Putin: Skripals Would Not Have Survived 'Military Grade' Nerve Agent

Authored by Frank Sellers via The Duran,

Upon learning of Sergei Skripal’s discharge from the hospital, Putin was happy to hear of his recovery. Although, he reiterated that he was doubtful that their malady was caused by poisoning of a military grade nerve agent.

About a month ago, Yulia Skripal had recovered and was released from hospital care, meaning that both of the victims are presently doing well.

RT reports:

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he was happy to hear that former double agent Sergei Skripal had been discharged from hospital, stressing that if a weapons-grade poison had been used, Skripal would have died on the spot.

Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin said he had heard Skripal had been released from hospital.

“God give him health, we are very happy,” the Russian president said. He added, however, that he doubts a weapons-grade toxin was used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, UK, in early March.

“I think that if, as our British colleagues claim, a weapons-grade poison had been used, that person would be dead on the spot. Combat chemicals are so strong that the person either dies immediately or within seconds, maybe minutes,” Putin said.

He also reiterated Russia’s willingness to help the investigation. “We have offered our British partners all the necessary help numerous times, and asked for access to the investigation. There has been no answer so far. Our offer remains on the table,” the Russian leader concluded.

Sergei Skripal, a former Russian-UK double agent who had served a prison term for treason in Russia before moving to the UK, was poisoned in Salisbury on March 4, together with his daughter Yulia. In the immediate aftermath, British Prime Minister Theresa May claimed Russia was “highly likely” responsible because of the alleged origins of the nerve agent supposedly used in the poisoning. The case escalated into a diplomatic scandal, with the UK and its allies expelling dozens of Russian diplomats, and Moscow sending home a similar number in a mirror response.

The British NHS announced on Friday that Sergei Skripal had been discharged from hospital. No details of his condition or location have been revealed. Weeks earlier, Skripal’s daughter Yulia was released in similar secrecy. Neither has been seen since, and their only communication with the outside world has been a statement released by the Metropolitan Police, supposedly on Yulia’s behalf, which among other things refused the help which had been offered by the Russian embassy in London.

The Skripals are free to turn down the embassy’s aid, but they should do so in person, Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko told a press conference on Friday.

“For today, nobody saw their pictures, nobody heard their voice, nobody saw whether they’re alive or not… we should be sure that the person is alive, he is alright or she is alright, and [if they] say, for example, ‘I don’t need your services,’ it’s fine with us,” he said.

Asked by a reporter, Yakovenko said Russia does not consider Skripal a traitor as his sentence had been served.

“He was sentenced, he spent six years in prison, he is cleared, he was freed and he decided to go to Britain. He is a free man, he is a Russian citizen as well as a British citizen, and he can do whatever he wishes. I think he settled his problems with the Russian state.”

The ambassador himself only heard of Skripal after the Salisbury incident, he told another reporter.

“I had never heard of him and we never met him – no relations, no nothing. So when it happened in Salisbury, we started to read about who the person is, what he did in Russia, what he did here... basically, for us he was a new person, and now we know almost everything from the British press, except the evidence,” Yakovenko said.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter are recovering and “improving rapidly” after their exposure to the deadly chemical nerve agent Novichok, in what appears to be “a miracle”.

The statement that the UK police released about the poisoning alleges that the nerve agent was applied to the front door of Sergei Skripal’s front door, which is supposedly how the Skripals were poisoned. From their home, the Skripals drove their car down to the Sainsbury car park, from where they walked to grab a few pints at The Mill Pub just before they went for a bite at Zizzi’s restaurant, before walking to the park bench where they were found unresponsive, and where emergency services were called to. According to the time frame that is provided, this entire train of events went down over a course of roughly three hours.

Essentially, this military grade nerve agent, which is ten times stronger than VX, took an exceptionally long time to do its work, if this story is legitimate, as a very small amount of the toxic substance, even a 1mm drop is lethal.

Now, both the Skripals and the sergeant, Nick Bailey, have been treated and are improving quite well, apparently with no irreparable damage, after being poisoned with something that there is “no cure” for. Additionally, the Skripals were properly diagnosed with exactly what was making them ill by regular medical professionals who have now treated this condition with such skill that their patients are going to be just fine.

This sample of the “military grade” chemical weapon taken from the scene was tested by experts at Porton Down, who identified the substance as Novichok, but apparently couldn’t tell where it was from, after British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson testified that the scientists were “absolutely categorical” that it came from the Russians.


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Seems to me that they both raced to the front door of their home and BOTH grabbed the doorknob at EXACTLY the same time !! 

They then decided to go have dinner and a few drinks !! 

THEN - feeling a little ‘light headed’ after leaving the FUCKING restaurant - they ‘rested’ on a park bench - where they were found ! 

That’s the official FUCKING story !! 

Frankly - You would have to be a complete FUCKING moron to believe it !! 

Anybody who does believe it should be certified !!

Because this just encourages and enables them to feed the imbeciles ( that are the ‘consumers’ ) more BULLSHIT !! 

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Yep - you are right.

J, thats why I always start any narrative with the "regular"..."if you were paying attention" that always catches people off guard. Not trying to catch them slipping but my main point is always that they should be paying attention to the details.

We will get them one mind at a time. We are in the first line of a really nasty battle - each of us is an island (for now).

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Even more surreal is that the nerve agent was found on the front door handle 3  weeks later still in it's purest form despite being subjected to the british weather.

Oh and there was a police officer at that door 24 hours a day yet no-one was affected by it.

Bring on World War 3, we'll all be able to have 4 weeks in bed.

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hits syria over a ff wmd attack, AFTER giving the russians a 3 day heads up

"punishes" russia over the ff skripal deal by shutting a less than critical consulate and sending a handful of people packing

I'm not positive, but I'm willing to give trump the benefit that he knows the score but hes over the globalist/deep state barrel for now, but he sure looks like he's pulling his punches.

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Now, we are at a period in human existence, where the battle between the ego and the spirit of mankind rages. On one hand, are they who, out of a sense of superiority, assert their intellectual dominance, and on the other side, they who propose the spiritual brotherhood of mankind.

In this battle, the only thing that matters, is the liberty of each individual soul, to choose the path it will tread. There will be arguments advanced, of a way, method, strategy, or what have you that'll lead to utopia. Don't be seduced! Wide is the way that leads to destruction, and narrow, and fraught with risk and sacrifice, the way that leads to liberty!

God, in His wisdom, never tampered with the dominion of man, to determine his own destiny. Be it damnation, or salvation, the choice, was the individual's to adopt.

We are not fighting for power, that is what politics is about, neither are we fighting for fame, or fortune, that is what mercenaries do.

We are fighting to liberate the soul, and many of us, will not be known to the world, and that's OKAY! We fight, not to be famous, but to welcome the kind of world we can be satisfied with.

Don't get it twisted, nobody gets out of this world alive! Keep that in the back of your mind! NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE!...

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i heard that 50 out of the 63 dead were admitted, by Hamas, to be Hamas "fighters" and the goal of tens of thousands of "protestors" at the gaza border fence was to provide cover for these hamas fighters to kill jews occupying confiscated land.

i also heard that Krugman is upset that the attack only killed 60 people as this delayed more economic growth for israel by confiscating more land and imposing their system of apartheid over more of the world.

so who knows what is fake (or fact) or fiction.

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Your ears are trained to hear only the zionist noise.

There were 64 dead in 2 days and > 20.000 wounded. Shot with 5.5 mm , hollow bullets to cause more damage.


And Israhell  denied Turkey to land its airplanes and transport the wounded to their hospitals. The Palestinian hospitals are overwhelmed and they are poorly supplied anyway.

This was a massacre and the Donald 's hands , together with the hands of that bimbo ,Yael , are covered in blood.


The Donald bimbo at UN ,Nikki Punjab Haley , left the UN room when the Palestinian representative was speaking, waited outside ,alone ,for him to finish ,and came back to vote against a resolution to condemn Israhell. what an idiot!


US did ,again , some heliborne operations to save ISIS fighters.https://twitter.com/hamza_780/status/997821997014048769

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Frau Merkel ,after she visited Mr. Putin at Sochi,Crimea(LOL!) announced that :

-EU will keep the Iranian deal and is working on counter measures to the US sanctions

-The Nord Stream 2 construction continues in spite of US threats ;

I smell the decaying of the petro-f*cking-dollar .

Who would have thought that the final burial will be done by a coalition of ze Germans and da Russians. Poetic!

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