Ecuador's Ex-President Correa Decries Treatment Of Julian Assange As "Torture"

Excerpted from Glenn Greenwald's excellent article at The Intercept...

FORMER ECUADORIAN PRESIDENT Rafael Correa, in an exclusive interview with The Intercept on Wednesday morning, denounced his country’s current government for blocking Julian Assange from receiving visitors in its embassy in London as a form of “torture” and a violation of Ecuador’s duties to protect Assange’s safety and well-being.

Correa said this took place in the context of Ecuador no longer maintaining “normal sovereign relations with the American government — just submission.”


The danger for Assange thus remains high if were to leave the embassy, particularly in light of a highly threatening speech given last year by Mike Pompeo, then U.S. President Donald Trump’s CIA director and now his secretary of state, in which he labeled WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service,” denied that its publication of documents is protected by the First Amendment, and vowed that “to give them the space to crush us with misappropriated secrets is a perversion of what our great Constitution stands for. It ends now.”

In January, doctors who examined Assange inside the embassy warned that continued confinement posed grave threats to both his physical and mental health. Assange’s mother said earlier this week that his health was “rapidly deteriorating” and had become “extremely dangerous.”

CORREA CITED those facts, as well as Ecuador’s legal obligations under international law to asylees, to denounce Ecuador’s denial of visitors to Assange as “basically torture.” Denial of visitors is, Correa said, “a clear violation of his rights. Once we give asylum to someone, we are responsible for his safety, for ensuring humane living conditions.” But “without communications to the outside world and visits from anyone, the government is basically attacking Julian’s mental health.”

The ex-president said he believed it could be appropriate to limit Assange’s communications if he were acting “irresponsibly” by interfering in another country’s politics. During the 2016 U.S. election, Correa said, his own government told Assange that it thought his attacks on Hillary Clinton were becoming excessive and briefly suspended his internet connection to underline its concerns.

“But that was just temporary,” said Correa. “We never intended to take away his internet for an extended period of time. That is going way too far.” Correa’s Foreign Affairs Minister Guillaume Long similarly said in an interview with The Guardian earlier this morning that he, too, believed that the denial of visitors to Assange and the blocking of his internet access for this long — believed to be due to Assange’s frequent tweeting over the Catalan independence movement in Spain — was unjust.

As for reports that Ecuador is negotiating with the U.K. government to turn over Assange, Correa said that he had no knowledge of those discussions, but said it would be “unthinkable” for Ecuador to do so without first obtaining enforceable protections for Assange’s rights, including not having the U.K. government use the bail violations as a pretext to hand over Assange to the U.S.

Emphasizing that the U.S. government has made clear that it wants to prosecute Assange for publishing newsworthy material under statutes that allow for the death penalty, Correa said any such deal that did not include protections against extradition to the U.S. would be “a terrible betrayal, a violation of the rules of asylum, and a breach of Ecuador’s responsibility to protect the safety and welfare of Julian Assange.”


Correa continues to believe that asylum for Assange is not only legally valid, but also obligatory. “We don’t agree with everything Assange has done or what he says,” Correa said. “And we never wanted to impede the Swedish investigation. We said all along that he would go to Sweden immediately in exchange for a promise not to extradite him to the U.S., but they would never give that. And we knew they could have questioned him in our embassy, but they refused for years to do so.” The fault for the investigation not proceeding lies, he insists, with the Swedish and British governments.

But now that Assange has asylum, Correa is adamant that the current government is bound by domestic and international law to protect his well-being and safety. Correa was scathing in his denunciation of the treatment Assange is currently receiving, viewing it as a byproduct of Moreno’s inability or unwillingness to have Ecuador act like a sovereign and independent country.

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If you are able to publicly expose the prime vectors of the parasitoid corporate fascists, they will destroy you. It's part of their survival life strategy. The degree to which you are effective in publicly exposing them is directly proportional to the amount of suffering they will inflict as part of an immunity response. It's to petrify other potential adversaries into submission. My suggestion is to recognize who they are and treat them accordingly, i.e. as you would a rat infested with bubonic plague carrying fleas. You don't shake their hands, you are not polite to them, you don't associate with them, you don't work with them, you don't buy their products, you don't talk to them, you don't allow your family near them or their family, you don't attend church with them, you don't vote for them, you don't work for them, you don't listen to them, you don't allow them in your communities, you don't allow them any power whatsoever. They need to be completely isolated, shunned and despised. They are killing all life on the planet and are completely malevolent with no rational human qualities.
A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host's expense, and which sooner or later kills it.
In epidemiology, a disease vector is any agent that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism;[1][2]
Fascism's theory of economic corporatism involved management of sectors of the economy by government or privately-controlled organizations (corporations)

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No no no.  U.S. is completely under the sway of B.O.E. since that private central bank and its shareholders control the Federal Reserve. 

The U.K. is doing exactly what the Western Private Central Banking Cartel told it to.  If that comes by way of the U.S. Government well ok but strings are strings.  Show me an organ of American government that does not look like a puppet to you?

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Sure- that relationship may exist (I believe it does- namely that BOE/FED are controlled by same interest groups), but for this specific case, it is JA that is most directly threatening the US interests, and the US interests that are taking the lead in directing the underlings, which in this case are the UK aristocracy, tasked with "handling" this situation in their own country on behalf of US interests.

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Good art- music, movies - can turn a culture.

Not to take anything away from his work- it's funny and wise, but when Scott Adams is our best voice, what is wrong? Where is everyone?

Roger Waters spoke out against the White Helmets at a concert this past week. Kanye. IDK, is the tide turning?

I graduated from High School in 1990- we had idealistic if somewhat mistaken- pop singers (U2, Sinead). Is anything percolating below the surface? Link me up.

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Julian Assange is an illegal immigrant on the sovereign territory of Ecuador.  What is the purpose of having a nation if anyone can claim asylum within your territory?  Laws are laws, and Assange is criminally trespassing.  He should be placed in a concentration camp until such time as he can be deported to his country of origin, and Ecuador should build a wall around their embassy and their nation to prevent any more illegal "Westerners" from seeking asylum there.


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Reactionary British imperialists cling like pestilential barnacles to any tiny bits of rock still flying Union Jacks. You sleep and dream false hopes of new imperial glory.

Bob, give it a rest. Let it go. Relax. Try gardening or heavy drinking. I'll bet you feel better already. No need to thank me. All in a day's work.

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Of the 3,400 people who live on that desolate rock, 70% identify as Falkland Islanders. Not Brits, not Argentinians, but Falklanders.

From the Guardian...

Government officials have said that if they do not carefully control immigration, Argentinians could move in and vote to reclaim the territory. (gee, THAT sounds familiar, but that's another story)

But many islanders also have expressed doubts about Britain's willingness to continue defending its South Atlantic fringe.

The result has been zero population growth in one of the world's most underpopulated and unspoiled places, a set of islands about the size of Northern Ireland or the US state of Connecticut, with mountain ranges and wide plains, meandering rivers and white-sand beaches, plentiful wetlands and an incredible variety of wildlife.

What they fail to tell you is the average wind speed in Stanley is 18mph, gales are frequent. The average high temperature in the summer is 55.9F, current temp 36F, and yes expect clouds. Basically it's a place only the natives can love. I say leave 'em alone...oh what's that? There might be huge oil and gas fields nearby? Well, all wars are Bankers wars, hedge accordingly.

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Yes.  The British are using their claim to those islands to lay claim to all the oil with 150 nautical miles of those islands.  If Argentina were to claim all of BPs North Sea holdings as the property of Argentina, because an Argentine flag was planted on some rocks off the coast of Scotland, Britbob and his Englastania shariah friends would be irate.

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One of these i… AurorusBorealus Thu, 05/17/2018 - 14:11 Permalink

(Goes off topic, sorry!)

It would be FAR, far, easier for us (Britain) to simply push the technical colleges and universities to run nucleonics (& other seed technology) courses, which would result in (effectively) clean free energy for ever, (and as much as we need, within reason, because there is always a "cost" of some sort) than defend the Falklands for it's oil.

Seems a bit ungrateful of them to identify themseves as Falklanders rather than as "her Majesty the Queen's loyal subjects" after the expenditure of lives and resources that occured to eject the invaders back in 1982.

Personally the shine came right off "Royalty" as soon as I learned that they were German. I pretty much agree to be "subject" to the common law & most of the statute laws as a condition of living here, but I'm not so willing to be vapourised if our glorious "leaders" whoever they may be pick a proper fight with the Russians.

The big trouble with all this "lets get rid of the psychopaths" rhetoric is, what do we replace them with?

I've been working the problem for ages now, and the only solution I can see that will be best for everyone (except me) is to make me "Supreme Dictator over all", because I've got quite a good track record of looking after my things, animals and people...

But I don't really know how you could incentivise me to take on the job. It looks like a lot of hard work dealing with a "right disreputable load of cuntz" in the main. Maybe only a psychopath would be deluded enough to take it on?

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A fun thing I heard about the Falkland Malvinas is that very often ships would get damaged trying to round Cape Horn and would pull into Port Stanley for repairs. From Wikipedia:

The only facilities in the vicinity able to service or supply a ship, or provide medical care, were in the Falkland Islands. The businesses there were so notorious for price-gouging that damaged ships were sometimes abandoned at Port Stanley.

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Moreno is an ICO scam like Monero; so who would trust a man who kneels to Pompeo and who wants the Duck to extend his Mar A Lago list to include himself; a dumb fake token of wealth and independence who wants to be a hitman for Capo Supremo. 

Instead of listening to him the world should try understand what that other whistleblower : Snowden, said :

"Under Obama/Hillary the NSA became full blown Orwellian Big Brother machine and had access to the personal files of everyone on the planet and the ability to take anyone to ransom...they even initiated Stuxnext the first cyber attack on a sovereign state...they made metadata an object of power and control; a blatant transgression of the US' founding principle.

In such a situation all it takes is a new leader who has the WILL and mindset to be a predator of global dimensions and the NSA deep state can supply HIM the universal algo of "turnkey despotism" on a plate."

He said this in 2013 when he revealed his hacked files showing the depth of the government control net... and the USA got their despotic Orange Mechanic in January 2017...

Don't shoot the messenger ! Turn the tables on the Mechanic.


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Julian Assange, the retard who thought Americans would act beyond sitting on their asses just 'Knowing.' Americans are the most useless fcking people on the planet, in fact so worthless to the point they must have the petro-dollar and reserve currency in order to have an elevated standard of living. Because, most Americans are empty vessels of anything of value, chock full of mostly hell-fire that needs constant new stuff to cool the flames. Hence the thrift of the American population faded as more Americans rose up from the burning cinders of hell to be born. That's why your father and my father are not the same.