Jim Kunstler Laments America's "Mushrooming Matrix Of Scandals"

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

When historians of the future finish their meal of rat à la moutarde at the campfire, and pass around the battered plastic jug of wild raisin wine, they will kick back and hear the griot sing of John Brennan, the fabled chief of an ancient order called the CIA, and how he started the monkey business aimed at bringing down the wicked Golden Golem of Greatness, chief of chiefs in the land once known as America.

Alas, the hero’s journey of Brennan, ends in a jail cell at the storied Allenwood Federal Penitentiary, where he slowly pined away between games of ping-pong and knock-hockey, dreaming of a cable network retirement package that never was...

One gets the feeling more and more that Mr. Brennan is at the center of this ever-mushrooming matrix of scandals around the 2016 election.

“Bigger Than Watergate?” the headline in today’s New York Times asks? The mendacity of this once-proud newspaper is really something to behold. Take the following paragraph, for instance:

     “Depending on what is eventually proven, the core scandal could rival Watergate, in which a “third-rate burglary” of Democratic National Committee headquarters ultimately revealed a wide-ranging campaign of political sabotage and spying to influence the 1972 presidential election and undercut perceived rivals. In the current case, a hostile foreign power sought to sway the 2016 election and there is evidence that at least some people in Mr. Trump’s circle were willing to collaborate with it to do so.”

You have to really wonder how the Times editors overlooked the other relevant details in the current case pertaining to goings-on initiated by Mr. Brennan and involving obviously criminal misbehavior among the US Intelligence services, and especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in their effort to un-do the election that put the Trump creature in the White House instead of the enchantress known as Hillary. I did like the trope “a hostile foreign power.” Apparently they were too embarrassed to just say “Russia,” since by now it has become the most threadbare hobgoblin in all of US political history.

Rumors are flying that the long-awaited (so long it is nearly forgotten) Department of Justice Inspector General’s report contains a rather severe interpretation of what actually has been going on for the last couple of years in this farrago of charge and countercharge that the legacy news media has been doing its best to garble and deflect — namely, that the highest officers of the government conspired to tamper with the 2016 election.

The latest twist is news — actually reported by the Times Thursday — that the FBI placed a “mole” inside the Trump campaign. If the mole discovered anything, then it is the only morsel of information that hasn’t been leaked in two years, which leads the casual observer to infer that the mole found really nothing.

On the other hand, a great deal is already known about the misdeeds surrounding Hillary and her supporters, including Mr. Obama and his inner circle, and some of those incriminating particulars have been officially certified — for example, the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on recommendations of the Agency’s own ethics committee, with overtones of criminal culpability. There is also little ambiguity left about the origin of the infamous Steele Dossier. It’s an established fact that it was bought-and-paid-for by the Democratic National Committee, which is to say the Hillary campaign, and that many of the dramatis personae involved lied about it under oath.

Many other suspicious loose ends remain to be tied. Those not driven insane by Trumpophobia are probably unsatisfied with the story of what Attorney General Loretta Lynch was doing, exactly, with former President Bill Clinton during that Phoenix airport tête-à-tête a few days before FBI Director Jim Comey exonerated Mr. Clinton’s wife in the email server “matter.”

One can see where this tangled tale is tending: to the sacred chamber known as the grand jury. Probably several grand juries. That will lead to years of entertaining courtroom antics at the same time that the USA’s financial condition fatefully unravels. That event might finally produce the effect that all the exertions of the so-called Deep State have failed to achieve so far: the discrediting of Donald Trump. Alas, the literal discrediting of the USA and its hallowed institutions — including the US dollar — may be a much more momentous thing than the fall of Trump.

Personally, I won’t be completely satisfied until the editors of The New York Times have to answer to charges of sedition in a court of law.


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Brennan's such a cute cuddly little Wahhabist. If you poke him in his tummy, he chuckles like Poppin' Fresh.

On the other hand . . .

". . . unsatisfied with the story of what Attorney General Loretta Lynch was doing, exactly, with former President Bill Clinton during that Phoenix airport tête-à-tête . . ."

Lynch was seen exiting her aircraft later that day with a gimp and wearing torn fishnets.

We'll have to wait for the IG's report to find out if anal was involved.

. . . so that, as they say, is that.

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TheReplacement King of Ruperts Land Sat, 05/19/2018 - 00:25 Permalink

Yeah, this article opens the mind to a possibility.  Suppose all of these bad actors are put on trial and the economy tanks.  Could that be played as a get out of jail free card? 

'These criminals committed all sorts of crimes including bankrupting the country in the process of enriching themselves and their cronies.  We repudiate their odious debt.'

Then hand the over to countries holding worthless Fed debt so they can have their pound of flesh.

Just a thought.


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Blaming the media and fake news is fun but they have no authority.


I would tend to disagree that the MSM have no authority. There are millions of "true believers" out there that don't believe something unless they read it in a rag like the Times so printing something that is patently false to influence the public on an issue should be a major crime. Sedition works as good as anything I can think of . . . 

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Whenever someone refers to U.S. as a democracy it's usually not long before somebody jumps in and correctly reminds that U.S. is a republic. 

We elect representatives who are supposed to follow and enforce the law regardless of public opinion. If the reds don't enforce the law and turn around and use public opinion as an excuse, then I do blame them. They have the majority in the house, senate, and the WH.

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Word has it that Anthony Weiner's search warrant for electronic devices is going to be unsealed. 


We'll see if Erik Prince Nov. 4, 2016 interview by Breitbart was accurate:


Apparently those that witnessed what was on Weiner's laptop literally made them sick.

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I've been thinking that simple reporting on common newly released knowns is of little value.  Some estimation or speculation on the possible direction and unknowns after statement of Captian Obvious revelations is of higher value.  Even it isn't right it gets people thinking in the right directions.  It gets people thinking at all. 

If you think about it, otherwise we are hearing a tiny portion of what is now known to have happened some time ago.  You get way behind.  The morsels always paint a bigger picture, even if it isn't perfectly clear.  Tylers will take a stab at possible directions things are heading in, or what crumbs put together look like at least.

I am glad to know what the facts of the day are but nobody can afford to wait 20 years to report on the big picture of what is happening now.  That has gone on way too long.  Only state the tiny amount of known facts?  Yeah, fuck that.  If they could only get so lucky to have that continue.

There is nothing wrong with speculation.  It is productive.  That's probably why they don't like it and why it's rare.  People also have to take a risk in being wrong to do it. 

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I'm not waiting 20 years after waiting over 50 years to find out about the Kennedy assassination... and the docs are still sealed.


I have a feeling this is what is going to happen with all the crap Hillary has done.  These psychopaths will get away with everything they have done to this country and yet we sit and stink.


I for one would join any group of patriots that want to march on DC with loaded AR's.  Like to see a million patriot march on DC and see which way the military goes with it.

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As I read down the paragraph from the NYT in the article up above I thought, WOW! They’re really going to admit it! They’re going to FINALLY acknowledge this is a HUGE scandal. They must have actually decided to be part of this historic event by reporting on it. THEN it went on to talk about the Russia Narrative AGAIN? Are they seroious? After everything that’s happened? After all their convincing and ranting has never worked, they actually believe we’re going to buy off on their story and NOT the Wall Street Journal’s? They actually STILL believe Americans only get their news from the MSM!?!



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