Californians Are Willing To Repeal The Gas Tax, But...

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A massive new gas tax passed by the California state legislature appeared to finally be a bridge too far for most residents of the state.

A movement began to repeal the tax by referendum and a petition to do so quickly amassed far more than the needed number of signatures. Now, a new poll indicates that support for the repeal measure has reached majority numbers. But there’s more going on here than just the removal of a set of taxes and fees.

As a new poll found a majority of California voters want to repeal increases to the state’s gas tax and vehicle fees, Gov. Jerry Brown has begun campaigning to preserve them, arguing the sacrifice is needed to fix long-neglected roads and bridges and improve mass transit.

Repeal of the higher taxes and fees was supported by 51% of registered voters in the state, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times statewide poll.

The survey found 38% of registered voters supported keeping the higher taxes, 9% hadn’t heard enough to say either way and 2% said they wouldn’t vote on the measure.

The tax package looks like it’s about to be taken off life support, but Republicans in the state hope that the referendum delivers for them in another way. With some marginal House seats being considered in play this November, campaigning on support for the repeal measure should, in theory, boost GOP voter turnout, possibly turning back some of the “blue wave” that Democrats are looking for.

It’s also left the Governor in the unenviable position of having to defend taxing his constituents more. He fumbled the first attempt at that when he resorted to name calling in an apparent fit of pique. At one news conference, he was quoted as saying,

The test of America’s strength is whether we defeat this stupid repeal measure, which is nothing more than a Republican stunt to get a few of their losers returned to Congress.”

“Stupid repeal measure?” Does the governor read the news anymore? He just called more than half the people in his state “stupid.” Let’s see how well that plays five months from now.

Some of my hopes for California were dashed, however, when another set of poll numbers came out. For a time, I’d actually begun to think that Californians were waking up and realizing that the Democrats they keep electing were taxing them to death and perhaps a new course needed to be followed. Sadly, while they oppose the gas tax, those same voters seem to be fine with jacking up taxes on the businesses who employ them.

A majority of California voters back a potential 2020 ballot measure that would increase property taxes on businesses, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Of the 691 registered voters surveyed, 54% said they supported a measure that would ease property tax protections established by the landmark 1978 ballot measure Proposition 13. Under the proposed 2020 initiative, local governments and schools could tax larger commercial and industrial properties based on their market values rather than the values based on when the properties were purchased, resulting in as much as $10 billion annually in new revenue.

The economy in California works out fabulously for celebrities and the mega-wealthy. But for most rank and file workers, it’s virtually impossible to afford a house anywhere in the state that’s even marginally habitable. Businesses and workers are already fleeing the state in the more expensive areas, yet residents still seem to be fine with the idea of taxing “somebody else” as long as their gas prices don’t go up further.

There’s an old saying credited to Russel B. Long, which goes, “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree!” There’s some wisdom there which Californians should look into.


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   Zerohedge ran one story on Tommy Robinson, good.  but not good enough.   This is THE story right now.  The UK is ghosting this story and ghosting what TR was covering, muslims grooming white children into sexual slavery, and feeding those children to elites and politically powerful in their host nations in a tragic perverse union.  TR was exposing this, and is being disappeared for his efforts.


        This is beyond anything else going on, way beyond it.  It is more important than one post that doesnt even get tagged to the top of the page.

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Proving once and for all that Californians have lost their mind, as perfectly demonstrated by electing "Moonbeam" as Govenor (As well as Fineswine, Pelosi (so much a of a firm socialist that she is worth over $100 million; another "champagne socialist", Waters, Schiff and all those other fine examples of common sense and integrity).

Actually, come to think of it, make that all the people who live in West Coast States (Starbucks has gone insane and Seattle wants to accelerate its demise by taxing jobs). It must be something in connection with Fukushima, whatever it is they add to the water (Perhaps HydroLIbtard Fluoride) or all those Chem trails out West?

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What would be really fun is for the gas stations to simply post the price of fuel on the roadside displays as " $2.99 + tax".

The display on the pump would read the full price/gal, such as "$3.60/gal".  THen people would all become acutely aware of the taxation since they would always have a mental note of how much more than the posted price it was going to cost.

This is the best way for people to feel the level of taxation since everyone gets to pay.  No progressive taxation here.  The afflicted minorities would rise up to stop the injustice.  /sarc

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Kalifornia has the most skewed tax system in the country.

The top 1% of earners pay 48% of the tax revenue.

”Fine!” You say, “Tax the rich”, but what happens when (not IF) the economy goes into recession? The same thing that happened last time: The top earners and businesses leave the state, or see their earnings plummet along with tax revenues.

Even Moonbeam knows and comments on this publicly.

You can’t have a functioning society where 75% percent of the population contributes nothing towards running it.


Kalifornia is about to discover this the hard way...

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'illegal for gas stations to post or tell you how much taxes you pay '


That's not true. I travel, and just in the last 6 months or so I'm seeing official state labeling detailing the state fuel taxes per gallon placed on all the pumps in many western states. Federal fuel taxes have always been known to the public. 



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The fas tax goes to fund the pensions, exhorbitant welfare and favored illegals. 

Riads suck. 

Gas went from 55 cents per gallon tax to 85 cents per gallon tax and the billions in taxes never went for the pothole roads and broken bridges. 


MOST of the state population are illegals, on welfare or have State pensions to 

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What makes you think Californians want this?  The voter fraud amounting to millions of illegal votes?  Redistricting?  Monopolization of the news outlets?  5.6 million leaving the state in recent years?  NO ONE WANTS THIS BUT THE USURPERS.  Jerry Brown and Jim Jones had one thing in common - they were both interested in how far individuals would go when asked if under certain circumstances - namely, suicide on request.  Jerry Jones should be in a fucking federal prison, not the governor's mansion.  US military should be stationed outside of every "progressive liberal" aka globalist's door, assisting in house arrest.  NO ONE WANTS THIS.  The judges now in place are soldiers in black robes, running out the clock on our lives and this country's sovereignty.  LOCK THE FUCKERS UP FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.

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Unfortunately the one with the means to leave usually decide to move to good states where the people aren't all fucking insane ... and then proceed to try to turn that area into the People's Republik of Kalifornia V2.0. 

I want Kalifornians to stay in Kalifornia.  Like government, they fuck up everything they touch - and their jacked-up mentality doesn't stay behind in Kalifornia - it comes with them.  I realize that not everyone fleeing that cesspool feels the same way, but there is a level of arrogance that comes with every Kali Ex-Pat I've ever met - and we've already have enough of that shit here.

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I have safely escaped from California with my ass still intact,  and spent my first night in my new home in Boise Idaho. After my landlord informed me for the 5th time in 7 years that my rent was going up another hundred dollars?? Now when I turn on the news, I wont be bombarded with Nanci wet my pantsis, and Maxine motormouth waters spewing thier obnoxious blend of stupidity and dumbass, all rapped up in idiocy?? For 3 years I've tried to tear myself away, and this year I've finally succeeded.  Crossed the state line in to idaho, got my pistol out from under the front seat, went back to the trunk and found my loaded mags and slid one in, and put the loaded pistol, legally under my driver's seat.  Boy did that feel good.

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Nah, Californians are just innately stupid.  All the Calis moving to Nevada are bringing their same old tired philosophy of taxing and funding everything and anything.  Somehow, they cannot connect the fact that authorizing and supporting increased taxation and fees on anything for any reason results in higher prices for both those taxed and those who end up paying for the tax via higher retail/commodity prices.

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Jesus H Fucking Christ! ...  You and your retarded Israhell comments are such a one-trick pony it's positively mind numbing.  I'd have a smidgen of respect for you if you'd once and for all quit bleating that ignorant as shit line.  It comes across as insipid and illiterate.  Why not toss in some "dumbocrat" "rethuglican" or those well worn canards "zionazi" or "obummer", eh?   Jeebus help us all and keep us away from such moronic mutterings!

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At least he isn't still talking to himself:

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And at least 30-50 other suspected logins, slowly being “upgraded” to the list of infamy.

Perhaps he is now taking his Meds as instructed like a good little boy?

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Commiefornia's Gov. Moonbeam Brown and his loony leftist Democrats raised the gas tax by decree without letting taxpayers vote on it and then they decreed that the gas tax money would not be used to create one more highway lane or any new roads and instead be used for Moonbeam's stupid train to nowhere and bike lanes. 

Years ago Democrats took out billions in bonds and promised they’d fix the roads. Instead, they raided the gas tax funds and diverted tax funds — time and time again.  Only 20 percent of gas tax funds are actually spent on roads!

Commiefornia's drivers have been paying some of the highest gas taxes in the country and yet still have some of the worst roads!

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