The Rigged Stock Market Is Guaranteed to Crash Again, But When?

In this podcast, I talk about monetary policy as a whole - why I think its insane and why our current policy ensures that we are going to have another financial crisis much larger than the one we had in 2008. I talk about how the Fed is making problems worse by selectively bailing out companies and I give examples of actual free markets. If the stock market is just guaranteed to always go up and guys like Warren Buffett predict the Dow is just going to keep going to 1,000,000, is that really a market - or is it one of the biggest long cons in history? Hint: it's the latter. 

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Kprime Wed, 05/23/2018 - 08:06 Permalink

What goes up must come down
Spinnin' wheel, got to go round
Talkin' 'bout your troubles, it's a cryin' sin
Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel spin

You got no money, you got no home
Spinnin' wheel, all alone
Talkin' 'bout your troubles and you, you never learn
Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel turn

blood sweat & tears, 1968

The Real Tony Wed, 05/23/2018 - 09:19 Permalink

Since all the central bankers are the ones who rig the market they basically have all the insider knowledge on what will happen next since they're the only ones who know what will happen next. The public or others just get to guess while only the central bankers know when they're going to crash the market. This is not how stock markets were meant to function. Meanwhile the disconnect between Wall Street and the real economy grows wider and wider.

JailBanksters Wed, 05/23/2018 - 11:09 Permalink

It will be when JP Morgan decides to cash out and not before.

If you asked that question, I'm you're going to get a completely different set of answerz.

And my response is:

When it's more profitable for companies to be out of Business than in Business.

That is, the corpse is worth more dead than alive. Think Patents, Infrastructure, I don't think NXIVM would count.



Grandad Grumps Wed, 05/23/2018 - 11:09 Permalink

Agreed, all markets are rigged ... I believe that. My question is: where has the $21 trillion gone that is unaccounted for from the war department?

Has it gone into pumping up Google and Facebook and Twitter ... or underground bunkers for the elitists, secret weapons, supporting another race of people on this planet, Antarctica or a secret space program? Or all of the above and more?

tunetopper Wed, 05/23/2018 - 11:55 Permalink

Banks lending funds to hedge funds via prime brokerages- Volcker Rule being dismantled - will allow these guys to gang up on certain parties to crush stock or currency (Venezuela/Turkey/Russia/Argentina) or commodity.  


Banks have got their mojo back thanks to this dismantling - MSM will focus on proprietary trading desk- while the truth is much more sinister.   The problem created by the Money Center Banks that caused the financial crisis was NOT the fact that FDIC deposits were being used to support proprietary trading...  It WAS however due to the off-balance sheet SIVs which used high risk MBS/CDOs and phoney hedges using Credit Default Swaps -- all this was done without FED oversight or State AG regulatory oversight either.  Thanks Eliot Spitzer...  and the result was to create a bailout fund called TARP, so that Buffet could make a 10% loan to Goldman. and American Homes for Rent could issue stock so that PIMCO and Alliance Bernstein - Blackrock and Stoner- could buy REO from the Fed via Maiden Lane I and II.  Then collect interest on reserves- while the Fed Res embarked on QE,1,2 &3 and Operation Twist--- this is the most fucked up bunch of shit---- all the while they blamed the retail broker for something they didnt have a part in.... so they put the DOL Rule on them.....totally fucked up.  No wonder the public is more concerned about who wins the Bachelor or The Voice...we have been so abused as a public - by our MSM and our Govt, that we are mind-fucked into ignorance.

A few folks tried to explain it and they were thrown under the bus.... Charlie Gasparino, Dylan Ratigan, Gretchen Morgenson, Janet Tavakoli, and Elaine Supkis, the Tea Party and Occupy were real efforts to reform-- and the folks at every News org. snuffed them out.  Remember this: Elizabeth Warren and Karl Denninger only wanted people to wake up and smell the coffee, and same with Ron Paul.  But they are villains now.

hibou-Owl oddjob Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:41 Permalink

Firstly my retirement fund is full of precious metal and gold stocks, but if the next correction is larger than 2008 things are going to break.

Cash will become king, and every asset that is liquid is going to be sold, including Gold. Why because the leverage is way higher.

My take is productive farmland, as my guess is the supply chains are going to freeze up and basic barter will become common. Farmland is not liquid, it's takes months and often under mortgage. The barter system in real crisis is way more realistic than 10oz bar of gold.   

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bobsmith5 Wed, 05/23/2018 - 13:03 Permalink

Yes, it is a rigged stock market, so is everything else.  Never before in human history have the bankers had so much control worldwide of all major financial, especially the currency, markets.  Who is to say they can't rig the stock markets not to crash at this point?  Sure the non crashing stock market will have little to no connection to the real world, but like many fantasies they endure in spite of the reality.

TheRideNeverEnds Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:08 Permalink

How could one possible think a rigged market will decline when everyone with any influence on it wants it to keep going higher? The entire purpose is to not have it go down.

Look at today, from down a percent to green in hours, NQ currently exploding higher.

Rigged or not here is no reason stocks have to go down. We can rally for the next thousand years.

Thinking stocks have to go down just because they went up is not only idiotic it is wholly unfounded.

In fact, over the long term stocks have always gone up and never gone down. Price appreciation is the purpose of the normal stock market.