North Korea Threatens To Abandon Trump Summit, Furious Over Bolton Comments

Update II: The Pentagon has denied reports that it had considered pulling B-52 bombers from military drills between the US and South Korea. According to the Pentagon, the bombers were never supposed to take part in the drills, the Washington Examiner reported.

The US and South Korea recently started their springtime "Max Thunder" drills which are meant to "enhance interoperability and readiness."

"The scope of Max Thunder has not changed," Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Chris Logan said Wednesday.

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Update: The White House says it's hopeful that its planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will move forward, though it's prepared for tough negotiations, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox News.

“He’ll be there, and he’ll be ready" White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of Trump in a Fox News interview Wednesday, adding that North Korea’s threat to back out of a denuclearization summit isn’t out of the ordinary.

"We’re ready to meet, and if it happens that’s great, but if doesn’t well see what happens," she said. "If it doesn’t we’ll continue the maximum pressure campaign that has been ongoing"

The summit is set to take place June 12 in Singapore.

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North Korea has threatened to pull out of next month's peace summit with Washington if the US insists on the peninsula hurriedly giving up its nuclear weapons without offering immediate sanctions relief.

After blaming joint South Korean-US military exercises for the country's decision yesterday to cancel a planned summit with the South and to suspend talks, the North revealed another source of anger: National Security Advisor John Bolton's comments from his appearance Sunday on CNN's State of the Union, where he suggested that North Korea must "commit to denuclearization" to help it "become a normal nation."

Kim Kye Gwan, a vice foreign minister and a top North Korea disarmament negotiator, said the regime was disappointed by the US's articulation of its goals for the summit, according to a statement published Wednesday by the state-run Korean Central News Agency via Bloomberg. Kim expressed anger toward Bolton and other US officials, adding that the North rejects the "Libya model" where a state surrenders its weapons first then receives incentives like sanctions relief.

"If the U.S. is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral nuclear abandonment, we will no longer be interested in such dialogue and cannot but reconsider our proceeding to the DPRK-U.S. summit," Kim said. He added that Trump risked becoming a "more tragic and unsuccessful president than his predecessors" if he didn’t accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

Kim Kye Gwan said the North had already declared its willingness to denuclearize the peninsula - but that it must not be counted on to act first.

"If the Trump administration corners us and tries to force us to give up nuclear [weapons] unfairly," it says, "we will not be interested in such talks anymore and cannot help but reconsider having the upcoming DPRK-U.S. summit."

North Korea added that it wouldn't be satisfied with "complete, verifiable and irreversible" denuclearization as well as the dismantling of nuclear and chemical arms, per Nikkei.

One North Korea expert said observers shouldn't panic: The sharp rhetoric is more likely a negotiating tactic than a legitimate threat to scrap the talks.

Jin Chang-soo, president at the Sejong Institute, said North Korea's remarks are more like jockeying ahead of the summit with the U.S., and not a serious threat to pull out of the meeting.

"North Korea and the U.S. agreed on the big picture, but they still have different ideas on a detailed process. Pyongyang is trying to boost its negotiation power with such actions," Jin said.

In a statement, the South Korean government said North Korea's decision to suspend talks was "regrettable."

"It is regrettable that the North has suspended inter-Korean high-level talks with no consultation with us," said Baik Tae-hyun, a spokesman for South Korea's Unification Ministry. "The government has a firm will to carry out the Panmunjom Declaration faithfully, and urges the North side to come to the table quickly for the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula."

China, meanwhile, called on both sides to "avoid further provocation."

"The amelioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula is hard won and should be cherished," foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters in Beijing.

For now Kim's gambit appears to be working: on Tuesday night, the US said that it would consider withholding B-52 bombers from its joint military drills with South Korea in a bid to appease the North. Should Pyongyang say it demands more, will Trump - visions of a Nobel Peace Prize dancing in his head - appease Kim again, and if so, how?


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... here’s Yosemite Sam Bolton talking about the “Libya Plan” for North Korea ...

   ... >>> ...


... and this video documentary reminds everyone of the US’ “humanitarian” <nudge, wink> interventions and regime changes ...

   ... >>> ... 


   ... this is probably why the fat little guy with a funny haircut doesn’t trust the fat orange guy with a funny haircut (along with his warmonger sidekick Yosemite Sam with a funny bolt on moustache ) ...



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As if the 2nd grade quality of the global diplomatic dialouge has left anyone unconvinced that this IS a DRAMA. All the world's a stage.

Just look at the "Star" cast on the world stage today....

Trump, Erdogan, Bibi, Modi, Xi, Abe, The Kanuck kunt, Merkel, The aussie goldmanite, MAHATHIR RETURNS, Salman Bin Salman Bin Salman, The French Froggie FF, I do nuthin Putin, Dear Leader Kim, The Venezuelan Marxist Screwball....


And tell me it's not a set up and that the worst examples of "leaders" have all magically risen to the top, all fed/clothed and supported by WHOM?


Kim Jong Un went to a fancy prep school in Switzerland. He is not some inbred dumbfuck. 


But still, what a clown show, and I'm sure I've missed a couple of classics. Oh yes, the orangewoman in charge of the IMF, the toothless UN Sec Gen, Bolt-ON, Muqtda Al Sadr as Iraq's PM (haaaah, that one, anyone here remember his Army fighting the US? fake to the left, fake to the right.....). 


Some of us saw it coming log ago. What are you doing to prepare?…


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Oh ORI , read all I could at your old stuff you linked to but gave up : Now I know why you always got heavily junked even while CD could bore people to death at times but never lost the narrative and got all the upvotes instead.

You Sir, seem to be some part of a project :  lacking coherence , authenticity

and just mimicking and copying along the way.

Maybe you are the original foreign contract worker I would have outsourced AI development to too.


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WW2 was taking a while too.

The historians use 1st of September 1939 but in reality there was crap going on before then.

Civil was in Spain that other nations were involved in. 

Germany and Poland taking chunks out of Czechoslovakia. 

Lots of various conflicts between Soviet Russia and its neighbors. 

The Brits having high tea in Gibraltar. 

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What is commonly referred to as WWII is described to in the heart of Europe as the second 30 year war. Germany never at peace for a single day in between .Greatest humiliations in between 1918-1933 . And for how long at pieces ? Still only less than two thirds re-united . For the Dutch our 30 year war was their 90 year war...

WW1 was taking a while too is what you meant to say ?

Get serious or have tea with BritBob in Gibraltar .


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Korea is a done deal. All this is posturing. That sucking sound you hear and that foul stench is the swamp being drained. Two years ago did we know details about the DOJ FBI collusion to frame Trump and give H a pass? Now we know who was involved. We also know that NONE of the participants have real positions. Most are gone. The few left are in the mail room as they cooperate with investigators. If it makes people happy to delude themselves that nothing is happening and no one will be prosecuted fine. But it it won’t stop what’s coming. 

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I don't think that a Korea peace settlement is a done deal in the least.  Xi and Putin out maneuvered the Trump neocons in round one, and they are determined to torpedo it in round 2.  War, death, and mayhem should all be Bolton's middle name.  As to Trump getting the Nobel Peace Prize - forget it.  That the inventor of dynamite should start a peace prize is indicative of the state of the world.  That war criminals such as Kissinger and Obama won it proves that point.

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More likely our own Deep State will wreck the talks, one way or the other... they need NK as a "aggressor" to justify the ever-bloated MIC budgets...  China doesn't want nukes landing on their borders, I doubt Russia cares much either way...

Kim Jong-Dildo will never so shit... he knows that the USA MIC would love to turn NK into a sheet of dirty glass.

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Only the fact that most South Koreans felt threatened by the US (as published by ZH ) to world peace got them South Korean leaders to pick up the phone and ask the North if they too would want to go down in flames on American bellicose stupid warmongering.

Trump overplayed the American Drumpf in what turned out to be pretending to protect South Korea.

South Korea realized it is held hostage to American aggression towards China and Russia

ever since and would be just spent in due course over brinkmanship power games in flames by some odd foreign policy moronic American president.

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J Edgar Hoover Building...One of the funniest jokes in D.C....

A closet GaY cross dresser as one of America's Great Hero's, proudly representing law enforcement across this great nation.

(I've seen the pics., that's one butt fucking ugly bitch!)

The Hypocrisy in D.C. is never ending, to the point that they would be the laughingstock of the world; if they didn't have such a reputation for murdering third world nations in the name of 'Peace & Democracy'.

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