All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over "Absolutely Deplorable" Pedophile Priest Scandal

All 34 bishops in Chile have tendered their resignations in the wake of yet another pedophile priest scandal in which high level officials covered up the institutionalized sexual abuse of minors - even threatening officials tasked with investigating sex crimes and the destruction of evidence.

Thirty-one active bishops and three who are signed a document with their offers to resign following an emergency meeting this week with Pope Francis. Francis can accept the resignations one by one, reject them outright or delay a decision. 

Calls had mounted for the resignations after details emerged of the contents of a 2,300-page Vatican report into the Chilean scandal leaked early Friday

Francis had accused the bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimes, pressuring investigators to minimize abuse accusations and showing 'grave negligence' in protecting children from paedophile priests.

In one of the most damning documents from the Vatican on the issue, Francis said the entire Chilean church hierarchy was collectively responsible for 'grave defects' in handling cases and the resulting loss of credibility that the Catholic Church has suffered. -Daily Mail

"No one can exempt himself and place the problem on the shoulders of the others," Francis wrote in the document published by Chile's T13 television and confirmed as accurate Friday by the Vatican.

Responding to the 2,300-page report, Chilean bishops called the contents of the document "absolutely deplorable," and showed an "unacceptable abuse of power and conscience," along with sexual abuse. 

The bishops asked for forgiveness from the victims, the Pope and all Catholics worldwide. 

Pope Francis summoned the entire bishops conference to Rome after he said he made "grave errors in judgement" in the case of Chilean priest Juan Barros - who stands accused of victims of pedophile Rev. Fernando Karadima of witnessing and ignoring their abuse. 

But the scandal grew beyond the Barros case after Francis received the report written by two Vatican sex crimes experts sent to Chile to get a handle on the scope of the problem. 

Their report hasn't been made public, but Francis cited its core findings in the footnotes of the document that he handed over to the bishops at the start of their summit this week.

And those findings are damning. -Daily Mail

While some of the pedophile priests and brothers were expelled from their congregations following the discovery of "immoral conduct," many had their cases "minimized of the absolute gravity of their criminal acts, attributing them to mere weakness or moral lapses," wrote Francis. 

Those same offenders "were then welcomed into other dioceses, in an obviously imprudent way, and given dicoesan or parish jobs that gave them daily contact with minors," wrote the pope.

The harsh assessment of the quality of seminaries suggests that a possible next step might be a full-on Vatican investigation of Chilean schools of priestly training. 

Pope Benedict XVI ordered such an investigation into Irish seminaries after he convened the entire Irish bishops' conference for a similar dressing-down in 2010 over their dismal handling of abuse cases. -Daily Mail

"The problems inside the church community can't be solved just by dealing with individual cases and reducing them to the removal of people, though this - and I say so clearly - has to be done," Francis wrote. 

"But it's not enough, we have to go beyond that. It would be irresponsible on our part to not look deeply into the roots and the structures that allowed these concrete events to occur and perpetuate." 

Francis Knew

For all of the "holier-than-thou" admonishments in his letter, Pope Francis is not without blame. The Associated Press reported earlier this year that Francis drew scorn over his appointment of Barros bishop of Osnoro, Chile, in 2015. 

The Associated Press reported earlier this year that Francis did so over the objections of other Chilean bishops who knew Barros' past was problematic and had recommended he and other Karadima-trained bishops resign and take a sabbatical.

The AP subsequently reported that Francis had received a letter in 2015 from one of Karadima's most vocal accusers, Juan Carlos Cruz, detailing Barros' misdeeds. That letter undercut Francis' claim to have never heard from victims about Barros.

Francis further enraged Chileans and drew sharp rebuke from his top abuse adviser when, during a January trip to Chile, he said the accusations against Barros were 'calumny' and said he was 'certain' he was innocent.

Not so certain now, are we Pope? 


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About 3% of priests the same as for male public school teachers are pedophies and so you think you have a right to say this is a particular problem for anyone who gives up marriage. Celibacy means you do not get married. Fronication is common in the priesthood and a serious sin but it does not mean because you do not get married you are an oddball or a pedo.   

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Why, if the incidence of pedophilia in the RC church is no higher than in any other institution has the RC church been singled out or targeted for correction?

Has Media Ignored Sex Abuse in School?

CBS – Hillary Profita – National Review Online, August 24, 2006


How Many Kids Are Sexually Abused by Their Teachers?

Probably millions. By Brian Palmer


Forgotten Study: Abuse in School 100 Times Worse than by Priests

By James Tillman and John Jalsevac…


Catholic child abuse in proportion


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The Jesuits like the vow of celibacy because they know it will be violated with a woman, a man, or a child. In either of these instances, it gives them control over the offender, particularly against the latter for there is no greater humiliation than being labeled a child molester. And maintaining that control is what the Vatican pays them to do. 

The  Clintons followed this model in hiring pedophiles to run their campaign. It gave them the power to force their hirees to do any of the dirtiest work possible to secure victory. But for the grace of God, their plan failed. 

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What people don’t realize is that the Vatican, through the Jesuit order, is predominately nothing more than a group of homosexual, and often pedophillic men, set out to rule the world through revenue generated by their Rothschild central banks, while having a whole flock of monarchs in Europe and Masons in the USA, who must do their dirty work or fall in violation of their secret society oaths. 

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I lived my whole childhood around catholic priests with all the other kids and nobody ever got molested. These were good men, community leaders, leaders of the church, men of faith to be looked up to. Either these stories give the impression of it being much more common than it is, or something changed inside the church.

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It has nothing to do with marriage, as 1000s of years of history clearly shows.


The problem is homosexuality, which is the form of the pedophilia that is occurring in 99% of these cases.  All these pedos are homosexuals that entered the Church in the 60s and 70s because they thought Vatican II was the beginning of turning the Catholic Church into what the Anglican Church has become.


Once all the gay priests that snuck in/sought sanctuary in the 60s and 70s have died off, the amount of abuse will go way down.  But, more than waiting it out, the Church needs to massively crack down and investigate all homosexuality, and any priests caught showing any signs need to be defrocked and sent to monasteries.

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"All these pedos are homosexuals that entered the Church in the 60s and 70s because they thought Vatican II was the beginning of turning the Catholic Church into what the Anglican Church has become."

In fact, the systematic homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church began in the 1930s as part of a jewish communist plot to subvert and destroy the Church, which is one of the institutional pillars of white western civilization...all part of the Cultural Marxist "long march through the institutions". Bella Dodd was a communist agent in the 30s and 40s who repented and subsequently converted to Catholicism. Afterwards, she wrote a book testifying how the Catholic Church was attacked via the infiltration of communist agents into the seminaries. Many of these agents were homosexual, and once the faggots got a foothold in the seminaries, they began to aggressively recruit other fags and by the 60s and 70s many seminaries had been compromised so badly that they were being used as homosexual brothels by gay bishops and archbishops--i.e., members of the first wave of communist infiltrators who had managed to get promoted into the church hierarchy.

Given that all homosexuals are attracted to underaged boys--and have no qualms about acting on that attraction, given that they are filthy degenerates--sexual abuse of minors was the inevitable consequence.

People who think that this problem stems from the fact that priests are not allowed to marry haven't thought it all the way through. This is about faggots getting into the priesthood, not about the pros and cons of celibacy.

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Buckaroo Banzi: You are probably right. The  Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung) was founded in 1923 by Carl Grünberg, a Marxist legal and political professor at the University of Vienna, as an adjunct of the University of Frankfurt. (i.e. the Frankfurt School"). It is largely responsible for the spread of cultural Marxism in the West, and of course homosexuality was also advocated. The RC church has always been big on the cultural Marxist hit list. However, in the 1960's following Vatican II in the RC Church, the swing was to more liberalism and many people priests and religious left religious life, and my own observations have been that with the liberal de-emphasis of "objective standards" (i.e, increased relativism and subjectivity) homosexuals found it easier to get under the wire, and so not only the incidence of homosexual priests and brothers increased in religious life, but also homosexuals attracted to school boys of all ages correspondingly increased. (The secular NAMBLA organization - an open homosexaul organization - at the time had a saying "If you are eight it is too late.") I was once a seminarian, but did not make the grade for reasons dealing with obedience and political activism, but in my community there was a fellow who also left when it was discovered by the superiors that he was a homosexual. Things in religious communities were not wide open, but clearly some were more lax than others.  

Even with the history in the 20th century of deliberate infiltration and relaxations of standards, the general incidence  of homsexuality and pedophilia in the RC church was no higher than in any secular or other religious organizations, despite the vow of celibacy (not marrying) which most priests take, or the vow of "chastity" (no sex) which only some priests take. However, when you have a diocese or religious community with lax standards or with  homosexual-orientated superiors who have got in under the wire, you will undoubtedly find a higher incidence in comparison to general averages (e.g., Mount Cashel) in those particular dioceses or communities.  

Regarding some of the more rabid and uninformed comments above from people who obviously know very little about any kind of religious life or, why some people feel called to dedicate their entire lives that way, the evidence is that generally (across the board) the incidence of pedophilia in the RC church is no greater than in other religions or secular institutions, and especially in public schools. I suspect it is far less. The question remains as to why the RC church has been targeted by the authorities?  Is it because of the general bigotry of the little people? Probably not. My view is that it is precisely because the RC church in its moral teachings is in fact the last bastion against the Western establishment's cultural Marxist and globalist agenda to divert our sexual inclination away from procreative (reproductive) ends. Free sex with abortion, destabilization of the institution of marriage, homosexuality and all that it entails, lesbianism, transgenderism, ect., etc., is not some natural evolutionary development. It is being rammed down our throats, by a sick secular establishment mainly to divert sexualtiy from human reproduction which they view is not an individual right, and their right to curtail to make the world as neat and tidy as the backyard of Buckingham Palace, when they look out upon it from their opulent balconies. Despite all of the demographic upheaval and birth dearth they have caused to the established cultures in places like France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, etc., etc., etc., they persist with their depopulation efforts.

If you know what and who is behind the establishment-run Planned Parenthood, and how elements of the RC church have systematically and continuously opposed their policies in every nation and at every US conference over the past 50 years, then you will get some ideal of why the RC church has most likely been singled out for targeting by the same establishment crowd running things. On the other hand, many conservative Catholics like myself are grateful for the purging despite the expense, because it is only serving to make our church stronger. As for the Western establishment which is so found of imposing all manner of vices on "underclass" peoples throughout the world to destabilize family security and to divert sexuality from reproduction, the real hypocrisy is the amount of child abuse and peophilia in their own ranks which is now being exposed. According to their values and agendas any kind of sex with anyone or anything is okay. What they have overlooked in their prosecutions against the RC church, is that they have also opened the barn door for the decent-minded people of the world to clean out their ranks as well.         

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Fair points. I'm willing to agree that the incidence of homosexuality in the RC church today is in the same ballpark as the incidence in the population at large, although I'd argue that before the 1930s the incidence of homosexuality in the church was probably much lower than the population at large simply because, until the 20th century, homosexuals in general kept away from mainstream institutions. The point being, the church was simply caught unawares by the homosexual infiltration, which was how it managed to get such traction

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When the church had political power, power hungry unbelievers joined the church just to get power. We mostly solved that issue by separating church and state, so to speak. Now the RC church has a similar problem: perverts who want access to kids join the priesthood. Ulterior motives. (Same sort of thing with bullies joining the police force and Democrats getting into politics). What was meant as a venue for altruistic service becomes a venue for bad guys to be evil. Solution? Priests should be married (to women, if that has to be spelled out), and their wives should be involved with their service.

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Further, the RC Church was initially, merely a subterfuge whereby the Roman elite could hide with their wealth while leaving the Republic with its ever-growing bread & circus masses to be left hung out to dry.  And, since the priests essentially re-wrote history through the "dark ages" they back-filled history with about 700 years of false narrative (see: Heinshon Horizon) to cement their claim to power over the monarchies.

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If even ONE child is hurt by the church, that's one to many.

I don't know why these pukes aren't taken down by their victims once they have reached maturity. I certainly would have. I would think a shotgun to the crotch would be a fitting end that "might" send a message to other young priests about participating in rape.

I gave up on the Catholic Church years ago. Their defence of Israhell and the comparison of that most evil entity to the Israel of The Bible.

(I swear our church had a deacon who was a Jewish plant.)

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Yes, it's bad there.  But the issue here is within the Catholic church.  If they were discussing Baptists, or the YMCA, I wouldn't doubt it either but you're doing the sort of "moral equivalence" argument that leftists and snowflakes pull every time a pet topic gets skewered.  Next you'll be shouting about Hitler and the Nazis.  Evil is evil.  And no amount of minimizing it can reverse what has occurred.  You shame Jesus himself by even arguing as much. 

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You miss the point that the Catholic Church presents itself as the arbiter of truth and morality, when in reality the catholic church has proven itself over and over again in the last 500 years that it is the exact opposite.  Granted the bar is higher for the church than schools, but they don't even meet the low bar of the schools.  Public schools and their teachers make no such claims, and have proven themselves to reliably report and exclude pedos from their employment.   The church hides the pedos and moves them to other parishes where there is fresh meat to satiate their pathology.

All this will solve itself when critical thinking, reason, and logic relegate religion to the dustbin of history.

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