European Leaders Revolt Against US Sanctions In Bid To Preserve Iran Deal

European leaders gathered in Sofia on Thursday to hash out a plan for shielding Iran from the brunt of US economic sanctions as they try to convince Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to continue abiding by the terms of the deal, while proposing levying tariffs on US goods in response to Trump decision to impose sanctionson Iran.

Shortly after President Trump announced that the US would pull out of the deal, Rouhani promised that his country would continue abiding by its terms only if Iranian businesses could continue operating normally.

In an interview with Germany's Deutschlandfunk radio, European Union budget commissioner, Guenther Oettinger discussed several options for preserving the deal, including using the European Investment Bank to offset the impact of sanctions by extending loans to firms with financing problems. In an example of one more-extreme measure under discussion, the EU has also considered "imposing its own tariffs" on the US that would make it much harder for US firms to sell their goods and services in the trade bloc.

Of course, the US has important goods and services in the industrial sector that it would like to offload in Europe, Oettinger said.

While sanctions weren't the EU's first choice for preserving the deal, few other actions would be strident enough to get President Trump's attention, as Oettinger made clear:

"We want to resist that. We have limited possibilities," he said.

"Trump despises weaklings. If we back down step by step, if we acquiesce, if we become a kind of junior partner of the US then we are lost."

And while the EU would like to protect its largest companies from US sanctions, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that companies would be responsible for deciding whether they will still do business with Iran.


Macron was referencing French oil firm Total, which said on Wednesday that it would end work on a large gas field project in Iran unless it receives an exemption from US sanctions against Tehran, according to Reuters. Tehran had hailed that project as a symbol of the deal's efficacy.

Meanwhile, A.P. Moller-Maersk, the world's largest container shipping company, also said it would cease business operations in Iran.

CEO Soren Skou told Reuters on Thursday that A.P. Moller-Maersk was following suit.

"With the sanctions the Americans are to impose, you can’t do business in Iran if you also have business in the U.S., and we have that on a large scale," Skou told Reuters in an interview following the firm’s first-quarter report.

"I don’t know the exact timing details, but I am certain that we’re also going to shut down (in Iran)," Skou said.

Finnish mining technology company Outotec said US sanctions would complicate its business with Iran, though it added that it's too early to make a final decision on whether it would leave the Iranian market.

Macron said France backed proposals by the European Commission to protect and compensate European companies that might be hit by US sanctions for trading with Iran.

"International companies with interests in many countries make their own choices according to their own interests. They should continue to have this freedom," Macron said after arriving for a second day of EU leaders’ talks in the Bulgarian capital.

"But what is important is that companies, and especially medium-sized companies which are perhaps less exposed to other markets, American or others, can make this choice freely."

That said, there's no easy or quick way to protect companies from US sanctions, and that it will take time before the bloc can decide on a strategy. And even when they do, the plan will likely fall short of the types of firm guarantees that the Iranian authorities are seeking.


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As Donald Tusk said, and for once I agree with him, "with friends like this, who needs enemies?". The US now wants to get into a pissing match with its closest allies. Any wonder the ROW has just about had it with the US? And this is supposed to pass for "International leadership"?

And BTW, "the muzzy invasion" as you put it, was as a direct consequence of the pointless US wars in ME and the misguided support by the European "allies". And was, of course, a deliberate strategy on the part of the NWO.

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fx DownWithYogaPants Thu, 05/17/2018 - 08:56 Permalink

"Europe risking to become the US' junior partner"??


LOOL! That would actually be a nice upgrade because right now Europe is nothing but a vassall of the US empire, a willing prick that carries out each and every wish out of D.C. (and Tel Aviv) no questions asked (albeit sometimes with a littile meaningless noise , just to appear as "partner"...)

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FBaggins revolla Thu, 05/17/2018 - 10:37 Permalink

Boubou, DajangoCat, and revolla in my view are all correct.

Trump is either wittingly or unwittingly working for the globalist  Western establishment made up of Rothschild banksters, oligarchs, multinationals, Masons, Bilderberg group, Club of Rome, British monarchy, Club of Isles, Trilateral Commission, CFR, etc., seeking universal control and hegemony over national currencies of exchange, credit, constitutional powers, and natural resources. Syria, Iran and Russia, the very nations which have done the most to assert their self-determination and independence against the globalist onslaught, Trump has done the most to destroy by continuing with the Western global elite's regime-change operations, through military force and crippling economic sanctions. By his rabid pro-Zionist conduct in the Middle East in escalating hostilities, his administration in effect is  threatening the entire world with nuclear war, which greatly strengthens the globalist cause for a one-world government. By the time his administration comes to an end, the entire world will be eager to join the globalist cause, and most Americans will feel so alienated from it that they will vote in another nation-deconstructing Obama.  

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Got a chapter and verse on that assertion pal?

Next question is why would anybody trust anything written in The Bible?

You need only look at the character of 'God' as defined in the Old Testament, and the character of 'God's' chosen children, to realize that these CREATURES are not anything any sane rational man would want in their life, much less walking the face of the Earth alongside them spinning their proprietary prophetic 'truth' and fogging the mind.

Let them all go live with each other in some other relm, isolated from the rest of us, for all fucking eternity - creepy dysfunctional fucks one and all.

The Bible is nothing more than a long term disinformation play on the nature of reality from shitbag PR Flacks that lived in the sewage covered streets of antiquity.

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"Trump despises weaklings. If we back down step by step, if we acquiesce, if we become a kind of junior partner of the US then we are lost."

So EU is more afraid of Islam than they are afraid of Trump. At this point I'm convinced the Iran deal is integral to the Muzzie invasion of EU. They all serve 'Ottoman Empire 2: The Sequel'.

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Zerogenous_Zone kralizec Thu, 05/17/2018 - 11:54 Permalink

totally agree...


the Euro-peons need to do what the US is trying to do...expose the corruption and backdoor dealings of their 'elected' leaders...


but they're 100's of years ahead of the US in 'stupefying' their sheople...for god's sake, the Brits still have a 'Royal Family'...that's all that needs to be said...


cling to past, repeat the past, be passed...



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That's partly why deep state puppets in US and EU are in such a panic over this.  The other part is the "secret" terms of JCPOA they were being bribed to keep quiet about, which is likely worse than the bribes.

Trump has backed all of them into a corner.

Iran must play ball with Trump (exposing EU and Obama admin) or face crippling US sanctions.  If they don't play ball their plan B is to coerce the EU into providing them economic relief to offset US sanctions. 

EU must now decide if they would rather trade with Iran or the US. 

All Trump has to do is sit back and wait for this to play out.  Enjoy the show.

Edit:  For all you jackasses that like to mockingly use the "3D chess" comment, this is actually an example of how it is done.  The end result is EU will go along with Iran sanctions to protect their large corporations from being hit with US sanctions, Iran will then flip and give Trump what he wants, in the process exposing who got the cash and what it was for and his previous comments about "JCPOA is the worst deal ever" will be proven correct.


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DownWithYogaPants bowie28 Thu, 05/17/2018 - 08:37 Permalink

It could be just regular chess.  If you've never played chess before the hyperbole of 3D chess is added for you.

I've played chess. No 3d required.  There must be some Spock fans out there.

I can imagine early 1960s writers for Star Truck talking about the scene with First Ossifer Spork talking to Captain Krack about the scene of them playing a game of mental acuity:

Writer 1: How about they're playing chess?

Writer 2: Yeah ok but that's very old game.  Outdated. 

Writer 1: Ok. Well. How about if we make it 3D chess?

Writer 2: Perfect!  Now back to ship design. Should it have fins?

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Agreed.  It's just regular chess.  If you play chess you know you always have to think several moves ahead and sometimes risk or sacrifice one piece to position yourself for an advantage later in the game.  Your opponent is doing the same and you need to anticipate his reaction to your next move and adjust your plan if he doesn't do what you expected him to do.

The "3D" hyperbole is just added to ridicule anyone who tries to view and analyze his actions in this context.

The argument goes like this:  "It's not 3D chess.  It's not complicated.  Whatever Trump does is not part of a larger strategy.  It is an impulsive decision without regard for the consequences.  OR - Trump simply following the orders of his puppet masters and is not in control of anything."

They cannot consider the possibility that he is in control, actually has a well planned strategy and each individual action he takes is a tactic to get the pieces into position for his next move.  So they are forced to rationalize every time he has a victory - it's just dumb luck and his downfall is imminent...




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bowie28 Boubou Thu, 05/17/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

No question he has enormous power and is getting stronger every day.  The question is to what purpose he will wield this power.


Optimist view: Although not a saint, he is not an evil psychopath.  His intent is to make the world a better place but he is fighting against a large and powerful cabal of people who ARE evil psychopaths and will do anything to stop him.  You cannot win against these people by being nice and asking them not to stab you in the back.  Kill or be killed.  Once the truly evil ones are defeated and removed from power (and hopefully imprisoned or executed) we can get down to fixing the stuff that is broken and move forward.


Pessimist view: Trump is just another Bush, Clinton, etc. only with a different style and packaging.  He will continue to move us toward the globalist goal of mass murder and enslavement of humanity by the .001%.


Take your pick.

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DjangoCat bowie28 Thu, 05/17/2018 - 10:18 Permalink

I'll go with option one.  After all, if option two is true, we are all completely fucked.  If option one is true, we have hope that he can succeed. 

If we get behind option one with our words, hopes and prayers, he is more likely to succeed.  The more of us who support it, the better his chances.

Simple, really.  Think logically.  Expand your thinking.


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I Am Jack's Ma… Buckaroo Banzai Thu, 05/17/2018 - 09:25 Permalink

you’re alright, Buck.


Good article, boys:


In mid-2004, the CIA acquired a massive set of documents that were said to have come from a secret Iranian nuclear weapons research program. Bush administration officials leaked a sensational story to selected news outlets about the intelligence find, describing to the New York Times what that newspaper described as Iranian drawings “trying to develop a compact warhead to fit atop its Shahab missile.” The same story of Iran mating a nuclear weapon to its longer-range ballistic missile was given to the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

But both the real provenance of the apparently incriminating documents and specific details about the documents themselves indicate that they are fraudulent. A major clue about the papers’ true origins was made public in November 2004, when Karsten Voigt, the coordinator for German-North American cooperation in the German Foreign Office, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal warning that the documents had been provided by “an Iranian dissident group,” and that the United States and Europe “shouldn’t let their Iran policy be influenced by single-source headlines.”


What if the entire ‘Iranian nuke program’ abandoned per dia and the other so called intel agencies.. was itself an Israeli lie?

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Fireman ShrNfr Thu, 05/17/2018 - 12:17 Permalink

Expect the anglozionazis to unleash a major terrorist False Flag frenzy on insolent Europeons any time now. I would bet it will happen in Germany this time using their in house Al CIAduh slash Mossad jihadi garbage, stuffed as Germany is with the migrant detritus of USSA'S evil and ongoing judaic wars of expansion.

I can smell Pox Amerikana as the Atlanticist bridge over the Deep State sewer burns.

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But look at all the maggots crawling out of the woodwork like Total who are actively operating in Iran and even some Finnish mining company.

This is what I mean by Trump is excellent intended or not of exposing all that is being hidden in the background.

Now the Obama deal was in

look down the page to Iran lost oil revenue 2012-2016.

So since 2016 the sanctions ended so in effect within 2 years these maggots bred or they were already there and nobody was admitting it.

I like maggots.


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