Ron Paul Explains Trump's Plan For Iran: Put Terrorists In Charge

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Back in the 2008 presidential race, I explained to then-candidate Rudy Giuliani the concept of “blowback.” Years of US meddling and military occupation of parts of the Middle East motivated a group of terrorists to carry out attacks against the United States on 9/11. They didn’t do it because we are so rich and so free, as the neocons would have us believe. They came over here because we had been killing Muslims “over there” for decades.

How do we know this? Well, they told us. Osama bin Laden made it clear why al-Qaeda sought to attack the US. They didn’t like the US taking sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict and they didn’t like US troops on their holy land.

Why believe a terrorist, some responded. As I explained to Giuliani ten years ago, the concept of “blowback” is well-known in the US intelligence community and particularly by the CIA.

Unfortunately, it is clear that Giuliani never really understood what I was trying to tell him. Like the rest of the neocons, he either doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it. In a recent speech to the MeK – a violent Islamist-Marxist cult that spent two decades on the US terror watch list – Giuliani promised that the Trump Administration had made “regime change” a priority for Iran. He even told the members of that organization – an organization that has killed dozens of Americans – that Trump would put them in charge of Iran!

Giuliani shares with numerous other neocons like John Bolton a strong relationship with this group. In fact, both Giuliani and Bolton have been on the payroll of the MeK and have received tens of thousands of dollars to speak to their followers. This is another example of how foreign lobbies and special interest groups maintain an iron grip on our foreign policy.

Does anyone really think Iran will be better off if Trump puts a bunch of “former” terrorists in charge of the country? How did that work in Libya?

It’s easy to dismiss the bombastic Giuliani as he speaks to his financial benefactors in the MeK. Unfortunately, however, Giuliani’s claims were confirmed late last week, when the Washington Free Beacon published a three-page policy paper being circulated among National Security Council officials containing plans to spark regime change in Iran.

The paper suggests that the US focus on Iran’s many ethnic minority groups to spark unrest and an eventual overthrow of the government. This is virtually the same road map that the US has followed in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and so on. The results have been unmitigated disaster after disaster.

Unleashing terrorists on Iran to overthrow its government is not only illegal and immoral: it’s also incredibly stupid. We know from 9/11 that blowback is real, even if Giuliani and the neocons refuse to understand it. Iran does not threaten the United States. Unlike Washington’s Arab allies in the region, Iran actually holds reasonably democratic elections and has a Western-oriented, educated, and very young population.

Why not open up to Iran with massive amounts of trade and other contacts? Does anyone (except for the neocons) really believe it is better to unleash terrorists on a population than to engage them in trade and travel? We need to worry about blowback from President Trump’s fully-neoconized Middle East policy! That’s the real threat!



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Yo, Trumpster…

That plan will end up having China, Russia and Iran’s Moozie Government turn any usurpers into hamburger.

They will be chopped, chromed and toasted no matter how many Western weapons they are given.   

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HowdyDoody Manthong Mon, 05/14/2018 - 17:44 Permalink

How Terrorism Really Is Spread

i) release a load of hardened criminals from Saudi Death Row

ii) indoctrinate them with caliphate BS

iii) fire them up on a mix of Captagon and USD

iv) arm them with Soviet weapons

v) insert them into target country

vi) provide Hollywood grade PR facilities, SF assistance and air drop resupply support.



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Correct . The thinking us there are minorities in Iran who SIMPLY HAVE TO be hugely unhappy and who gave an overpowering urge to sign onto some juvenile fantasy about OUSTING the majority while committing guaranteed suicide.

It's just great that we have an evil ruling cabal but does it HAVE be a stupid one?

Maybe the headchoppers in Syria could lend their Israeli weapons to the Iranian "rebels ."

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Amazing that even Ron Paul spouts the dumb-ass official line that Bin Laden and militant Arabs pulled off 9/11. They did not and Paul joins the ranks of arch deceivers running the West with his BS. Before this article I thought there was at least one leading US politician with a some integrity - some hope for the US to take the moral lead in the world - but I was absolutely wrong. I am not an American and except for the mainstream media fake-news attempts, I fortunately have not been indoctrinated in my schooling by the jingoism and swill which has been implanted in a number of my American friends, who somehow regard it as disloyal to admit that their nation could ever do wrong.  

A truly, brave, and truth-seeking American is clearly someone like Ken O'Keeffe who is trying to right the scales of justice to put his nation of a more even keel where trust and honor come first, not another political phoney like a Ron Paul or a fake alternate-media caster like Alex Jones who must be politically correct to pass muster with the lying Zio establishment.

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I'm amazed that people think our government arranged for a bunch of mostly Saudis to hijack a bunch of planes on the same day and kill thousands of Americans in suicide/homicide missions.  I'm not amazed that our government was unable to connect the dots and stop it, or take the signs seriously.  Nor am I amazed that our government would lie about why these terrorists attacked the US, with Bush claiming they hate our freedoms, while the terrorists said in their own words, the same reasons Ron Paul states.   And I'm not amazed with all the politically connected being heavily invested in arms manufacturers who have incentives for more war.



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Wow, is that real?

“The land of Iran has long been part of our heritage, and we implore the international community to work with us to ensure its return to the independent Jewish state,” said Netanyahu, adding that Israel was willing to use military force if necessary to reoccupy all 636,400 square miles of present-day Iran that were historically included in the promised land bestowed upon the Jewish people by biblical mandate.

// edit I think it's an onion thing, very odd for norman finklestein to have on a site with his name, if it's the one I'm thinking of //

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I think Indonesia was part of ancient Israel so this makes perfect sense .

In general , I think The Onion could fire 90% of its staff and just publish Israeli government press releases.  The ones about the protesters posing a serious threat to Israel's border fence and troops is hilarious. 

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Just wait until this CIA PSYOP gets rolling here.

Charles Taylor Jr. Comes To Ameri-duh. =

This brings crazies to the country side on a naked (except for rifle and bandoleer of mags) dead run raiding orgy of murder and mayhem.

All nice little MKUltra gems.

It will be like Holloween all year long.

Live Hard, All Kid Gambino Needs Is A Curly Blond Wig, Some Kot, A New AK-47 And Lots Of Cult Followers Running Amuck Beside Him, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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No, it was used in the USS Liberty bombing.

All true ZHers know that, son. .. Where you from anyways?

Here, sign this:


I'll plug the good but wildly optimistic Dr Frog just for Ron.

The Petition To End The Federal Reserve Bank =

I doubt even a Mean Seething Frog-O-Science will last very long in The Cesspool but my hat is off to him for trying.

Hear the good Doc's rap and pitch here =…

He be bigger and meaner than Dr. Ron Paul.

Let's see how far this doc gets. ............... Any bets?

Live Hard, In Mass We May Be Able To Storm The Castle - End The Fed - The Petition, Sign It, Because We All Know What The Problem In America Is, Don't We Fellow ZHers?, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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Nine 11 wasn't blowback.  It was a deep state inside job.


Every time someone says "Deep State" a Neocon gets a raging boner. It is not a state within a state; it is and always will be treason.

Saying "Deep State" is Orwell's Newspeak you tool.

Just as Trump is not playing 4D Chess when he follows Rothschild's Lucifarian orders.

Just as Blackwater are not contractors, but mercenaries.

All Newspeak!

The proper English term for those traitorous Dual US-Israeli Citizens that attacked the USA on 911 is


We will continue have the Judas State and the War on Terror until the day we 

1) End BIS and the Rothschild Banking Cartel.

2) End the Rothchild bloodline completely.

3) End Israel and remove the fake-Semite Khazars from Palestine.

Once you ID humanity's mortal enemy for the last 300 years, one does not take half measures. This is war and they will all be removed from power, not one Lucifarian Rothschild institution will remain, especially Israel.

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stefan-coast Pearson365 Mon, 05/14/2018 - 17:52 Permalink

one would think that Ron Paul would know that by now...maybe he just keeps a low profile. It is sooo obvious a deep state situation, and to think Ron Paul does not KNOW this is very naive.  I undersand that Ron does not come out with "inside job" speeches, but he also does not have to blame parties not involved in 911.  Love Ron much, but this situation lessens my support. Fine, dont say "911 inside job" but dont blame innocent parties either...ya think?

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Except in this, the analogy would be walking into a business meeting, then pulling out a gun and threatening everyone in the room until you get your way. What Trump and neocons are doing is/should be illegal.


Trump and trumptards think threatening the world with armageddon is somehow a "smart" negotiating tactic, like the asshole did with North Korea.

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silverserfer HominyTwin Mon, 05/14/2018 - 17:00 Permalink

you know "back door barry" earned his name. Not cause he liked it from behind but because Asians did not respect him and greeted him with disrespect. most of the world views his social justice warriors and limp wristed little bitches. Like many aspects of adulthood, seeing trump succeed where obama didn't do much more than sat there sucking his thumb. It must be difficult to be wrong about so much.   

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TheWholeYearInn tmosley Mon, 05/14/2018 - 16:10 Permalink

"his is a "big first offer". An extreme starting position to be negotiated back"


whatever you say Peggy.


I'm sure most of Europe (who needs Iranian oil without worrying about sanctions), and China (who is ready to step in and facilitate)...


... are all sitting on their asses just waiting for Trump's next TWEET


cause really ~ It's all about Trump.


Permit ME to tell you "Trump's Plan For Iran"... Here it is... Ready?


Whatever the fuck Netanyahu & Sheldon Adelson tell him to do

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Trumpboy Mosley,

Put yourself in the shoes of the other party in this negotiation. They see Trump as a megalomaniac that everyone says will screw you in a deal. Additionally, the USA has ignored law and agreements and reasoning too many times. These are intelligent humans with a Cultural Memory not video game AI.

Why would anyone go to the bargaining table? Threats of violence? USA is a paper tiger. It cannot win a war since...

It is facing off against Russia, Iran, China. These enemies would destroy our Navy with supersonic weapons at the first battle.

Anglo-Zionist power is failing as the world turns its back on Lucifarian Rothchild slavery. 

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That’s a great point and +1000 for you. But the simple truth is if you have a cunt like Paul looking out for you, I can guarantee that flag will not be yours. 

It will belong to someone much less sympathetic to yourself than  those currently flying it.

And as much as you may hate that, it’s all that matters. Life’s a bitch....

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