"Blue Wave" Crashes On Shores Of Reality: GOP Takes Lead In Midterms Poll For First Time

Remember all that chatter and hope about a so-called "blue wave" of Democrats coming to overwhelm Washington in the Midterms?

Well it appears have ebbed to nothing.

In the latest Reuters poll, more people said they would vote for a Republican candidate over a Democrat in the upcoming midterm election, a reversal of previous trends.

Of the 1,139 people surveyed earlier this month, 41.1 percent said they would vote for a Republican in their district in November, up from 31.7% at the end of March. Only 35.2% percent of respondents said they planned to vote for a Democrat in their district in the upcoming election, down from 45.8% in early April.


The results are a stark contrast to previous polls: on April 7th, Democrats had a 13.7 point advantage over Republicans

As The Hill reports, Republicans have publicly said they expect to lose some seats in this November's midterm elections, which is common for the party in power.

Democrats need to win 23 GOP-held seats to take back control of the House.

The party could win back control of the Senate if it flips three seats, but several vulnerable Democrats are up for reelection.

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So it appears that despite "Stormy" clouds, Cohen cacophanies, and Irate Iranians, President Trump's actions have prompted support for his party... not the negativity that Democrats seemed to believe 'we, the people' should be feeling.