Caught On Video: Islamist Mob Attacks Refugees In Greece "For Not Observing Ramadan"

Graphic video has emerged online showing a mob of baton-wielding Islamists attacking other Muslims in a refugee camp in Greece reportedly for not observing the Ramadan fast. Early unconfirmed Kurdish media reports claim 4 men were killed and many others injured as the group of attackers entered refugee tents with weapons Friday afternoon at a crowded camp in Moria on the eastern Aegean island of Lesbos.

However, initial Greek media reporting indicates authorities are refuting rumors of the deaths, instead only confirming large clashes between Arab and Kurdish asylum seekers which resulted in injuries and evacuations.

One Greek news broadcast showed seriously injured victims being carried out of the camp, while viral video of the attack itself appears to show up to three bloodied men lying motionless on the ground with attackers carrying large metal batons standing over them, which could suggest the early reports of fatalities are indeed accurate. 

The UK-based Kurdish Solidarity Campaign said the men were brutally attacked by Islamists in the refugee camp specifically "for not observing Ramadan." The Kurdish rights group identified at least three Kurds among the dead, while Iraq-based Kurdistan 24 identified a 60-year old man as among those brutally beaten,  his legs broken after being hit with metal bars. 

Warning: graphic content

Raman Ghavami, a freelance journalist and Jerusalem Post author, said the reports of deaths are accurate: "I was speaking to a member of EASO [the EU's European Asylum Support Office] about the clashes in one of the refugees camps in Greece. She told me that 'some radical Muslims attacked Kurdish refugees (from Syria) who weren’t fasting with knives and metal bars. Three Kurds have lost their lives and 22 have been injured.'

Greek broadcast footage showing wounded victims being evacuated from the scene:

Kurdistan 24 interviewed victims and eyewitnesses, many of them transported to medical clinics on the island:

Moro Tarbush, a Syrian Kurdish refugee living in the aforementioned camp said four of his countrymen were killed in the clashes.

“Syrian and Iraqi Arab refugees in the camp attacked Kurdish families driven by sectarian and ethnic hatred against the Kurds and killed four people. Among them were my cousins Izzat Tarbush and Kaniwar Tarbush as well as Ahmad and Kaniwar from Afrin,” he said.

Within the context of the Syrian war, Kurds are often maligned by anti-Assad Sunni militants as "aetheistic", not only due to historic ethnic enmity, but because the dominant Kurdish political and paramilitary groups are secular and far-left leaning.

During the years-long refugee crisis there's been a string of similarly gruesome attacks on Kurdish refugee populations across Europe. Last year a Syrian-Kurdish refugee in Oldenburg, Germany was stabbed to death for smoking a cigarette and refusing to observe Ramadan the Islamic holy month during which practicing Muslims avoid eating, drinking liquids, and smoking in the daytime. And another major incident in Hamburg in 2014 resulted in riots breaking out as ISIS-sympathizers reportedly attacked a group of Kurdish protesters

But unlike a number of prior migrant on migrant attacks in Europe, Friday's Greek refugee camp incident was caught on video; however, early Kurdish media reports say Greek authorities failed to act as the Islamist mob descended on the tents. At least one attacker covered his face, but some of what appear to be the lead attackers are pictured visibly on the videos. 

Middle East based Rudaw News reported "100s" of Arabs and Kurds involved in broader clashes in the camp — only a small snippet of which was caught on video, but denied that the wounded had actually died of their injuries. Early media reports continue to dispute whether or not 4 deaths resulted, though all confirm very serious injuries as a result of the violence. 

In total over 60,000 migrants and asylum seekers attempting to make their way to northern Europe have been stuck in Greece after multiple European nations closed their doors, partly out of fears that accepting masses of unvetted migrants could include Islamists bent on violence and acts of terror. 

* * *

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported this week that violent clashes between Greeks and migrants erupted as tensions continue to soar on Lesbos — the same island of Friday's videotaped migrant-on-migrant Ramadan attack. 

Clashes between locals and migrants began after this bizarre scene:

About 200 Afghans had been camped for several days in a central square of Mytilene, the main port city of Lesbos, to protest living conditions in the government-run camps and delays in processing their asylum applications. Lesbos is one of the areas most burdened by the refugee crisis; about 8,700 of the 60,000 migrants living in Greek camps are housed there.

The clashes involved chants of "burn them alive" by locals enraged at the presence of overcrowded camps on the island:

On Sunday, local residents gathered in Mytilene to object to the presence of the Afghans, a demonstration that escalated into violence. Some of the protesters pelted the migrants in the square with flares, firecrackers and stones broken off sidewalks, and some chanted “burn them alive,” according to local news media.

No doubt, Greece's already tattered economy and dire unemployment will hasten both authorities and locals to take extreme measures in any further confrontations involving refugees and migrants   which means things are certain to get worse before they get better. 


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I would love to hear how the regular Greeks feel about this bs going on around them in what used to be their country. The leadership is a total joke the only ones that want to take control back is the Golden Dawn party but the media has painted them as the typical Nazi bs, maybe the people will say F'it and put them in power next round. Seriously expell them, they aren't citizens, it's your Country. If someone starts being rude in your house it's perfectly fine to ask them to leave and then if need be make them leave.

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I live a few miles from the Moria camp. The different factions are always ready to fight with each other and against the Moria authorities. Ramadan was just another excuse for beating up some folks. Last summer they set fire to the agency that helps them with clothing and blankets.

The local Greeks are incredibly patient and understanding but refugee fatigue is becoming more evident by the day.

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I like that: "My God has a hammer. Yours was nailed to a cross." People forget that All 3 of the Abramic religions have invaded / are invading Europe using violence. Christianity is just a recent thing in Europe and just 1700 years old out of the millions of years people have lived here. My theory is that humans evolved HERE and not some african shithole, so why should we accept any religion that was invented in an african shithole, right?

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He may be a spammer, but he's right. Jesus is literally boiling in shit according to Gittin 57a of the Talmud.

Jews are also instructed by the Talmud and Zohar that every Jew is a part of one larger entity called the Body of Adam and that they must "Repair the World" through the kind of social justice that has turned the West into a rainbow-coloured bedlam

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What utter bullshit.

They do not revere Christ's teachings. Not one word of his teachings are to be found in that collection of toilet paper called the Koran.

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It's a religion/social system that first and foremost wanted to rape, then rationalized from that jumping-off point.

It's a low-IQ rape club.

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In IslamʿĪsā ibn Maryam (Arabic: عيسى بن مريم‎, lit. 'Jesus, son of Mary'), or Jesus, is understood to be the penultimate prophet and messenger of God (Allah) and al-Masih, the Arabic term for Messiah (Christ), sent to guide the Children of Israel with a new revelation: al-Injīl (Arabic for "the Gospel").[1][2][3] Jesus is believed to be a prophet who neither married nor had any children and is reflected as a significant figure, being found in the Quranin 93 verses with various titles attached such as "Son of Mary" and other relational terms

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To whom would He pray? God sent a representation of Himself to Earth (His Son) to show man the way to Him. 

I am always struck by the disconnect of atheists & agnostics who on the one hand say "Why should we put our faith in what cannot be seen or touched?" and when it is proven that He could very much be seen & touched they say "It was not Him!"

At least we have gotten well past the 60's & 70's mind dulling, sitar strumming nonsense of eastern mysticism where it was once said it cannot be proven that He even walked the Earth at all ;-)

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Yes, Islam denies the divinity of Jesus and claims that Abraham and Mohammad were born in Mecca even though Mecca only became a trading post in the 8th century.  Mecca could not have been the City of Cities as claimed in the "infallible Koran sent down by Allah(the moon god)" and this is why further archaeology of Mecca was outlawed by the Saudi Royal family who know that Islam is a bad hoax. 

Mohammad just needed to get laid and created a religion that would justify his lusts.  

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Since you mentioned Abraham:

The Way of the Rabbi

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Read more:

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