More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy Of The Pentagon

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

There was an article by Joseph Marks of Nextgov published on 5/16/18 that was neither picked up by the larger news networks nor kept in view for long. The article is entitled The Pentagon Has a Big Plan to Solve Identity Verification in Two Years, and here is a portion of it:

The Defense Department is funding a project that officials say could revolutionize the way companies, federal agencies and the military itself verify that people are who they say they are and it could be available in most commercial smartphones within two years. The technology, which will be embedded in smartphones’ hardware, will analyze a variety of identifiers that are unique to an individual, such as the hand pressure and wrist tension when the person holds a smartphone and the person’s peculiar gait while walking, said Steve Wallace, technical director at the Defense Information Systems Agency. 

Organizations that use the tool can combine those identifiers to give the phone holder a “risk score,” Wallace said.

If the risk score is low enough, the organization can presume the person is who she says she is and grant her access to sensitive files on the phone or on a connected computer or grant her access to a secure facility. If the score’s too high, she’ll be locked out.

Amazing. The Pentagon’s technical director omitted much in his quest to act as if such actions are “government streamlining” and occurring matter-of-factly, in the interests of securing information for the government and its contractors.

The problem: if it’s in the software of all the commercial smartphones (the ones bought in the stores), that biometric data will be transmitted by all the phones, not just the contractors to the federal government.

We also know where this is heading. The government will back-door everyone’s cell phones and make tracking and surveillance even more ubiquitous than it is now, and that’s saying something. Read this portion:

Another identifier that will likely be built into the chips is a GPS tracker that will store encrypted information about a person’s movements, Wallace said. The verification tool would analyze historical information about a person’s locations and major, recent anomalies would raise the person’s risk score.  The tool would be separate from the GPS function used by mapping and exercise apps, he said. The tool does not include biometric information, such as a thumbprint or eye scans at this point, Wallace said, because DISA judged that existing commercial applications of biometric information are too easy to spoof.

So, they’re telling us up front. GPS tracking will be used to monitor... and store... your movements... deciding if you’re a “risk” by where you go. “Anomalies,” the actions are termed, that “would raise the person’s risk score.”

Anomalous (an anomaly) is defined as something “deviating from a general rule; abnormal,” (Webster). Such a subjective assessment could literally be applied for anything outside of normative and fostered “Fisher-Price” conduct: Awake at 7am, breakfast at 8am, work by 9am, lunch 12-1pm, work until 5pm, drive to obtain gas/grocery store/bank, and then home, dinner at 6pm, tv 7-9pm, and go to sleep…repeat ad nauseum.

Anything outside of that basic, predictable “matrix” can be listed as an anomaly to increase your risk-score. This out of the Pentagon, mind you: the embodiment of the Military Industrial Complex warned about by Eisenhower (who ironically played a big part in its creation). It is not unpredictable: the militarization of the police departments, the sprouting of the fusion centers (with PO box addresses and not physical addresses, mind you), the “green light” from the FCC or a blind eye toward “Oath” (the company that gobbled up Yahoo, and forces you to allow it to read your e-mails and access your bank accounts), and other giants such as Google.

The Pentagon used to handle military matters, but the NDAA initiated by Bush Jr. and perfected under Obama redefines the “battlefield” as being the whole world (including the domestic, continental United States). The “War on Terrorism” was created to “justify” military actions against the citizens of the United States, hence to take measures heretofore forbidden under Constitutional law. In the interests of national security, the “protectors” have become the jailers…the police state that is being crafted by the day as the Statists concurrently work on removing all our rights as enumerated under the Constitution. The war is being conducted by the State against the citizens, the new “enemy” against the conformity of globalism and the totalitarian dictatorship that will eventually be complete in the United States.


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So, the original idea is that "we" created a government to assist with specific matters of justice.

It looks like they aren't doing that job so much as creating layers of defense for political-class royalty.

If this were a private security agency, we would fire them immediately. Why can't we fire some agencies, i.e. shut them down, once they are out of line?

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"More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy Of The Pentagon"

That headline should read: "More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy Of Donald Trump"

What has The Donald done to repeal the Freedom Act? Or to stop the NSA and CIA from spying on everyday citizens? NOTHING!

He just loudly complains when other spy on HIM, but at the same time he he calls Snowden a "traitor" and "would deal with him harshly." So obviously in Trumps 'book' it's okay to spy with dragnet surveilance on all citizens of the world, incl. Americans, so long as he himself, his family and his corrupt MIC buddies are excluded.

As a matter of fact, The Donald is even a big fan of waterboarding (I'd say that that's pretty much another one of those police state tactic, just like surveillance and coincidently (?) he made torturer Gina Haspel head of the CIA), just watch him say that he loves it;

Keep on voting, supporting and rooting for this orange clown folks, and sooner than you can say "what-the-fuck-just-happened?" you'll find yourself in a real world Nineteen Eighty-Four.

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But Klassenfeind, what color president will do the job properly? If not the orange one, then who? Can you even name a name? Right now, the Democrats can only line up communists to run, and the Republicans are beholden to the banks and their special interests, which do not include the general public. Look at the creeps they ran in the last election.

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It's not just .gov either.  I recently change my car insurance to Geico....saved me a lot of dough.  But, they really pushed the hard sell for thier "app," repeatedly citing the "benefits," etc......

Problem is, the app requires total access to my phone, and cannot be installed without allowing access to camera, mic, photos, contacts, precise location, basically everything.  I did have state farm, who pestered me about a "discount" if I allowed them to place tracking devices physically in my rides.  Fuck that.

So no, you really can live without a phone.  Most of the time mine just sits on a dresser anyway.  My wife actually needs one for some things, but I've got it locked down as well as I can. 

It's an android phone, an app called dcentral works very well to let you know what other apps are doing.  Spy shit motherfuckers.

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He never said a piece of paper did. He said what Spooner said - the Constitution either gave us the government we have, or it was powerless to prevent it. He even prefaced this remark with the phrase, "But if it did (exist)..."


I think I can be counted among those who live in reality. I used to revere the Constitution, but Spooner disabused me of that notion a while ago. We are all constrained by it, in some sense, because it gives the illusion of authority, the authority for some to rob and kill in the name of upholding the law, or some such nonsense. But I will never again look upon it as authoritative or binding upon me.

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Trump and his pal Bibi.

It isn't just the Pentagram, NSA, Google and the Fusion Centers spying on our every move. ... They off shore the top-level surveillance to the real experts:

Who Watches The Watchers - Just Go Ahead And Guess!

Live Hard, You Can't Fix Stupid And Too Dumb To Tie Shoes But You Can Ship Super Stupor's Data Overseas For Processing And Evaluation, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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You may be right but what is the alternative?   The Dems are even worse.

We need a Third Party/New Party/Non-Aligned candidate.   Even if such a party or person can be put forward will it be possible to get them elected?   It was a miracle that Trump was elected.   TPTB will take more care rigging the next election.   I am amazed that Trump has not been assassinated.   He is clearly under threat and is being prevented from carrying out his agenda.

Unless we can break the power of the Deep State we cannot make much progress.

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+100. The best comment on the board in some time. Trump has done nothing to reduce government overreach, nothing to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and nothing to reign in the industrialists who profit from war. He's a complete fraud and people keep buying into his bullshit. Joseph de Maistre was right when he said that "Every nation gets the government it deserves."

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"WE" never created this government.

Originally, a group of wealthy merchants and plantation-owners got together and set up a system that would assure their continuing control over the continent under a balance of power similar to that existing in 1789.  Things evolved, and the balance of power shifted.  The southern planters were overwhelmed by the wealth of northern bankers and "traders" (formerly smugglers and pirates) using wide-open immigration for cannon-fodder (quite literally if you consider the "Dutch" IX Corps in the Civil War).  The center of mercantile wealth in New York then dominated and dictated national policy for roughly a century and rewrote the laws to reinforce and maintain its dominance in whatever ways it deemed appropriate.  The concerns of southern planters for individual liberty were buried after the Civil War.  The only "liberties" the New York bankers consider important are their "liberties" to feed off of every man, woman, and child in the continental United States. Freedom is for those who can afford it -- those who own the government.  Everyone else needs to be controlled, and has been since the establishment of Woodrow Wilson.

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The founding fathers were mostly Deists, meaning they were Christian heretics. Their motivation was to create freedom from compelled speech and compelled religion, while organizing society around contract law.

You can look at that and call it rule of the robber barons, or you can look at that and say that they managed to make the first country in the world based on the individual instead of a collectivist beehive. I suppose it hinges on whether you think people have the "freedom from" or the "freedom to".

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~"The government will back-door everyone’s cell phones and make tracking and surveillance even more ubiquitous than it is now,..."~

Got it. So the instruction set is:

A.) Turn off your phone,

B.) Slip it into an RF shielded pouch,

C.) Drive to DC with the other 100,000+ pissed off, well-armed Americans

D.) Clean frickin' house,

E.) Pull phone from pouch and turn phone back on?

Seriously, you can't get these fat fucks to turn off their TVs, do you really think they give a shit that DC knows where they are? It's shit like this that let's you know you have given your government too much money. When all you have is an electronic hammer, everything else starts to look like an electronic nail. All this done by, bear in mind, freedom-loving Americans working for the Pentagon.

Please, spare me.

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Spying has very little to do with the native population, individually speaking, or terrorism.

In a December 2013 letter to the Brazilian government, Snowden wrote that "These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power."[41] According to White House panel member NSA didn't stop any terrorist attack.[42] However NSA chief said, that surveillance programs stopped 54 terrorist plots.


Snowden Documents Reveals U.S., British Intelligence Spied on Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, and Israeli Defense Minister Barak


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The retired Green Beret provides useful news and good insight of what to expect in the future. His last essay was exceptional.

The point about NDAA National Defense Authorization Act, the Zionist neocons and the Israel lobby of ethnic chosen ones have constructed a martial law take down system while dismantling the constitution and bill of rights in each annual NDAA. The entire government knows it and acts accordingly. Carte blanch authority to kick in your door or teeth at will. That's America and the kind of freedom the extremist right wing Zionist evangelicals believe in, more wars for Israel and kill off more people of color and strange people we don't like, that's America, kill, kill, kill, non-stop killing. (Pentagon must be running the entire show because we can't get out of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine,a whole host of nations, when we are borrowing money to do it and now it's a critical survival issue for half the American people, DOD Mattis demanding more and more money for the Zionist world domination one world government plan while putting the Americans in lock down.)

At the same time, a communist planned take down has been running through the entire nation focusing on a race war to divide the US for an easy take over, politically and/or genocide. Thus, on both sides of the equation we have national suicide plans laid out for all to see.

No one in the government is following the law as everyone can see, new horror stories everyday and every second of the day. The American government system is criminal, an organized crime gang of liars, thieves and murders. The lowest trailer park trash most people would try to avoid. That's the quality of the people working in the US government.

It's totally out of control while we wait for the meltdown to begin the kill off of around 50 million to cleanse the soul of our nation with the blood of the enemy.

Evil can not stand, what we see everyday is evil. If we speak out, then the evil censors. If we stand, then we are struck down. A conditioned trained army of programmed psychotic killers, so called federal government workers and their mercenaries killing, robbing and destroying lives here and all over the world.

Should the federal government be purged of the evil? around 500K federal workers and their 200K mercenaries? or how about abolishing agencies when state agencies duplicate the function? no, it's only getting bigger and bigger, demanding more and more control of our lives.

The United States is no longer a nation of people, it is a prison of slaves. And this prison model is being duplicated on the entire world. Foreign nations and peoples afflicted with the US killing machine have no sense when it comes to battling the monster. Every region, every nation where there is an American, a steady stream of body bags needs to be coming back to America, military, civilian, businessman, tourist, once enough body bags start coming home, then the Americans may wake up? no, a nation of Zombies and brainwashed psychotic predators can only be put down like a mad dog.

It all has to do with body bags, not money, not the dollar. When dead bodies line the roads in America and the sweet smell, the stink of death is heavy in the air, then the federal payroll and personnel records will be located and the people's kill off courts begin their work.

This is the future of where we are going.


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No need even for that.  Every microwave oven is a Faraday Cage.  It has to be, both to emit and to contain the microwave radiation being used.  Pop your cellphone inside a dead microwave and it's protected from sending, receiving, and also from an EMP pulse if you get so much as a one-minute warning.

Of course, don't turn the microwave on while the cell phone is inside.  Best to use the old one you took out of the kid's college dorm and have sitting in the garage unplugged.  Especially if the problem is an EMP or solar flare.

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