Texas High School Shooter Spared Students He Liked, To "Tell His Story"

A day after the deadliest high school shooting since the Valentine's Day massacre at Parkland High School, details about shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis are starting to trickle out.

And in one of the most shocking revelations, the Wall Street Journal reports that Pagourtzis spared students that he liked so they could "tell his story."

According to a search of his computer, diaries and cellphone, police revealed that Pagourtzis, a former high school football player, had initially planned to commit suicide after Friday's shooting - but he instead surrendered to police.

Pagourtzis intended to kill certain students that he didn't like, but he wanted others to survive, according to the WSJ.


The probable cause document, which was released by the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office, provides a comprehensive accounting of the response from multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies.

The report contained several grisly details. For example, at 7:32 am Friday morning, one officer described discovering two dead victims in a classroom while clearing the school. Another told of seeing several students suffering from gunshot wounds.

The report also provided a comprehensive accounting of Pagourtzis' movements during the assault.

At 8:02 am, roughly 30 minutes after the reports of the shooting started, Pagourtzis exited "Art Lab 2 classroom of the Santa Fe High School and surrendered."

Pagourtzis, in custody on capital murder charges, had no criminal record and hadn’t previously displayed signs of instability, but authorities found journals on his computer and cellphone saying he wanted to carry out the shooting and commit suicide afterward, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.

As we pointed out yesterday, those killed were mostly students, and the wounded included a police officer. He was in critical condition after major blood loss from a gunshot wound in his elbow, according to a doctor at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

The shooting has inspired Texas Governor Greg Abbott to soften his view on background checks and other measures to keep guns out of the hands of students. He said he would convene discussions with lawmakers, educators, students, parents and Second Amendment advocates, starting next week, to take action to prevent such attacks in the future.

"We need to do more than just pray for the victims and the families," the Republican governor said.

His response Friday was a marked shift from the killing of 26 people at a Baptist church in Texas in November, when he proclaimed a day of prayer.

Police said they searched two residences linked to the suspect: They also found explosive devices at a home and in a vehicle. They're currently interviewing two other people of interest.

The shooting, which took place two weeks before the end of the school year, left students rattled.

John Robinson, 16, a sophomore at the school, said six friends were in the classroom where the shooting took place, and he felt “shook” while he awaited information about their condition.

"Why my town? Small-town Santa Fe. Not a lot happens here," he said.

Hannah Hershey, an eighth-grader at Santa Fe Junior High, spent much of Friday praying for two friends she heard had been shot.

"It’s hard to know something like that could happen so close by," Ms. Hershey said, adding she had seen her friends Thursday at pole-vaulting practice. "It’s so weird seeing them one minute and then hearing they’ve been shot and they’re at the hospital now."


Rome Shubert walked into art class Friday morning at 7:03 a.m., as he usually does, to finish a project before school started.

A star pitcher on the baseball team who had thrown 11 strikeouts in the team’s playoff game the night before, Mr. Shubert said he heard a loud pop from the hallway but thought nothing of it at first.


Mr. Shubert said he saw the shooter’s legs, covered by a trench coat, as he walked past him and fired at the ground near him. At first he thought the shots may have been blanks to scare the students, but realized the rounds were live when he saw a bloodied student behind him.

Acting on pure adrenaline, he said, he sprinted to a rear exit in the room and bounded over a 7-foot wall. That’s when Mr. Shubert realized he was covered in blood and he had been shot. “I’m just glad I’m alive,” he said.

Meanwhile, villagers in the Greek town where his father grew up expressed shock at Pagourtzis's actions, according Reuters.

"We’re lost for words. We did not expect this," said Costas Spanos, president of the Magoulitsa community, a tiny village in central Greece with just over 500 residents where his father, Antonios Pagourtzis, was born.

"We’re in shock. We’re a small community and this makes us look very bad," he told Reuters over the telephone.

Pagourtzis rarely visited the village. Locals say they saw him recently, but couldn't remember if it was last summer or the summer before.

He is currently being held on capital murder charges.



DownWithYogaPants gigadeath Sat, 05/19/2018 - 13:14 Permalink

The countries attitude is perfectly sane given the Deep State's penchant for false flag operations like this.

Imagine what they will get up to after they take the guns????  Won't be pretty.


Presponse:  Education can not raise IQ. This is unfortunate for you Mr Klassenfiend.

.......why does everyone assume education makes you smarter. Quite in fact it does not and it dulls the senses / creativity.  ( FYI: engineer with multiple degrees talking here. )

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Klassenfeind DownWithYogaPants Sat, 05/19/2018 - 13:21 Permalink

How many happen in The Rest of the World minus the US? How many other nations have such liberal gun laws in combination with a low educational standard as the US?

Perhaps there is a connection of guns + low education...? 🙄

Oh and please don't start off with the usual "yeah but in Switzerland and Israel..." because I deliberately said: "liberal gun laws in combination with a low educational standard."

Let's face it: thanks to the NRA and decades of privatizing the education system, any complete and utter moron can buy a gun in the US. That's exactly the way Americans like it: The United Stupid of America!

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Escrava Isaura revolla Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:53 Permalink

balz: ………a country that has a totally insane relationship with guns

Because of the America history. Keep in mind that they invaded this nation, so Americans were always afraid of indigenous people and the Spanish. Then came the slaves. The only people that Americans are not afraid of are the Jews because Jews don’t carry guns.

Ops, maybe I have to reconsider that last part of my statement.


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Chupacabra-322 Ms No Sat, 05/19/2018 - 16:47 Permalink

@ Ms.


Agreed & Spot in analysis.  And, this Reeks of Desperation.


The era of both Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath Crime Syndicate families of the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s their Criminal Agents, Operatives, NGO’s & Front Companies in the Highly Compartmentalized Levels of Intelligence from around the World GCHQ is mercifully coming to an end.  That’s speaking in terms of the last 29 years between the Criminal Bush’s, Clinton’s & Obama’s but more specifically the CIA ability to Infiltrate all “Intelligence” Agencies, NGO’s & Front Companies with Agent & Operatives assets over the decades.  Your Local Law Enforcement included.  The Information Super Highway Criminal Counter Intelligence Surveillance & targeting of a Political opponent.  The ramifications of where we find ourselves at this critical moment cannot be understated.


Their future can be summed up from this quote from “Poppy” Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath Bush Senior.


"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." George H.W. Bush to journalist Sarah McClendon


You need to go all the way back to the days when governor Clinton allowed the CIA to run guns into Central America and sell drugs on the streets of America.  He gave them top cover they game him & Hillary a lifetime pass.  


In return, The American People received Tyrannical Lawlessness.




Bush Senior +Bill & Hillary Clinton + Bush Jr. (Cheany Handler) + Obama = CIA


That’s 30 years of Infiltration at all Levels of every Intel, Law Enforcement Agencies, DOJ & virtually every Level of Government, NGO & Front Companies by the aforementioned Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA since they Executed Kenndedy.


30 + years of the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA inflicting Tyrannical Lawlessness upon the American People.


This, from my perspective will end very badly.  Nothing less then “Scorched Earth” will surface when dealing with these Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths.  And, quite frankly, I don’t have a problem with spilling their blood.  


The time has come for bold leadership, fearless decision making & the absolute, total, complete Elimination of the CIA.  


The National Security Elimination Act of 2018 will achieve that goal with one stroke of a pen.  


The United States survived quite nicely for 130+ years with neither a Criminal FBI, CIA, IRS nor the Federal Reserve. Let's return to those better days ASAP.


As easily as The National Security Act was signed in 1947 it can & must be Eliminated.


Last time I checked.


We, the Republic owes absolutely NO alegence to any of the three Crimes Familes I mentioned or the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA.


Eliminate the Familes & the House of Cards Collapse.



”Let Justice Prevail or the Heavens Fall.”

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Md4 Ms No Sat, 05/19/2018 - 14:26 Permalink

Respectfully, this has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.

What we’re seeing are the endpoints of the radical, counterculture of the 1960’s.

We are a social mess because we have no boundaries or taboos anymore.

No normative social morays enforced by old school social pressure to conform.

Life wasn’t perfect before the severely degenerative 60’s...but it was infinitely better than this, and, for those reasons.

As with our once-vibrant middle class economy, it’s way past too late to retrieve those times and necessary restraints.

But, we can at least be clear on how we arrived at today.

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Ms No Md4 Sat, 05/19/2018 - 14:44 Permalink

It definitely isn't Islamic.  Who said that the banks, spooks and Soros only fund Islamic terror?  They funded BLM, Antifa, the KKK, Crips and Bloods, the Mob, Black Panthers and tons of white mass shootings.  Also Sept 11, Vegas and the Anthrax letters...

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cheka Ms No Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:22 Permalink

people hammering with downvotes on the shooting threads.  i live here.  i know people involved.  i'm trying to help.

use this one to learn.  study the differences in this one and the false flags and hoaxes.

this will help sharpen our analysis skills in future events that are ff and hoax

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Ms No cheka Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:33 Permalink

I don't differentiate against false flag or Hoax.  A hoax is still a false flag.  I've been watching this for twenty years so the minor details of individual terror waves against US populations are of little import anymore.  Some have been complete hoaxes, others have been incredibly violent.

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SumTing Wong Ms No Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:24 Permalink

These mass shootings in public high schools have to stop. I say we ban...public high schools!

We homeschool all five of our kids. You walk into the back door, and there is a shotgun and a rifle on the coat rack. The kids don't touch them unless Dad or Mom says it is okay. And only the two oldest kids touch them, as there are raccoons, opossums, and coyotes out there that might try to take out our animals. 

So, we have no education, ignorant folk, right? Well, I'm a professor and my wife's master degree is in education. My kids surely know more Latin, geography, grammar, classics, mathematics, and science than the local kids do. And probably more than many of the adults. Education works. But the solid family unit works even better.

This shooter kid looks to have been bullied. Why can't we all just get along?

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Ms No SumTing Wong Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:39 Permalink

Bullying doesn't explain the politically expedient timing of these events though and how once started they just keep coming.   They actually stopped cold out of nowhere for the first quarter of the Trump administration though.  There are many ways in which they could accomplish this.

For example you could have whole agent family (like Hogg family) drop into a school.  You could have many kids, or those appearing to be kids drop in, knowing the script.  They are the interviews and witnesses.  Anybody else who shows up in wrong place to see different perp than who they allege could be shot.  If left alive the kid peep could be a player, if dead a framed patsy.

They also may be able to program people with SSRIs and neural tech.  Many possibilities.  Regardless, they are involved.

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Chupacabra-322 Ms No Sat, 05/19/2018 - 16:58 Permalink

In regard to the Parkland False Flag.


I’ve been Demanding the release of all Surveillance Video Footage since day one.  Parents should be screaming at the top of their Lungs for them to produce it.  That alone should put to rest any accusations of a False Flag Attack, Stand Down or if indeed Cruz did commit this Crime.


 Where is the Surveillance Video Footage? Outlaw & abolish all Law Enforcement "Drills" on all College, University & School grounds. There's plenty of LEO training facilities to conduct their "Drill" training. As a Father & Parent I demand they produce the Surveillance Footage. 


The Law Enforcement Agencies, Criminal FBI, DOJ have lost the complete respect, trust & loyalty of the American People.  The “Intelligence” Community is nothing more that a revolting, authoritarian Crime Syndicate.


I will bet 1 Gold Eagle ounce of Gold that the video system was:


A) Down for maintenance that day.

B) Worked perfectly, but the FBI took all the footage, and then promptly lost it, C) The video worked, except for the six minutes of the attack, which is mysteriously missing, or 

D) Some combination of all of the above.


There will NEVER be any video shown, until the Liberty Tree is replenished.


Until then it’s Absolute, Complete, Open in our Faces 


Tyrannical Lawlessness!



I would like to know why there is no investigation of the disparities in what was video-taped and what the official narrative is?

1). The shooter described as being in full body armor and helmet shooting a strange looking gun. This was on Good Morning America and this was a teacher describing the shooter.

2). A student telling a reporter that she was walking with Cruz while gunshots were heard in other parts of the building.

3). Students describing multiple shooters.

4). Police describing the shooter as wearing a maroon T-shirt

5). A student describing Cruz as wearing a maroon T-shirt and reloading an AR-15.

6). 3 badge wearing dudes in full body armor carrying a heavy duffel bag out the side door of the school and loading it into the back of an unmarked white pickup truck (video-taped by a local news outfit). The driver of said vehicle throwing 2 paperbags of items out onto the sidewalk which are retrieved by one of these guys prior to the tape being shut off.

7). The fact that Cruz took an Uber ride to school with just a backpack that certainly could not have contained a full body armor suit, helmet and AR-15, to say nothing of the time it would have taken to put it on. Also, where is this body armor since Cruz walked out of the school wearing just a t shirt?

8). Why was it reported that the Secret Service had visited the school several weeks prior and changed the security protocols of the school.

9). Why was the CCTV system on 27 minute delay and was this one of the SS protocol changes?

10). How many other schools has the SS visited?

11). Why were the students told there would be an active shooter drill with the cops shooting blanks?

12). How many schools in Broward County have ever had a drill like this?

In short, why the fuck is no one interested in what actually happened at this school?

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Heros Klassenfeind Sat, 05/19/2018 - 13:30 Permalink

The mind control and brain washing are far thicker in the US than in Europe.  After all, Europe loves those sit-coms and other bullshit like schindlers list or anything by any jew movie producers (Tarrantino: Glorius Basterds), but Americans are basted in it continually.

Throw in some Rah-Rah WWII, greatest generation, exceptional country, mix in lots of pharmaceuticals and medicinal pot, add cell towers and drones and the ZOG world headquarters, and it becomes clear "why the US".

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Heros Ms No Sat, 05/19/2018 - 13:50 Permalink

The US is ZOG headquarters.  New York is something like 40% Heimi.

Sure, the second amendment has not turned out the way the masons wanted.  Is Junkers more marxist than Trump?  Both continents have been taken over by fascists, who happen also to be socialists.  So Marxism in what form, cultural?  Where is all this tranny/peircing/tattoo/homo coming from?  The US.is.Heimi.town.


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DuneCreature Klassenfeind Sat, 05/19/2018 - 14:26 Permalink

One thing you have wrong, Klas. ... This is the public educational system turning out the morons for us. .. Private schools for the most part do a pretty good job in the US still. .. This is 'common core' public school crap, school head shrinkers and the spooks of the Deep State running an op. .. They have to disarm Americans before they can over run us with Muzzies like in Germany. .... All deeper stuff than in appears in the media.

They get to lie to us here now. ...

So we get a Super Size Bowl of Bullshit at no extra charge.


The Santa Fe school shooting is getting interesting.

AI seems to be changing up the plan a bit.

Let me tell you how good Tyler(AI) is at planning things and running these PSYOPs.

Up until now there haven't been many 'real victims' (A lot of reasons I won't go into. .. Later maybe) ... AI has figured out that the scam is almost up on fake FF casualties. .. So on this one AI switched gears I believe and used a wind-up patsy the spook shrinks have been saving. .. A real killer type wind-up (super soldier). .. One they can count on to kill on command. .... AI knew right where to deploy the kid too. .. Texas. .. The dude Side Thorn will be all over this because he's local. .. There will be real bodies and blood and some public exposure to the carnage and that will shut down investigations into Los Vegas as the 'near victimless hoax that it is'.

Or maybe AI is still directing shooting hoaxes without victims but it is beginning to sound like this one has a few real dead kids. ... It doesn't take many to convince the public they are (and were) ALL real dead children. ...

The kid was going to kill himself but surrendered. ... AI will have that covered too. .. His lawyer(s) will be MKUltra handler types and he'll never see a legit psychological evaluation that might expose him as a wind-up victim. ... I wonder who daddy is too. .. The sick CIA fucks will sometimes talk daddy into making little Johnny into a wind-up spook asset. ... Rarely can they talk mom into it though.

AI Tyler is going to win this round. ... Yet another one.

The sad part is the spooks probably have thousands of these little wind-up super soldiers all over the USA and will pull them out and use them one by one until the Deep State gets those guns.

Bye, bye, 2nd in baby steps until the big leap.

Live Hard, The Wind-Up Nazi Super Soldier Show Should Be On TV Next Fall Just In Time For Gun Confiscation To Begin, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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