The NBA Is Rigged

By EconMatters 

It has long been speculated that the NBA assigns certain refs to officiate games to get outcomes they want for either prolonging a series to get more game and advertising revenue or providing refereeing advantage where necessary to make certain more marketable NBA Finals take place which brings in higher ratings, more media coverage, and thus more money. I always say when in doubt, just follow the money trail. 

This goes all the way back to the famous Lakers-Kings game 6 refereeing shenanigans where the NBA makes much more money if the large media market and sexy team the Los Angeles lakers advance to the NBA finals versus the small market Sacramento Kings without the likes of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. 

Well even the casual NBA fan could see that the fix was on in the NBA last night as the NBA refs completely changed the tenor of the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors game last night right as the cash cow marketing machine Golden State Warriors where on the verge of being run out of the building. 

The NBA is a often called a “Make or Miss League” because of the fact that if one team misses the level of talent is such that there is an immediate advantage gained by the defensive team that transitions to offense because this sets up a fast break the other direction against a defense that hasn't had time to set up its defense. 

Well the lesser known truth is that the NBA has become a “Call Fouls or Don't Call Fouls League” which has the same result because if one team is allowed to foul the other team attacking or driving to the basket, or reach in and foul and cause a turnover, or body slam an opponent to the ground causing a missed shot these all set up fast break opportunities and often 4 on 5 scenarios on the other side of the court leading to easy baskets or wide open three pointers. 

It was pretty obvious last night that the Houston Rockets were playing 5 on 8 from the start of the second quarter through the pivotal third quarter. The Houston Rockets made 8 out of 12 three pointers in the first quarter and were well on their way to upsetting the NBA`s Dream Team the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were desperate they went into desperation mode, their only option at that point was to overplay the three point line, force the rockets to drive to the basket, and foul on every play, hoping that the referees would give them the benefit of the doubt. After All, they are the Dream Team, the favored media darling, the marketing cash cow for the league, there is no way the NBA referees will let them lose this series! 

This was the strategy, but the Golden State Warriors didn't really have to hope the referees would oblige, just look at Game 2 of the Pelicans Series in the previous round at Oracle Arena, the fix was on in that game, and the small media market Pelicans Team would have won that game if the NBA Refs didn't step in and determine that game in favor of the Warriors. 

So the Warrior players know through experience that they can camp out in the lane with Draymond Green and not get an illegal defense call, knock players to the floor, set illegal moving screens on offense, reach in from behind when they are beat causing turnovers, and hand check and hold on every drive to the basket because they are going to get the “Dream Team Treatment” in the end from the referees. The warriors are actually pretty bad on defense if you call the game legitimately, they have a bunch of offensive players who are slight in build and can't guard a ham sandwich besides the licensed thug that is Draymond Green. They have no hope for stopping drives to the bucket with a 6 foot 7 inch center the only thing standing in front of a made hoop on the defensive end of the floor. Golden State`s only defensive option to stop other teams from driving at will to the basket is to foul on every single drive! Steph Curry and Draymond Green would foul out by halftime if Warrior games were ever officiated correctly. Steph cannot keep anybody in front of him, and reach fouls/hand checks on every single drive and Draymond grabs and holds much taller guys under the basket, and comes in to body slam opposing players as they blow past Steph Curry on every drive. The Golden State Warriors have always been given preferential treatment on the defensive end of the court because of the Branding of the Team and what this means to the NBA coffers from a money perspective. They are very good offensively, and easy for the NBA to Sell to the public, so give them the benefit of the doubt on the defensive end of the court. In other words, for the sake of the NBA let them get away with employing a fouling on every drive strategy on defense, and we will just not make the call the majority of the time. They literally foul on every drive to the basket because they have no legitimate rim protection, and no other legitimate way to stop other teams from relentlessly attacking the basket except for routinely fouling on drives, thus daring the refs to make the call and upset the league office and revenue dollars of the NBA Marketing Machine. 

The Golden State Warriors strategy is simple they can`t stop anybody driving legitimately, they have no center to speak of to protect the rim, so their only real option as a defensive strategy is to foul on every play, expect the referees to only call 15% of the actual fouls maybe 20% on a bad day, get away with and benefit from the other 60% where the other team is fouled but not called, and live with the miracle shots the opposing team makes on the other 20% that happen to go in through superhuman effort. All this relies on the Branding Effect that they are the Golden State Warriors, the NBA Dream Team, there is no way the NBA is going to allow the Cash Marketing Cow that is the Dream Team not advance to the NBA Finals - we are entitled to preferential refereeing when necessary! And it sure was necessary last night, good job NBA you pulled out all the stops last night - you were going to make that happen one way or another just like you did to the Sacramento Kings in the 2002 NBA Playoffs! 

It was real obvious what was going on last night as the ball would be knocked out of bounds by Golden State in a very obvious manner yet they got the ball back without discussion, they would get two ticky tack fouls on one end of the court, the rockets drive to the basket get knocked to the floor by two players in a no-brainer foul, and play on, and then another ticky tack touch foul on the other end. There were three or four refereeing sequences in that game where it was very apparent the refereeing fix was on in that game, this was more than just good old home court calls, this was a rigged game with a massive agenda to do anything and everything possible to swing the momentum of that game! 

Good job NBA you keep losing more credibility by the day, you allow a system where only 3 teams have a legitimate chance to compete for a championship every year, you fix games routinely through rigged officiating, either sending certain refs to various games who will guarantee a given outcome, or just blatant rigged officiating, and you now have the nerve to want in on the gambling money betted on your games - geez no conflict of interest looming there! Not going to watch a Golden State Warriors Finals - I can spot a Rigged Game or System a Mile Away! 

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Was given floor seats for the GSW game in DC this past winter.  Just a rough guess, but I'd say 80% of the fans were black and by their dress  and mannerisms I'd say most were of the meaner streets in DC.  Nothing wrong w/that; just an observation.  Things is, though, the floor seats were nearly a $1,000 each.  How do ordinary working stiffs, like the fans I saw, afford that crap for an entire season?  And then to watch the basketball version of pro wrestling?  A scam on so many levels. I say good riddance to "professional" sports....aka panem et circuses.    

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Juggernaut x2 cheka Sun, 05/27/2018 - 23:16 Permalink

The Tribe has it coming and going- ownership of teams in all leagues is predominantly Tribe- they get the goyim taxpayers to build the fucking stadiums(Reinsdorf in Chicago leases White Sox Park for just a $1M a year from the State of IL!) - the media is owned by the Tribe and signs huge TV deals with the leagues (I.e.-Disney=ESPN/ABC) with the costs passed on to the cable TV subscribers and advertisers- although lately the ratings fucking suck and ESPN is eating a shitburger. Vegas and all of that sports book is run by the Tribe.

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Number 9 Justin Case Mon, 05/28/2018 - 15:48 Permalink

not true vegas beat the jets in the semi finals in 5 games-- 4 1.. 


Tampa Bay wins series, 4-1


Washington wins series, 4-2


Game 6: Golden Knights 3, Sharks 0

Vegas wins series, 4-2


Game 5: Lightning 2, Devils 0

Tampa Bay wins series, 4-1



Game 6: Capitals 6, Blue Jackets 3

Washington wins series, 4-2…


and my FAV!!


Game 4: Golden Knights 1, Kings 0

Vegas wins series, 4-0

Go Golden Knights!!!

hockey rules..

might want to do a bit of research b/4 you wind up looking like a fool..

ya think>?

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jin187 Enoughalready Mon, 05/28/2018 - 16:25 Permalink

Those are the terms used by Neo-Nazis, and self-righteous professional victims when they want to talk shit about Jews without actually saying so.  I just laugh every time I see one of these faggots post.  Pathetic fucking losers sitting in their trailers, making anti-Semitic comments as fast as they can type on their pawn shop 486SX.  They tend to hang around ZH, because this is the only site on the web besides 4chan where the page layout is simple enough to not crash Netscape.

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ChiangMaiXPat jin187 Mon, 05/28/2018 - 21:09 Permalink

He’s only quoting simple facts. How is that the Juice are so obscenely over represented in American media ownership, Sports ownership, Hollywood & own the US government (AIPAC)? Is it simple dumb luck? You can throw in the commissioner to boot. Why is our media in America used as a perverted debauched propagandist tool(lying 24/7), too many Christians? Why you mad brah..Neo Nazi’s what a laugh...

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artichoke Juggernaut x2 Mon, 05/28/2018 - 10:34 Permalink

They aren't passing so much of the costs on any more.  ESPN is basic cable in our Verizon FIOS plan as of last year when we renewed.  Tried to omit it but could not.

These leftist owners, and networks, really care more about agenda than money.  They're taking a bath financially these days I expect, but they continue to pay and pay, because it's for the Cause.

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LaugherNYC Juggernaut x2 Tue, 05/29/2018 - 09:54 Permalink

Jesus Christ, another Anti Semite hermaphrodite on ZH infects an NBA post. Go back to your momma’s basement, and leave the Jews out of it. Now they control the NBA in addition to the world???

The NBA has been a rigged game since the advent of TV revenue. When I was a kid, my best friend got us fifth row seats for the Knicks-Celtics East Final in 1973. The game ended late, and we got to the airport just after the last Eastern shuttle to NY was leaving, but it was sold out. They had a policy that if you showed up, they would literally roll out another plane just for you. There was one other guy who came as we were jawboning with the ticketing desk.

I saw that the guy was wet from a shower, and still sweating. It was Richie Powers, one of the senior NBA refs, and he had called the game.  Eastern was telling us there was no way they were rolling out a plane just for the three of us, when the lady got a call. She said they had a 747 being ferried back to JFK from Logan after it had made an emergency landing a few days before (back then 747s didn’t fly into Logan). If we were willing to go to JFK instead of LaGuardia we could get home that night. Otherwise it was tomorrow.

Just the three of us got on the plane, sat in the first class section up front, and Powers started drinking straight vodkas like water, despite being obviously dehydrated. He got seriously fucked up.

I built up my nerve, and asked him this “I dont understand how you can miss So manny obvious calls during the game. I mean in the fourth, Havlicek practically decapitated Frazier and you didnt call it. Next series, DeBusschere breathed on JoJoWhite, and you called it two shots. How does that happen? I know you see it.”

Powers laughed at me. Literally laughed. “Kid, do I look blind to you? Retarded?” I said no, although he did look seriously impaired. “Well I ain’t. You think the league doesn’t want these playoff series to go longer? Every game is big money. Huge. It’s where they make their dough. I ain’t stupid.”

”You mean they tell you what to do?”

”Are you an idiot? Grow up, kid. Some of these teams, you gotta give em three or four shots. We don’t give the big names the calls because of who they are. We give em the calls because they will make the fucking free throws.”

That was it for me and the NBA. Despite the refs’ efforts, the Knicks blew the Celts away in 5 games. I knew after that games were rigged. Today it is so obvious it’s ridiculous. The Warriors dont even show up to play until the third quarter any more. They know when the series is on the line the refs will give them all the advantages. Look how arrogant they are. It’s not enough they have three superstars. They play matador defense, get away with everything when the chips are down.  In some games, the refs have to hammer them to keep the other team in the match so the series gets extended.  I say this and I like the Warriors style of play. It’s fun to watch their offense. But, it’s just ridiculous how the refs work it.

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Lumberjack Withdrawn Sanction Mon, 05/28/2018 - 16:08 Permalink

The NBA is a farce. The Celtics games were rigged. Only watched a few minutes of 2 games. Screw GE too. Fake News, Fake Sports. 

I watch NHL. Real deal and very few missed or bad calls.

loved the 2 fights in game 7 between Tampa Bay and Wash. Capitals especially the one right out of the penalty box (and the fight before that, that resulted in the penalty...

The Stanley Cup games should be outstanding.

Outside of that, fly fishing is the best sport around.

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Cognitive Dissonance cheka Mon, 05/28/2018 - 17:28 Permalink

There was no single moment when I suddenly said the officiating was rigged. But there were several games (I don't remember the specifics) where it smelled rotten. When the playoffs rolled around I decided I had no interest.

Several years later a friend was commenting on the upcoming NBA playoffs and I mentioned I had not watched for a few years. When he asked way, I told him I no longer trusted the officials.

After I stopped watching I never gave it any thought. I just turned off my interest and I have never gone back.

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SheHunter Cognitive Dissonance Sun, 05/27/2018 - 23:44 Permalink

Timely article.  I just turned off the equally rigged Cav-Boston game with 40 seconds left in the 4th.  Replace the word 'Cavaliers' for "Warriors" and "Le Bron" in place of "Curry" and you know the officiating and outcome of tonight's rigged win for the Cavs.  One more year of Le Bron versus golden boys Curry and Durant.  Coaches must be part of the pay off.  They do not complain nearly loud enough post game.

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Bay Area Guy ATM Mon, 05/28/2018 - 14:00 Permalink

College basketball USED to be a better game.  With the one and done "student athletes", they really don't get a chance to coalesce as a team any longer.  It's why it's no longer unusual for a second tier team to go pretty far in the tournament.  Teams that have been together for two or three years can more easily upset a so-called glamour team just through team play as opposed to the one-on-one that most of the glamour teams have to rely on.

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prymythirdeye SheHunter Mon, 05/28/2018 - 09:44 Permalink

They're all in on it - players, coaches, owners.  Just like all the world leaders are in on it.  The jokes on us everyone and it has been since one group of people figured out how to continually swindle obscene amounts of money from the rest of the people.  Not to be cliche but George is absolutely right.  "It's a big club, and you ain't in it."

Never Gets Old...

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Mazzy prymythirdeye Mon, 05/28/2018 - 10:08 Permalink

Solution: Stop watching.  Stop attending games.  Stop buying concessions.  Stop buying expensive Jerseys with some other dude's name on it.  Why?  So your wife understands that that guy's cooler, richer, and more powerful than you and she should jump at the chance to suck the dick of whoever's name is plastered on your back....that you paid for?

Stop buying the flags and banners to put out in your yard (thanks for letting us know who the douchetard neighbors are).  Stop putting bumper stickers on your cars.  Stop giving billboard space on your person, home or car....advertising which you pay for and they benefit from!



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Mazzy prymythirdeye Mon, 05/28/2018 - 10:09 Permalink

Solution: Stop watching.  Stop attending games.  Stop buying concessions.  Stop buying expensive Jerseys with some other dude's name on it.  Why?  So your wife understands that that guy's cooler, richer, and more powerful than you and she should jump at the chance to suck the dick of whoever's name is plastered on your back....that you paid for?

Stop buying the flags and banners to put out in your yard (thanks for letting us know who the douchetard neighbors are).  Stop putting bumper stickers on your cars.  Stop giving billboard space on your person, home or car....advertising which you pay for and they benefit from!



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NoWayJose Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 05/28/2018 - 12:48 Permalink

Same here, once I saw ‘Jordan rules’ take effect.  Even when I flip channels and stop at an NBA game, every game is threes, dunks, and muggings.  There are better crime shows on TV.

And LeBron is no different - every drive is a layup or foul on the defense - or both!

Sadly, the same style of play is showing up in college during March Madness!


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RedBaron616 Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 05/28/2018 - 13:00 Permalink

Professional sports are all rigged. When their were throwing games in the 1920s, you know with the amount of money out there that it all has to be cooked. Only thing that might not is individual contests, like tennis or boxing. Not saying those couldn't be thrown as well, but generally easier to get a key player or two to drag a team's efforts to naught for some gold coin.

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DoctorFix takeaction Tue, 05/29/2018 - 09:49 Permalink

Of course.  It's so painfully obvious when series after series "just so happens" to go to the LAST fucking game.  

And you'd have to be brain damaged to waste any of your precious time watching the NFL draft pick bullshit.  How many god damn days does it take?  They've turned what should be a mere afternoon snooze into a multi-day pud-pulling abortion.

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janus Cognitive Dissonance Mon, 05/28/2018 - 20:33 Permalink

it's all so obscenely and obviously fixed...what person other than an absolute dullard would invest any time or attention into this fatuous burlesque we call professional sports. it's consumed college athletics, too. everyone is in on it. sometimes players themselves will 'take a dive' -- so to speak -- to effect a given outcome. but it's not simply a matter of money, (((they))) have all the money they could possibly want or need. advancing some sort of ridiculous narrative is just as often the motive. like promoting the Patriots as the 'white' team and the Falcons/Eagles as the 'black' team.

janus just barely cares about college football...but even that interest is fading fast. and it isn't a matter of my team winning or losing -- it's knowing that it's all a charade. if i wanted to see a scripted drama, i'd watch a movie...actually, come to think of it, no i wouldn't.

movies suck.

tv sucks.

music sucks.

news sucks.

talk shows suck.

all of it and all participants in it suck...(no, seriously, they are all literally cock-suckers -- part and parcel to the 'arrangement' they make for success). tptb, you are all doomed. your bread is stale and GMO'd, and your circuses are boring and lame.

you all suck,


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