Arizona Preparing For Post-Earthquake Inflow Of 400,000 Californians

As we've pointed out many times before, a powerful earthquake hammering California is a geological inevitability. In the coming decades, a magnitude 7.1 or 7.3 earthquake - similar to the deadly quake that rattled central Mexico last year  - would almost certainly strike a densely populated part of the state (the San Andreas fault runs through most of California, as the map below shows), potentially leading to tens if not hundreds of thousands of casualties. The local economy would lie in ruins and it would take years to for the area to recover.


With this in mind, it's perhaps no surprise that government agencies, businesses and other organizations in Arizona have recognized the need to prepare. To wit, the Associated Press reports that local organizations are participate in an exercise to practice how the state would respond to a migration of 400,000 people after a catastrophic earthquake in Southern California.

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs said participants in the National Mass Care Exercise will learn how to provide food, shelter and medical services in an emergency scenario. Planning for the exercise has been underway for nearly a year, the department said.


Many county, tribal and municipal emergency operations centers will practice taking in thousands of refugees during the exercise, as procedures and staff training are tested.

Aside from the wildfires that have ravaged California, both the northern and southern parts of the state have been hit by a series of smaller quakes in recent months.

However, the earthquake situation in California is actually more dire than most people realize. Although most Californians have experienced a small quake, most have never personally experienced a strong one. For major events, with magnitudes of 7 or greater, California is actually in an earthquake drought. Multiple segments of the expansive San Andreas Fault system are now sufficiently stressed to produce large and damaging events.


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Here in AZ we already have a large influx from CA. They've been moving in at a rate of 30,000 per year since 2015. Most are going to Phx. If a disaster hits CA I'd expect millions to pour in not 400,000. Phx is at 1000ft above sea level and blistering hot. Higher and cooler elevations above 5000ft have limited water and they've begun to infect some of those places. What concerns me most is them bringing their anti-gun, pro-immigrant bullshit to our peaceful and conservative rural areas. Big trouble if that happens because AZ people aren't interested in social engineering. Trouble is the gorgeous climate of the high desert, like southeast AZ and the Rim, is seeing an influx and these sacred places could degrade into a Sedona or once-lovely Prescott. The crazy taxes and diversity culture of CA could force a diaspora into AZ for many years to come. January daily highs of 60f, vast mountain views, and beautiful summers and it's all mine. Please, Lord, have them find a suburb of Phx where there's water.

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The government can plan all they want, but when the time comes, will the people except them?  That's the question.

The US has already payed other countries $Billions to house us when Yellowstone goes off.  Where we scammed, will they actually let Americans invade their country?

This is the scam of being dependent on Government, they're not dependable!

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I do my best to make them uncomfortable.  Open carry seems to disturb them, Trump stickers, "Fuck Liberals" is a good bumper sticker, saw a "Prevent the Kalifornication of Arizona" bumper sticker another good one.  Be sure to wear MAGA hats to local city council meetings.  Keep an eye on local politics, these fuckers take active roles as soon as they infiltrate.

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McCain out spent every opponent 20 to 1.  He appeals to brain dead seniors that are his age or older.  He lies like crazy when he is running against a real Republican.  Once he gets the Republican spot, what are we supposed to do vote Democrat?  I didn't vote for anyone for senate last election, I just couldn't do it.  Why the fuck hasn't he resigned, so some real Republican can take his spot?

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What you don't realize is the left in San Francisco prays for a big quake thinking everyone will leave and they can return to the free ride of the 1970s. They hate this country and work to undermine it every single day. Remember them protesting the destruction of Libya? No, you don't because they didn't. They had a fellow traveler in the WH who hated America as much as they do. Why they defend MS-13 they want them to be able to kill Americans once we are disarmed.

Big quake is much more likely in Mexico which is 10 times more seismically active than CA is. But California earthquake predictions make good copy because people love to hate on this state even those who live here for above stated reason.


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Not really. Just send out a couple of guys at night with some C4 or dynamite and a pick axes or jack hammers. Blow some massive holes in the highways at a strategic point and you will create a nice traffic jam that they will never escape.


Or if no explosives are available then put spikes into the highways. It will only take a few to give a bunch of flat tires and again create a roadblock.  


Make sure that the gas stations along the are shut down, along with any place that sells food and water.

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~"Machine guns at the border??"~

Good God, Pants! Nothing so crude, please. If the math is half via I-8 and half via I-10, just blow up the bridge at the Colorado on I-10, THEN machine gun the swimmers. Much more efficient and a lot less ammo. Same deal on I-8, but at Araz Junction. Shoot the swimmers. Those who make a right turn there will end up in Algodones./s

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