Drug Companies Want To Use The State To Shut Down The Competition

Authored by Hunter Lewis via The Mises Institute,

Blue jeans have more in common with drugs than you might think.

One of the more consequential episodes in the history of crony capitalism occurred in 17th and 18th century France. Cheap clothing made from cotton was threatening the rich woolen, linen, and silk manufacturers, so they persuaded the government to ban it. In short order, government agents began spying into homes and coaches and reporting on anyone who dared to wear the new fabric. Thousands of violators of the ban were rounded up and either sent to prison or to ships as galley slaves, which was a death sentence.

In Britain, the same manufacturers demanded a similar ban from the King, but were turned down. As a direct result, Britain launched its industrial revolution by making cheap cotton clothing for the world, and began to get rich, while France stagnated economically.

If France had not banned cotton, and had not fallen so far behind Britain economically, Napoleon might have had the money to build a huge fleet and successfully invade Britain. European and world history might have turned out quite differently.

It is easy to recognize and mock the absurdities of crony capitalism in the past, but not always easy to spot it today.

For example, we have a replay of the cotton story in contemporary American medicine.

It is increasingly recognized that food, supplements, and lifestyle changes are the most potent medicines. But this represents a threat to drug companies, oncologists, and surgeons, and they have enlisted the power of the government to protect their interests.

It is illegal to claim that any substance, even a food, not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can cure, control, or even prevent an illness. But approval costs many billions of dollars, so with few exceptions only new to nature molecules, that is, patentable drugs, can be approved. A producer of food or supplements who violates this law will be threatened with massive fines and long jail terms.

In recent years, both walnut and cherry growers have been threatened by the FDA because they dared to share university research that their product had specific health benefits. Other producers have been convicted and put away for decades.

Meanwhile the protected drug and surgery interests charge more and more for products that may do as much harm as good, as you can read in the manufacturer’s own fine print. And the cost of this government protected monopoly, created under the guise of “protecting the public,” puts a lid on both job creation and employee raises while swelling horrific government deficits.

Nor is it only the federal government. State governments are also allied with entrenched medical interests. For example, it is against the law in California for doctors to treat cancer using anything other than drugs, radiation, or surgery. The federal government protects drug companies making vaccines free from any legal liability for harm to children, but California also mandates that any child attending public or private school must have had the full schedule of vaccinations. There is even a bill pending there that would gag free speech about vaccines. No wonder drug companies regard vaccines as one of their most promising profit making opportunities.

Like cotton clothing manufacture in centuries past, what might be called natural medicine could be an enormous new American growth industry. Customer interest is so strong, the industry has grown, albeit slowly, despite being legally throttled. There is however little or no prospect that other countries will take the lead, because their governments are even better controlled by bureaucrats allied with medical special interests.

Meanwhile it is still very difficult to educate the public because of the legal barriers. Even President Trump’s White House physician does not know that a score of 20 on a vitamin D test is extremely unhealthy. He reported that the president had passed all his tests with flying colors. A physician trained in natural medicine could set him straight, but he would then no doubt be targeted by his state medical board.


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But we're going to get this unicorn good government any day now.  We just need the right leader, the right person pulling all the levers of power, and everything will work out great.  Hell Trump has convinced so many retards that he's saving the country.  Nothing has changed.  Nothing will change.  Trump is just another big government egomaniac that thinks he knows how people's lives should be run.

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This article reminds me of several things but I want to highlight four, for matter of simplicity:

Alternative Medicine has been used for over 3 thousand years, Ayurveda is a great example.

Second is Tom Brady Is Drowning In His Own Pseudoscience.

Third are hospitals having plenty of beds because of vaccinations. Before vaccinations every pandemic would overwhelm these hospitals in matter of hours.

Fourth, big-pharma more than double the longevity compared to alternative medicine. The world average in 1900 was 31. Now it’s 71.5.


And I could go on artificial insemination where women that could not get pregnant found themselves having multiple babies and calling that a miracle from god when in fact god had nothing to do with.

Anyway, can alternative medicine accomplish that? Or any other type of cure?

If they can there are plenty of sick people in hospitals, so just bring their cure with their phone and put it on the YouTube as a prove that their cure works.


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I coordinate business meetings for a living.  In the past couple of years, I've been doing a lot of pharma events.  Like 6-figures per year, just for my fees.

Man, does Big Pharma love Trump.  They've been going on and on about how his Administration is following their lobbying script to the letter, giving them every last thing on their checklist. 

They laughed last year about the talk of repeal and replace, openly saying they knew the GOP had no plan nor the desire to do anything that would reduce the skyrocketing profit environment for pharma, devices and clinical care.

They laughed about his recent talk of easing up the generics sector; they've got him in the bag and Congress too.  They know exactly how much bang they get for how many bucks.

So I'm a little conflicted.  These fuckers are poisoning us, bankrupting us, and filling my wallet.  What to do, what to do.  

I guess I'll do what all the rest of us are doing.  Make hay while the sun shines, and know that the US healthcare finance system is going to collapse utterly in the next financial crisis, which is overdue, leading to opening up Medicare to all Americans.  And then I'll have to find another booming industry looking to have flashy business meetings.  Maybe military.

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better living through chemistry...leads to the use of more chemistry!!


been on homeopathics and essential oils for nearly three decades...my kids were not vaccinated and have only needed antibiotics once each in their lifetimes (15-20 y/o)


so...anyone believing ANY gubmint alphabet soup agency statement has already been subjected to the 'human-conditioning' experiment...



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"Pathological liars, thieves, murderers, all wrapped up in fascist's judiciary robes."

Behind the scenes, corporations & wealthy have gradually purchased democracy, labeled as "trickle down" to the public, put Fascist (Federalist) judges in the SCOTUS and we now recognize bribery as "Free speech" ("Money is free speech" - Antonin Scalia)

As long as enough American voters are so easily misdirected with this rage via mass propaganda, it only gets worse.


The Flavor du Jour - "Deep state", any attempt by the last standing proponents of Democracy are now labelled "Deep state" by propagandist outlets  like Fox News.



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" I'm not sure what the point of this article is.  Should I stop wearing cotton? "

It's an example but everything in our society operates like this now to some extent. 

Medicine, Banking, Food production, personal protection, even news and information is now becoming a government protected cartel where only "approved" sources are deemed acceptable and any competition will be crushed by legal, economic or actual violence.

One common thread in all of this is government secrecy.  That provides the ability for corruption and regulatory capture to take hold and spread like a cancer. 

If the people in gov are truly our servants they have no legitimate right to operating in secret in their jobs.  Everything they do should be transparent and subject to review by their "boss" - the citizens.  Fixing that would eliminate the majority of our problems.

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I keep telling people but no one wants to hear it because it goes against their cult programming.  Once you accept involuntary coercive government you have rejected all principles.  Saying you support democracy (and it is always implied that no one should be able to escape) is no different than saying violence against and theft from peaceful people is okay as long as it's popular.  All bets are off.  Anything can and will happen.  All kinds of evil and stupidity are popular.  It doesn't make them right.  If you want to live in a peaceful, prosperous, and most importantly moral society, you must respect property and reject the state.

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you . . . then you win."

Before 1920, the PTB in New York and Washington ignored most of rural and non-coastal America.  In my mother's generation, they instituted a concentrated campaign to humiliate and ridicule the peasants, combined with public school programs to re-educate those who were willing to drink the Kool-Aid into good, willing Servants of Industry (my parents, lock stock and barrel). Now they are actively fighting against the aroused common people of the hinterlands; struggling to keep them under control.

We may not win in my lifetime -- I'm getting up there.  But my brother's children will see victory.

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Diabetes is a huge money maker for the medical industry and big pharma - regular office visits and lifetime drug prescriptions. Seems to make sense why diets, that lead to diabetes, can be paid for with food stamps.

Also it's easier to control a population that is sick, broke, and ignorant.

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 Yep its the horrible truth so nasty we will do any kinda mental gymnastics to avoid facing it. Because it might actually completely destroy the world as we know it.

 Funny thing about that is the world as we know it aint worth saving. From its ashes we might be able to make something much better.

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Healthful living should be shut down if it interferes with profits.  Folks, so what if you're dying of a terrible disease!  The real tragedy would be if a pharmaceutical CEO, like (((Craig Landau))) for instance, had to buy a yacht that was a few feet shorter than what he really wanted this year.

You goyim just don't know how hard life is for pharmaceutical executives and owners.  You people just disgust me!

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The federal government protects drug companies making vaccines free from any legal liability for harm to children

This is true but incomplete.  Vaccines are taxed, and the vaccine tax funds the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.  Instead of civil actions in ordinary federal district court, there is a special vaccine injury program in the United States Court of Federal Claims.  If there is a vaccine injury, the family is compensated from the Trust Fund.