Hawaii Residents Flee Volcano As New Fissure Sends Lava "Several Hundred Feet Into The Air"

New evacuations were ordered in the Puna district of Hawaii's Big Island Sunday after a massive 1,000-foot-long fissure opened on Kilauea volcano, sending bright red rock and magma hundreds of feet into the air with an ominous "jet engine" sound. The fissure was initially thought to be the 18th but was downgraded after the previous one did not spew lava. The new fissure opened up approximately 300 feet from the previous one.

"When I got here today, I actually came up the hill and the first thing that I noticed was I heard what sounded like a jet turbine," said John Davidson, whose residence is located near the 17th fissure. 


36 structures have been destroyed so far by lava from Kilauea, including over 24 homes, covering 116 acres of land. The US Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said on Sunday that earthquake activity and ground deformation continues.

“Aerial observations of this new fissure indicate it is at least several hundreds yards long and producing spatter rising many tens of feet into the air. A slow-moving lava flow is moving away from the vent,” the observatory said

On Saturday, a fissure opened up near the Puna geothermal power plant, spattering lava less than a mile from the facility. There are still nearly 50,000 gallons of pentane stored at the siteaccording to Hawaii News Now.

You can see an interactive Google fissure map here. (h/t @volcanohawaii)

Hawaii County Civil Defense has warned people to stay out of the active eruption area, and using off-road vehicles to go sightseeing is not allowed. Residents in the lower Puna region have been warned that there may be little to no advanced notice to evacuate, while the FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction for the area. 

This is what a volcano sounds like up close:

President Trump issued a disaster declaration for Hawaii on Friday, announcing that federal funding had been approved for local recovery efforts in the affected areas. 

"Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the state and warranted by the results of further damage assessments," the White House added in a statement.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chief Brock Long named deputy Federal Coordinating Officer Willie Nunn as the agency's top official overseeing the relief efforts. 

“As more fissures open and toxic gas exposure increases, the potential of a larger scale evacuation increases. A mass evacuation of the lower Puna District would be beyond current county and state capabilities, and would quickly overwhelm our collective resources,” Ige said.


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Real possibility of a chunk of the island falling into the ocean. In 2012, that exact area slid 10cm towards the sea in one move.

If the whole thing fell off, it would send ~900 FOOT HIGH waves around the Island and ~100 FOOT HIGH waves along the entire West coast of the USA.

Great animation from 2012 about the 10CM slide and the effect if the whole thing slides off:


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One thing that is interesting about these fissures is that on a map they have lined up as if you took a ruler and a pencil.  They think its weird and they have no idea why.  Together they go pretty much parallel to the water.  Ill see if I can find an example.

Edit:  This usgs thermal map gives you an idea although it doesn't include them all.  Its not because of rift location they are surprised by it and have no idea why.  Somewhat of a mystery.  https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/hvo/maps_uploads/image-419.jpg

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this is a semi live report on the real story behind the eruption. almost everyone from that end of the island has or is evacuating. there is a real possibility that entire side of the island could be cut off from the access to the rest of the island as the triangle of roads leading out of that area is being threatened with lava. the affected people are in the thousands. the vog is so bad it is killing plants miles away. there is a constant rumble with 2.0 up tp 4.0 earthquakes going off all the time. the lava ripping out of the ground is surreal and i have have seen active lava many times.

there was a report last night that the lava coming out of the ground now is old lava, like decades old lava that has pooled in the ground. it is being pushed out by new lava from the draining of the halemaumau crater, which is expected to blow up any minute as the lava level has dropped below the water line. the new lava has not shown up in leilani estates yet. the volcanologists expect it to be more explosive and much faster moving so people in motorized wheel chairs are in danger from the more liquid like flow of the new lava.

also, the 6.9 earthquake the other day conicided with a 2 foot downhill shift of a huge plate of earth on the southern flank of the island that could cause a thousand foot mega tsunami.

the show is just beginning.

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"it will be much faster moving so people in motorized wheel chairs are in danger from the more liquid like flow of the new lava."

There's so much weird about that comment.

"also, the 6.9 earthquake the other day conicided with a 2 foot downhill shift of a huge plate of earth on the southern flank of the island that could cause a thousand foot mega tsunami."

Hate to rain on your reporting, but if it was going to cause a tsunami, it would've already happened.

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We have a whole other kind of stupid in the desert. For a while, for some reason, people started building houses in riverwashes and they had themselves convinced that a "100 year flood" was some kind of binding contract with nature.

And nobody informed nature. And the rains came.

I had a buddy that was a plumber. He gets this call. Guys says "yeah I'm gonna need somebody out here, there's 2 inches of water on the floor" and he kinda trails off. He's like "uh...uh...OK scratch that, do you know anybody with a boat?"


I still can't believe nobody died in that one but man, we had houses floating down rivers and piling up on abutments and just the most miserable scene of carnage.

It's a desert. It don't rain till it pours.

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