In 1995, Steve Jobs Explained Exactly How Apple Will Fail

With Apple's share price hitting record highs as the mainstream media, asset-gatherers, and commission-takers once again reflect on it as a "no brainer" investment that everyone and their pet rabbit should own, we are reminded of none other than Steve Jobs 'lost interview' from 1995 on how tech monopolies die...

"I have my own theory about why the decline happens at companies like IBM or Microsoft.

The company does a great job, innovates and becomes a monopoly or close to it in some field, and then the quality of the product becomes less important.

The company starts valuing the great salesmen, because they're the ones who can move the needle on revenues, not the product engineers and designers. So the salespeople end up running the company."

Summarized more succinctly...

"Once you have a monopoly, new products don't help you, only better marketing. Soon, marketing people are running the company, and what made them great is gone..."

h/t @DavidBCollum

Sound familiar?


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DemandSider: Americans want American cars, not Mexican cars.

There’s no such thing as a nation’s car because the resources and energy needed to build a car come from different locations around the world.

Second, Ford is a smart company. They set trends. MAGA is not the way to go. Downsizing is. Ford is right in downsizing.

Sorry conservatives, capitalism party is almost over. Government is the only institution that can help you from no on. If you think that the private sector will save you, you won’t make enough to feed you and even less your family from now, not that you don’t know that by now.

Third, looks like that the price of oil is going down because it’s traded in dollars, and the US government and its financial institutions, luckily for Americans, can manipulate prices in dollars at will, so lower gasoline prices will follow soon.

Stop deluding yourselves and being stubborn. Those are luxuries you no longer have.


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Smart thing to do for many reasons. Just put those workers to build buses or trains.

Over the decades, the Australian car industry employed generations of workers. But the taxpayer has largely footed the bill, shelling out more than $5 billion (Australian dollars, so about £3.06bn) in industry assistance over the past 10 years alone.

The car industry says it invested three dollars for every one dollar of taxpayer funds. That figure may be debated but one thing is certain: the end was inevitable. With low – or zero – import tariffs over the past decade, Australia became flooded with foreign cars that were either cheaper to buy than local models or better equipped, or both.


“America’s (Australia's) elites know that capitalism is totally unworkable. We try to impose it in the 3rd world so we can destroy them” — Noam Chomsky


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"But the taxpayer has largely footed the bill, "

As long as the wealthy are taxed accordingly, the public employees don't get greedy, and the money doesn't leave the country, the tax receipts are recycled. What has doomed the Anglo countries is the parasite bankers' neoliberalism.


Try to find this book:

"Bad Samaritans", By Ha Joon Chang, about how the "free trade"  myth wrecks countries

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The richest of the rich need to be spending it as fast as they are earning it, otherwise no-one else will have any money to spend and the richest-of-the-rich's own businesses will no longer have an income.  (Or convert it into gold or what-ever so you can put the fiat back into the system.  The RotR usually prefer to spend all their profit on even more profitable businesses.  Fair enough, but that means they get more profits which means there is even less fiat available to their customers.)

Oh, but then we have a fiat-debt system so once you figure interest rates into the equation, you also need people to go bankrupt regularly so you can keep the lie alive.

PT is a slow learner.  I think the answer is that if you want to get rich (or even an income) then you have to borrow that money into existence so it can be paid to you without depriving anyone else of their hard-earnt fiat.  Then you have to spend that borrowed money on crap that other people want and then sell it to them and hope you get enuff of your (it must be yours since it did not exist until you borrowed it) fiat back again to make a profit that you can keep (ex taxes, of course).  I think that is the only way an entire society can survive in a debt-based system.  I'm still thinking about it.

"It's MY munny!  It did not even exist before I borrowed it, therefore it is MINE!!!"



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Brazil has no industrial policy; it's badly managed. Socialism combined with trade deficits are a very bad idea. Keynes knew that. Keynesian economics worked for FDR to grow the economy because of Hoover's highly protectionist Buy American Act of 1933. It's worked wonders for The PRC. and most of East Asia, also, as long as they've maintained trade surpluses.…


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You overlooked the obvious. The US controls most of what all South American countries do. The few momentarily independent socialist countries, eg, Uruguay, have done well, providing for all the population. Look at the US for unbridled capitalism, a real shithole country. The future US? Go to Honduras. Enjoy.  

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"Socialism" is the Booby Prize, or in modern parlance, the Participation Trophy.

After the banksters have indebted the entire country and stolen all the Capital, the people have no land, no Capital and no leverage.  They are about to starve to death.  To delay the day of rioting and revolution, the Govt introduces "Socialism" to stop the people from having nothing.  After all, as Gerald Celente is fond of saying, When the people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

At this point the Capitalists are easy prey.  Govt:  "They would let you be homeless and starve but we will save you!"  Besides, a Govt that Can NOT save their people is visibly useless.  They can't have that now, can they?

I always find it funny how a system that was supposed to be designed by workers for workers ends up having a Government any way.  Wasn't the system supposed to get rid of the heirarchy???  Wasn't that why the Communist Revolutionaries had to kill the Monarchs and the Aristocracy? 

"We'll get rid of the evil Govt by putting the workers in charge!  But the workers won't have time to do all that being-in-charge stuff so we'll have a few people to represent the workers ... Fuck!  We've just rebuilt a Government!  How did that happen so quickly???"

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"The free market works just like it always does..." :  The richest ones end up buying the Govt.

Rich people do not fight fair if they risk losing it all.  In fact many of them never got where they were in the first place by fighting fair.

Stop comparing Ideal Capitalism with Real Communism.
Compare Ideal Capitalism with Ideal Communism or compare Real Capitalism with Real Communism.
Or cut to the chase and acknowledge that TPTB use whatever system works for them at the time.

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“America’s (Australia's) elites know that capitalism is totally unworkable. We try to impose it in the 3rd world so we can destroy them” — Noam Chomsky


Spoken like a true commie.  


I have read your posts for a while.  Rather than telling us how capitalism can never work and is flawed, why don't you tell us exactly how communism is going to work...  this time.  You know, as opposed to all of its failures.


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Steve Jobs a New Age marketing shyster. He downgrades sales and marketing people, as he virtue signals. He was marketing the Apple Experience creating "The cult of Apple" with himself the messiah (then he was dying for years so that packed the perfect punch.) You worship at the Apple Temple (the store). Put an Apple sticker on the back of your car.

He was an asshole who fought his neighbors right up to the last weeks of his life. He bought a historic house then said "I hate this house, I want to bulldoze it" would not sell it, fought them for 15 yrs and finally won. A month before he died he knocked it down out of spite. Jobs didn't get what life was really about, he was a poser who painted himself as some caring hippie. He was entitled, cold uncaring, brutal and self absorbed.

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California is full of Job's type of "progressives". All the poor and minorities have been banished to Oakland and, thanks to "free trade" very nice, affordable, PRC made tents.

"California Turns To China For New Bay Bridge"…

Trump's victory was the former middle class' way of saying, "shove it up your.."

So, obviously, what the working class needs is more therapists, counselors, and special educators to help channel their aggression to the real cause of our decline, white, Christian patriarchy and their guns.

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Not great products, just good products with short lifespans by design.


Try to use a new-old-stock (NOS) 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPod nowadays. It will likely brick as soon as it gets plugged in. Brand new, but dead, by design.


Try to replace the Home button on your iPhone 7. It will brick. That is as far as you can get from "great products".

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