Millennial Candidates Embrace Socialism, While Venezuela Chokes On It

Authored by Doug French via The Mises Institute,

Franklin Bynum was unchallenged and won the Democratic nomination to become a criminal court judge in Houston. Mr. Bynum is an avowed socialist and he’s not alone in that conservative state. At least 16 other socialists appeared on the ballot in primary races across Texas.

Socialism has oozed out of college classrooms and into the ballot box.

“Yes, I’m running as a socialist,” Mr. Bynum told the New York Times. “I’m a far-left candidate. What I’m trying to do is be a Democrat who actually stands for something, and tells people, ‘Here’s how we are going to materially improve conditions in your life.’”

Wannabe-Judge Bynum is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is growing by leaps and bounds after Trump’s election, even in conservative states.

The NYT reports, “D.S.A.’s membership has increased from about 5,000 to 35,000 nationwide. The number of local groups has grown from 40 to 181, including 10 in Texas. Houston’s once-dormant chapter now has nearly 300 members.”

Texas, a hot bed for socialism? Who would have thunk it?

“We want to see money stop controlling everything. That includes politics,” said Amy Zachmeyer, 34, a union organizer who helped revive the moribund Houston DSA chapter.

“That just resonates with millennials who are making less money than their parents did, are less able to buy a home and drowning in student debt.” 

Ms. Zachmeyer’s student loan payment burden of $1,000 a month convinced her to become a socialist. Good grief.

Don’t worry about a blue wave, worry about a red (commie) wave.

Unsurprisingly, the NYT recently featured an opinion piece by Jason Barker entitled,Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!” Just a few paragraphs in, Associate Professor Barker gets off this doozy of a paragraph,

educated liberal opinion is today more or less unanimous in its agreement that Marx’s basic thesis — that capitalism is driven by a deeply divisive class struggle in which the ruling-class minority appropriates the surplus labor of the working-class majority as profit — is correct. Even liberal economists such as Nouriel Roubini agree that Marx’s conviction that capitalism has an inbuilt tendency to destroy itself remains as prescient as ever.

It gets better, while millennials struggle under the weight of student loan payments and underemployment, Barker writes,

The inroads that artificial intelligence is currently making into medical diagnosis and surgery, for instance, bears out the argument in the “Manifesto” that technology would greatly accelerate the “division of labor,” or the deskilling of such professions [doctors, lawyers, and well, all jobs].

The good philosophy professor then throws Black Lives Matter and the MeToo movement into the Marxist class struggle bucket.

Of course, accelerating the division of labor is a good thing. Jörg Guido Hülsmann explained,

The economic incentives springing from the division of labor explain the origin and nature of human societies. The basic economic laws that here come into play are therefore the starting point of [Ludwig von] Mises's entire social philosophy, just as it has been the starting point of the greatest social philosophers before him.

Professor Hülsmann continues,

Plato pleads for a division of labor and gives three reasons:

  1. there are natural productive differences between the individuals, which make one person a better tailor, while another one might be a better farmer, and so on;

  2. the daily exercise resulting from specialization improves the workmanship;

  3. many jobs need to be done at the right moment in time and therefore require permanent availability of some person charged with this task.

Meanwhile, today’s young socialists believe they’ve stumbled on to something new. However, Mises proved years ago that socialism must fail because the price of goods cannot be calculated in a government controlled economic system. Mises student Murray Rothbard wrote,

Socialism is that system in which the State forcibly seizes control of all the means of production in the economy. The reason for the impossibility of calculation under socialism is that one agent owns or directs the use of all the resources in the economy…. there is no possibility of calculation anywhere in the production structure, since production processes would be only internal and without markets. There could be no calculation, and therefore complete economic irrationality and chaos would prevail.

If Mr. Bynum and Ms. Zachmeyer want proof, they can look to Venezuela. That country’s government has practiced socialism for years and the result is a 9,000 percent inflation rate, empty shelves and grinding poverty. The country saw its economy shrink 16 percent last year and is expected to shrink 15 percent this year.

According to The Independent, “It is estimated that 10 percent of the population has emigrated. Almost two thirds of all households have at least one family member living abroad. And among those 3 million migrants are young and competent workers who have escaped from a country that sinks deeper into crisis.”

Market Mogul reports,

Price controls have made private business unprofitable, meaning as governments have struggled to maintain imports through dwindling funds, Venezuelan farmers are unable to meet the shortfall, put off by price controls that make their business wholly unprofitable.

In a state of complete dysfunction, Venezuelans are going hungry, to the point of illness and malnutrition. The Washington Post estimate that 11.5% of children under 5 suffer from “moderate to severe malnutrition”, with 48% “at risk of going hungry”. International groups offer aid, but Venezuela is not a charity case, according to its benevolent quasi-dictator Maduro, and such aid is rejected.

That’s what socialism looks like.

Implementation of Marx’s ideas make nobody happy, other than spoiled millennials who aren’t suffering under it.


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No we don't. Millennials are behind the popularity of Crowder, Shapiro, Trump, Milo, Mark Dice, etc. 

Boomers are the fucking bleeding heart liberals. You shit all over our ability to succeed from your endless spending on your healthcare to your overconsumption of finite resources. 

various1 The Old Man Tue, 05/15/2018 - 21:36 Permalink

Fuck you @propaganda scum! And peasant idiots!


Boomers, think they "made it on their own".... Hahahahahah!

Boomers were force fed cattle to be stupid fucking idiots, who allowed America destroyed (good fucking peasant catle, good for rich who invested in this feces generation)

And now, they have taken from their own progeny, the scum that are baby boomers, the entitled.


After ww2, America has had the world. In entirety. To itself. If a Boomer could pick up shovel, he had middle income guaranteed. College: 3 month "shoveling employment" paid in full. House: 4 years.

Reaching peak middle class in 1970s-1980.

On who's watch was America destroyed? 10 years 20, 30 years ago... 50??!!
Who is in charge now??!!
American Boomers are fucking cattle feces generation. The worst in human history.

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jbvtme various1 Tue, 05/15/2018 - 21:52 Permalink

socialism did not "ooze out of the classroom" by mistake. it was planted there and fertilized with government backed debt. i've said before, the marxist  millennials will be implanting the boomer's chips at the detention centers.

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various1 revolla Wed, 05/16/2018 - 02:30 Permalink

Not in the least!

Socialistm and Capitalism are nonsense words, sure.

But how do you wake up cattle who defend their right to feed and have taken away from their own progeny...

This is real!

Blame boomers for EVERYTHING until they wake up and start acting like pro-Americans.

There is no other way!

They are in charge now and they STILL act as stupid peasant cattle... Maybe even more so!

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Honest Sam revolla Wed, 05/16/2018 - 14:33 Permalink

10 years ago I fixed my washing machine. New motor, drive belt, lube, and stuff.  It was already 10 years old at the time.

That's when it struck me that Fixing my own problem took Maytag into bankruptcy and the Maytag repairman was light by about $100.00.  

Those in government jobs know this theory cold:  If you fix a problem permanently or even for years, you effectively lose your own livelihood.

Government must only APPEAR to work on solving the problems, not actually solving them. It's even better if they make the problems even more complex, UNsolvable if possible. 

There are even now departments in government that exist that don't actually do anything because sometimes problems disappear all on their own, like that twinge in your wrist after flubbing your driver, hitting the ground.  They continue to be draining tax payer and borrowed, or newly printed FRNs. They may or may not be fully staffed moving one piece of paper from pile A to pile B and the next day moving pile B to pile C, ad infinitum. 

Nothing a government employee loves more than a problem that is easy to solve, but is even easier to make worse. 

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Theosebes Goodfellow techpriest Wed, 05/16/2018 - 09:59 Permalink

Your FIL is right, Tec. Sanders is a ballsless socialist-wanna-be. Ideologically he's as vapid as Fauxahontas.

I find it interesting that here on ZH the discussion about Marxists devolved so quickly into an ageism fight. Curious.

Granted that it was a discussion of "who was an old liberal" and who was not, but it was still more centered on age than anything else.

Are the Millies feeling resentful towards boomers? It would appear so. Like we somehow didn't leave them enough cake after the party or something, with the boomers telling them that back in the day we were responsible for making our own cake, (which is bullshit also as the Greatest Generation made our cake for us back then).

We're as delusional as the Millies. maybe it's old age.


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various1 Theosebes Goodfellow Thu, 05/17/2018 - 02:30 Permalink


Boomers cake was made by Greats, who did earn their cake and ate it too.

Overall comment is spot on as well. That boomers lecturing Millennials they "made it on their own" as is disproved. 

But you see, my comment is down voted and your support of fact will never be seen. 

They do not teach that in school, you do not hear it on news or in any magazine or journal.

How could that be so? You ask? .... Insanely, but it is real world... real world of lies and deciept.

Conspiracy is real, and this is proof.

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MoreFreedom revolla Wed, 05/16/2018 - 08:01 Permalink

America's economy grows more and more socialistic, as government gains more and more control over commerce via so called "reasonable regulation" of business.  Mostly so politicians can pick winners and losers in commerce, so the rich owners pay campaign cash to get picked a winner or to avoid being picked a loser.  That distributes money from the average American to politicians and the politically connected. 

Yes, there's income inequality, mostly because the politicians want it that way.  The last thing most of them want, are free markets.  Because then they've little to sell.  

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Honest Sam captain_and_kings Wed, 05/16/2018 - 14:41 Permalink

Oil companies are taxed all over the world. WTF are you talking about?  

When the oil price nearly halved itself, in one year,  the Venies' Chavez government were caught with their socialist promises down around their ankles.

Being dependent on one resource for export and promising the kids that they will own the revenue and be able to buy a Condo on St. Bart's and never have to find work, wasn't the CIA's fault. That was Chavez!

You think the CIA caused the oil price to be cut in half

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GoinFawr Honest Sam Wed, 05/16/2018 - 19:16 Permalink

Yeah c_a_k, you should know by now that here on ZH the only markets that can be manipulated are gold and silver (down), or the general market (up)

lol, 'Honest' Sam would have you believe that, when it comes to South America, the CIA is squeaky clean... go on pull the other one HS! You're hilarious!

'Coincidentally' following two very politically different Alberta gov'ts announcing their intentions to review their 'laughingstock of the oil producing world' royalty rates the price of crude halved almost immediately, twice; once in 2008-09 and once in '14...

Hey 'Honest' Sam, just how many naked shorts can 21 trillion cover, anyway?

You might want to research the "Monroe Doctrine", no reason.

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Ckierst1 GoinFawr Thu, 05/17/2018 - 23:35 Permalink

I agree that the feds can and do manipulate any market they want when it suits their purposes.  I don't agree that this is capitalism in the classically liberal sense.  It is government intervening in what should be free markets.  Call It what you will, but it is a genre of socialism that enriches the controlling globalist elites and the bought political/bureaucratic parasites even as it pauperizes the middle class.  These scum keep everything in turmoil constantly as a distraction to camouflage their operations.  Follow the wealth!  Among the "Isms" that come to mind is fascism, corporatism, mercantilism, cronyism, marxism and elitism.

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GoinFawr Ckierst1 Mon, 05/21/2018 - 19:49 Permalink

Confucius: “The beginning of all wisdom is to call things by their proper names.”

So spare me your "call it what you will" Gary Allen inspired misnomers, I've read the book:

"Socialism" by definition empowers the worker,  'equality before the law' is a socialist axiom, anyone who says different is selling something..


and now that I know what you'll buy, know this: I'm not selling it.

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end times prophet The Old Man Tue, 05/15/2018 - 21:27 Permalink

So now the US gov has limited the deductability of property tax of high end homes on federal returns.  All I hear from high income earners in these states as how unfair it is.  It is a chance for all you boomers in big houses in liberal states to pay your fair share like you have always wanted.  You are helping the less fortunate via the state.  Enjoy yourself, forward soviet and all that shit

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techpriest Kefeer Wed, 05/16/2018 - 00:28 Permalink

At a larger level we are certainly aware (taxation is theft, after all), but I think that he was hitting more at the type of Regressive who publicly says "raise my taxes" while privately structuring every activity to minimize his taxes to a level lower than someone earning one-fourth his income.

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Honest Sam Big Whoop Wed, 05/16/2018 - 14:46 Permalink

Due to Post modern deconstruction, the benevolent system of True Capitalism, has been tarred and feathered but no one dare speak it's real name:  Socialism for all losses, and privatization of all profits.

If Dr. Frankenstein had set out to create a system of economy that mirrors what we have today in the U.S. and all first world countries, it would be like his monster with stitching, electrodes, and outsized appendages from a variety of dead humans and called, a man. 

What we have for an economy, is not remotely Capitalism, it is a Frankensteinism. 

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iLLivaniLLi19 Kefeer Wed, 05/16/2018 - 10:21 Permalink

Not only that but the more recently you've homesteaded the more taxes you have to pay. Meaning old people pay less property taxes by virtue of having gotten into the game earlier. Look up Florida's "Save our Home" amendment.

The Save Our Homes Amendment of the State's Constitution was approved by Florida voters in 1992 and put into effect in 1995. This amendment places a limitation of 3% on any annual assessment increases on Homestead Properties in Florida.

Property granted Homestead shall be assessed at full market value (just value) as of January 1 of the year in which the property receives the exemption. In subsequent years, the assessed value of homestead exempt property will not increase more than 3%, or the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is less. There are exceptions to that limitation, including new construction or additions which are found to have escaped taxation in the past. Also, the limitation does not apply the year following a change of ownership.

So not only are homes more expensive for millennials while we make relatively less, we also have to pay more taxes on those same exact homes.

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21st.century The_Dude Tue, 05/15/2018 - 22:02 Permalink

that's it, exactly. transfer the millstone of 1930's payroll taxes to the next generation.

there's nothing inherently evil in providing some type of old age check- how it is funded -- as well as the entire govt. MUST be reformed. SS has to be a fixed amount.

the last century scam will not power a modern USA.

kill the income based taxes. 

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