Iran's Demands: Europe Must Guarantee It Will Buy Iranian Oil... Or Else

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via,

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has issued five demands to the European Union (EU)—including Europe guaranteeing Iran’s oil will be completely sold—that European leaders could find quite difficult to meet.

“Iran will resume halted nuclear activities if Europe fails to provide guarantees,” Ayatollah Khamenei said, a week after the EU said that it would act to protect the interests of EU companies investing in Iran as part of the European bloc’s continued commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

After the U.S. withdrew from the deal, the EU, China, and Russia are trying to salvage the deal, and their diplomats are expected to meet with Iranian counterparts for talks in Vienna on Friday.

Ahead of those talks, Iran’s Supreme Leader stated his demands:

1. “The US has rejected the Resolution 2231 [the UN resolution endorsing the Iran nuclear deal]; Europe needs to issue a resolution against the US’s violation of it.”

2. “Europe must promise not to raise the issues of missiles and regional affairs of the Islamic Republic.”

3. “Europe must encounter any sanction against the Islamic Republic and explicitly stand to US’s sanctions.”

4. “Europe must guarantee that Iran’s oil will be completely sold. If the US can damage the sale of our oil, we must be able to sell as much oil as we want. Europeans must guarantee that they compensate for the loss, and that they buy Iran’s oil.”

5. “European banks must guarantee transactions with the Islamic Republic. We have no conflicts with regard to these three countries; but we do not trust them, based on previous experience.”

According to Eurasia Group analyst Henry Rome who spoke to CNBC, Khamenei’s demands should not be taken as the final position, because he is known to have changed his mind in the past.



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The US is not helping Iran craft anything right now. All the present Trump administration can think of to control Iran and its oil is military action by stepping up escalation efforts mainly through Israel in their unjust war and illegal presence in Syria. Failing to encite retaliation from the Syrians or the Russians from these efforts to justify invasions to secure a lasting fragmentation of the Syrian nation, their diplomacy will likely culminate in another false flag attack blaming Iran for the deed. That is the depth of their strategy - petulant and brute military force. Meanwhile, Iran is telling the US to GFY, and Europe if it wants Iranian oil that they will have to give some better guarantees in their business dealings than what they have received from deal-breaking USA - which is run by crooks and thugs and remains unable to put its own corrupt and decadent house in order, let alone deal honestly, fairly, and in a reliable manner with other nations of the world. 

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I am not a historic academic. I doubt proof positive could be provided.  I am sure only estimates can be provided due to a lack of accurate record keeping in the middle ages. Having witnessed the last few decades of Islamic aggression, I see no reason to try and counter that claim.

You can quite easily find that information, if you choose to look however.

I have never been to Israel and cannot account for its climate, however if you wish to know...

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North Korea does not exist due to Jews. It exists due to the adoption of communism. And it beats the wars drums regularly and has for decades.

Same goes for Iran. Jews did not create Islam, nor does it force Iran to almost weekly threaten Israel with its annihilation. Or forces Iran to arm rebels throughout the region and the world.

I am sure it bodes well for someone with a limited IQ, to blame all the world's issues on a single source but's simply not factual.

I am not Jewish but can at least acknowledge that Jews have contributed more to the advancement of mankind than Communism or Islam. Nor can I or would I blame banking cartels solely on Jews. That is absurd. The fact is Jews have a higher than average IQ than most other races which accounts for their success over their counterparts in percentage of world population.

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a few "jews" were smart enough to figure out the "money system" and evil enough to use it for their own nefarious desires regardless of others, including many other "jews"...


e.g. world jewish congress declares war on germany (1933) by calling for a worldwide boycott against germany before any persecutions of jews in germany had taken place and against the wishes of prominent jews (einstein) who knew it would backfire on the jews who remained in germany...

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Per your reasoning. All British support Jack the Rippers actions. A handful of people from a cult does not represent the entire cult. Unless of course they are spouting the cult ideology while conducting said action(s). Like Islam for instance. You blame 15-16 million Jews for a small percentage of cults representatives and their actions. Nor do you seem to understand that there are many bankers who are not Jews. So what is their ideological objective? Beyond the obvious making tons on money and keeping it for themselves.

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Well typed straight from the jew supremacist snake pits of be'er sheva, or just maybe NYC. Always the jew supremacist terrorist enabler.

Come on, we all know the jews control the largest share of world media & publishing concerns and your seriously going to hand us that jew contrived list of nobel prize recipients? Just as jeweywood selected and pushed their own jew stars so are the nobel prizes squandered. 

We all know that einstein was a plagiarizing blathering politicized jew supremacist, that didn't come close to comparing to Tesla. 

You jews push your propaganda, but it is being exposed daily for the LIES it has always been.

Lets see, hmm jew supremacist benefits offered to the world:

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

70 a.d. uprising- resulting in one of your biggest insulting losses

Removed from over 109 jurisdictions due to you're incessant ethnocentric duplicity, religious perversions and usuristic practices.

The instigator & provocateurs of the war of 1812, highly involved in the U.S. Civil war, the instigators and deliberate causers of both jew war I & jew war II, all resulting in the heartrending sorrowful deaths of over 100,000,000 goyim.

The list is unfathomable of the murderous destructive and economically destitute practices of the jew supremacists.

Sounds like you may need some new credible sources:

"One Nation Under Israel" Andrew Hurley

"The Bad War" M.S. King

"The jews and Moral Subversion" E. Michael Jones

"Against Our Better Judgement" Allison Weir

"The Day Amazon Murdered History" Germar Rudolf

"Did Six Million Really Die? Truth At Last" 

"They Dare To Speak Out" Paul Findley

"The ACLU vs America" Alan Sears & Craig Osten

"The Host & The Parasite" Greg Felton

"It's The Jews Stupid! Revisited" R. Vincent Bert

"The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit" E. Michael Jones

" MegaCaust" Mike Walsh

And, Drum roll please...... "Mein Kampf" Adolf Hitler

Many Many Many More titles are easily obtained that expose to the world the ongoing deep seated hatred that jew supremacists have for God, and all of humanity.  


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"We all know that einstein was a plagiarizing blathering politicized jew supremacist"

You pretty much confirmed your IQ with that idiotic statement.

Tell you what however here is a list of inventions by Jews. Feel free not to use any of them due to your objections of the cult. I will do the same of…


By the way I am an atheist and never had any interaction with any Jews other than my dentist.  

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Granted SNS, both judaism/talmudism & islam are self murderous duplicitous monstrosities posing as religion.

But it gives no right to either one to slaughter & hate each other. or for either of them to instigate wars between the white euro-centric nations as has been the case for many, many, many centuries.

The Euro/West Christians tried to deal with both by pushing them away, but at times in history the crimes of both judaism & islam has went too far and action more than pushing back was put in place. However, those efforts failed and the jew supremacists were let back in and we are reaping the destructive & murderous consequences.

Vote "Patrick Little" in California June 5th

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The ideology of the U.S. is not to blame for every war it has been in since 1776. Has the U.S. been involved in some nefarious actions, yes to be sure. But overall not anywhere close to the number you post.  Are you including WW1 and WW2? Neither of which the U.S. instigated. And Vietnam was again a war against an ideology (communism)which now only persists in a few countries, China, Cuba and a handful of others. Overall the U.S. (not including the British Empire) has been very tolerant and helpful to the world in large. Helping to create and maintain borders, keeping trade routes open and fighting ideologies like the ones I mentioned that would likely slaughter hundreds of millions if not billions if allowed to go unchecked.

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Its been ran by the jew supremacists that long and see what you get.

Go back to our Constitution, Bill of Rights & States Rights. You will find a True Republic based on the preservation of Individual rights.

G. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and many many others warned against foreign interventions and entanglements.

It is not embedded within the Genesis of this nation nor its peoples to desire to be drug into these bloodbaths, IT IS THE BLOOD THIRSTY JEW SUPREMACISTS-FACT !! 

The jew supremacists have fought Tooth & Nail to destroy that, and to push us into every inconceivable war for their gain and their desired destruction of the goyim.

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Iran is a "deep-state" operative and they are threatening to squeal on the EU and possibly Putin.  The Iranian deal was never signed and was nothing more that a huge bribery operation that has been Trumped!

Otherwise explain why France and Germany went into full panic mode immediately over something neither put their signatures to.

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