Beijing Warns New Stealth Fighters Will Conduct Patrols In Taiwan's Airspace

Beijing has once again hinted that its new J-20 stealth fighter jets will conduct patrols around, or above, Taiwan’s airspace to pressure the island nation to reunify with China.

The warning message recently announced by Wang Mingliang, a Chinese military strategist with the China National Defense University during special programming on China Central Television program about Taiwan.

“J-20s can come and go at will above Taiwan,” said Mingliang, adding that Taiwan was frightened about “precision strikes on the leadership or key targets.”

Mingliang said that the fifth-generation stealth jet is designed to pierce through Taiwan’s air defense identification zone and launch either reconnaissance or assault missions on the island. The military strategist said the stealth fighter could easily take on the “antiquated” F-16s and Mirage 2000s, which are still the backbone of Taiwan’s air defense. In other words, the Chinese strategist said the stealth fighters would reign supreme in any combat operations or dogfight above or around Taiwan.

China Central Television report shows an inside view of a J-20’s cockpit. (Source: CCTV)

Earlier this month, a similar threat was echoed by Zhou Chenming, another Chinese military strategist, who said sea training exercises indicated that the stealth fighters would be sent to Taiwan and the heavily disputed regions of the South China Sea.

“The J-20 drill is another warning message because it went unseen by the Taiwanese air force and these stealth fighters are capable of a precision strike on the leadership,” Chenming said. “The PLA air force jets will enter the Taiwan [air defence identification zone] sooner or later.”

Beijing’s “goal is reunification with Taiwan” and “this is just one piece,” Dan Blumenthal, the director of Asian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, told Business Insider, adding that cyber, sea, and political warfare are three domains that Beijing would remain dominant in the attempt to reunify Taiwan with the mainland.

Business Insider points out that Taiwan has a strategy to counter Beijing’s stealth fighters: new mobile passive radars and new active radars for their F-16Vs, according to Taipei Times. Taiwan is beefing up its electronic warfare units and advanced missiles, in the hopes to deter Beijing from violating its airspace with stealth fighters.

“It’s exactly what they should be doing,” Blumenthal said. “Just like any country would, they’re going to try to chase [the J-20s] away,” adding that Taiwan’s plan would be effective but that the country still wouldn’t be able to defend its airspace as well as major powers such as the US.

“Taiwan could probably use all sorts of help,” Blumenthal added.

Given that J-20 production is still a small number, it is hard to estimate how many stealth fighters Beijing will have for the next war patrol over Taiwan’s airspace. One thing is certain, the probability of a shooting war between China and Taiwan is growing by the week. As for now, stay tuned for future headlines of J-20s penetrating Taiwan’s airspace...China wants its island back.


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I guess they had better get ready for others to make incursions into their airspace.  Looks to be an interesting summer! Get your popcorn ready now!

China does not give a damn about the island of Taiwan.  They want dominion over the people there.  And other people of Asia, etc.

MarsInScorpio T-NUTZ Thu, 05/24/2018 - 01:41 Permalink

So many concerned about Russia when it is China that will detonate WW III.

You can't have China just grab the South China Sea and turn it into their own private lake. Some of their claims nearly wash up onto the beaches of the Philippines, for example.

And now, what more provocative move than overflying Taiwan's airspace can you produce to start a nuclear war?

So many ZH idiots continue to proclaim Trump as the problem; no, Trump is not the problem.

The problem is buying Chinese-made electronics and using them in our military electronics. The problem is failing to stand-up to China when it could actually be done effectively.

The problem is not being a Paper Tiger.

Now the problem is that either you launch a completely devastating all-out nuclear peremptory attack and put China back to about AD 1000 - or you fold your tents and concede the future to the Chi-Coms.

The reality is that it's over for the US Empire in the Far East . . . unless you are willing to unleash the entire US nuclear arsenal in one vaporizing attack taking out all the ports, all the power plants, all the dams, all the cities, the entire military structure, their ghost cities the Chi-Coms have up to replace the ones destroyed, the manufacturing centers, the transportation, electrical, communications and medical networks . . . the warheads exist.

The issue is: This is it, now or never, push China back to the Dark Ages, or be pushed back to your own oblivion. 

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Seems more like someone is just mad because they are boring and addicted to endorphins and want to pretend that they weren’t being recorded making a total ass of themselves while thinking their shiny plastic toys give them actual power.


Dream on. 


If something has zero value it wouldn’t be in demand. If you’re not in demand, then you have no value. Where does that leave you?

Put the shiny toys away and play with the grown ups a bit and see where you actually stand.


Who would have thought that cops are into watching illegal rape videos. That’s right fuckers, I have you by the balls. Now grow up and hit the mats.


”You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last.”


Well, one part of that is certainly correct

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MarsInScorpio NidStyles Thu, 05/24/2018 - 02:16 Permalink


Your insane rambling rants become more and more dis-associative with each passing day.

You've gotten to where you can't even tie the beginning to the end.

Seriously, you have severe health issues. I hope you have a family or caretakers who will act as your guardian ad litem and get you peacefully through this final chapter of your Book of Life.

It is my most sincere, and honestly stated hope that you had a good life until now. The tragedy of this aspect of aging or other manner of physical deterioration that destroys our cognitive acuity is the most heartbreaking.

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<<<“It’s exactly what they should be doing,” Blumenthal said. “Just like any country would, they’re going to try to chase [the J-20s] away,” adding that Taiwan’s plan would be effective but that the country still wouldn’t be able to defend its airspace as well as major powers such as the US.>>>

So, that's what any country should be doing (defend its airspace)?  Then, what's the problem with Syria getting the S-300s? Shouldn't Syria be able to knock those Israeli fighter jets out of the sky?  Even more justified considering that the Chinese are not even bombing Taiwan like the Israelis are doing with Syria.

This is a rhetorical question, of course. We all know jews can do whatever the fuck they please, snipe children, bomb their neighbors back to the stone age.  Because of the holohoax of course, 200,000,000,000 gorillion jews were gassed multiple times by those demonic Germans, and transformed into furniture and cleaning products afterwards. What's wrong with you goyim? Are you an anti-semite?

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... and China getting more firepower ... “ ... China will get 10 [more] Russian Su-35 fighter jets this year as part of $2.5bn deal ... “ ... 

          ... >>> ...

    ... “ ... Beijing has so far received 14 Russian Sukhoi Su-35 multipurpose fighter jets, Russian state corporation Rostec said. Ten more jets are to be handed over to China this year. ... “ ...


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TeraByte MarsInScorpio Thu, 05/24/2018 - 05:44 Permalink

An idiot believing in American exceptionalism while, everybody else has already copied technologies and developed these further. Have a try to bomb China or Russia back to Middle Ages and will you meet an Amish America, if lucky to survive.

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Lordflin MarsInScorpio Thu, 05/24/2018 - 06:57 Permalink

J20 stealth fighter... not so stealthy... one trick pony.

China will push till it gets its war. Civilian government used to oppose, but appears to have gotten in line with the military. The Chinese military has wanted a war with the US for at least 30 years if their public declarations are any indication. Where Russia will fall out in this is hard to say. They are our natural allies, and have supported this country going back to the American Civil War, where Russia was about the only European country to back the North (not interested in Civil War debates atm, thank you...)... the exception being the Cold War... rather a large exception, I will admit.

If not for the nukes, the coming war would be an interesting one. The F35 offers to change the nature and role of aerial combat, and how their integrated systems might effect modern warfare is an unknown, but of the 3 major powers, the US is the only one with any new ideas... with the Chinks and Ruskies playing catch up. China aims its war machine at our past, but has little concept of the future... I suspect this is a cultural thing as much as anything, but it is hard to catch up when your entire industry feeds off stolen tech... well, stolen in the technical sense, as so much has simply been handed them. Russia, on the other hand, with the exception of its hypersonic vehicles (existing in fact, or theory) is still fighting world war 2, and its modern air wing is a reflection of that.

But then there is this thing of the nukes... roughly 12,000 warheads between us and the Russians... the 250 in the hands of the Chinese seems almost an after thought. Of the three powers, the US is in the best position to fight a nuclear war... but I suspect that will not make much of a difference. Once the nukes start flying it will be the late, great planet Earth, unless the American military is hiding its missile killers... possible, but I am not overly sanguine of the possibility... Again, F35 is suppose to play a major role in this... I guess we will just have to wait and see...

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"the US is the only one with any new ideas"

True. China expects to use its vast manpower to overcome any opposition.
Well, it did not quite work as they expected in Korea. They lost maybe 1 million slaves, but could not achieve a decisive victory.

That vast manpower is quickly becoming obsolete. Robots will fight the next conventional war.
Typical of any empire, it needs to successful change or die.

P.S. The American empire has unsuccessfully changed. But who needs engineering when they can have gender studies!

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t0mmyBerg MarsInScorpio Thu, 05/24/2018 - 09:31 Permalink

It is unnecessary to use actual physical weapons like nukes to blunt the advance of China.  We can simply stop trading with them.  Put tariffs so high they cannot compete.  Their economy would not recover.  They wouldnt get back to 1000 ad, but they might be put back to 1990.  Which would be good enough.  End Chimerica and they are through.  Then again, that would mean having the US accept a much higher cost of living, a huge adjustment up in the general price level.  What would the 1930s style price control board known as the Fed do about that (why do we have a 1930s style price control board in charge of setting the price of overnight loan funds anyway?)?  Their DSGE econometric models would start spewing smoke and seize up.  You could count on them to do the wrong thing.  Anyway it would upset the apple cart but maybe that is precisely what is needed at this point.  Civilization peaked in 1999-2000.  We are on a down wave.  Havent reached the bottom of the wave yet.  Not even close.

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BrownCoat MarsInScorpio Thu, 05/24/2018 - 09:53 Permalink

"You can't have China just grab the South China Sea and turn it into their own private lake."
You started off well, then went crazy with war talk.

US trade with China was to teach these stupid Commies there are other ways to have peace without using force and dominating others. China's silk road is an historical divergence from their "China is the center of the universe" attitude. Thousands of years of oppressing and enslaving cannot be undone in a few decades.

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Concertedmaniac Utopia Planitia Thu, 05/24/2018 - 05:52 Permalink

Wow you’re fucking stupid. Not all Taiwanese dislike China and coastal Chinese are related to Taiwanese (similar accents fucktard) part of the reason for the current episode is because of ing-wen (Taiwanese President you dumb shit) and her provocative political statements to the KMT (maybe look them up and what the ‘white terror’ was) base. They will eventually unify peacefully too much is at stake for both sides. Once again ((Americans)) cheering for more death and destruction as long as it’s not on their shores, and as long as they're supplying weapons and tech for both sides. I still hold out hope for civil war 2 before you cunts fuck the world.

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tangent Concertedmaniac Thu, 05/24/2018 - 06:06 Permalink

Ridiculous. One simply cannot benefit by being controlled and manipulated from strangers who live thousands of miles away. No, Taiwan cannot see any benefit in reunification. The principle is laughable. But, I welcome you to present evidence any country has ever benefited in any way from being controlled from thousands of miles away by bullies who think they have a right to control you against your will.

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Concertedmaniac tangent Thu, 05/24/2018 - 06:43 Permalink

Well firstly your stupid fucking government manipulates and controls my country's government, so it's ironic that you even brought it up. And secondly I was going to use Israel as an answer but that's incorrect because they control your ZOG government. Either its peaceful unification 'eventually' or its a catastrophe where millions die which I don't think will happen because there's just too much at stake. There is familial ties between mainland Chinese and Taiwanese and besides KMT haven't been shy in the past when it comes to massacring their own people.

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Cardinal Fang tangent Thu, 05/24/2018 - 07:32 Permalink

Yeah, especially when China has committed to Communism and has an Emperor for Life.

No thanks.

This article reminds me of Goering before the Battle of Britain.

That didn't turn out as planned, either.

a few Fighters, AWACS and Tankers from Japan and it's a different ballgame...

Plus a carrier and its 'Let the games begin'...

I am not War mongering, but what do you think China's neighbors are gonna do if a shooting war breaks out?

'Let the Chinese have it' means two different things coming from Obama vs Trump.

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More than half of America's manufacturing plants are now in China.  You are hard-pressed to buy anything at Wal-Mart that isn't built there.

American foreign policy is decided by global corporations.  There is a name for this but I can't recall what it is.

uhland62 iClaudius Thu, 05/24/2018 - 03:10 Permalink

We have no Mal-Wart in Australia and nearly all of our merchandise is made in China. It does not worry us because we sell them stuff, food and iron ore, for instance. We could not make much ourselves because we do not have economies of scale here.

Where there has been the possibility of making something ourselves, it was 5 times the price of the Chinese article, so people don't buy it and the producer goes bust. 

I find it ridiculous that China places so much importance on Taiwan. It's only about 17 million people on an earthquake prone piece o' dirt. Why would anyone make a song an dance about them?

What's on Taiwan that they cannot get at home? Are the Chinese falling into the Western trap of making policies based on emotions? That has failure written all over it. 

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Sirius Wonderblast uhland62 Thu, 05/24/2018 - 03:43 Permalink

The reason that the PRC gets so wound-up about Taiwan is that it is the seat of the former i.e. pre-revolution Chinese government in exile. Hence the distinction People's Republic of China - that's the Communists on mainland China, and Republic of China, being Taiwan. It's not about the remote, isolated island. It's about not having entirely defeated the old government, and the relic Republic still existing there and in theory at least poised to mount a return to the mainland against the Communists. 

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tangent Sirius Wonderblast Thu, 05/24/2018 - 06:10 Permalink

Right, it would be much more preferable for Taiwan to invade China, not the other way around. Commies should all just drop dead, and we'd all be provably better off since their main idea is to steal your things and ruin your life with tyrannical controls like "social credit". China is evil and their invading J20 planes should be shot down with ground-to-air missiles.

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Recriminator uhland62 Thu, 05/24/2018 - 05:15 Permalink

You would have to understand Chinese history - through and after WW ll. There were the Communists, essentially lead by Mao, and the Nationalists (anti-Communists) lead by Chiang Kai Shek. Thanks to some perverse backing by the United States, the Commies took over the mainland, and the Nationalists were pushed out to Taiwan. Unlike the American liberals and rad-Left DEMS, the Taiwanese people still love and will fight for FREEDOM. And over the decades our commitment to protect them has gotten squishy. Their solution should be, like Israel, to acquire NUKES. This way there'll be no misunderstandings if they're attacked by the Chicoms.

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silver140 LetThemEatRand Thu, 05/24/2018 - 01:32 Permalink

The name is: Corporate fascism. I also use parasitoid corporate fascism. Which means that the corporate fascists act exactly like the parasitoid by destroying there own habitat, .i.e. "host". For parasitoid corporate fascist, the host is life on this planet.

Fascism's theory of economic corporatism involved management of sectors of the economy by government or privately-controlled organizations (corporations).

A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host's expense, and which sooner or later kills it.

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uhland62 silver140 Thu, 05/24/2018 - 03:16 Permalink

The corporates have the remote control which steers the politicians.

They 1. fund and steer the candidate selections, then 2. the campaigns to massage the electorate's opinions so they elect the desirable candidates. 3. when these have been elected they shoehorn in advisers who 4. ensure that everything will be done according to instructions.  

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user2011 Thu, 05/24/2018 - 01:10 Permalink

I doubt they will do it.   US and Japanese radar will use the opportunity to tune their setting.    And it will be an international joke on China if all the radars nearby can detect the J-20.   

Same thing as the F-22 intercepting the Russian bomber.   I would think that the Russian would like to use the opportunity to scan the F-22 for their radar signature and make adjustment to the radar system.

BTW,  China is just talk the talk.  They don't even have enough fighter planes to fill their first aircraft carrier.  And what good is to commission the second one now ?     Their pride J-20 seems very slow and bulky.   The rumor is that it still can't do supersonic and afterburner.   And in fact it really isn't that stealthy at all.   It is sort of like the cars they make in China.   It looks like a European car from outside but inside it is a joke.   


oldone Joe Trader Thu, 05/24/2018 - 06:33 Permalink

Do not exaggerate the crappy illusion of "stealth" - in fact, this become an stupidity-show since this term its used 24/7 for something who each year have less and less consistency. Peoples should educate themselves and start using "low radar profile" instead, since the concept of "stealth" have nothing to do with real world and its just the product of some publicity stunt.

Peoples ignore the RADAR, like lasers, are not reduced to a single type. You can have something great at hiding against SOME types of radar, but ineffective of other frequency like you may have something resistant at some types of laser but melting fast when facing other types of bandwidth.    Remember, stealth is not a binary invisible-or-not-invisible. It’s just a spectrum of radar cross section. No plane will ever be completely invisible.

Looking at last decades, we see USA making major investments on low observable planes tech, and Russia choosing radars and missiles as top priority.

But remember are MANY ways to detect such an plane, not only and just by radar. IR works great (and here Russians have an strong advance)  - did you see the sensors on the newest Su fighter ?! Low observable planes indeed can give an hard time to the radar operators, who DO MAY DETECT but will have an difficult task on getting a "lock" (fire solution) - but that do not apply to an barrage of IR missiles with "fire and forget" capabilities  who do not need at all an radar "lock" to hit an target. And with the today micro processors adding more and more "brain" to these IR warheads, become more and more impossible to "foolish" an warhead by deploying counter-measures (flares, etc) since its easy for the modern warheads to make an clear distinction between an "fast moving" target and an VERY slow one (counter measures ).

The IR detections ranges seems up to 90 km for the new russians missiles, so one only need to pound half dozen of them on the area where the   "low observable plane" was detected (without "lock" on it !) and the missiles can simply take this task from radar operators hands... So, lets admit "low observable planes" are great against banana republics or second-hand defenses, but an determined and modern air force still can maintain an great threat against them.

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