BLM-Cheerleader Accuses Police Officer Of Sexual Assault, Body Cam Footage Proves Otherwise

Submitted by Matt P. of The Political Insider,

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is something of a male Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter leader who was exposed for lying about being black. He too has been caught lying about being black, as his birth certificate lists two white parents - which King explained away by claiming that he doesn't know who his real father is (which begs the question as to why he thought he was black). Dolezal's lies have all-but ruined her life, but King remains a prominent activist with millions of followers who believe everything he says.

King has lied about a lot over the years. He rose to prominence as a columnist for the New York Daily News, writing a notable column following the Michael Brown shooting, in which he, a man with no forensics experience whatsoever, analyzed the scene where Michael Brown was shot. He concluded that the officer who shot Brown was in no danger. Every other forensic analysis (i.e. the kind admissible in court) disagreed.

In a self-help book King authored, he recounts when he was the victim of a hate crime by a racist mob of "self-described rednecks," leaving him a "bloody mess on the floor" and "physically ruined." Police reports and witness statements describe King's wounds as minor and say the fight was mano-a-mano between King and another man over a girl. King turned a lost fight into a fake hate crime.

And this week, decades later, King would lie about another hate crime.

As the Daily Caller reported:

Shaun King accused a Texas state trooper of assaulting a woman and threatening to shoot her black fiancé before a body camera video released Wednesday contradicted those claims.

Lawyer S. Lee Merritt found evidence showing a police officer assaulting Sherita Dixon-Cole during a May 20 traffic stop, King told his Twitter followers in a May 20 tweet. King then claimed Officer Daniel Hubbard threatened to shoot the woman’s fiancé.

However, the video found no evidence to support the allegations, Texas’ Department of Public Safety  said and provided the video to the Ellis County District Attorney’s Office. Merritt, the attorney for Dixon-Cole, accepted the findings and said Hubbard “should be cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Watch the video below:

And compare that to King's hysterical social media postings beforehand:

Over 80,000 people shared his lie on Facebook before he removed his post.

After the bodycam footage was released, King addressed the new reality, publishing an essay outsourcing all the blame to Sherita Dixon Cole. Nowhere in the essay do we hear the words "sorry" to the officer that King accused of sexual assault and kidnapping, which resulted in an internet mob harassing the officer and his family.

Shaun King won't face any repercussions for this among his following of sheep - but when it comes to false sexual assault accusations, the courts would certainly see things differently if King gets himself sued over this. At least one attorney has offered his services pro-bono.

Let's hope Officer Hubbard takes him up on that offer.


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JoseyWalesTheOutlaw: Niggers fuk up everything they touch. You don't have to like it but it is documented for you. 

Mr. Wales, I understand that you’re new here meaning you have some catching up ‘enlightenment’ to do.

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2. Not re-repatriating all the freed slaves back to Africa (like Lincoln wanted to)

3. 1965 Hart-celler immigration act that opened up US immigration beyond Europe (driven by LIB's in congress like Ted Kennedy)


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The “vile” man you criticize makes an apt point, there seems to be a bit of a steep learning curve in the black community. It’s odd to most objective people that given the same allocation of resources in a comparison with say Africa to Asia, the difference is night and day. And yet on a daily basis in our new robust inclusive multicultural society we are told on a daily basis how much white people suck and how amazing and UNracist black people are. White men have been so emasculated and brainwashed as to hate themselves presenting us with mutations of the human genome like Talcom X. One thing the Marxist Social Justice movement has done has emboldened Old racists and created millions more but then again maybe that was the point. One need only take a cursory look at the ethno state of Israel, devoid of multiculturalism but dual citizen Israelis promoting multiculturalism in the west as a “new inclusive way forward.” Someone is taking great pleasure with the destruction of the social fabric of the US.

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Pointing out inconsistencies is fair.  I do the same, but with more hyperbole. I mean it and yet I don't.  Broadly speaking, yes I do mean it.  But, I take people on an individual basis.  And as once a leftist, dare I say progressive, it's the shitting on and blaming whites for everything under the sun, and the insidious genocide that opened my eyes to the error of my ways. 

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