Two Buses Collide At Lincoln Tunnel Entrance, 34 Injured

Two buses collided at the Manhattan-side entrance of the center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel, FDNY officials say. At least 34 people reported injured, according to NBC.

The Port Authority confirmed that one NJ Transit bus rear-ended another in the center tube Friday morning, which resulted in minor injuries.

The buses crashed at about 10 a.m. near the center tube of the tunnel in midtown, an FDNY spokesman said.

According to NJ Transit both buses originated out of New Jersey — one out of Wayne, the other out of Oradell. One of the buses had 25 passengers on board, while there were 37 on board the other. The conditions of the 34 people injured was not immediately clear according to

The buses are currently out of the tunnel and on the New York side, NJ Transit says.

Port Authority Police Department is investigating the incident.

While there does not appear to be any foul play involved at first glance, traffic going into and out of Manhattan will likely be snarled for hours as a result.


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Get up to speed. False Flags can be actual events. The actors are just that, actors. The props are real. The dead can be real.

Like 19 mostly Saudi Arabs with box cutters with minimal flight training, with indestructible passports, precision flying large jet planes into two towers. With "dancing Israelis" and Israeli art students that do not make it into the official reports. 3K+ real people died. Evidence pertaining to missing Pentagram $2.8 trillion becomes dust. The investigators at the Pentagram are dead. Motive. Means. Opportunity.

A false flag is to lead the Public and the Nation in a desired direction following the false flag.

Any actual dead are sacrificial offerings for success in their endeavors.

They are that sick.

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Maghreb Proaurum Fri, 05/18/2018 - 12:00 Permalink

Probably un-related but I read reports the Lincoln Tunnel was supposedly the site of one the pre-planned false flag attacks. Same shit with that refinery in Jersey. The Intercept ha this article last year. they are the same outfit that brought us Edward Snowden who a lot of people take with a pinch of salt.…

Hard to say how these things work but there were the multiple bombings on the World Trade Center before 9/11. Could be some kind of command center near by or economic rational to blow it up. Chris Christie made a career out of fucking around with the Bridges going into Jersey. Maybe you'll find like everything built by the mob it was all rigged to collapse. 

If there is lots of activity near by like drills, accidents and people showing up it could be cover for something bigger later. Perhaps His aware of this.

Might be good to look into the Strategic Defense Initiative things that are near by. They are all over New York. World Trade Center Complex had all sorts of security apparatus built in which raises questions about how easy it was to infiltrate and blow up. Looking into who built all this shit might give you an idea of what to watch for.…

Another point are FEMA plans to evacuate the city or respond to a mass death incident. Be curious as to what those read like. It would be another good one if the tunnel collapsed because it would flood the evidence. There could be something about it hiding like Operation Northwoods.

Another thing is the media has done alot of work in movies to describe the scenario.
Escape from New York, The Siege, The Dark Knight Rises all depict New Work Infrastructure going to shit and sealing off the entire city. Same in many Video Games. Claims the occult groups like to do this a lot. 

Not sure how the African angle works but there are black militants getting riled up all over the country. They might make good patsies. There was a plot against the Sear tower during the Early 2000s.

The financial situation is the key. Once the city goes bankrupt and becomes a liability and there is a need to export firepower to Africa the whole operation could become possible. I'd be curious to see how the cities infrastructure budget and debt is going to be paid back. A massive insurance job might help the situation.

Good luck to the locals...... 

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ZH panders to the (principally American) user base. As a consequence even the most trivial US related events garner a place. 

Australian MSM has an identical policy - minor US events get coverage. Significant events especially events occurring in "rogue States" receive zero coverage. There was zero Aussie coverage of the Russian Victory Day parades, and not a tweet about the opening of the Crimean bridge for this reason.

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Expat Fri, 05/18/2018 - 11:17 Permalink

Obviously Hillary's fault...or Obama's...or Biden's...or McCain's.  Or it's false news designed to make Trump look bad.  Probably a bunch of actors.  FAKE Blood!  Bad!

Rex Andrus Fri, 05/18/2018 - 11:33 Permalink

A web page hosted in Derkaderkastan contained a flaw that allowed the cruise control system on buses to be controlled remotely. This web page has been taken down.