Mysterious Booms Across Pennsylvania Triggers FBI Investigation

For the past month, residents in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, have been reporting mysterious booms overnight. However, nobody — not even local authorities — can explain.

Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrived in Upper Bucks and Lehigh Counties to investigate the nighttime explosions. Springfield Township police say that multiple earth-shaking booms occurred as recent as 4 a.m. on Tuesday, according to KYW-TV.

While federal authorities are circling the region in search of the source, everyone is puzzled at what is causing the explosions.

“I thought that somebody was making a tunnel or space junk fell out of the sky,” said Susan Crompton, who lives in Haycock Township.

“From poachers, gunfire, to explosions to a sonic boom,” said Jerry Hertz of the mysterious sound.

KYW-TV said there had been no shortage of theories among residents, but still, no clear answer of the cause.

“It’s a rumble, it actually like rumbles the ground like an earthquake would happen but with a loud like boom,” Crompton added.

“I’ve been in the military, I’ve got experience with explosives, I was a Navy diver and was definitely not a gunshot,” Hertz said.

Mysterious Booms, House-Rattling Sounds In Pennsylvania Under Investigation By FBI

Since early April, local law enforcement agencies have noticed that all reported booms have taken place between the 2 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

Crompton and her daughter have heard the booms twice, indicating that it felt like an explosion, as it shook her house.

“It is imperative that we get the information as soon as possible in order to track these events,” said police.

What is even more perplexing, is that another explosion was reported on early Sunday morning in Nockamixon Township. Resident Nick Zangli told the Bucks County Herald “it was one hell of an explosion,” who lives down the street from a 4-foot wide by 1-foot deep cavity, which he alleges opened up after the blast.

Zangli said there was “nothing in the hole, which was filled with water because of heavy rain over the weekend.” Law enforcement came out Monday to investigate the sinkhole but did not respond to any media requests.

Mysterious booms are not just limited to Pennsylvania. There are local media reports from all across America of booms rocking towns from coast to coast. While officials have zero answers to provide their citizens, it is hard to prepare for an event if it is not yet identifiable. Mother nature is knocking and something does not seem right. Have you prepared? 


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We've had a couple BOOMS in WV in the last month too. .. Big ones.

If the Deep State Burrowing Moles have brought in the FBI to take over, spin and smother the reports and investigation you KNOW for sure that some heavy weight entity is doing something completely fucked-up and nefarious.

The stupid sheeple with eat any bogus story the FBI spoon feeds them.

There might be a 60 second sound bite about the story on CNN geared for idiots.

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There are already at least seven subterranean levels at Fort Meade.

You can't fit 30,000 employees in that big black cube above ground without gluing them together which makes bathroom breaks a bitch.

It takes a lot of techs and space to spy on everyone 24/7 even with super computers and cloud storage. .. (Not to mention on site luxury digs for the 8200 boys and their house keeping staff.)

Who Watches The Watchers? - Just Go Ahead And Guess!

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These explosions have been heard, and reported for the last 100 years. They are collapsing mine shafts of old coal mines. I have even heard and felt them here in Virginia. When the oil industry stops pressurizing the east coast fields the old bores will fill up with methane as the water drains out. They are interconnected for hundreds of miles. One spark, and boom if they can get enough oxygen. The oil industry has never told anyone that we are sitting on a bomb. That piece of information must have gotten lost with their climate change data?

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I live in Pennsylvania, but then again I'm not scared little animals like you all. Maybe you little animals should be scared of the booms because they are the Seneca guns. Indians are about to kill you all.

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You’ll get over it banana eater.


Speaking of 0 value what do you have to offer other than lame duck excuses for why you’re a leech? 


You’re not a brother of mine, you’re not a member of my lodge. Who are you? When does a street urchin gain the right to determine the status of a degree’d Mason? Is your lifestyle even legal, or are you just faking the funk and fronting like a girl trying to attract a mate?


Getting tired of people misrepresenting themselves to take advantage of a situation they should have no say in.

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