtain the BZ toxin and bring it to Salisbury, did MI5 or MI6 authorise a false flag attack against the Skripals, or was it authorised by the British cabinet or by the prime minister alone? Or did British authorities lose control of their stockpiles? The trail of evidence does not lead to Moscow; it leads to London.

prima facie case can be made that the British government is lying about the Skripal affaire. Suspicion always falls upon those who act deviously, who hide behind clever turns of phrase and procedural and rhetorical smokescreens. British authorities are now saying that they have other top secret evidence, which explains everything, but unfortunately it can’t be publicised. Nevertheless, the British government appears to have leaked it to the press. The Times published a story about a covert Russian lab producing nerve agents and it spread like wild fire across the Mainstream Media. The Daily Mirror put out a story about a Russian secret assassins’ training manual. These stories are laughable. Is the Tory government that desperate? Is the British “everyman” that gullible?

The secret assassin’s manual reminds me of the 1924 “Zinoviev Letter”, a counterfeit document produced by White Russians in Germany, purporting to demonstrate Soviet interference in British elections and planning for a socialist revolution. It was early days of “fake news”. Parliamentary elections were underway in October 1924 and the Tories used the letter to attack the credibility of the Labour party. It was whipping up the red scare, and it worked like a charm.  The Tories won a majority government. Soviet authorities claimed that the letter was bogus and they demanded a third party, independent investigation to ascertain the truth, just as the Russian government has done now. In 1924, the Tories refused, and understandably so, since they had a lot to hide. It took seventy-five years to determine that “the letter” was in fact counterfeit.

The Tories are again acting as if they have something to hide. It is déjà vu. Will it take seventy-five years to get at the truth? Are there any honest British cops, judges, civil servants ready to reveal the truth?

There is other evidence to suggest that the British narrative on the Salisbury incident is bogus. The London Metropolitan Police have sought to prevent any outside contact with the Skripals. They have taken away a recovered Yulia Skripal to an unknown location. They have until now denied Russian consular authorities access to a Russian citizen in violation of British approved consular agreements. Is there any chapter of international law, which the British government now respects? British authorities have denied access to Yulia Skripal’s family in Russia; they have denied a visa to Yulia’s cousin, Viktoria, to visit with her. Are British spooks grooming Yulia, briefing her to stay on the Tory narrative? Is she being manipulated like some kind of Manchurian Candidate? Have they induced her to betray her country in exchange for emoluments, a new identity in the United States, a house, a BMW and money? Are they playing upon her loyalty to her father? Based on a statement attributed to Yulia by the London Metropolitan Police, it begins to look that way. Or, is the message, sounding very British and official, quite simply a fake? The Russian embassy in London suspects that it is. What is certain is that British authorities are acting as though they have something to hide. Even German politicians, amongst others, have criticised the British rush to indict Russia. Damage control is underway. Given all the evidence, can any person with reasonable abilities to think critically believe anything the Tories are saying about the Salisbury affair?

“They are liars. And they know that they are liars,” the late Egyptian writer and Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz once wrote: “And we know that they are liars. Even so, they keep lying....” Mahfouz was not writing about the British, but all the same, he could have been. Are not his well-known lines apposite to the present government in London?

The Tories are trying doggedly to maintain control of the narrative. Stakes are high for if it eventuates that the Tories have lied deliberately for political gain, at the risk of destabilising European, indeed world peace and security, the Tory government should be forced to resign and new elections, called.

Then, the British electorate can decide whether it wants to be governed by reckless, mendacious Tory politicians who risk to provoke war against the Russian Federation.


revolla Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:02 Permalink

Yep, a lie too far.

Once a country associates itself and supports the FAKE biblical Israel (i.e., a LIE), inhabited by FAKE Hebrews (i.e., a LIE) who constantly portray themselves as Victims (i.e., a LIE) when they're the aggressors, it can't help becoming infected with their LYING spirit.

So when a major war explodes because of ALL those LIES that benefit only one country, Israhell, the world should start taking notes who to haul at the Hague for crimes vs humanity.

chunga chunga Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:34 Permalink

They also junked me.

Another thing they knew no specifics about were the missiles fired into Syria. They don't care either, except they deserve it. They know nothing of Yemen, nor Iran but they are experts on 9/11 and the holocaust and they wholeheartedly support mandatory national anthems. 

They tell me they hate the MSM but believe everything they see on Fox and hear on Rush Limbaugh.  

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el buitre JRobby Sun, 05/13/2018 - 14:33 Permalink

Free Yulia!!  Sergei was a traitor to his country just for money, so I really don't care if MI6 throws him under the bus, but Yulia appears to be a very nice and innocent young woman.  Isn't it interesting that the MI6 guys who handled Sergei were the same guys involved with the Trump dossier.  But then again, I am a coincidence theorist, so I give it little import.

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FBaggins el buitre Sun, 05/13/2018 - 23:02 Permalink

Sergei was retired and was applying to return to Russia. If the Russians wanted him dead they would have allowed him to return and then given him his reward. That was the first cockup in the British narrative in saying so quickly that the Russians did it. Then when the Brits had already prematurely ejaculated in their excitement of trying to help the US-Israeli cause to implicate Russia with using poison gas before the next Syria poison gas false flag, more evidence came in showing that May and her MI5 dildo investigation were shagging the wrong bitch. It was an operation on home turf and for that reason alone MI6 likely had very little to do with it. There was likely reliance of foreign assets to do the deed which was most obviously hastily researched, poorly prepared, and executed by nincompoops, who could care less what the truth would do the image of May or her government when it came out. The hurry was to implicate Russia publically with using poison gases on innocent people, before the next poison-gas false-flag schedulced in the following weeks in Syria. After all, the US and Israel may have to kill Russians in Syria. [By the way, all of this this was predicted and commented on after the Skirpal poisonings and before the last Syrian poison-gas false flag attack.]

Therefore, what dirty-ops intelligence agency could be so "here & now" sloppy not to care a whit about fall-out to come in Britain? Well, what nation by their conduct is most desperate to escalate hostilities in Syria and drag both Britain and the US into a major war to knock out Assad, even it it means killing a few thousand Russians? What nation could care less about the truth behind 9/11 eventually becoming common place throughout the West, simply because the operation did serve its main purpose, triggering the instant invasion of Afghanistan to secure Zio-US pipe line routes and poppy fields, and also the invasion a Iraq a few years later? There is only one bankster syndicate, only one nation, which really benefits from all this shit. The Skirpal operation, therefore, was most likely just another deceitful and heinous Mossad op with some CIA help.   

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EddieLomax JRobby Sun, 05/13/2018 - 16:19 Permalink

Look at the "choice" the British electorate are given.

We voted for brexit, and the only political parties are all pro-remain, and were officially pro-remain.  The alternative we have to the conservatives is a collection of pro-marxists (who all do well for themselves from the tax payers largess), who's "mainstream" makes the conservatives look squeaky clean on corruption.

Right now its perfectly clear she's desperate to tie Britain back into some sort of EU deal, she cannot conceive of a future without the UK in the EU.  On Russia she displays the same lack of principles, everyone can see the Syria and Skripal events were dodgy at best, but just like on brexit this government and reality parted ways long ago.

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gregga777 GreatUncle Sun, 05/13/2018 - 18:05 Permalink

I seriously doubt that either Sergei or Yulia Skripal are even still alive. They are loose strings that Poodle Minister Treasonous Mayfly and her merry band of Intellectuals Yet Idiots can't afford. There's probably some weasely little bureaucrat in Whitehall charged with forging postcards and letters, saying that all is well with them, to their families in Russia, and a team of software engineers producing fake audios/videos for them, too.



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Blankone HowdyDoody Sun, 05/13/2018 - 17:30 Permalink

Or maybe they do not want to talk because it is all another hoax.
Funny how there are no articles pointing out the most likely answer, which is that it was all a hoax and the Skripals were never poisoned. All to tarnish the Russian's and to blame them for other unrelated deeds, justify more sanctions, make them appear likely to have interfered in elections, and so on.

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Earth Ling chunga Mon, 05/14/2018 - 15:07 Permalink

MSNBC and CNN are even worse than Fox if you can believe it. At least Fox has Tucker Carlson calling bullshit on the lie "Assad gassed his own people again!". And back when Judge Napalitano had his show he said "What if the 2 parties (dems and repubs) are wings of the same predator?".

You'll never find that much truth on CNN or MSNBC unless it's by accident or a guest speaks it. And I'll be shocked if the guest is ever invited back again. Check out Jeffrey Sachs, professor at Columbia U, dropping truth bombs the likes of which are almost never seen on MSM. The clip is from April 18 and is in regards to our disastrous, illegal, murderous war on Syria.


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Melchizedek bananas Mon, 05/14/2018 - 11:19 Permalink

The problem you anti-Israel types don't understand is that Israel's enemies are all a lot worse than Israel could ever be. Worst of all are the filthy disgusting degenerate criminal Philistinians. No way in hell could I ever have any sympathy for such disgusting dirt bags as the Philistinians. Maybe if you got rid of the  Philistinians the situation with Israel might change. 

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Rabbitnexus Melchizedek Tue, 05/15/2018 - 00:26 Permalink

You are judging those "enemies" of Israel with your nose in ancient scripture and myths.  In actual fact the enemies of "Israel", there are few, are for the most part not that bad and as far as world citizens go are perfectly good members of the wider world community in all the ways "Israel" is not.  "Israel" is an apostate fake by scripture and if you knew anything about Melchizedek Priesthood (which I actually hold despite being a Muslim these days since men cannot take it away once it is bestowed as you should know). "Israel" is the afterbirth, after the baby died.  The original was scattered due to breaking the covenant so where is the Messiah if it is real today?  Nope?  Then it is as the real followers of Torah, (in contrast to the Talmudist Pharisees who are Zionists) say which is that "Israel" is an abomination as it stands.  Israel in reality is all those who are faithful in all places at this time and until the "Messiah" returns. 


Now back to reality, "Israel" is an terrorist entity, an occupation military adventure in breach of more than 120 UN Resolutions despite being protected from most justice and UN resolutions by US veto.  Not even North Korea who despite bluster, does only defend their own shores without launching aggressions and occupations (that would be the US occupation of the South), not even the Norks are remotely as wicked a the Zionist entity. In the Middle East only your closest closet allies (now they're out of the closet of course) Saudi Arabia comes close to being as obnoxious and just plain sub-humanly evil as the Zionist state.


Palestinians are generally better people than any Zionist and Palestinians as a people are admirable people of the highest quality next to the croaking poisonous Zionist toads whether Jewish or Xtian.

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Brazen Heist I Am Jack's Ma… Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:30 Permalink

We should make a club where we take bets on trying to guess their next shitshow. PaddyPower needs to get in on that market.

Hmm lets see....the possibilities are endless. From a second September 11-style false flag attack blamed on Iran to another convenient chemical weapon attack that pops up in Syria again, and oh we can't forget about that notorious Russian hacking! We can't underestimate the utility of easily misattributed hack attacks backed up by 17 intel agencies! ...take your pick. Somewhere in there lies the next escalation. They probably have teams of douche bags paid to think of such scenarios.

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WTFUD Theta_Burn Sun, 05/13/2018 - 14:32 Permalink

Cruella May DeViL and City of London's, Bo Buffoon Johnson should be languishing in Prison for being involved in an Act of Terrorism on British Soil.

Other are guilty but these 2 Officials must have given the Go-Ahead to MI5/MI6. Hurting Russia took only 2nd place to May's/Tory Government's waning popularity at the Polls. They'll commit ANY CRIME to remain in POWER.

The POLICE & MSM have behaved shockingly, definitely not Acted in the Public Interest, and so i say, FUCK ALL OF THEM.

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EddieLomax Brazen Heist Sun, 05/13/2018 - 16:57 Permalink

Look at the brexit thing, look at the US Trump election and the ongoing "Russia" collusion.  The establishment both sides of the Atlantic has jumped the shark and is disconnected from large chunks of the electorate, nothing much to do with Zionists or any other internal group here either, we're busy screwing things up nicely without needing a fifth column (although we're importing a few million Muslims just to be sure).

As for the quality of the lying, socialism produces large inefficient companies that produce shoddy goods.  Big government is socialism, eventually the quality of the lying gets as shoddy as a USSR car.

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gregga777 BennyBoy Sun, 05/13/2018 - 17:19 Permalink

"Lies lies Skirpal lies lies", stated May and continued,"Lies lies Syria lies lies. More lies lies Iran lies and bigger lies!"

If this were the plot of a spy novel it would never sell because the plot is totally unbelievable. The only way it could sell is if it were written as either comedy or satire. Hey, that gives me an idea…


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LaugherNYC BennyBoy Sun, 05/13/2018 - 17:25 Permalink

The fatigue with Russian bullshit and the troll tsunami grows daily.

Take credit, Vlad. You almost killed a traitor, and his daughter in the bargai, just as you promised. They literally were choking on it, as you threatened. Why be such a PUSSYHAT?

What a wonder you have wrought with your nation since your heydays when oil was over $100. Shrinking economy equals growing adventurism and bullshit, as always with the pocket despot. God, that video of your stroll through he Kremlin before your inauguration, with the surprise appearance of...wait for it... Steven Seagal!!... has there ever been a more pathetic littledick display???

As always, the failed leader needs scapegoats. When it ain’t the Joos. It’s the Brits, or whomever is handy.

Read this ecvellent piece by the former ambassador about Vlad scuttling the reset with the US, because he feared being putsched out of office:…

You loser trolls. Guy robs you blind and will stack bodies - Syrian, Iranian, and Russian - to maintain power at all costs. Be a man Vlad. Go back and finish the job before he outs you.

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holgerdanske revolla Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:26 Permalink

May is just a very unpleasant person. Lying and intimidating. How the UK population can stand her is beyond me.

She is the female version of Tony Blair.

Where are the Skripals??

Lie upon lie upon lie.

If they start hanging politicians, it should not come as any surprise.

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EddieLomax holgerdanske Sun, 05/13/2018 - 17:00 Permalink

Look at the choice, we have a pro-commie loving guy who hates Britain, or Theresa May.  Thanks to the 1st-past-the-post system there is no realistic choice for another party, its a rotten system.

Hence UKIP got 4 million votes and only 1 MP out of the 650 (and that was because he defected from the Tories).  Most of the public don't care though, more interested in football and the latest celebrity gossip.

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besnook Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:03 Permalink

the skripal affair is the jump the shark moment that displayed the insanity of the current geopolitical scene. the zionazis are desperate. they want their blood and you aren't going to take it from them.

Pandelis Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:03 Permalink

what happened to these people?  i know a few hunderds diplomats were expelled, but what about these two people?  are they okay? 

BBC has received a phone call to not report on this case?

holgerdanske Pandelis Sun, 05/13/2018 - 13:30 Permalink

They have been given a "d" directive. Apparently. Means that reporting on this is damaging the country.

How can exposing a bunch of lying politicians, that want to start a world war, be damaging for a country??


She deserves to be fired, imprisoned and kept off the scene.

Blatant idiots, May and Boris

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gregga777 holgerdanske Sun, 05/13/2018 - 16:12 Permalink

They have been given a "d" directive. Apparently. Means that reporting on this is damaging the country.

The media directive also forbids mentioning that Steele is the originator of the so-called Trump Dossier and is also connected to Sergei Skripal. In fact Sergei Skripal is probably the "Senior Kremlin" source cited by Steele for much of the salacious Trump Dossier slander. 

It's more likely that Christopher Steele had the greatest motive to get rid of Sergei Skripal. Skripal probably helped him make up the so-called Trump Dossier. The Brits should be checking their inventory of nerve agents at Porton Down*. 


Steele and Skripal finishing off a bottle of Vodka. 

Steele: Hillary Clinton is willing to spend big money for intelligence that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet. 

Skripal: Da, tovarisch. 

Steele: Do you still have any contacts in the Russian FSB?

Skripal: They no time of day give me. 

Steele: Well, that's too bad.

Skripal: Not to worry. Ve facts makeup. 

Steele: What?

Skripal: Ve facts invent. Pen and paper you have? Da? Khorosho. Writing down you start. 

Steele: Will the US media believe any of this?

Skripal: Da. US media believe anything US government tell them to believe. They believe Sun rise in West and set in East if Government tell them. 


And that's how the so-called Trump Dossier was invented out of whole cloth. Sergei Skripal and his daughter were probably Steele's Senior Russian officials. 


*Porton Down is where the British have their biological and chemical agents laboratories. 


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