"Why I'm Leaving Marquette University"

Authored by Zachary Petrizzo, first published on Campus Reform,

I am leaving Marquette University due to the rampant political bias on campus and the school’s growing separation from the Catholic Church.

When I made the decision to attend college, I wanted to be a part of a community of learners that pushed boundaries, yet still held the values of the Catholic Church in high regard. I applied to many types of schools—East and West coast, large and small, with many in the middle.

One component I always returned to was the idea of faith being the cornerstone of the institution, because it is something I wanted to incorporate into my higher education experience. I remember sharing this idea many times with my parents and knowing that it was my calling to continue to be at an institution that held the same values as I.

Marquette University would be something new for me—a new adventure in a new state. It is a Jesuit and Catholic institution, which was one of the largest factors that prompted me to accept the opportunity to enroll.

After one year at the institution, however, I have discovered that Marquette is anything but a Jesuit and Catholic university. There is no acceptance of conservative thoughts, let alone “diversity of thought,” and opinions that I support are frequently shut down in the classrooms. 

I remember vividly a Comparative Politics class during which I mentioned that I found merit to the idea of building a border wall, only to be verbally rebuked by the professor for my opinion.

At one point, several professors hung Planned Parenthood signs on their office doors, yet the same administrators who are always quick to warn students against “microaggressions” still have not even issued a statement affirming the school’s pro-life values. 

Dr. Ed de St. Aubin, a psychology professor at Marquette, perhaps put it best when he told The College Fix that “We are not a seminary.” 

This is exactly what is wrong with the institution in my opinion. Putting our faith and heritage in a box and saying it can only be practiced in this setting. Our faith should be intertwined in each class and throughout daily life at the university.

The firing of Dr. John McAdams has also inspired a great amount of concern among conservative students and professors, as it has shown that speaking one’s mind, at least when it doesn’t involve pandering to leftist ideas, can lead not only to the typical accusations of racism and bigotry, but can even jeopardize one’s very livelihood. 

In McAdams’ case, he was put on indefinite suspension and told to issue a formal apology after he wrote a post on his personal blog reporting that a graduate student instructor had forbidden students from discussing gay marriage in class because it would be “homophobic” for someone to express opposition to the concept.

I spoke out against the university in a video produced by the law firm representing McAdams, the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty, pointing out the hypocrisy of ignoring professors who hang Planned Parenthood signs and bash the Catholic Church yet punishing a professor simply for revealing another instructor’s efforts to silence criticism of gay marriage.

Although I was never called out directly for the post, university officials would thereafter ignore my presence and avoid me even when I would encounter them on campus and offer a polite greeting.

Prior to that, I would frequently take opportunities to meet with university officials, including President Lovell and others. I found it important to share my thoughts about the direction the university should pursue, but I frequently found that administrators were more inclined to be obstructionist toward conservative students who wished to organize on campus. 

Two policies that were put into effect in the past month, for instance, undermine the core values of the institution. 

The new graduation requirement cuts the required English and Theology classes from two down to one, while the Theology classes no longer focus on doctrine of the Church, but rather on contemporary social justice causes in Milwaukee. 

Moreover, the new student organization policy sent down by the office of Student Affairs looks to mandate a faculty advisor for each student organization on campus, which many conservative organizations believe is an underhanded way of silencing them, now that they have been put on notice—With the firing of Dr. McAdams, many professors have expressed privately to me their worries about speaking or putting their name on anything that has a conservative bent.

In December, I became Chairman of the Marquette University College Republicans and an Advisor to Marquette for Life, the pro life organization on campus, but I quickly found that this just made me a target.

From that point on, I hated going to class; students would yell “warnings” to others in the hallways, shouting “trigger warning” among other names. Simply because I disagreed with them? I suppose so.

I vividly recall a situation back in March, when two students approached me on a sidewalk and warned me that if I ever entered the Intercultural Center, I—and my family—would be “hunted down."

These incidents were all reported to the university police department after speaking to my parents about the confrontation, but to no avail.

In May of 2018 I would decide to not return to Marquette, and decision I addressed in an open letter to the administration.

Currently, I am seeking admissions to universities in the Washington D.C. area while interning at National Electrical Contractors Association this summer. 


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The goal of Catholics and Jesuits is:

To worship idols, to encourage idolatry (including human worship of an infallible pope) in order to violate covenant with God

To redistribute wealth in order to violate the sanctity of property, trading communism and confiscation for the covenant wealth and jubilee forgiveness of the Bible

To foster sexual deviancy

To enslave to debt, via suggestive materialism and outright sensual carnality - all that marble and oak

To proliferate satanic worship

To use the Bible as bait to draw in the desperate many, then shackle them with burdens of sin, not adhering to very many biblical principles at all

To display the seemliness of piety so as to deceive the masses




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The Trilateral Commission didn’t care about education. They were worried about excess of democracy by the private interest, meaning the general population, especially the young.

Business, liberal intelligentsia, and conservative ‘private tyranny’ hate the 60’s, because the young start asking question. Challenging the system.   


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Your second paragraph contradicts your fourth paragraph, because for you to acquire wealth someone must do the hard work for you, and someone must go in debt or to acquire your goods.

Does your first paragraph means that you don’t believe on the Trinity?

Slave with debt has nothing to do with religion and even less with Catholics but more to do with industrialization and capitalism that gave the opportunity to us to live beyond our wildest dream.

Is there any Christian believe that doesn’t use the bible? The interesting question to ask, in my opinion, is why that anybody believes it? Well, I know why people believe on the bible but I haven’t found any believers that know why that they believe.

“….shackle them with burdens of sin”. Says who? Peter? Mathew?

Also, didn’t Christ die for our sins? If that burden bothers you, it doesn’t fit you that case you should consider becomes a Jew, because the Jews don’t carry that burden, I was told.


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The goal of the Roman Catholic empire is despotism by all means. They brought the Dark Age down on an enlightened population by warring on civilians and withholding information & education like it was a State secret. The Irish Catholic church was their enemy and predated the Roman church by at least 300 years, probably > 2500 years. Until destroyed by the Roman church and their agents, Irish Catholic churches were centers for education. Life skills were taught there. Learn about Charlemagne. The Irish church pulled Europe out of the Roman darkness and for this were punished, just like the czars. It's not over yet. The clowns are trying to push us back into abject, ant-like servitude. "Post-Industrial"? WAKE UP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xqab53rjaM

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leftists have murdered literally millions of black babies in the past 30 years in the interest of economic justice? how has that plan worked out?

so how does fighting for gay rights and abortion factor into your poor and oppressed?

research proves the surest way toward financial advancement is having children within the confines of a traditionally structured  M/F marriage. you would think an institution built on traditional catholic values would acknowledge that. there are no shortages of progressive liberal arts colleges available for those with opposing views.

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You're full of crap. I went to a Jesuit high school in Dallas and was molested by a catholic Priest. I should have cashed in and made millions as many others did. Unfortunately I did not, though I successfully forced the resignation/retirement of this predator through threat of legal action some 20 years later.  I went to a Jesuit College later in New Orleans , and though it was a good experience socially, there was nothing "catholic" or "Christian" about it. Georgetown is Jesuit, so they say. When I went to Catholic University law School in Washington in the 1980's, I studied a lot at Georgetown law School, as I lived near the Capitol. At that time their student enrollment was 80% Jewish. Nothing "Catholic" about it. As far as the Jesuits go, many believe there is nothing "Catholic" about the Jesuits-or Christian for that matter.  The bottom line is don't waste your money on "Catholic" education as I did and also did with my 4 kids. They spend more time reading Ellie Weisel's Night, the diary of Anne Frank and going to mandatory holocaust museums than they do teaching kids about the Gospels of Jesus Christ. 

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Save the clichés to yourself because life is much more complicated than that.

Aside that private school doesn’t have the same social issues public schools have to deal with, and that private education, especially religion schools that left Savyindallas brainwashed in the service of an ideology of power, in this case religion, is even more indoctrinating than public education, below is the math and reading comparison by National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP):


In grades 4 and 8 for both reading and mathematics, students in private schools achieved at higher levels than students in public schools. The average difference in school means ranged from almost 8 points for grade 4 mathematics, to about 18 points for grade 8 reading. The average differences were all statistically significant. Adjusting the comparisons for student characteristics resulted in reductions in all four average differences of approximately 11 to 14 points. Based on adjusted school means, the average for public schools was significantly higher than the average for private schools for grade 4 mathematics, while the average for private schools was significantly higher than the average for public schools for grade 8 reading. The average differences in adjusted school means for both grade 4 reading and grade 8 mathematics were not significantly different from zero.

Comparisons were also carried out with subsets of private schools categorized by sectarian affiliation. After adjusting for student characteristics, raw score average differences were reduced by about 11 to 15 points. In grade 4, Catholic and Lutheran schools were each compared to public schools. For both reading and mathematics, the results were generally similar to those based on all private schools. In grade 8, Catholic, Lutheran, and Conservative Christian schools were each compared to public schools. For Catholic and Lutheran schools for both reading and mathematics, the results were again similar to those based on all private schools. For Conservative Christian schools, the average adjusted school mean in reading was not significantly different from that of public schools. In mathematics, the average adjusted school mean for Conservative Christian schools was significantly lower than that of public schools.



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Another example of why Catholic people are conspicuously absent from their church services every Sunday in most of the Western world. They have a Pope who makes up the doctrine of his religion to suit his political agenda, disregarding thousands of years of Church history and thought. They have supposedly Catholic Universities that invite abortionists to address their graduates (obama at Notre Dame) and professors who support abortion in the classrooms, all the while as the Church leads the fight against the murder of the innocent unborn and the parishioners give money to support these centers of heresy. They have an army of homosexuals serving as Priests in their churches even though the Bible lists something like 70 different passages stating that homosexual acts are an abomination against the God they believe in. Top make matters worse, their are instances over and over through many years of Priests molesting children, almost all involving some homo Priest buttfucking some little boy.

After a while, the church-goers have to feel like they are in the twilight zone or something.  Its no wonder they turn away from a church that seemingly has been taken over by the same kind of evil hypocrites that the Jesus who founded the Christian religions spent his short life fighting against.

And the worst part is that there does not seem to be any urgency at the highest levels in Rome to reverse course on any of these sickening situations. Which means the sewer that the Catholic church has become will die before it makes the changes it needs to restore its validity as a moral compass to society. 

I feel sorry for the Catholics, they have no clue what the hell is going on in their own church., They continue to turn their backs on and withhold their money from this den of evil based in Rome, but they are left at the end of the day lost in a spiritual wilderness, having trouble understanding how a God who they truly believe exists could allow the religion they identify with become so much more concerned with the sinner than with the faithful, so much more aligned with pleasing their opponents than in siding with their believers. 

The Catholic Church had better get its ducks in order, or it will cease to exist in short order. 

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Very well put.

 I sent my daughters to a RC school as it was close and the teachers were good.

 The priest controlling the church was a very good man. In no way did I consider the dictates of Rome in my want of a decent school for my chilluns.

 It is dead and gone as of ten years ago, but it was fairly good while it lasted. Sorry, I couldn't put the protestant urchins in a public screwell. Besides, there was a better class of children that came from the RC parents that paid up for what the tiny RC school could offer. (non church members paid about 80% more than parishioners.)

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The Catholic Church will be here when Saint Gabriel blows his horn, the gates of hell shall never prevail against Her.  The modernists have had their party and their party is just about over because chastisement's a comin' but the real Catholic Church still exists and is growing rapidly, it's the tradtional Catholic faith centered around the Traditional Latin Mass.

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On the contrary, the Rothschild's Bank for International Settlements has always been the Vatican bank and utterly corrupt. The position of  "Pope" has always been a ruse; the Pope is a "king"; there is no significant difference between him and the other "royals", he's simply using religion to manipulate the public while amassing wealth and power for his group of hypocrites [aside from the pedophiles however, many priests and nuns have been deeply dedicated and sincere]. The Jesuits are Chabad Jews still smarting from the Spanish Inquisition.... It's simply that everything; literally everything, is becoming increasingly blatant. The Global Central Banks, virtually all banks, are simply run openly by criminals who are regularly exposed publicly but never held to account; they are openly rewarded for their criminality. The "government" is wall-to-wall corruption in collusion with large corporations who are also openly corrupt. When the CONgress, the banks, the fake Supreme Court and the rest of the political class, the military and police are all "above the law" and accountable to no one, there is no law. There is no Republic. All of our institutions have been gutted and, as you point out correctly, the most current fake "Pope/King" is strictly a Rothschild/New World Order appointee. They see they can do as they like and the Sheeple continue to graze; uncomfortably and grumpily no doubt, but grazing nonetheless.

At our apartment, the management recently ordered everyone to replace light fixtures with awful LED lights, our apartments are "inspected" every 90 days. First our water was metered, then our fixtures were also replaced with low-flow filters [which, like the low-flow toilets are a disaster because they actually use more water than standard toilets... fully demonstrating how phony this is] It's all nonsense...like the fake "global climate change/warming propaganda]..... Agenda 21/2020 are moving at warp speed right here in Ameridumb. Dangerous and intrusive "Smart meters" are next on the agenda as the Globalists close in on our "footprint" so they can begin dictating our personal allotment for energy use limitations. It's good to be old....I have no desire to see any more of what is coming if the Sheeple don't defend themselves.

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