US Foreign Policy Explained


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The US is pretty good at the extortion business. Trust them, they know what they are doing.

And indeed, the US has developed more than anyone else the art of extorting the weak and farming the poor, a sure path to wealth.

Economics is just the bed time story told to cover the real game going on.

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There is no "Imperial Logic" in our political world today... only "Zionist Logic".  And this naturally implies that it is not "logical" at all... at least not in the Christian Western sense.  When the word "logic" is applied to the non-goyistas who currently control our countries... it is more easily translated into "what is good for the jews."  For as long as that parasitic race has been allowed to exist within our bodies... that's all it's EVER meant.  If you are one of the hosts... the nipples... the prey... then learn this. Understand this.  And then formulate an attitude and action AGAINST it.  Otherwise, you and all of your descendants will slowly succumb to the vampiristic servitude of these historical demons.

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I Am Jack's Ma… J S Bach Wed, 05/30/2018 - 09:45 Permalink

wars genererally have several motives, and under Shrub the buck stopped with him and Cheney and Rummy but Iraq was very largely, even mostly about Israel, then war profiteering.  The idea it was ‘for oil’ is a superficial cover for the Jewish/Neocon cheerleaders.  The petrodollar argument demands you believe a massive war and aggregate debt is the optimal way to get a country run by a dictator to switch back to the frn.


Syria and Iran are also largely driven by Jewish ethnonationalists, but as always they arent acting alone and the whole anti-Russia Grand Chessboard strategy is still driving chunks of CIA and Pentagon.


Zionists/Organized Jewry tends to be a necessary, but not sufficient cause of wars of aggression, predatory private central banking, etc.


But here’s the rub:  the masses are so brainwashed to reject, immediately, any insinuation of ‘the jews’ (or even a small network of jews not really representative of the average jewish guy) as bad actors they will tune out and per backfire effect believe more strongly in the govt/media narratives... which, of course, are generally Jewish and Zionist in purpose, origin, and promulgation.

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After all the bullshit that girl said.

She never made good on her word. What was her story? If she rode Michael instead, then fat chance. She can rot at the bottom of the line with the rest of the street. Money or not, I haven’t the patience for that sort of insanity. Great body on her though.

Sorry Golden Grahams, this is one time where you’re not going to have your hand in my cookie jar.

I have only a few months and I will have it all. Not my fault they got my number wrong. Do I move to replace the rest as well, or just make them come to me?


You’re correct, I don’t fear you. I am just not fully awake yet.

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Sherwin Williams "Covers The Earth" logo. Red paint. Blue and white Earth. Supposedly connected to underground shelters beneathc Wal-Marts for FEMA.

Looks similar to the NRO patches with the squid/octopus sucking the Earth into its mouth.

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Put an all-seeing eye up top and make the rest of the rectangles "can we make money from invading" or "can we make money by saying they are going to invade us", and it would make more sense.

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So this geopolitical planning is unique To America? So... I would be shocked, shocked if China, Russia, or the Sunni/Shia diasporas had similar plans.

Trump is non-establishment, both party establishments want him gone. He was against the Iraq War. I haven't seen evidence he buys into expanding a US empire or joining a global one. Just another reason neocons want to get rid of him.


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Geopolitical planning is not unique by any means. What may be unique is the level of precision and detail that is available to TPTB when compared to prior "top dogs". It can be really creepy.

Another thing I have noticed about the American way of thinking is that everything is something that needs to be managed. There is this very macro approach to everything. They call it sophistication, many think it's insidious.

There is no telling what others are doing or will do if they ever amass the power the United States holds today. These things have a weird way of flipping.

Around here, nobody does anything wrong except America.



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You haven't been paying attention. Trump hired Bolton. That's John, not Michael, Bolton. John Bolton is the ultimate Neocon. Trump is no more liberty-minded than Clinton. He just says things that ruffles the feathers of the brainless hyperventilating media types. Pay attention instead to what he actually hiring John Bolton...or to what he doesn't build a wall or order his AG to throw Hillary in jail and charge her with the crimes she's committed. A year and a half and still no arrest of Hillary. That's telling.

Or is your man still engaged in a game of 4-D chess?

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It's even simpler than that summed up in a joke:


How can you tell it is two Americans sneaking around in your backyard?

There's a can of oil back there.

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Cui bono? At least not Americans from a long streak of lost wars since WWII and coming defeats in Syria and Afghanistan. These were flawed foreign policies that yielded reaps to outsiders only. When you analyze the wars, a certain pattern emerges, Pax Romana 2.0 was constantly defeated by smaller nation states, how inadequate their defense capabilities were rated before conflicts. It is interesting to speculate now, what will happen to the bully boy, who meets a guy of similar size the next time around.

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Thanks god 76% of the voting public rejected the "war-mongering" Hillary Clinton so that another 26% could vote in the "war-mongering" Donald Trump.


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blah, blah, blah...

power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Take the power back or shut the fuck up and get back to work debt slaves!

"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was!

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We have Nukes, Pallets of Useless Fiat Currency, and the best tasting MRE's money can buy. You have heard the expression? "The Good War"? It's Killing Time! CHARGE!

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Isn't the purpose of being an imperial power is to turn a profit for your entire country? Not just for the defense contractors? And hasn't the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan far exceeded the profits made by the defense contractors?