Making Sense Of America's Empire Of Chaos


Mark Karlin: How much money has gone to the U.S. war on terror and what has been the impact of this expenditure?

Tom Engelhardt: The best figure I’ve seen on this comes from the Watson Institute’s Costs of War Project at Brown University and it’s a staggering $5.6 trillion, including certain future costs to care for this country’s war vets. President Trump himself, with his usual sense of accuracy, has inflated that number even more, regularly speaking of $7 trillion being lost somewhere in our never-ending wars in the Greater Middle East. One of these days, he’s going to turn out to be right.

As for the impact of such an expenditure in the regions where these wars continue to be fought, largely nonstop, since they were launched against a tiny group of jihadis just after September 11, 2001, it would certainly include: the spread of terror outfits across the Middle East, parts of Asia, and Africa; the creation -- in a region previously autocratic but relatively calm -- of a striking range of failed or failing states, of major cities that have been turned into absolute rubble (with no money in sight for serious reconstruction), of internally displacedpeople and waves of refugees at levels that now match the moment after World War II, when significant parts of the planet were in ruins; and that’s just to start down a list of the true costs of our wars.

At home, in a far quieter way, the impact has been similar. Just imagine, for instance, what our American world would have been like if any significant part of the funds that went into our fruitless, still spreading, now nameless conflicts had been spent on America’s crumbling infrastructure, instead of on the rise of the national security state as the unofficial fourth branch of government. (At TomDispatch, Pentagon expert William Hartung has estimatedthat approximately $1 trillion annually goes into that security state and, in the age of Trump, that figure is again on the rise.)

Part of the trouble assessing the “impact” here in the U.S. is that, in this era of public demobilization in terms of our wars, people are encouraged not to think about them at all and they’ve gotten remarkably little attention. So sorting out exactly how they’ve come home -- other than completely obvious developments like the militarization of the police, the flying of surveillance drones in our airspace, and so on -- is hard. Most people, for instance, don’t grasp something I’ve long written about at TomDispatch: that Donald Trump would have been inconceivable as president without those disastrous wars, those trillions squandered on them and on the military that’s fought them, and that certainly qualifies as “impact” enough.

What makes the U.S. pretension to empire different from previous empires?

As a start, it’s worth mentioning that Americans generally don’t even think of ourselves as an “empire.” Yes, since the Soviet Union imploded in 1991, our politicians and pundits have proudly called this country the “last” or “lone” superpower and the world’s most “exceptional” or “indispensable” nation, but an empire? No. You need to go someplace off the mainstream grid -- Truthout or TomDispatch, for instance -- to find anyone talking about us in those terms.

That said, I think that two things have made us different, imperially speaking. The first was that post-1991 sense of ourselves as the ultimate winner of a vast imperial contest, a kind of arms race of many that had gone on since European ships armed with cannon had first broken into the world in perhaps the fifteenth century and began to conquer much of it. In that post-Soviet moment of triumphalism, of what seemed to the top dogs in Washington like the ultimate win, a forever victory, there was indeed a sense that there had never been and never would be a power like us. That inflated sense of our imperial self was what sent the geopolitical dreamers of the George W. Bush administration off to, in essence, create a Pax Americana first in the Greater Middle East and then perhaps the world in a fashion never before imagined, one that, they were convinced, would put the Roman and British imperial moments to shame. And we all know, with the invasion of Iraq, just where that’s ended up.

In the years since they launched that ultimate imperial venture in a cloud of hubris, the most striking difference I can see with previous empires is that never has a great power still in something close to its imperial prime proven quite so incapable of applying its military and political might in a way that would successfully advance its aims. It has instead found itself overmatched by underwhelming enemy forces and incapable of producing any results other than destruction and further fragmentation across staggeringly large parts of the planet.

Finally, of course, there’s climate change -- that is, for the first time in the history of empires, the very well-being of the planet itself is at stake. The game has, so to speak, changed, even if relatively few here have noticed.

Why do you refer to the U.S. as an "empire of chaos"?

This answer follows directly from the last two. The United States is now visibly a force for chaos across significant parts of the planet. Just look, for instance, at the cities -- from Marawi in the Philippines to Mosul and Ramadi in Iraq, Raqqa and Aleppo in Syria, Sirte in Libya, and so on -- that have literally been -- a word I want to bring into the language -- rubblized, largely by American bombing (though with a helping hand recently from the bomb makers of the Islamic State). Historically, in the imperial ages that preceded this one, such power, while regularly applied brutally and devastatingly, could also be a way of imposing a grim version of order on conquered and colonized areas. No longer, it seems. We’re now on a planet that simply doesn’t accept military-first conquest and occupation, no matter the guise under which it arrives (including the spread of “democracy”). So beware the unleashing modern military power. It turns out to contain within it striking disintegrative forces on a planet that can ill afford such chaos.

You also refer to Washington D.C. as a "permanent war capital" with the generals in ascension under Trump. What does that represent for the war footing of the U.S.?

Well, it’s obvious in a way. Washington is now indeed a war capital because the Bush administration launched not just a local response to a relatively small group of jihadis in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, but what its top officials called a “Global War on Terror” -- creating possibly the worst acronym in history: GWOT. And then they instantly began insisting that it could be applied to at least 60 countries supposedly harboring terror groups. That was 2001 and, of course, though the name and acronym were dropped, the war they launched has never ended. In those years, the military, the country’s (count ‘em) 17 major intelligence agencies, and the warrior corporations of the military-industrial complex have achieved a kind of clout never before seen in the nation’s capital. Their rise has really been a bipartisan affair in a city otherwise riven by politics as each party tries to outdo the other in promoting the financing of the national security state. At a moment when putting money into just about anything else that would provide security to Americans (think health care) is always a desperate struggle, funding the Pentagon and the rest of the national security state continues to be a given. That’s what it means to be in a “permanent war capital.”

In addition, with Donald Trump, the generals of America’s losing wars have gained a kind of prominence in Washington that was unknown in a previously civilian capital. The head of the Defense Department, the White House chief of staff, and (until recently when he was succeeded by an even more militaristic civilian) the national security advisor were all generals of those wars -- positions that, in the past, with rare exceptions, were considered civilian ones. In this sense, Donald Trump was less making history with the men he liked to refer to as “my generals” than channeling it.

What is the role of bombing in the U.S. war-making machine?

It’s worth remembering, as I’ve written in the past, that from the beginning the war on terror has been, above all (and despite full-scale invasions and occupations using hundreds of thousands of U.S. ground troops), an air war. It started that way. On September 11, 2001, after all, al-Qaeda sent its air force (four hijacked passenger jets) and its precision weaponry (19 suicidal hijackers) against a set of iconic buildings in the U.S. Those strikes -- only one of them failed when the passengers on a single jet fought back and it crashed in a field in Pennsylvania -- may represent the most successful use of strategic bombing (that is, air power aimed at the civilian population of, and morale in, an enemy country) in history. At the cost of a mere $400,000 to $500,000, Osama bin Laden began an air war of provocation that has never ended.

The U.S. has been bombing, missiling, and drone-assassinatingever since. Last year, for instance, U.S. planes dropped an estimated 20,000 bombs just on the Syrian city of Raqqa, the former “capital” of the Islamic State, leaving next to nothing standing. Since the first American planes began dropping bombs (and cluster munitions) in Afghanistan in October 2001, the U.S. Air Force has been in the skies ceaselessly -- skies by the way over countries and groups that lack any defenses against air attacks whatsoever. And, of course, it’s been a kind of rolling disaster of destruction that has left the equivalent of World Trade Center tower after tower of dead civilians in those lands. In other words, though no one in Washington would ever say such a thing, U.S. air power has functionally been doing Osama bin Laden’s job for him, conducting not so much a war on terror as a strange kind of war for terror, one that only promotes the conditions in which it thrives best.

What role did the end of the draft play in enabling an unrestrained U.S. empire of war?

It may have been the crucial moment in the whole process. It was, of course, the decision of then-president Richard Nixon in January 1973, in response to a country swept by a powerful antiwar movement and a military in near rebellion as the Vietnam War began to wind down. The draft was ended, the all-volunteer military begun, and the American people were largely separated from the wars being fought in their name. They were, as I said above, demobilized. Though at the time, the U.S. military high command was doubtful about the move, it proved highly successful in freeing them to fight the endless wars of the twenty-first century, now being referred to by some in the Pentagon (according to the Washington Post) not as “permanent wars” or even, as General David Petraeus put it, a “generational struggle,” but as “infinite war.”

I’ve lived through two periods of public war mobilization in my lifetime: the World War II era, in which I was born and in which the American people mobilized to support a global war against fascism in every way imaginable, and the Vietnam War, in which Americans (like me as a young man) mobilized against an American war. But who in those years ever imagined that Americans might fight their wars (unsuccessfully) to the end of time without most citizens paying the slightest attention? That’s why I’ve called the losing generals of our endless war on terror (and, in a sense, the rest of us as well) “Nixon’s children.”

*  *  *

Tom Engelhardt is a co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of The United States of Fear as well as a history of the Cold War, The End of Victory Culture. He is a fellow of the Nation Institute and runs His sixth and latest book, just published, is A Nation Unmade by War (Dispatch Books).


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17 major intelligence agencies…

For fuck’s sake! It’s not seventeen – it is SIXTEEN!   ;-)


P.S. I hate re-posting shit or using the same joke twice, but THIS is worth re-posting (from January 13, 2017):

U.S. intelligence agencies contend that Moscow waged a multifaceted campaign of hacking and other actions

All Democrats, from our own MDB to Hillary and 0bama, have been citing the “17 intelligence agencies” that agree with their ridiculous claims.

Here’s the list of “The Magnificent Seventeen”, but (spoiler alert!) there are actually only SIXTEEN INTEL AGENCIES, but who counts? The highlighted agencies have nothing to do with Hacking, Elections, Golden Showers, or whatever sick lies the Libtards have come up with.

Each Agency’s responsibilities are very clearly defined by Law and 13 out of the “17 agencies” have absolutely nothing to do with the DNC, Wikileaks, Elections, Hillary’s e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, the Russian Hacking, etc.

Twenty-Fifth Air Force - Air Force Intel only

Intelligence and Security Command (US Army) – Army Intel only

Central Intelligence Agency is prohibited by Law to conduct any activities within the US!!!

Coast Guard Intelligence – Coast Guard, really?

Defense Intelligence Agency – Military Intel only

Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (Dept. of Energy) – Nukes, Nuclear Plants

Office of Intelligence and Analysis (Homeland Security)

Bureau of Intelligence and Research - State Dept. Intel

Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (Treasury) – Treasury and Hacking/Elections? Hmm…

Office of National Security Intelligence (DEA) – Drug Enforcement, really?

Intelligence Branch, FBI (DOJ)

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity - Marine Corps Intel only

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (Dept. of Defense) – Satellites, Aerial Intel

National Reconnaissance Office (Dept. of Defense) – Defense Recon Only


Office of Naval Intelligence Navy Defense – Navy only


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On the rare occasions when the US halfheartedly admits that, somehow, mistakes might have been made, it cannot evade employing important US citizenish "core values" like hypocricy and psychological projection.

Four days ago an outstanding example of this type of embarrassment, Russia’s Moral Hypocrisy, was posted by Colonel James McDonough, US Army attaché to Poland. Its urgent bleatings display the inadequacy and extremely low level of cohesion to which US propaganda has fallen. The short version: the US fights for all good against all bad, and the Russians disagree because they are very bad and also mean people.

Two days ago, Colonel Cassad posted a response to McDonough's piece which skewered it like a kebab. Using a nota bene format, each point is considered and then crushed into a paste. Even via the Yandex machine translation, the well-deserved kicking to the curb comes through loud and clear.…

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The USA is one of those ants with the hollowed out brain that go hand on the end of a piece of grass so it will get eaten and complete the life cycle of the brain eating parasite.

It's the City of London / Rothschilds who control our Federal Reserve.  That's why we went from Lincoln infrastructurists who helped Japan and Germany develop in the late 1800s to fighting the very same Japan and Germany at the behest of our Zionist Private Central Banking overlords who as Brits have so finely developed the divide and conquer and keep them poor strategy of control.

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November 2018 is around the corner, you know what questions to ask the candidates.

Empire or Republic?

Don't be deceived! Ask them MIC or Social Infrastructure?

Don't be seduced! Ask them Bureaucratic Impunity or Citizens Rights?

Don't be manipulated! Ask them, Banker privilege or Main Street?

Don't be intimidated! Ask them, Rule of Law, or Rule of power?

Don't be Forgetful! Ask them, what have you done for us lately?

Your destiny is in your hands, do your own exit polling, to ensure your sovereignty COUNTS!

Good luck, and God speed!...

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More divide & conquer BS the commies are belching now that they've been caught "red handed".

If it was a family member resolve yourself that you will have to just deal with it. If only a friend or acquaintance, resolve yourself that there may come a time in the not to distant future you will have to slit their throat lest they slit yours. 

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Well, what do want me to say? know we're all thinking the same thing, we've all had the very same conversations with these assholes whether friends or family. They are unreachable. 

Hey, don't kill the guy pointing out the elephant in the middle of the room ;-) 

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It's not sixteen either, it was three...the CIA (Brennan) the FBI (Comey at the time) and the NSA which in my opinion was in a go-along-to-get-along position.

Seventeen was a lie when Hillary first uttered it. 

“The [intelligence community assessment] was a coordinated product from three agencies: CIA, NSA and the FBI, not all 17 components of the intelligence community,” said former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper during a congressional hearing in May. “Those three under the aegis of my former office.”

He spoke the truth (that time) probably not wanting another perjury charge ;-)

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You're eliminating:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is where all the intelligence should come together for delivery to the president.


Established in 2004, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) manages the efforts of the entire U.S. intelligence community. Director serves as the principal advisor to the president as well as the National Security and Homeland Security Councils. 

Headquarters: Washington, D.C. 

Mission: The DNI has two main missions: to lead intelligence integration, and "forge an intelligence community that delivers the most insightful intelligence possible." 

Budget: The specifics of the office itself are unknown, but the total aggregate amount for the national intelligence program is more than $48 billion.


There are an additional combined 3202 governmental orgs. and private companies supplementing operations and augmenting research.


This is where an estimated $7 trillion has gone since 9/11.

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Re 9/11: "al-Qaeda sent its air force (four hijacked passenger jets)"

Don't bother with this article.

Anybody who repeats the faery tale about 19 Arabs causing 9/11 (working out of a cave in Afghanistan, led my a man of a dialysis machine) is not a serious man.  

Hey, Tom, just for a start, how did those 19 Arabs get the Air Force to stand down -- or fly off  the Alaska (or was it Greenland) ?  

sarz 7againstThebes Mon, 05/28/2018 - 23:30 Permalink

Years ago, when Tom Dispatch was starting up, I called Engelhardt on the 9/11 fable he was pushing, and he quite frankly said that was not something he was going to challenge. He's probably done more harm than good with his website, telling lies mixed up with some  kernels of sense. Funny to leave a legacy like that -- better he never lived. 

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Radical Marijuana 7againstThebes Wed, 05/30/2018 - 13:09 Permalink

YES, 7againstThebes, articles like the one above are tragically out of touch with an analysis which concludes that the events on 9/11/2001 were extremely successful inside job, false flag attacks. While it may be worthwhile to review the historical facts, the final interpretations are too ridiculously SUPERFICIAL.

Since it applies equally to the article above, I will copy what I previously posted under: US Army Major Reflects On The Tragic Record Of American Regime Change

I repeat:

Empires Then And Now

By Paul Craig Roberts, April 3, 2012.

"Great empires, such as the Roman and British, were extractive. The empires succeeded because the value of the resources and wealth extracted from conquered lands exceeded the value of conquest and governance. ... America’s wars are very expensive. ... and the American people have no benefits from it. No riches, no bread and circuses flow to Americans from Washington’s wars. So what is it all about? The answer is that Washington’s empire extracts resources from the American people for the benefit of the few powerful interest groups that rule America. The military-security complex, Wall Street, agribusiness and the Israel lobby use the government to extract resources from Americans to serve their profits and power. ... In this new empire, success at war no longer matters. The extraction takes place by being at war. Huge sums of American taxpayers’ money have flowed into the American armaments industries and huge amounts of power into the Department of Homeland Security. The American empire works by stripping Americans of wealth and liberty."

From that perspective, starting various wars, such as the War on Drugs (which was about 75% War on Marijuana), and the War on Terror, were fantastically successful at advancing the agenda of those who actually started those wars through the means of deceits and treacheries. After all, those wars enabled much greater development of the runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut, and the fascist police state which defended and advanced the interests of that fascist plutocracy.

Indeed, the supreme achievement of that plutocracy was the legalized counterfeiting of the public "money" supplies, which enabled "money" to be made out of nothing as debts, in order to use to "pay" for those wars, which not only were extremely expensive up front, but also even more expensive over time, as the interest on those debts had to also be paid, as more costs of those wars. Most of these wars can be seen as bankers' wars, because the main objective is to have the murder systems continue to back up the money systems, or to have the powers of public governments continue to enforce frauds by private banks, and the big corporations that grew up around those big banks being able to issue the public "money" supplies as debts.

Attempting to engage in deeper and deeper levels of analysis of warfare should admit and address the issue that endless exponential growth is absolutely impossible, and therefore, some death control systems necessarily develop in order to limit that impossibly endless growth. Hence, there must necessarily be some death control systems. However, since people can not agree upon what those death control systems should be, instead there develops the history of murder systems, which are driven to maximize maliciousness, as the most successful strategies.

The wars that Americans have been participating in for a long time were almost always started with some kind of false flag attacks (which included the ways that hemp and alcohol were demonized, in order to have the history of alcohol and pot prohibition happen.) Indeed, thousands of years of successful warfare based on deceits and treacheries, throughout both war between societies, as well as war within societies, has resulted in Globalized Neolithic Civilization manifesting runaway social psychoses. America has recently been leading the ways in which the excessively successful applications of the methods of organized crime are manifesting runaway criminal insanities.

Indeed, the whole of human history has become mixtures of absurd evils, which are increasing at about exponential rates. Natural selection pressures have driven the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest about themselves as humanly possible, while about exponentially advancing technologies are primarily being applied to enable those artificial selection systems to become about exponentially more dishonest. Human beings necessarily live as reproducing gangs of robbers, while those who became the biggest and best organized gangsters became those who operate and control the government of the USA, where that is like an iceberg, with only at tiny percentage being publicly perceived, while the vast majority of that power remains hidden.

At the present time, and for the foreseeable future, it is politically impossible for enough people to achieve any better understanding of the nature of all aspects of warfare, since those who previously developed the biggest and best organized combined money/murder systems have dominated Civilization so much, for so long, that there is pretty well nothing else than that central core of excessively triumphant organized crime, surrounded by layers of controlled "opposition" groups, which stay within the same overall frame of reference that were made and maintained by the survival of governments directed by the dominant gangsters.

"The Tragic Record Of American Regime Change" has been spectacularly successful in concentrating wealth and power into the hands of smaller groups of the pyramidion people, at the top of the social pyramid systems. All of the aspects of those events which superficially appear to have been "failures" are only seen to appear so to those who are perceiving those events in ways which continue to take for granted what the professional liars and immaculate hypocrites publicly asserted were the public purposes of those wars.

In my opinion, any author FAILS the relevant litmus test of political opinions when they continue taking for granted the "official story" regarding 9/11 . That is taking too much for granted what professional hypocrites were asserting were their purposes regarding the "War on Terror," in ways which implicitly took for granted the bullshit surrounding the events on 9/11/2001 as not actually having been inside job, false flag attacks. After one recognizes that 9/11 was the most spectacular symbol, so far, of the ways in which successful warfare was based on deceits and treacheries, then one goes through enough deeper analysis of the accomplishments achieved through that kind of extremely deceitful and treacherous operation, in order to start more genocidal wars abroad, as well as prepare to impose democidal martial law at home.

There must necessarily be some death control systems, while, because that is the case, those become murder systems which maximize maliciousness. The first level of deeper analysis is to attempt to admit and address what the actually existing murder systems are doing, which are operating through those being as deceitful and treacherous as humanly possible. The next level of deeper analysis would be to follow through toward what might be better murder systems, given that it will always be necessary for there to be some death control systems.

However, at the present time in human history, "we" are overwhelmingly stuck in the ruts of the biggest and best organized gangsters manifesting through the ways that the American government is dominated by the international banksters. The sociopolitical systems which those people made and maintained continue to mostly be able to publicly present their positions based on professional hypocrisies regarding what "regime changes" were supposed to achieve.

At the present time, and for the foreseeable future, one can not expect much in the way of better analyses, since too few people are able and willing to go through the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts which would required to develop genuinely better militarism, which deserves to be recognized as necessarily the supreme ideology. That ideology of the murder systems is astonishing and amazing to attempt to contemplate, since warfare is the oldest and best developed forms of social science and engineering, but the successfulness of warfare depends upon deceits and treacheries. But nevertheless, it is from that overall perspective that one should attempt to develop better informed opinions regarding how and why "The Tragic Record Of American Regime Change" was extraordinarily SUCCESSFUL at advancing the agenda of triumphant organized crimes.

After one recognizes that governments are necessarily the biggest forms of organized crime, as necessarily dominated by the best organized gangsters, then it becomes quite intelligible that the actual consequences of their actions advance all aspects of organized crime to flourish. Overall, the human species has been driven to develop Globalized Neolithic Civilization which is not only based on applications of the methods of organized crime on larger and larger scales, but also manifesting more and more of the corollaries that surround the social successfulness of doing so, which are the degrees to which most people do not understand that, as well as do not want to understand that.

So far, the "best" alternative views which are publicly presented in any significant ways are those from various controlled "opposition" groups. There are almost always gross understatements of the degree to which the actually existing murder systems have maximized maliciousness, as well as almost always nothing which follows through from that to propose and promote any better murder systems.

Natural selection was internalized as human intelligence, which was then applied to the most important selection pressures, which were other groups of people. Hence, the history of warfare, both within and between societies, which drove the intensifying paradoxes that human intelligence was applied through the methods of organized crime, to enable larger and larger manifestations of organized crime, becoming more and more dishonest and psychotic. Thus, the intelligence of some was applied to make others stupider.

Although the laws of nature are not going to stop working, and so, nothing that depends upon the laws of nature is going to stop working, since the only connections between the laws of nature and the laws of men are the abilities to back up legalized lies with legalized violence, the underlying issues that doing so never stops those lies from still being fundamentally false automatically are getting worse, faster, at about exponential rates. Human intelligence is being successfully applied through physical sciences, enabling about exponentially advancing technologies, all of which continues to mostly be applied through sociopolitical systems which not only necessarily operate according to the methods of organized crime, but also manifest the necessary corollaries that those social facts are as dishonest about themselves as possible, which is considerable, given that those lies are backed up by violence, despite that those lies still remain fundamentally false.

The laws of nature have driven the laws of men to become as dishonest as humanly possible, and that is automatically becoming worse, faster, as Civilization under the excessively successful control by applications of the methods of organized crime is therefore manifesting more and more excessive criminal insanities. AROUND & AROUND, those criminal insanities may be restated as the basic issues regarding the relationships of artificial selection systems within natural selection pressures, such that there must be some death control systems, but thereby those became murder systems which maximized maliciousness. The article above from the Major was tragically typical in the degree to which it engaged in superficially correct analysis of "The Tragic Record Of American Regime Change" superficially appearing to have been "failures."

However, from the perspective of Paul Craig Roberts, as I quoted above, those ways in which America has led the world in becoming ever more runaway criminal insanities, advancing the interests of greater organized crimes everywhere, could be regarded as having been quite SUCCESSFUL, for those increasingly psychotic psychopaths who are concentrated in the pyramidion of the pyramid systems.

Of course, overall, in the longer term, Globalized Neolithic Civilization is threatening to commit collective suicide due to the degree to which that Civilization is manifesting runaway criminal insanities. However, only from that overview could one conclude that such a history of increasingly deceitful and treacherous wars were "failures." That general double whammy results in authors which grossly understate the degree to which the actually existing murder systems maximized maliciousness, from which follows grossly understated notions regarding the necessity for some death control systems in general.

While there has been series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in physical sciences, which have enabled weapons to become many orders of magnitude more powerful and capable than ever before in human history, so far, it continues to be quite politically impossible for militarism to go through sufficient series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in the ways that militarism perceives itself, since most of human history has been the history of deceptions resulting in successful warfare, and thereby, those murder systems directed the development of Civilization to become as it is today ...

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"It is time for the humans of the United States of America to choose the Best Evil to lead them toward their destiny."

"Doom - Cthulhu does not focus on in the failures of humanity. Instead he offers a complete, holistic solution to the problems everyday Americans face. Issues solved by annihilation of the human race."

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This article could have been written by a second-year political science undergraduate at a U.S. public university.  This adds a sum total of zero to the public understanding of the rise of American imperialism.


Stud Duck AurorusBorealus Tue, 05/29/2018 - 01:41 Permalink

You got something more to add in a short paragraph? I am about the same age, watched it all go down, it appears to be an accurate assessment without too much blather. Our country as a whole,  is a war society, we worship the warrior and his sacrifice while the tax cows provide their sons for the slaughter and the bill for a lifetime in taxes. It has been to motis operndi for this country growth in the last century, I doubt it will be for the next century.

Tom does get his "ought" mixed up with his "is's" and vice versa. but he tries hard, give him credit for that.

As a personal observation when Nixon went private, both my father (WW2 and Korea) me VN, thought it was a totally bad idea, then a "peoples" Army but most personnel 2 year draftees, now a totally professional Army with a mind set that is somewhat scary when I talk to them. I guess one could deduct that was when the whole scheme started by the NWO or what ever the current name of the mysterious controller of events is. 

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To state the obvious; the CIA has deeply humiliated the American people in their attempt to tie the American people to be responsible for the CIA's crimes against humanity across the world.


The CIA appears to be the world's greatest threat to peace and prosperity. It is the penultimate terrorist organization, being the direct or indirect creator of all other terrorist organizations. It also appears to be the world's penultimate illegal drug smuggler and pusher making all other illegal drug trading possible and instigating the horrors of addiction and suffering around the world.


If I believed that the CIA was working in any way on behalf of the US government and the American people then it would be sad and shameful indeed. However, it is my belief that the CIA instead was captured long ago, as was the secret military operations and now works for a hidden power that wants to dominate or failing that, destroy humanity.


It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.


The Agency is Cancer. There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.


Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.


Manipuflation Mon, 05/28/2018 - 20:30 Permalink

Everything you need to know about me is all right here in one handyjam instructional video.

Ain't got no debt and don't take free shit army money from the goobermint.

Probably should take the old lady down to the river some catfishing tonight and drink some cheap beer. 

Been through all of the political "what's my penis or vagina for" bullshit and I ain't changing.  I don't give a flying fuck about their penis or vagina problems because that's all bullshit about why they are a lazy fucks.  Shut the fuck up and grab a shovel.