Secretive Russian Surface-To-Air Missile Test Is World's Longest Ever

CNBC has just announced, citing an anonymous military source, that Russia quietly conducted the world’s longest anti-air missile system test, destroying mock enemy targets at record range.

If and when this missile system becomes deployed, it could be a gamechanger for the Russian military, with increased area denial capabilities in Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East - that will undoubtedly frighten Washington.

Futuristic drawing of the S-500 air defense missile system. (Source: Almaz-Antey)

The source with direct knowledge of U.S. intelligence regarding the S-500 Prometey, also known as 55R6M “Triumfator-M,” a surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic missile system intended to replace the A-135 missile system and supplement the S-400, said the missile test struck a target 299 miles away — 50 miles further than the existing S-400 system.

Components of the S-500 system

Moscow claims the S-500 is a new-generation surface-to-air missile system and has the capability of “intercepting hypersonic missiles, drones and aircraft as well as stealth warplanes like the F-22 and the F-35. The S-500 system would expand the Kremlin’s capabilities to engage multiple targets with precision strikes,” said CNBC.

Russia’s 2016 S-400 air defense system range in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. 

Besides ballistic and hypersonic missiles, Moscow also claims the S-500 has a range capable of intercepting low-orbit satellites, space weapons launched from hypersonic aircraft, and hypersonic orbital platforms.

However, the anonymous military source neglected to provide CNBC with specific knowledge of timing and location of the test.

The video below is of a test of the S-400 anti-ballistic missile system 

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Almaz-Antey, the weapon’s designer, had been alerted to prepare the S-500 missile systems for mass production.

“One of the key tasks is to improve anti-precision warfare means. It is necessary to develop and build up technological groundwork in the area of air defense, to continue modernization of Pantsir systems, to finish the development and preparations for mass production of the S-500 newest systems capable of hitting targets at super-high altitudes, including near-the-earth space,” Putin said at a meeting with Russia’s top brass and executives of defense-sector enterprises.

Although neither Putin nor the weapon designer have yet made any official statements about the tests, it seems as production for the missile system is about to ramp up for the 2020 deployment date. Meanwhile, with the longest surface-to-air missile range in the world, coupled with a claim that it can destroy American stealth fighters and hypersonics, the S-500 missile system has undoubtedly shocked Washington. What will Trump’s response be? Well, of course, more defense spending until the country goes bankrupt.



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The article is BS. Only space-based interceptor systems are capable of reliably intercepting ground and sea-based ICBMs.

Remember the Reagan's SBI "Star War" program? It was a well-thought program but the needed technology was not there. The main space transportation system supposed to be the Shuttle and it was a colossal failure. Consequently, the rest was irrelevant.

Today, such reliable space delivery system is not available to anyone. Before such system becomes available the rest is just MIC's welfare.

Finally, the USA and Russia have spent the gigantic amount of money developing ICBMs with pinpoint accuracy but to wipe out LA, DC, NY, Boston, etc., with catastrophic consequences, it is absolutely unnecessary. Even Kim can do it by now!

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Joe Trader caconhma Fri, 05/25/2018 - 23:30 Permalink

Classic ZH thinking: the F-35 merely had cost overruns, but achieved its technical goals - you all hate on it. Putin claims he's got a new SAM system that's better than sliced bread - the ZH crowd goes wild & cheerleads.

Both USA & ru have secret weapons, and they've had time to mass produce them - which rebuffs the comparisons to the failed "wonder weapons" of WWII. You don't want to find out what those are, because that would probably kill most people on earth. There were already reports out of Iraq in 2003 of some laser or microwave weapon that melted human flesh.

It's best if Russia provides guarantees for Europe's safety, and the same guarantees should be returned to Russia. There's no need for Russia to take a hostile stance to the markets for its energy products.


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bigkahuna Yellow_Snow Sat, 05/26/2018 - 06:04 Permalink

it will not hit hypersonic targets - unless lucky

it will not hit anything in space - unless very lucky

that radar would have to be deadly by itself - u turn on, u dead - to track AND get a firing solution on these types of objects not to mention the missile that has to destroy the targets - it would have to do non-random hyperspace, like (but not like) Asteroids, the old game.

It sure will blast a plane, perhaps even regular tactical missiles, out of the sky though. No question about that. Similar to any other sam based anti aircraft system. Perhaps better, perhaps not.

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Gaius Frakkin'… bigkahuna Sat, 05/26/2018 - 08:49 Permalink

I don't know much about secret US weapons development.

I do know how the US MIC operates with all its corruption, propaganda, and Marxist social engineering. I'm forced to conclude their weapons systems are in the same sorry-ass shape as their morality and genetics and probably not on par with the latest Russian stuff.

If that makes me a Russian troll or bot, then so be it.

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bigkahuna Gaius Frakkin'… Sat, 05/26/2018 - 10:46 Permalink

not at all - to me, this is Russia trolling our mic the way they did when they captured the "advanced" tomohawk. They basically said "ha ha" to us and we more than deserved it. If the capture was important to them, they would have said nothing - they already knew about the so called advanced guidance system in the missile. The claims I listed up there are way overboard in terms of capability - and it seems like more trolling to me - good natured trolling if you are mic, because you can turn around and justify stealing money in order to counter it with a big bs tax swamp program. People buy this stuff at face value when they should not. I respect Vlad too - but I know when he is joking with us.

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I have worked on 3 US government technical projects or programs. Affirmative action staffing and 'correct thinking' really impede productivity and real team building in my experience. In My lectures in Russia I have seen very smart young techies, and there are no employment quota regulations for low IQ populations there. In short, Russia has a lot of smart white guys, more like America used to have for technical projects, once their government funds a project.

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Beans Joe Trader Sat, 05/26/2018 - 08:44 Permalink

Hahaha you're talking pure kaka, pal. The F35 is a piece of $#!( plain and simple.Not only that, it is also the most expensive piece of $#!( ever produced. 

The US military would be better off just scrapping the thing and moving on to a 6th generation fighter. 

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RedBaron616 Joe Trader Sat, 05/26/2018 - 17:59 Permalink

The F-35 can carry exactly 4 missiles internally. 4, that is all. So if it comes up against 5 enemy aircraft by itself, it is screwed. Unless you hang more under the wings and thus negate the stealth characteristics. Wait, there's more. You know why the F-35 has such a crappy range? Because the commonality demanded by the project meant that the Marine vertical lift version made the aircraft much wider. While that worked for the vertical lift version, that design didn't work well for the standard Air Force and Navy versions and caused the range issues. Not to mention that unlike recent Navy aircraft, this is a single engine design. Have engine problems and it becomes the world's most expensive coral reef building block. I'd take an F/A-18 Super Hornet any day to your F-35. It is what you get when you force all the services to accept a common aircraft: Lots of compromises. Only the Marines got what they wanted. Of course, everyone is playing the happy face, but the Beltway Bandits, including at the Pentagon, at good at that even when buying pure junk. 

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You don't know what you're talking about. Basic research would teach you that the F-35 scored a 20-1 kill to death ratio at a Red Flag exercise recently. The F-35 is a force multiplier - 4 missiles? who cares? it doesn't need to carry any missiles considering the fact it can lock onto targets, and have missiles fired from B-1s, B-2s, all navy ships, and other aircraft. That's what matters. If russia's "so advanced" - then why does it think all it has to do is hire internet trolls to address the F-35's 20-1 KDR?

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Britainistan: Arrested, tried, and sentenced within an hour: Tommy Robinson gets Death Sentence for live-streaming outside courthouse for merely covering the trial of Muslim rape gangs.

Caolan Robertson is saying that this is a death sentence for Tommy because, like Britain First leader Paul Golding, he will likely be placed in the general prison population, which is dominated by violent Muslims who will be quite happy to dispatch Tommy to jahannam.

Britain is finished, and its death as a free society is by its own hand.

England descends into a Muslim hellhole where a man can be arrested for merely covering the trial of Muslim rape gangs. The Sharia police claimed that Robinson breached the peace, but this of course is an obvious lie. This is what you get with Muslim immigration, even in a country as great as England once was.…

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mog BorraChoom Sat, 05/26/2018 - 13:32 Permalink

Tommy isn't the only one.

Think Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding of Britain First.

Jayda in for nine months and Paul received a number of weeks and is now free.

However with a brutalised face and smashed nose as islamic  thugs were allowed in his cell to wait and beat him to pulp.

Obviously arranged at high level government as a warning, wouldn't happened otherwise,

And what did Jayda and Paul do?.

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They have both been brutalised by the government and the law.

They are in every respect political prisoners.

Tommy is  another - on similar charges and thus government is protecting the islamic rapists in both cases.

This is Britain and its government.

This is the absolute pro islamic traitors Brits still go out and vote for.

What does it say for British voters.

They have an alternative party in UKIP - formerly Nigel Farage.

But they choose to go out and vote what amounts to supporting islam, its mass invasion , the protection of islamic rapists and terrorists and the persecution of true British patriots.

These voters have no shame.


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mog mog Sat, 05/26/2018 - 13:56 Permalink

For anyone interested haere is the new leader of UKIP.

Gerard Batten.

A decent, brave man of huge integrity - an MEP of long standing who has fought islam all his career.……

And here is Gerard with Tommy.

Batten is Britain's new Cromwell and the so called conservative Brits just kick him in the teeth and support this traitor.

The woman who has betrayed Brexit, opened up the country to tens of millions of islamic and others.

Is introducing sharia into British law and as Home Secretary before PM completely responsible for the attacks through law on Tommy, Jayda and Paul.

She is in complete denial re islam and a security threat to Britain herself.

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  I would not be too sure about that.  Cruise missiles have been easy pickin's for far less capable systems.  The aircraft that carry HARMs need to get a lot closer than 300 miles and they will have a hard time locking on to target because of the thirty spoof sets around the detection unit. 

  Drones work really good on third world targets.  I suspect drones will be sidelined the first time blue drone control is compromised and armed blue drones attack blue forces.

  Hopefully we are not the ones who fully learn the capabilities of that system.


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Parrotile jaxville Fri, 05/25/2018 - 23:24 Permalink

Those radars are "fast deployment" and fully mobile. Russian military strategy has been towards a "shoot and scoot" system for a while, so making radar engagement difficult. They have also developed a range of active and passive radar protection systems specifically to neutralise Western air-launched ARM technology.

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Akdov Telmig Parrotile Sat, 05/26/2018 - 02:43 Permalink

They've the Pantsir-S2 specifically developed for the purpose of defending mobile SAM batterys by shooting down HARM missiles with anti-air missiles and rapid fire close-in canon.

And soon they're going to get the Pantsir-SM which is an evolved version of the Pantsir-S2 with a new generation electronics to protect the S-400 and S-500 mobile SAM against the new threats like suicide drone swarms. 

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America’s critical minerals problem has gone from bad to worse…


America’s industrial base is at risk, and the military may feel the consequences…


The US is running out of bombs — and it may soon struggle to make more…


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