Baltimore Police Commissioner Resigns After Admitting He Did Not File Taxes For Years

Less than a week after the Department of Justice charged Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa with failure to file federal and state income taxes for three consecutive years, Baltimore’s top cop resigned on Tuesday after being suspended last Friday with pay.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa Resigns After Being Charged With Failing To File His Taxes. (Source: The Baltimore Sun)

“Today I received the resignation of Darryl De Sousa as Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department and have accepted it,” Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh said in a statement, reprinted below:

“I want to reassure all Baltimoreans that this development in no way alters our strategic efforts to reduce crime by addressing its root causes in our most neglected neighborhoods. This broad-based, grassroots approach – underpinned by the utilization of new crime-fighting technology – is working and will continue to be effective as indicated by the downward trend in violence. The Baltimore Police command staff is fully committed to bringing about the reforms to the practices and culture of the department that we are implementing and which are vital to ensuring the trust and confidence of all our citizens.”

“As mayor, I will not let up in pursuing my top priority of making our City safe and our neighborhoods worthy of the lives of all residents.”

According to Jayne Miller, an investigative reporter for WBAL, the mayor’s office has already started a national search for a new police commissioner, while deputy commissioner, Gary Tuggle serves as Interim-Commissioner.

De Sousa’s downward spiral started last Thursday when he was charged with three misdemeanor counts of failing to file income taxes. Federal investigators said he “willfully failed to file a federal tax return” for tax years 2013, 2014 and 2015, while he was employed with the Baltimore Police Department.

In a statement on Twitter, De Sousa admitted to failing to file his federal and state taxes, but within the statement, he did add that his 2016 taxes were filed, and 2017 had an extension.

“While there is no excuse for my failure to fulfill my obligations as a citizen and public official, my only explanation is that I failed to sufficiently prioritize my personal affairs,” he said.

“Naturally, this is a source of embarrassment for me and I deeply regret any embarrassment it has caused the Police Department and the City of Baltimore. I accept full responsibility for this mistake and am committed to resolving this situation as quickly as possible.”

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 President Gene Ryan said in a statement, “The men and women of the Baltimore Police Department are aware of the resignation of Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa today. We are anxious to put these events behind us and hope that Mayor Pugh can quickly find a suitable replacement. Our members deserve consistency in their leadership; however, as they are all highly trained professional law enforcement personnel, they will stay fully mission focused in the interim.”

De Sousa became Baltimore’s top cop in January, after Mayor Pugh fired ex-Commissioner Kevin Davis, citing a surge of violent crime after the 2015 Baltimore Riots.

“I’m impatient,” Pugh said at a news conference in January. “We need more violence reduction. We need the numbers to go down faster than they are.”

CNN explains how Baltimore was transformed into one of the most dangerous cities in America:

“Baltimore had 343 homicides in 2017, according to the city’s police department. Baltimore had a rate of 51.4 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2016, well above Chicago’s 28.07 homicides per 100,000 residents and New York City’s 3.9 per 100,000 residents.

Baltimore was the site of riots in April 2015 after 25-year-old Freddie Gray died in police custody. The Justice Department, under President Barack Obama, later issued a report saying that black residents were subject to disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests.

Last year, several police officers with the now-defunct Gun Trace Task Force were indicted on federal racketeering charges of robbing people, claiming fraudulent overtime and filing false affidavits. Two officers were convicted and six other officers pleaded guilty to federal charges.”

Meanwhile we hope that Baltimore is successful in its search for a top cop replacement, although we realize that finding that rare public servant who believes in paying their fair share while protecting and upholding the law is not going to be an easy task.



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“I want to reassure all Baltimoreans that this development in no way alters our strategic efforts to reduce crime by addressing its root causes in our most neglected neighborhoods."

Didn't know there WAS a strategy. Is the strategy to let everybody kill each other?  The following year will bring the lowest murder rate in the country, if that's the case.

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I asked about a change of venue as well. Two planes, a rental car, and a minimum travel time of 8 hours (and two flights) in the air and three hours in a rental car? I couldn't do it. If it was Las Vegas? Sure. But the middle of nowhere TX? Nope. I get promoting your town / village for events. Too rich for my blood and the only time I have been on a plane for that long was to go to Europe. Dealing with four gropings by the TSA? Too painful.

The thing that pissed me off about the AirBnB crowd was a $30 charge for cleaning (that should be included in the rental fee) and another charge for (I don't remember what but the two fees plus local tax added up to an extra $100 plus the nightly rental rate) plus you have to sign their user agreement and agree to support faggotry. Nothing like forcing you to agree with their political agenda before they do business with animals like me. I'll pass! I do not support diversity. It's a lie.

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Sorry friend,

 there is MUCH to be said for "the middle of nowhere", it is lost on many, I know. I also fully comprehend "the busy schedule, multiple flights, rental vehicles, etc"! I have no love or respect for the faggoty artsy fartsy scene. I have to travel 90-120 minuets to alleged civilization, have exactly ONE grocery store within half an hour, and I would choose to live no where else   .

 You might choose to slow down a bit, or assess your pursuit of the almighty FRN, fellowship has much to offer, lest you feel you have the game all figured out... no offense, but I doubt that.

Peace, L.

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So you assume that I am greedy because I have to work and can't afford to spend $1500 for a three-day party? Wow.

You don't know the pace of my life, or my goals, or whether I move slowly or quickly. Your time may not be valuable but mine is and if I am going to be inconvienced to the point of multiple forms of transit, including a shuttle van to the airport, two flights each way (and two TSA gropings in public each way), and a rental car, to the middle of nowhere, I expect it to be affordable and not an overpriced tourist town looking for marks to rip off. Marfa, TX, is not affordable! Not for a common Tax Mule like myself. As for your claims about my chasing money? Whatever. I have bills to pay and right now the only one paying them is myself.

Get a fucking grip on yourself. I don't make any claims to having anything figured out. But you sure jumped to that conclusion, eh? Feel free to donate if you think it is important for me to take a vacay:

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Most of them do not bother to attend the union meetings. The sticking-together thing—which would be called racism if whites did it—is not inculcated by union participation.

Like anywhere, there are a few good workers, here and there, in government agencies, but the majority are not.

Minorities get points added to their applications. It is not just minorities; it is also women and veterans.

Most white men are at the bottom of this “points” system, explaining why they can get 100% on exams, while still not even getting even a government temp job. 

There are many similar 80%-to-90% minority majorities in corporate jobs, with some of those corporations having big corporate contracts, like a Big Pharma contract, for instance.  

In my state, many of the wireless company call centers are the same, as are the [wireless] insurance call centers, etc.

Either by interviewing or working there as a temp or otherwise, I have seen about eight government and corporate workplaces of that ilk.

But there are crony-absenteeism gangs just as bad in offices with a majority of whites, like the mostly white mom gangs in financial services back offices and some insurance call centers in my state.

There are also many jobs where nearly 100% young people are hired. Most of these jobs do not require Hooter’s-level “skills.”

I cannot say that I have found those situations to be as bully-laden. Young people are often less calculating. A few of them are precocious in a bad way, displaying honed cutthroatery skills, but most of them are still at that funny stage of life.

But while preaching racial diversity, it is ironic that these enlightened, young progressives are often openly anti-diversity when it comes to age. 

Youth will not help most of the non culture fits in those government jobs, though, not beyond the managers treating them a little nicer since they remind them of their kids. 

I saw several of my young colleagues from my government job, in addition to a bunch of older whites, making the rounds of the temp job circuit. 

One young guy made the mistake of jumping through the hoops to get insurance licenses, like I did, adding those useless pieces of paper to a useless bachelor’s degree, which is required for most governent jobs, not that they pay any more than jobs that don’t require it.

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I got one of those "insufficient funds notification" to pay ticket from a toll booth affirmative action employee over the weekend. One of those stretches in Orlando where you hit a toll booth every 4 miles and I didn't have any money left for the last one. The toll was $1.25 but the idiot wrote "120" for the amount I owed. I might excuse him for forgetting a decimal but it's clear he just wrote "120" thinking he was all powerful and I would be dumb enough to just pay it. He didn't even keep his copy (the original) on top of the Carbon copy so he didn't keep a record for himself. What a joke. 

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These are "highly trained" police.  Except the Chief.  Who's also a General, or sunp'n, what with all the stars, scrambled eggs, badges, ribbons .  Murder arrest?  Not so much, even if the head union hack, says they, the cops, are ALL Highly , super high, higher than medium above average upper medium, near neigh elite , highly trained.  Except for arrests and convictions for murder, rape, robbery, heroin, meth, oxy....but the rest, ticket writing, napping in the patrol car, awesome.

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