At Least 10 Dead In Shooting At Texas High School; Shooter Identified As 17-Year-Old Student

Update VI: In an afternoon press conference, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott revealed more details about today's school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.

The shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrious Pagourtzis, used a sawed-off shotgun and a .38 revolver in the attack. Both weapons belonged to his father.


He also filled the world in on some of the shooter's odd behavior. For example, Pagourtzis, pitured above, wore a trench coat to school every day even when it was 90-plus degrees. He was also picked on by the school's coaches.

According to information contained in his journals, on his computer, and on his cell phone, the shooter said he wanted to to commit suicide after the attack. Instead, he gave himself up and is currently at the Santa Fe Police Department.

The final death toll? 10 dead, 10 injured.

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Update V: The name of the shooter has been released: He is 17-year-old Santa Fe student Dimitrios Pagourtzis. The suspect is in custody after killing as many as 10 people and wounding more than a dozen others.

CNN shared a screenshot of the shooter's Facebook page before it was taken down:


According to Cassandra Fairbanks, Dimitrios Pagourtzis was a "Columbiner": he had the same button that Dylan Klebold wore on his shoe during the columbine massacre.



The Daily Caller reported that social media pages that purport to belong to Pagourtzis reveal that he was obsessed with guns, knives and animal torture. They also showed that he owned a trench coat with USSR and Nazi medals on it (the jacket can be seen in the photo above). His Facebook page also appeared to suggest an obsession with Satanism.

Photos from his Instagram account appeared to show a collection of guns and knives.


A local television station described Pagourtzis' family as a Greek family that typically kept to themselves. Neighbors said they had not seen the shooter recently.

Two students said the Santa Fe shooter was wearing a black trench coat and had a sawed-off shotgun.

One local hospital said it received eight patients, six of whom had been discharged. One of the others was in critical condition, another was in fair condition. The victims were all high school students.

A second suspect has been detained, but it's unclear if they are still in custody.

According to Wikipedia, this is the 20th school shooting in the US so far this year.

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Update IV: CNN is reporting that the death toll has been revised to 10. Meanwhile, we've learned that the shooting began in an art class at the high school. 

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Update III: Now CNBC is reporting that an explosive device has been found at the school. Another device was found at an off-campus location.

In addition, a second suspect has been taken into custody. At least nine fatalities have been reported. One police officer was shot responding to the attack; meanwhile, six other people have been taken to the hospital.

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Update II: President Trump has tweeted about today's shooting. During a press conference, he said he was monitoring the situation and he offered his condolences for "this horrific attack."

"My administration is willing to do everything in our power to protect our students and to our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who would do us harm."

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Update: Federal Law enforcement officials told a local TV station that there are at least eight people dead following the Friday morning shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. The total number of fatalities could be as high as 10.

According to CNN, the shooting took place one day before the school's graduation ceremony, which is set for Saturday.

Earlier, we picked up reports that at least one student had been shot in the leg, and was receiving medical attention.

One student who spoke with reporters described Friday as a day like any other. Until somebody pulled a fire alarm and students started lining up outside per the fire drill protocol.

Then suddenly gunshots rang out.

"So, it was just a normal-like class day. We all were doing our work in first period. And then all of a sudden like it's a fire drill," 14-year-old junior Angelica Martinez said.

"Not even five minutes later, we start hearing gunshots."

That's when everybody starts running, she said, despite teachers telling them to "stay put."

"But we're all just running away."

Myles Kanipes, son of Sante Fe High School athletic director and football team head coach Mark Kanipes, told CNN that his dad is on lockdown on campus, but is otherwise safe.

"He is fine but he said it’s crazy (right now) but would call me once he finds out more. All I know is someone pulled the fire alarm and once everyone got out the classes someone started shooting. His secretary is the one who first heard the shooting, the shooter was in the art class," Myles Kanipes said.

After the shooting started, a group of students were directed to empty their backpacks in a field.

Meanwhile, at least three helicopters were seen waiting in the school's parking lot.


The shooting suspect, who is rumored to be a white male according to earlier reports and has also been confirmed to be a student, is now in custody.

Watch live coverage below:

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A Santa Fe, Texas High School is on lockdown after an active shooter has been reported on campus. One student told local media that she saw a gunman shoot a female student, but that has so far been unconfirmed.

Santa Fe Police, the Galveston County Sheriff's Office and other agencies are responding to the scene.


Sophomore Leila Butler told ABC13 that at about 7:45 am fire alarms went off and students left their classrooms. Some students believe they've heard shots fired. She is currently sheltering with other students and teachers near campus.

Police were called to the school on 16000 Highway 6. Students were seen being lined up outside.

Santa Fe is a small city just south of Houston.




DownWithYogaPants 847328_3527 Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:35 Permalink

Well it was time for our daily CIA / FBI false flag.

......these banker assholes are desperate to get our guns.  All the more reason to keep them.  Can you see what they'll do?

Say they want to go to a cashless society and then starting really screwing us. They'll be able to sic the cops on anyone.  

It has gotten to the point I am absolutely convinced they have a plan to do something that is really not going to be liked by the people.

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Blankone DownWithYogaPants Fri, 05/18/2018 - 11:47 Permalink

These things have continued and increased under Trump. Vegas was a false flag or the govt's investigation and explanations are for sure false. There were at least two shooters with different locations and caliber of guns. The Florida school shooting was an obvious false flag.

Too early to say about this one though.
But, it is Trump who is going to make a BIG move to take your guns. Yes, I know he talks just the opposite but has he been true to his election words yet.

In fact the entire turmoil related to the US has increased under Trump. International and internal. Has Trump moved on antifa, has internet censorship increased, has Trump moved against the dreamers, has the wall been built, has the next big war moved closer (Iran), have the Clinton's been charged, have the pizzagate gang of pedo's been pursued etc.

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JRobby TBT or not TBT Fri, 05/18/2018 - 12:21 Permalink

"They" have gone back to "The Columbine Template" which is one of the earliest incarnations of the "false flags gets the guns" strategy which was launched around '92/'93.

Thinking that the USA transitions to a more united society without some kind of hot civil war seems less and less likely.

"They" will not stop the murder until they have our guns, the resistant few in camps being tortured and used for experiments.

"They" have these murdering automatons lined up wating for "activation".

"They" are the problem. Not the guns.

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JimmyJones Oh regional Indian Fri, 05/18/2018 - 13:23 Permalink

Another day with a person hopped up on SSRI'S losing their mind and shooting people. Thank you big Pharma. Read Behold the Pale Horse, the book called this in the mid 90s.  This person's facebook page shows a lot of satanic stuff on it.

This is what you get when you have a bunch of Spirit Cooking weirdos in Hollyweird and High political positions of power.

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MoreSun psy_ops Fri, 05/18/2018 - 14:24 Permalink

He is clearly not white anglo-saxon. 

This part corrected below: {with the Star of david (remphan) front & center on his FB page we know he must be one of (((them))) or a jew supremacists proxy boy.} -correction below-

However, keep in mind that the biggest promoter & leader of satinism  is a jew supremacist.

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MoreSun JimmyJones Fri, 05/18/2018 - 15:10 Permalink

Yip, I stand corrected. They have the regular pentagram star flipped (inverted) on its side, and at first glance it looked like the bottom half of the synagogue of satan star aka star of david . Pentagrams are inverted pentagram stars.

The so-called star of david and the inverted pentagram are one in the same when it comes to meaning & purpose.

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CTacitus MoreSun Fri, 05/18/2018 - 15:15 Permalink

Here is the actual full photo (pentagram):

To add more mystery, apparently there was reports of actual shooting in this same school in March prior to incident:

In March 2018, Santa Fe High School was put on lockdown after reports of shots fired at the school, reports CW39. Freshman Gary Winthorpe told the station, “We were sitting in class and we heard an announcement that said lockdown. This is not a drill. It was scary and with what happened in Florida it made this so much more real.”


This was also one of the schools participated in a walk-out on April 20th, after the Parkland School shooting ...…


Here is his mugshot now surfacing:…



'Witnesses' with odd reactions to this traumatic events (just examine their odd reactions):


check out Jim Stone (he claims to have other proof this was faked):


Queue-up that Parkland school students...a few hours into shooting and they're already speaking up (Media seems geared up to try and change focus away from the Gaza murders by the IDF...Take note of this similar meme floating around with these mass school shootings #NeverAgain--should familiar???):


Those words didn't sit well with students Jaclyn Corin and Cameron Kasky, who accused the President of treating the tragedy "like a game" ... instead of doing something to stop them.

Emma Gonzalez made a an immediate call to action, saying Santa Fe High deserves "more than Thoughts and Prayers, and after supporting us by walking out we will be there to support you by raising up your voices."

David Hogg called out other politicians for simply "acting like they give a s**t." Several students have blasted the NRA as well.… 

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NidStyles Whoa Dammit Fri, 05/18/2018 - 19:06 Permalink

This isn’t even the Feds running this anymore. It’s the street Masons, and Progressive utopian sex cult crowd running these shootings now.


The same crowd that Smallville chick was involved with is running these kids into shootings to try and swarm the populace with legislation to disarm the US. I interact with these people every single day and they have an irrational hatred of firearms and say that anyone that owns them is a nigger. You’re a target if you speak openly and own firearms.


You can ask Juggernaut about this, he’s involved. That’s right clown ;-) 

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Mr.Danglemeat Fish Gone Bad Sat, 05/19/2018 - 11:15 Permalink

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Stop teaching your children to bully /marginalize those who are different. I was bullied, but because I'm big, most of the abuse was behind my back. Most kids aren't so lucky, the small ones suffered the most.

Teach your kids to be thoughtful and kind to those less fortunate.

 I had a 55 year old man call me a faggot the other day...I was in a generous mood so I "turned the other cheek" (some have been left bleeding). But, the point is, he learned it somewhere and has probably been doing it his whole life and no amount of kicks to the head is going to change him, he's an asshole and his parents made him that way.

 You'll see in the interview with the current "perp" that he didn't shoot the kids who were kind to him...just the assholes.

 Stop teaching your kids to be assholes and they might not get shot.

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COSMOS AUD Fri, 05/18/2018 - 19:23 Permalink

Funny how there is a race to disable the 2nd amendment in this case but the root cause BULLYING is not criminalized.  Apparently his coaches and other students bullied the kid.  Charge his coaches and the other students for accessory to murder.  Sure criminalize guns but dont go after the root causes.  Now they will go after shotguns and revolvers.  Lets face it there will be no 2nd amendment by the time the powers that be are done.  Obvious they dont address the root causes of these problems because it fits their agendas.

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Giant Meteor COSMOS Fri, 05/18/2018 - 19:50 Permalink

The charges being made, bullying by the "adults too?"

Which come to think of it, probably shouldn't be very shocking, as the so called adults runnin things mostly act like a bunch of fucking over indulged children themselves ..

I mean good Christ, look at the shit that's been going on in the last 2 years alone ..

Sanity is not the first thing that comes to mind ..

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NidStyles Giant Meteor Fri, 05/18/2018 - 23:03 Permalink

Most of these parents are the worst bullies. They make incessant demands on other people’s property and use their status as parents as a weapon. 

I get it even worse from the alternative lifestyle ones with adopted children. They are basically replacing firearms with children and validating their political positions using an indoctrinated child.


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lucyvp Giant Meteor Fri, 05/18/2018 - 23:22 Permalink

I have heard this from more than one parent.

Their kids are bullied, they tell the teachers, they tell the administrators, they tell the cops and nothing happens.  All the Bully blocker, zero tolerance stuff is just CYA lip service.

I know boys when I was in school who were bullied in high school, but the thought of bringing a gun to school and shooting people NEVER was though of.  What has changed?

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stampman lucyvp Sat, 05/19/2018 - 00:20 Permalink

"I know boys when I was in school who were bullied in high school, but the thought of bringing a gun to school and shooting people NEVER was thought of.  What has changed?"

Nothing has changed other than that we now have a desperate treasonous criminal gang that wants to disarm the American public at any price.

Nothing to do with boys in school or bullying.

When you read MSM, you must ASSUME YOU ARE BEING LIED TO.

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Giant Meteor stampman Sat, 05/19/2018 - 02:08 Permalink

"Nothing has changed other than that we now have a desperate treasonous criminal gang that wants to disarm the American public at any price."

Horseshit .. alot has changed. Sure, the situation is ready and RIPE to be exploited, and it will be, at the hands of morally bankrupt, insincere, opportunistic politicians, thought leaders, and do gooders whom have fueled the anger, hate, learned helplessness, confusion, race and gender baited and of course politically correct feel good programs ... identity politics, destruction of traditional families and the like.

Where is the instruction for boy's, to learn how to become men? Where are the men to set the example? WHO is teaching the children? The government and it's various programs and policies, and crony corporations and media arms has successfully cheapened and steadily eradicated the family unit, and the responsible leadership of gainfully employed ONE INCOME, household father's, and yet now plays role of husband and provider to moms, who not unusually may find herself in the care of a sullen, listless, angry, drugged, depressed, suicidal teen, vacillating between angst, and rage.

If there is a dad at home, quite often it appears that thay too have been neutered by the state ..

The growth of one parent fatherless homes however, or present yet absent fathers wherein boy's are no longer taught moral, ethical behaviour, the basics of self defense on the playground, which is likely criminalized, or even to possess a moral code of conduct and honor .. Years of being adrift in a sea of shit tends to do that ..

Noticeably gone missing, the spiritual life .. in a society that is rife with lies, frauds, deceptions, manipulations, hate, greed, corruption, people and money worship, debt slavery, and the like along with reverence of the material world, with liitle respect for the spiritual life which is looked upon as being for the weak and cowardly, when in fact it is much the opposite. But of course any mention of living a spritual life and invariably there will be some quick to point out the issue of pedo priests ..

In other words, meaning, and communication has been exploited, and largely broken down by evil acts, and just about everybody it seems has some ax to grind or agenda ..

Factor in the dreck and drivel the children have been fed in their indoctrinations, and learned helplessness, their hearts and minds nourished by false methods, gender confusion, and false prophets, years and years of mind pollution from a private and public citzenry that has more often then not, lost it's way and it's mind ..

There is of course the aspect of self defense where one is ready to take on offending bullies via old fashioned, time tested methods, fisticuffs, but now I suppose that probably looked upon as terroristic and anti social behaviours as well. Johnny must'nt fight, but tell somebody, or better be prepared for the eventual weapon coming out, or perhaps the other 6 cowards ready to jump in to make it a no contest.

Successful coping skills, and no coincidence, crtical thinking at an all time low, however, like Mau, Johnny has learned power comes from the barrel of a gun .. Johnny has been paying attention !

And these are just for openers ..

Lack of direction and guidance in the home, much of societies troubles left in the hands of the government and it's school "system" which is over burdened and ill equipped or prepared to deal with such problems to begin with. But the nanny state, needs it's obedient and compliant citzenry ..

Neighbors used to police neighbors, and looked after each other's kids in places called communities ... Communities now are micro sub systems in many instances ,, a reflection of corrupt, cronyists on the fed and state levels .. where everyone talks about solutions, but really, has no fucking clue what the problems are, let alone solutions, other than of course "I got mine, you get yours." ..

Obviously there is the "life is cheap" component, as evidenced from decisions of thought, moral, and political leaders, from top to bottom in the food and predator chain .. with corrupt institutions of governance and leadership, non profit, and private, sitting atop of that chain, selling poison snake oil and feel good bullshit solutions to citizens who've largely lost the capacity for reason, logic, self preservation, or even the desire for personal responsibility. And while it is largely true, the masses have always been asses .. since there have been "masses" they've been misused, misinformed, and largely relegated as expendable beasts of burden, a resource to be milked and exploited, and of course, ultimately discarded ..

The scale has changed, dramatically ..

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Giant Meteor Opinionsareus Sat, 05/19/2018 - 03:35 Permalink

So, you believe that increasing numbers of felons, in this highly criminalized land, or the reams of malcontents, and emotionally stunted sociopaths will be deterred by strict and enforceable gun laws in this extremely well armed nation?

How did prohibition work out ? Exactly ...

"We like war. We are a warlike fucking people" - Carlin

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

—60 Minutes (5/12/96)

Death cult .. you think these folks care any more for your children?

Good luck at reversing the death cult ..

We need strict and enforecable laws to lock up known sociopaths, masquerading as human beings .. ....

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