Australia's Restrictive Gun Laws Are Working Nearly As Well As Chicago's

Via The Feral Irishman blog,

Many liberal concepts begin as well meaning “good intentions”. I believe a large portion of those peoples who consider themselves liberals do not realize that they are being led or herded in a direction where the true agenda is much more sinister than the “rallying cry” they have chosen to “follow”  (i.e. gun control). I sincerely believe the people who are REALLY seek to disarm Americans (or any country for that matter) are people who have a vested interest in controlling and imposing their will upon those who are armed.

People tend to be harder to load onto cattle cars or line up beside a ditch for that little brown spot in the back of the head when they have the means to kill their oppressors. Who is not for lower homicide and suicide rates? If one listens to the “MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA” (aka MSM) long enough, one might be convinced that gun-owning conservatives are not and are only blood thirsty-racist-deplorables. Commie-liberals are masters of the lie. They tell similar lies in regard to pollution and “clean drinking water”.

Who in the hell is not for clean drinking water? According to liberals and the MSM, it is the evil capitalist business owner, whose only concern is profit, The image Commie-liberals want to project is that business owners will stop at nothing even if it means throwing strychnine and baby kittens into nearby streams to make a dollar. Wasn’t it Goebbels who said “repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth” (or something to that effect)? Using environmental laws and gun control are two tenants  of Communism. These two issues are used to manipulate and to control people. Of course there are others, but since we are discussing gun control, I will not go there today.

Australians along with the inhabitants of many countries and cities have been lulled into believing that by surrendering or greatly curtailing the right for an individual to keep and bear arms murders, suicides and violent crimes can nearly be wiped out forever.

This is not true in any society.

As much as liberals and Communist want people to believe it, it doesn’t make it so. Never surrender any firearms. Citizens without arms are subjects.

The above video details the seven people slaughtered in Australia yesterday because the criminal who shot them did not obey the laws.

It is the same in gun-free Chicago.

Criminals (there is a reason that name has been bestowed upon the lawless) do not obey laws.

“No Guns Allowed” signage doesn’t stop gun violence.

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What Yanks don't get is that Australia never had a gun culture. Before the laws were tightened, I didn't know a single city person that owned guns. I grew up in the bush where every household had guns as far as I know, and hardly even noticed that city people didn't have guns, as there was no need to have them, and they were simply never mentioned. After the Port Arthur false flag, all that happened is that a bunch of farmers traded their shitty old semi autos in for brand new bolt actions, and got on with life. Now we get to watch Yanks squeaking about how they "took our guns" lol. I own 6, including a glock 19, and a 1911. The funniest part is that when they were all carrying on about Obama stealing their ammo, I was buying .308 and .22LR cheaper than ever. I actually support most of the new rules on firearm registration, and storage. Could use a semi while hunting though I'll admit.

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I was in Sydney a few years ago on a short business visit. 

Thought I’d taken the wrong flight, got off in Delhi or Islamabad by mistake. 

It was as if about ten years ago every white guy turned homo all at once. Never seen such fruity men in my life.

The only real men in the city had dark skin and black hair. 

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It must be time I had another serve of down-votes on ZH. I'd rather tackle a gang of Sudanese thugs doing a home invasion that use baseball bats and knives than the same with guns in their hands. Because there are so few guns available on the black market and if they even could the prices are far too high for these thugs anyway. One family murder by a farmer with legal guns does not equal Chicago FFS! I don't get how none got away though when the first shots should have given others plenty of warning about what was happening. Of course he could have killed the whole family one by one in their sleep with a knife and not forewarned the others anyway. The harder part would be killing himself with that knife instead of the gun.

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Wrong. You dummies are given guns as toys to make them think they are "Free Men". To make them ignore the fact that they are everything but free, living in a corporate cubicle suburban hell.

Would not say that "gun-deprived" Europeans are better, though. Their toys are called "cars" and have four wheels. Only difference is that Americans have both guns and cars as toys to distract them from being zoo animals. 

Proof: If you are "free" because of your guns, why don't you get up from your dead end jobs, shoot your management and take over the company? Or at least leave the kind of life where you are told what to do by your boss, wive (if you still have one), government?

A real gorilla eats, shoots and leaves.

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Here are a few "happy people" who didn't have a gun culture:

  • Cambodia under Pol Pot
  • China under Mao
  • Soviet Union under Stalin

How many millions have to die before morons can admit what happens when a society has guns forcibly removed from the hands of sovereign citizens?

I live in Texas, a gun happy culture if there is one. I carry on my person most times I am in public. I MUCH prefer taking a chance that some loser will try to use a gun in a criminal act on my person over giving the government the ability to package up my entire neighborhood and take us all to a camp because we couldn't shoot back.

Never, ever, ever give up your guns. This is not an ideological stand. This is simple history and survival of a remnant of decent people. Those who want to disarm you are the sociopaths, not the average gun owner.

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Teja Shift For Brains Tue, 05/15/2018 - 04:10 Permalink

Well there is something in your constitution about a "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State". If you fear your government would use their armed powers against the citizens, the only way to defend against this would be such a Militia, supported by a large part of the population (not only some crackheads).

Individuals, even if armed to their teeth, are no match against any organized military. There were armed men fighting against Stalin in the Baltics and in Ukraine after 1945, but they had no chance at all. And against the Red Guards, millions of them, ideologized as they were, together with the People's Liberation Army, no armed rebellion would have stood a chance - any resistance in Tibet eg was crushed as if nothing. 

So, if you believe what you are writing, start organizing your neighborhood into a militia, with their own arms depots under control of trustworthy people. Arms for individuals are only a distraction placebo.

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How many military vets do you think are in the US?

Ans: 21.8 million. Trained military vets.

How many would gladly join in combating any tyrannical government doing something really stupid?

Let's say less than half. That's a 10 million man strong highly trained militia.

I'd say we're in pretty good shape over here.

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Shift for Brains - I never disagreed about giving up guns. The fact is americans have such a strong gun culture that they don't see things any other way. 

Many countries allow guns for hunting, eg New Zealand and half of europe but that does not constitute having a gun culture. I have always been around guns for hunting / target practice but my culture does not think of guns in the same way as you.


Your points are hard to disagree with though.

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You have to include the gun deaths from government into account. A disarmed tax cattle population might be safer for a while, the inevitable encroachment of exploiters on the exploited will make sure the statistics get back in order. 

Governments killed 260 million of their own people in the 20th century. Those are gun control deaths, that always set the statistics straight. 

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atomic balm OpenThePodBayDoorHAL Tue, 05/15/2018 - 00:35 Permalink
The main problem with your government compiled statistics is that they all have the same flaws - they do not include government crimes and government killings.

For example the one million Iraqis killed by the USA government never made it into their gun crime statistics. Neither did the people of Nagasaki or Hiroshima. And tge 3 million Vietnamese killed also never became part of any statistics. The same goes for the millions and millions of people killed during WW1 and WW2. Including the 6 million German Jews.

When you accept those as murder, you soon realize government is far more sadistic and out of control than all of the school mass shooters combined.

Do you really think a lying mass murdering government taking my guns away will really make us all safer?

Gun grabbers know really nothing about guns other than what their TV depicts and what their government statistics tell them. And of course, that provides you with an extremely distorted view of what guns are.

After the USA, the most civilian armed western countries are Norway and Canada. If the USA crime rate was really caused by the guns, wouldn't the Norway and Canada crime statistics trail just behind the USA?

7/17/2015 12:35 PM…

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Offthebeach OpenThePodBayDoorHAL Tue, 05/15/2018 - 06:51 Permalink

US is  a big country.

Urban blacks have, roughly, 800% higher death/murder rate.  At least, since for Chicago only 18% of murders are an arrest made.  No arrest, no attribution by race.  So it may more than not that black murder vs white could be 2-3,000% higher.

The result would be gun/murder rates for/by whites at Finland like levels. .  Take uber white Vermont.  No gun laws.  No deaths by firearms.


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They were lawfully owned and duly licensed and registered.  By the grandfather who apparently murdered the rest of his family.  They weren't killed by dark-skinned strangers.

And it was the worst mass killing in Australia since the massacre that led to the enactment of the gun laws over 30 years ago.  In America, that might not be the worst massacre in a month, some months.

In general, in the US, you don't need a gun if you're not in the trade in street drugs.  You might want one if you live in the country and need to hunt or drive off predators.  Some of us still live that way.  But those people never needed military-style weapons and ammo, nor huge magazines for their guns. 

The other main risk factor for violence in America, with or without guns, is domestic violence.  And a gun in the house is an exponential multiplier of harm in those hellish situations, like this one in Australia.

As for myself, living in the inner-city, I've never been in a situation these 30+ years that would have gone better had I had a gun.  With kids in the house, to store a firearm properly would mean I wouldn't be able to get at it in the very rare but always-hyped intruder scenario.  Besides, between mistaken identity, teenagers sneaking back in, ricochets and bullets through walls, safer for everyone to have a can of 30' wasp nest spray and a child's baseball bat if one needs weapons for protection.

We in America have been conned.  Actually, our being conned about guns is one of the less-destructive manifestations of our delusional cultural mythology.

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Wild Bill Steamcock swmnguy Mon, 05/14/2018 - 22:21 Permalink

I fully respect and understand your position.  But, I have to disagree on some points.  From my perspective, I grew up in a very rural area; guns were a part of life, and a way of life.  Respect for firearms and proper handling was taught and ingrained early on.

Does a person need a military type weapon or magazine? Probably not.  Does that preclude someone from owning such a thing? Again, probably not.  Most people are decent, and would use the item in a proper, sporting manner. 

Personally, I have averted conflict in carrying a legal firearm.  Is there a chance for escalation? Maybe. But most people do not want to die.

Your point on domestic violence is spot on.

I will quibble with your points on having firearms around the house with children.  Is it safe? Only if you have appropriate measures and instruction in place.  As I've said above, respect for firearms can be enculturated.


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Instruction is the main thing.  When you have kids, you need to teach them, but the societal pressure nowadays tells you to hide your guns from your kids.  If you own a bunch of guns, and have a kid, you need to take them out shooting starting as soon as they're strong enough to hold one, and instill into them the dangers, and appropriate uses of firearms.  Kids are great at snooping and finding things you don't want them to find.  Hiding your guns, or locking them in a box is doing nothing more than creating a challenge for your kid to find out what's inside.  When they inevitably do, you better hope they didn't learn everything they know about guns from Hollywood.  I've never heard of a properly trained child accidentally shooting himself in the face with one.  On the other hand, I've heard of plenty of adults that lack the proper knowledge and judgement to operate a firearm doing so.

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You are 100% correct.  Instruction is the key.  For us, it was a layered approach. Very generally speaking first, you learned how to clean, store, and maintain the firearm and with that came learning trigger & muzzle discipline/the firearm is always loaded, etc.  When you could care and handle the gun, then you could learn to shoot.  It took time.  Consequences were steep; you didn't want to be the one on the sideline watching everyone else shoot.  If you screwed up badly (rarely happened) you could be sitting home on the first day of the season, etc. Touching the guns without permission was just unthinkable.  I can't recall it ever happening.  Judgment was a huge factor; some of us were allowed to handle at ages younger than others.  It was the adult's call, and there was no questioning it. As I describe it, it sounds very ritualized and I guess it was.  But we are talking about a culture where firearms are held in high regard (e.g. Alaska, Texas, Appalachia, so on.  Any one from there will know what I mean) and were to be respected.


Nowadays, kids are too sheltered.  Is some of that warranted? To some extent maybe. They only learn by doing, but you have to put them in controlled environments so they can actually learn how to do things properly.  If they are never exposed, they have no experience on which to draw from.  You mention kids curiosity; it must (and should) be satiated, but on the adults' terms.


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You simply don’t understand your country’s history, what the Second Admendment is based upon and what it represents. Do we have drawbacks because of it? Damn straight. We have major drawbacks because of free speech too, you ready to give that up because I can come up with a LOT of reasons why you should. I can describe a life of happiness, no stress, no worries, all joy joy and good tidings just by taking away your freedom of speech. It’s done all over the planet, places like Singapore one of the safest countries on this planet. People don’t fight with each other there, they don’t get into arguments and they don’t upset the general good with words. They get a big payoff but they don’t have freedom. My friend there had to get permission to marry his wife. I’m sure his government has good reasons for order as to why they control who marries whom. It’s an extreme example, but our American rights are extreme and exist for a reason and it’s not necessarily to pop someone’s head off if they enter your home illegally.

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Calls someone an idiot then claims Australia has free speech. Have you ever heard of hate speech laws? Because Australia has them, and like all hate speech laws, they are arbitrary and the government can change them on a whim. Just look at what is happening in Britain. The United States' 1st amendment is unique on the world stage.

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