Not-So-Great Britain... Land Of Tyranny

Authored by Ben Garrison via,

Great Britain has become an Orwellian, globalist police state. Once the land of the Magna Carta, it’s now the land of tyranny.

Free speech is gone – the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson proves that. There was no legitimate charge, no trial, no due process. Instead, he was disappeared into jail where death threatens him. Remember, an anti-Muslim Englander was imprisoned for a year for leaving a bacon sandwich near a mosque. He was murdered while locked up. The same threat looms for Robinson. The media are not allowed to talk about it. It’s the ‘law.’

Robinson is a whistleblower who cast light on a huge problem in his country: Muslim pedophile rape gangs. Apparently Muslims are a protected caste and so Robinson was arrested and locked up. He was on parole and the British authorities were determined to lock him up again on any pretense. They said he was a ‘threat to the peace,’ which is ridiculous.

What’s next, England - people getting ‘disappeared’ into gulags or the being shot in the back of the head, Stalin-style? It’s good to see many patriotic citizens in England protesting Robinson’s arrest. Unfortunately, they’ve all been disarmed.

Let that reinforce a lesson for us Americans: Never, ever give up your guns. If our government ignores our Constitutional rights and tries to ‘disappear’ us into prison camps, we’ll know what to do. Remember the words of Solzhenitsyn:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

The sun once never set on the British Empire. Their light of freedom is now gone. It’s a country divided by their ‘diversity’ and permeated by darkness. If the Deep State globalists have their way, America will be next.

It’s time to take a stand for the Freedom of Speech across the world.


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Great Britain, where Cromwell let the jews back in to take over the Bank of England, let them start the American and French Revolutions, let them drag the world into 2 world wars and never ending wars for greater Israel in the Middle East.

Great Britain, the mulatto cesspool, ain't so great any more.  Most of the left there are still covering and making excuses for its deliberate genocide.

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No apology for reposting this link. I would urge everyone who hasn't, take a listen.


If, as is rumoured (reporting connivance/avoidance by the MSM notwithstanding), its estimated that between 50 - 100 large towns and cities have these rape gangs.

There were +2000 young girls assaulted in Rotherham.

Do the math.


Constabularies being decentralized, the common link to all of them will be the Home Office - and who ran the Home Office for five years? None of this shit landed on her desk? Something this fucking big?


And the MSM?

To what depth of depravity has it sunk? Without honest journalism holding the kiddy-fiddlers in the police, judiciary, local government and all the way up to the PM (see above) to account (nevermind the dunecoons), but instead enabling and empowering them. Pretty much a  gutless propaganda tool of the State (as opposed to a tool of the Dems in the US).

The media now are simply collusional cowards, and deserving only of contempt.

Thank God for people with a spine like Tommy.


Any so-called "journalist" browsing this article? You are pond-life.

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I know its convenient to say the opposite but UK gun laws in some cases are actually more liberal than some US states, just because people choose not to get them doesn't mean they are banned, shotguns are shall issue, rifles are may issue, UK even has .50cal rifle clubs, you can even buy smoothbore cannons on a shotgun license.

The reason why the UK government acts the way it does is it has very few boots on the ground if two large groups decide to war with each other (everyone vs Muslims), I think they know what will happen if the truth comes out and are trying to prevent it.

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"I know its convenient to say the opposite but UK gun laws in some cases are actually more liberal than some US states..."

Well because it is convenient to point out (lol) I'm unsure that a side-by-side comparison of gun laws in New England with the gun laws of England is a fair gauge of the peoples freedom.

What I mean to say is, just because in one place there is a requirement to fill out ten documents instead of nine only points to the degree of government oppression, not the level of liberty ;-)

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"it was completely incoherent, but I thought it was pretty funny."

Jews love jewish humor, especially when it is filthy, untrue and making fun of goyim.  If, due to some sick yid human sacrifice, like Purim, the Russian Revolution, or the real Holocaust, it happens to also rub goyim faces in their sadistic lies, then it is all the funnier.

Ha, ha, ha, squeal the jews.  Isn't funny when we Shtump your Shicksa's and then blame it on "white males"?  Ha, ha, ha. 

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Son... you are making a spectacle of yourself.... last response from me today. Go away and think about what you are posting. Again, a civil response... and here I only promised you the one. What you project here is vitriol... a poor substitute for intellect. If you are truly sincere in your desire to understand your world, you are aimed in the wrong direction. More than that I won't say, as I promised you another civil discourse.

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If he follows his pattern, Indo_Expat will target people who assert a willingness to use force to defend their rights, or seem to be biased in favor of opposition to, or revolution against, the existing powers in the US.  He will eventually post what he purports to be his email address and a link to a website.  His game seems to be to harass and bait certain types of commenters into revealing to him, by responding to his email or visiting his site, their true identity.  He may be simply a troll who will then spam those users with bullshit sales offers, but I suspect something a bit more sinister.  Given who he targets, I believe he is gathering identities of potentially problematic people for some government entity.

Or, he could simply be insane.

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The reason why the UK government acts the way it does is it has very few boots on the ground if two large groups decide to war with each other (everyone vs Muslims), I think they know what will happen if the truth comes out and are trying to prevent it.

Very true. If you remember from the "paedophile riots" a few years ago, triggered by a tabloid (irresponsibly) publishing names of pedos, the one thing the average working class white British cannot and will never stand for is child molestation. Aside from being patriotic, White Van Man for all his many faults has a strong moral compass when it comes to things like this, as everyone should.

The backlash against muslims would be huge if the full extent of the truth comes out. I wouldn't want to be living in Dagenham, Newcastle or Nuneaton, that's for sure. 

In addition, it would lead to a broader reflection about the problem and greater scrutiny on people at the top engaged in this kind of stuff. 

I think, ultimately, this could be the beginning of the end of Theresa May's political career...

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Thing about the Gun ban in the UK, the criminals have no problems obtaining guns, it is the decent law abiding subjects who are unarmed.  If trouble does break out, it will be the decent law abiding subjects who will suffer most.  Sods law isn't it.

Feelings are running very high in the UK, the Government wasn't expecting the reaction it got to Tommy Robinson's arrest, they have their heads in the sand, they think preventing people from speaking out about the problems facing the country makes the problems go away.  As we witnessed, it doesn't, the anger festers and I'm sure that had guns been freely available, there were those who would have used them at the weekend.  I'm not convinced that would have been a good thing.

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The UK has been going downhill for many, many years, now. Those of us who saw where things were headed (and it wasn't hard - all you had to do was open your eyes and pay attention) already made departure plans, and left. I bugged out in 2004, and were it not for the fact that the rest of my family has chosen to remain wilfully ignorant, I would have no business returning to the UK, ever.

The UK is, to all intents and purposes, an Islamic state: The Lancaster Plan is ultimately what's behind all this, and the elites in the UK have decided that, since the British population is completely unwilling to fight (true - many will use words, but no matter how badly things go, they always meekly return to the ballot box to vote for Labour or Conservative - they conveniently "forget" about non-mainstream parties like the UKIP when they actually go to vote), the state has already planned to cede the UK to Islam.

Appeasement, in other words. Chamberlain would have been proud!

To those of you who were born in, or grew up in, the UK: It's not your country anymore. The time for action was in 1997, 20 years ago, and that time is past. You cannot complain: People like me have been going on about this for bloody decades, and we were called mysogynist racists for our trouble. You chose not to take action, and now I'm afraid the time has come to face the music.

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interesting sauce

The very definition of ‘Anglo-Zionist’

Ah, just like poor Tommy, who fails to grasp that the Jews, more than anyone, have facilitated and seek to make the English a minority in England.

All throughout the West, Jews, ‘as’ Jews, seek mass immigration, and also seek to promote Israel’s drive for lebensraum.

That Muslims have been killed in the hundreds of thousands in Anglo-Zionist MENA wars, their societies ravaged doesnt enter into the equation.

Nor does the fact that the US, UK and allies have organized, trained, armed and funded virtually every Sunni terrorist group.


And the beat goes on.  

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There are 2 kinds of Jews who support mass immigration from the 3rd world:

1. LGBT - like in the case of any other LGBT.

2. Those who originate from the Muslim countries - thus have the same mDNA with those peoples.

Heterosexual Ashkenazi Jews and any Israeli Jew,
have Armenian and/or European mDNA and support only selective immigration of talented individuals.


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Count Cherep I Am Jack's Ma… Wed, 05/30/2018 - 08:49 Permalink

Jewish Hypocrisy - Flooding Europe with Immigrants

Folks in the U.K. (and elsewhere) who may be mystified as to what is going on should read the following for clarification:

The World in False-Face

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

July 1986…

[Note: despite the unfounded allegation to the contrary directed against me by a certain commenter on a previous thread, the link posted above is safe]

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Jack Ma, yet another diminutive intellect. Yes, the Jews are ridding England of the English... and yet curiously, most of parliment is not Jewish. The Royal family is not Jewish... nor is any European royal family Jewish. The vast majority of the barristers are not Jewish... most of the media is not Jewish...

You really have to hand it to the Jews... they have the whole world right where they want them, and yet they are practically invisible. I need to be on the good side of folks such as that, as they wield inhuman power. In fact, we should be grateful that such an omnipotent and ominipresent race of beings, and yet so behind the scenes that the appearance is of others in charge, allows us to exist along side of them at all.

Viewed in this way, the Jews are a remarkably tollerant and generous group, as other peoples, having encountered more advanced races, have tended to fare far worse then we have under their kind and considerate tutelage. My hat is off to such a race of magnaimous beings... thank you Jewish people for allowing me to eek out my meager existence in this world of yours. You are a noble race, and far more considerate of your lessers than you really have any need to be... especially considering how ungrateful most of us are...

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This is a better link to "The Lancaster Plan"

This could be fiction. Nevertheless, the idea is to avoid civil war in England by conceding power to the new Muslim culture.

IMO, people in power never willingly give up their power. The British elites may assume that a peaceful transition will maintain "stability" and allow them to maintain their current power. 

The Lancaster Plan makes some assumptions that I do not think will play out. The plan assumes one religion is the same as another and that one person is the same as another. • Islam is a culture with a religious component. A Muslim UK will not look anything like a Western UK. • The Turd World migrants do not have the ability or personality to function in a civilized culture. They will create a society as they know it. THEREFORE, the migrants will create a New Pakistan on the ashes of the formerly Western UK.

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First Germany, where I met my wife. She's from the DDR (former East Germany), so she had already received a very high-quality education about Big Government before she met me. In 2010/2011, I started looking at Switzerland - and we moved there in 2012. When the migrant shit started happening in Germany, we looked at each other and thanked our lucky stars that we'd already left. My mother-in-law was very pleased with that, too: She told us, rather bluntly, that she didn't see Germany having much of a future.

Switzerland is expensive to live in, and finding a good job is hard - you need German skills, but if you speak Afrikaans, you're closer to Swiss German than most. :) There are so many pluses, though: Of all Western European nations, I'm convinced that if the SHTF, we'd be far better-off than most. The Swiss state has a prepper's policy: The FONES mandates stockpiling of all commodities, fuels and foodstuffs (6 months' worth) - and it's one of a very small number of countries in the world where civilians (and not just senior politicians) have access to nuclear shelters. We live in a very nice part of canton Zürich, and it has a lot of Eastern Europeans living here (really friendly sorts, also well-educated about Big Government - and reassuringly conservative in their political outlook.)

The wife and I try to go shooting as often as we can: Here, we're allowed to own firearms (and we do) - you just need to get clearance to buy, which can take 3-4 weeks for the approval process. By contrast, in the UK, you have to re-apply for a licence every six months, and if you so much as look funny, they'll just refuse to extend your licence and confiscate your firearms and ammunition. So you can really only plan to own firearms for up to 6 months, in the UK. Forget about the UK police if you get burgled - they're useless, and they might even prosecute you for causing a would-be burglar emotional distress! (The UK *really* doesn't like people who refuse to be victims: If you don't adopt the required stance, the state will really do its best to make an example out of you.)

My advice? Use that UK passport to come to Switzerland - preferably before Brexit, and find yourself a permanent job here in Switzerland. Get yourself a 5-year B permit, before it gets a lot harder, because there is no guarantee that things will remain as easy as they were. You will, in any event, need to improve your German, unless Ticino or Graubünden are your thing, and you like Italian - or you speak French, and don't mind mingling with the more Socialist-minded Swiss that live on the West side of the Röstigraben. :)

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I hand to down vote you, "enforce"..

In the USSA you my purchase cannons, grenade launchers, silencers(suppressors) and machine guns under NFA 1934...

check out:

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This is nonsense. Shotguns are not "shall issue" - you have to show cause (usually vermin control or clay shooting). It is at the discretion of the local police authority. Rifle - you need to prove access to land where you can shoot a rifle. Then you have to keep it locked away and you cannot even tell your wife where the key is.
The Bill of Rights of 1689 guaranteed English Protestants the God Given right to bear arms, because of the oppression they suffered in their own country from the catholic scots Stuarts. That has been whittled down to nothing.

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Technically, yes you can get a gun in the UK, but in actuality it is almost impossible.   Lord Plushbottom can get a gun licence without any problem, JoeSixpack is more likely going to find himself under surveillance for even asking.   It is not simply a matter of making an application and being granted a license.   You have to be approved -and you almost certainly will not be.

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Yeah,problem is you CANNOT keep them at home for protection, they STAYS at de Clubs, SO much easier to pick them all up in one fell swoop!.Brits that are broken into at night cannot even defend themselves with ANY Item,if they do, JAIL time,and the CRIMINAL walks.Muslims have far more rights that UK native born, same in Germany.

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The US is just as bad, control of speech is the trend.

The US should be divided up, I'm not happy with what it has become and the trends. This is not the US of say 30 years ago, it has evolved to less freedom and special groups with cart blanche power and control. It is wrong and I believe it must be destroyed. And it is being destroyed.

Americans have changed, there is no nation, no national feeling of good as in the past, it's all evil and it must be destroyed.

We can't live with what is being dumped on this country. It causes constant disruption across the board. Because of the conflict, the nation needs to be divided up, those who want open borders can live in say California and others who want a more stable environment can live in a country like Texas with borders.

That's the horrible reality we live.

The return and explosion in growth of communism is being used as a vehicle to over turn the social and cultural classes of this nation and Europe. We don't want what the communist are selling either. So it would be much better to divide this corrupt piece of shit up so we can be free and happy.

The United States is a bad place to live. It is a constant war inside and outside the nation. It is a nation of liars, thieves and murderers. As any one can see it is breaking down right in front of our eyes, we see the liars, thieves and murderers operating at will being televised as a side to join, choose what liars, thieves and murderers you want to join. It's malignant and only going to get worse.

What country allows a small percentage of an ethnic minority of 1.7 percent of the population to be in control. To pour poison in to the youth on a generational basis causing a destruction of the nations culture and values.

The Jews are directly responsible for making America hell on Earth.


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Indo_Expat MK ULTRA Alpha Wed, 05/30/2018 - 06:37 Permalink

Hey Colonel - or is it General? What have you got for us today? More hilarious lies and comic book dogshit fantasy?

Perhaps a gripping account of how you led the defence at Khe Sanh and only lost the battle because the Marines bugged out on you?

Or the time you single handedly rescued Dick Marcinko and SEAL Team 6 when things got a little too hot on Ilo Ilo Island?

Or during Tet how you personally led the rescue mission of American nurses and a schoolteacher trapped in the city’s church and hospital and were awarded your FIRST Medal of Honor for saving an entire battalion of Marines from complete annihilation?

Perhaps the story of how you were awarded your SECOND Medal of Honor for a HALO drop into Hanoi to assassinate Giap and failed only because Marine Air put you in off target, but you bravely fought your way out anyways wiping out an NVA regiment in the process?

By all means don't be modest or spare any details as it will be inspiring for would-be enlistees while enhancing recruiting and retention!

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