Jim Jatras: Forget Kim. It's Time For A Trump-Putin Summit...Now!

Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In the aftermath of US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of his scheduled June 12 summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, the gathering clouds of global conflict are getting thicker and darker:

Korea: The cancellation is a triumph for Trump’s national security team, most if not all of whom were horrified at the prospect of his meeting personally with Kim. (There was no telling what the Big Man might agree to if he met Little Rocket Man face to face. What if Korea actually were denuclearized? There would be no more excuse for keeping American troops on the peninsula! Disaster!)  From the team’s perspective, scuttling the meeting altogether would be the best outcome, but derailing the date and cranking the nasty rhetoric back up will do for now. Talk of a Libyan model, even more than inclusion of B-52s in exercises with South Korea (which Trump reversed), got the job done. Now it’s imperative for the national security establishment to load Trump up with nonnegotiable demands (maybe patterned on Pompeo’s Iran provocation; see below) that Kim would have no choice but to refuse on the chance the summit gets rescheduled through the frantic efforts of South Korea’s Moon Jae-in – and maybe of Trump himself, if he still wants a shot at that Nobel Peace Prize. Pyongyang’s continued willingness to talk will register in Washington as desperation and an invitation for renewed pressure.

Iran: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has delivered to Tehran what only can be deemed an ultimatum. It makes Austria’s 1914 demands on Serbia look mild in comparison. Ultimata are designed to be rejected, “justifying” whatever action the threatening power has already decided upon. Tehran is being told to dismantle its entire regional security presence – or else. The “or else” means initially a campaign of destabilization (assassinations, fomenting domestic unrest, and insurrections by disgruntled ethnic and religious communities; see Syria 2011) or, if that fails, direct military action (see Libya 2011 and Iraq 2003). To trigger the latter look for a false flag or contrived “Iranian attack,” such as a naval incident in the Persian Gulf (see Gulf of Tonkin 1964). Also targeted by the ultimatum are the European countries aghast at US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. In addition to smacking secondary sanctions on our satellites (officially, “allies” and “partners”), the harshness of Pompeo’s terms is designed to spook the Europeans into the vain hope they can restrain a reckless US bent on war by meeting Washington halfway (or three-quarters of the way, or nine-tenths of the way...) in helping to corner Tehran. Watch to see who will crack first: London, Paris, or Berlin?

Syria: Despite Trump’s repeated assertion that he wants to get Americans out of Syria, there is reason to think we are digging in further. This has nothing to do with defeating ISIS. Rather, along with a planned buildup of Saudi and other foreign Sunni troops in the US- and Kurd-controlled zone, the principal target is Iran (see above). US policy in Syria is driven by Israeli and Saudi hostility to Iran, and Pompeo’s list of nonnegotiable demands includes withdrawal of Iranian (and Hezbollah) forces from that country. It is a mystery how the US, whose troop presence in Syria violates international law and probably American domestic law as well, has the right to demand the departure of forces present legally by invitation of the internationally recognized government. Punctuating US determination to confront Iran were new strikes this week against Syrian government forces, while Israel flaunted its first-ever combat use of the US F-35.

Ukraine: The level of fighting on the Donbas line of control has intensified. Meanwhile Kiev forces show off tests of the Javelin antitank missiles they received from the Trump administration, which the Obama administration had earlier declined to provide. Ostensibly intended to deter a Russian attack – in which case they would make little difference – the Javelins could be used in an offensive against Donbas forces (perhaps in concert with an attack on the Kerch bridge connecting mainland Russia to Crimea) followed by a call for insertion of international peacekeepers. Russia considers the FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15 a prime time window for such an assault. A Dutch report assigning blame to – surprise! – Russia for downing MH17 comes at an opportune moment.

Balkans: Prestigious think tanks call for “action” to intensify the same policies that have made a wreck of the Balkans for a quarter of a century. Why? To counter Russian influence, of course! The only shortcoming in US and European policy is that we haven’t been aggressive enough.      

Sitting at the geographic and political junction of these seemingly disparate theaters of active or potential conflict is the US establishment’s entrenched hostility to Russia. Despite the accelerating unraveling of the anti-constitutional plot to dump Trump by elements of the US Deep State (in the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, and elsewhere) together with their British counterparts (MI6 and GCHQ), the effort’s primary policy objective was achieved: President Trump has been blocked from his oft-stated desire to improve ties with Moscow. Addressing the regional issues above – any one of which could reach dangerous crisis proportion at any moment – would be far more feasible with Washington and Moscow working in cooperation instead of at cross-purposes or daggers drawn. But instead, we have a new cold war care of James Clapper, John Brennan, Christopher Steele, Peter Strzok, Stefan Halper, and their ilk – possibly even including Barack Obama.

In some ways this second Cold War is even more dangerous than the first one. The instincts of restraint and prudence that had been built up over decades of confrontation have atrophied. While both the US and Russia still maintain massive nuclear arsenals, new military technology has continued to make rapid progress in such areas as hypersonic weapons and cyber-warfare. Also, while during the first Cold War American and Soviet planners consciously sought to avoid direct contact between their forces in Third World proxy wars, today American and Russian forces come into perilous proximity to one another. Given Washington’s relentless determination to press Moscow to the brink in every theater, the consequences of even an unintended clash are not given the gravity they demand.

It is impossible to know from outside of Trump’s own mind to what extent he has abandoned his pledge to improve relations with Russia (or never meant it in the first place), or whether he might simply be biding his time to make his move. But it is clear what that move must be if there is any possibility of cutting the Gordian knot that binds shut the gate to rapprochement: Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin should meet in a formal and substantive summit at the earliest possible date. A productive understanding between the United States and Russia must start at the top, on the personal level or it will not happen at all.

To that end, recently this analyst joined other activists in posting the following petition on the official White House website:

President Donald Trump should hold early summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Created by J.J. on May 21, 2018

‘Ronald Reagan famously said: “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. The only value in our two nations possessing nuclear weapons is to make sure they will never be used.” Unfortunately, today a new Cold War between the US and Russia again poses an existential threat to the people of both nations and to the whole world. Therefore, we urge President Trump to follow in the steps of Ronald Reagan and to start a direct dialogue with President Putin in search of solid and verified security arrangements. As President Trump said repeatedly “only haters and fools” do not understand that good US- Russia relations are also good for America. By all indications President Putin feels the same way for his country. A summit should be arranged as soon as possible.’

The petition is open for signature until June 20. When signing, use of Gmail is recommended to facilitate registration of your vote.

No one should imagine a White House petition can by itself change the direction of American policy. However, if there are elements on Trump’s team who are not entirely against the idea of a summit, a show of public support may serve to strengthen their case against those opposed.

Most important is a constituency of one: Mr. Trump himself. If Trump was at all willing to hold a summit with Kim because of his handful of nukes, he can certainly do so with the leader of the one country on the planet with enough nuclear weapons to destroy the US.

Obama got his Peace Prize presented to him on a platter simply for getting elected while being black. By contrast, if Trump wants his Peace Prize he’s going to have to work for it. With Kim off his dance card, he’s got plenty of time to take a spin with Putin. 


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How about a summit about how we don't need no stinkin' summits?  MAGA kind of implied focusing on this country instead of the global interests of international corporations and the MIC.  Last time I checked, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc are no threat to America and the only reason to fuck with them is to advance the interests of globalists.

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If our corrupt, out-of-control Deep State is against it; then a Trump-Putin summit is exactly what should happen.  


The Deep State, on the other hand, is 1000Xs more the threat to America's Freedom than Russia is. They have committed Treason/Sedition by attempting to overthrow a Legitimately Elected President.


The only thing protecting them from Justice being done, is the fact that this country doesn't currently have an AG.  And, the fact that our Assistant AG, is one of the Criminals.




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The writer forgot to tell you that Obama’s Nobel Prize had to do with:

1: His speech in Cairo.

2: World’s condemnation of Bush’s policy.

3: Obama decision to remove troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

4: And Sequestration.


Now on Israel: Israel and Russia favor the unification of the Koreas. US doesn’t. Not sure about China. Probably they do too if the US leaves.


Now on the summit: Sounds great but why and how? Here’s the problem for the world: MAGA

To MAGA the US will need to go back in consuming 25% of the world crude oil while having 5% of the world population? Right now US is consuming about 20% of the world crude oil.

Will Trump tell the world which nations or American states which state go with less oil?

You see the logistic problems of forever growth in a planet that doesn’t grow? How about the moral problems?


Simpletons can not grasp that talk is cheap, unless you’re in a church or synagogue, I guess.


Note: Nobel Prizes for US Presidents have more to do with symbolism. The only person in the US that deserves the Noble Peace Prize is Chomsky which he will get postmodern.


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farflungstar Escrava Isaura Sat, 05/26/2018 - 15:30 Permalink

"Simpletons can not grasp that talk is cheap"


True, but you are saying Obama got the Nobel Prize based on his words not his actions. 

They should have taken it back or at least condemned him once his actions proved him to be nothing more than another Bush glossed over with a patina of Kumbaya bullshit.

All you heard about when that guy was president was Muslims, faggots and white people be racist.

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veritas semper… wee-weed up Sat, 05/26/2018 - 12:23 Permalink

A Trump-Putin summit will not solve anything ,as long as US president has no real power, as shown time and again.

Even Mr. Putin said recently that Russia observed that no matter what party  or what president have the power , the policy of the US stays the same.

And ,by the way , what country would trust American promises and treaties ,after the NK and Iran debacles ,and after the long history of broken promises and unhonored treaties? Didn't the Russian say that US is " agreement incapable?".

Waste of time , but it could be entertaining ,like the recent meeting ,at Sochie between Macron and Mr. Putin .(he called him "cher Vladimir" ).

PS: US attacked again the Syrian army ,in support of ISIS(last vestiges in Deir Ezzor) and Nauert just barked threats to Syria if it dares to start liberating the South  ,in Daraa ,near the Israhelli occupied Golan Heights .

Israhell is pressing the US Congress , or better said US Knesset , to recognize the Golan as Israhelli territories . UN ,meanwhile,said the equivalent of a diplomatic FO. Considering how .


for anybody interested , I have two new sites ,one where I post comments(last about the aftermath of Jerusalem move) and one where I post portraits made by me of personalities; I made the portraits of : Lavrov,Putin,Assad,gen . Suheil al Hassan ,gen. Soleimani and Hassan Nasrallah. Plan for more ,like Ahed Tamimi, gen. Zahreddine ,etc



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Saudi Arabia is getting blackmailed by the US to get along with Israel, or else - because the US is being wagged by Israhell in the first place. 

Point in case, a chess championship recently took place in S.A. and the Saudis refused to give 7 Israelis the visas they needed to attend. The joos were furious. So that so-called "getting along" is really THIN.

Saudi's survival depends on US protecting it. The US won't protect it if it doesn't play ball with the true masters of America.

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MoreFreedom LetThemEatRand Sat, 05/26/2018 - 08:55 Permalink

It's the Democrats including Hillary and Obama that first reset relations with Russia, appeased Russia (in Iran, Syria, Ukraine, and the sale of US uranium to Russians), then once Hillary lost all of a sudden Russia was enemy number 1. 

There is no need for a summit with Putin - it will just feed the fake Russian narrative.  It would accomplish nothing because Putin has no intention of doing anything that reduces his power or influence.  It's a waste of Trump's time.

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mark1955 revolla Sat, 05/26/2018 - 06:45 Permalink


FBI I believe to Try and STAGE restaurant mass "shootings" between now and memorial day!


FWIW on the Oklahoma ALLEGED, "Good Guy with a Gun" restaurant shooting!

It was an FBI STAGED Farce, to Try and "Grease the Skids" with the American people psychologically, to more easily accept, the Coming ( Between Now and Memorial day ) FBI Staged, restaurant/shopping mall mass "Shootings" as "Real", to Try and get more Gun Control.


This would be much like the FBI STAGED "Good Guy with a Gun" shooting, by an Illinois School resource officer, of a potential "Mass Shooter", several days before the Santa Fe STAGED False Flag.


The FBI conducts these small shootings before hand, to "Prime The Pump" so to speak of the American peoples psyche before a STAGED False Flag

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Although I usually enjoy articles written by Jim Jatras, he is clearly out to lunch on this one. First of all, Trump doesn't give a shit about the Nobel Prize. It has been rendered irrelevant and worthless ever since the Magic Kneegrow won it for being black. Why would Trump salivate over something that has now diminished to little more than a participation trophy. Secondly, Russia should be the least of our worries. The treasonous Deep State in our country pose a far greater threat to the survival of our Republic than anything else. This is the same Deep State that desperately wants the US involved in a war in Syria to justify an oil pipeline.

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Scipio Africanuz LetThemEatRand Sat, 05/26/2018 - 05:58 Permalink

Now, I hear congress has taken conflict with Iran, off the table, good! Kudos to the US Congress! The summit with Putin can wait, it'll happen eventually of course, but that'll be after the defeat of the enemies of the American Republic, both DINO's (Democrats), and RINO'S (Republicans).

What needs to happen now, is reapproachment with Europe, their support will be required going forward, in restoring US credibility. With a repair of credibility, comes a bigger maneuver space. I hope Secretary Pompeo can overhaul the State Department, to do "robust" DIPLOMACY, the give and take type.

And if Secretary Mattis over at defense, loves the American Republic, he'll be suggesting realistic strategies for "defense", that ends the era of imperium-induced boondoggles, and permits productive investments in the domestic economy.

Over at trade, US representatives need to understand that, we now for all intents and purposes, live in a "multipolar multilateralism" digital new world, and that imperial diktats, will be digitally circumvented. This applies internationally, and domestically, so they need to get with the program.

Over at treasury, Secretary Munchkin needs to understand that the era of banker privilege is over! The finance vigilantes and crypto barbarians, are at the gates, screaming hell, high murder, or fiscal discipline. Innovation will be required going forward!

Over at the White House, razzmatazz, charisma, and bonhomie, will be required arrows in the quiver. The chief occupant of that house, possesses these in spades. Please sir, follow your instincts, and deal, rather than conflict, with the world. As for your domestic enemies, what you do to them, is your prerogative!

Thanks, good luck, and God speed...

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Do you think Trump would be able to get ANYTHING done at home if he did that?

Such a unilateral withdrawal would be absolutely HUMILIATING, and we would be made to FEEL that humiliation by the deep state controlled media. Democrats would be able to run on a platform of "Make America Strong Again", and they would win. Martial strength is a deeply engrained part of our culture, whether or not you want to admit it.

No, it is MUCH better to let our master persuader president do his thing, bring up world peace, and THEN withdraw our troops WITH HONOR.

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The world is pivoting away from the USA domination.  This entire NK episode is meant to expose USA weakness/irrelevance.   Indeed, NK again has met with the S. Korean leader.  Was Trump invited? Nope.

You can continue with the nonsensical rhetoric.  China will continue controlling the Korean situation.

Master negotiator my ass.  USA can't even get a seat at the fucking table.

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Kayman The Billy Blaze Sat, 05/26/2018 - 09:46 Permalink

Billy.... does the blaze come when you light your farts?

More happens behind the scenes than what jabbering crows like you will ever know.

NK met SK because they were told to meet.

Trump, a leader, knows China is the game. You, sadly, don't comprehend.

Trump walked away, leaving an opening that NK and their Chinese masters, jumped into feet first.

So long as Trump is prepared to walk, he will always control the game. 

And he is providing China some bread crumbs.  



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It's not a bad idea at all to have a summit w/ Putin.  But preparation would be important, as there are many issues between us.

But, I think two canny pros like Trump and Putin could work some deals...

WTFUD 38BWD22 Sat, 05/26/2018 - 00:10 Permalink

Canny i believe has a Scottish origin and even they scuppered Trump's plan for another golf-course, despite the thumbs up from the ruling party, SNP.

I see Trump as a 'Grasshopper Minded Fella', who can change direction like the wind, even on a tweet ( from a nobody ) that may get under his hypersensitive skin. The exact opposite of Putin who is consistently consistent in his stance.

In the period of time Trump has talked about a wall, Putin's built a state of the art bridge, linking Crimea to the mainland.

This said, and despite emboldening Bibi's rabid desire for Shiite Blood, i'm content that Trump defeated Hilldebeast, as he's exposed Deep State's utter contempt for the SOVEREIGN.

Still we can see he's even more dangerous than his predecessors, providing John Bolton, a sadistic sociopath, carte blanche over foreign policy matters is not a 'canny' move, a-tall a-tall.

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You probably cant get your head around the problems of being a Head of State anywhere. You have Masters that make side actions and their is little you can do but keep them contained as much as you can. The USA is the same. It Has Owners that have an agenda of self survival. Always has had from the Indian day to today. Russia is No different

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Mentaliusanything 38BWD22 Sat, 05/26/2018 - 05:24 Permalink

Unfortunately, there are some (many) who would view a Trump and Putin meeting to establish common World security grounds as "I told you so" "Trump is a red under your bed" "He aint Orange he is slightly Red"

Why the Hell don't you people understand.. the Owners Of USA do not want a De-escalation because it would mean Peace and that don't pay well. All of this MSN shit about collusion with Russia is just to paint Donald as a RED lover. AKA McCarthy years did the same. 

Why can no one see the program of division and fear being played without any real threat anywhere.

USA continues to have a Foreign policy that simply defies any sensible thought!

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