Why Sweden Is On The Fast-Track To National Suicide

Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Firm in the belief they are representatives of the world’s ‘moral superpower,’ the Swedish people continue their dangerous flirtation with every new cultural experiment under the sun. Is this really ‘progressive’ politics, or is it the road to national ruin?

In Sweden, everything seems possible except for dissent; dissent from the ubiquitous social message that tells its citizens they must be tolerant of every new cultural fad – from getting micro-chipped under the skin to allowing four-year-olds to be indoctrinated in preschool with the newfangled concept of transgenderism.

Thousands of Swedes have already been implanted with tiny microchips, typically inserted in the left hand, that will allow them the ‘convenience’ of no longer fumbling around for their credit cards, identification, keys. Much of their personal information is stored on the chip, which is about the size of a piece of rice.

Amazingly, despite the potential for the government, corporations or other powerful entity to hack into these devices, that possibility never seems to enter Swedish discourse.

“Swedes have gone on to be very active in microchipping, with scant debate about issues surrounding its use, in a country keen on new technology and where the sharing of personal information is held up as a sign of a transparent society,” AFP notes.

Although the amount of data each chip can hold is currently limited, most technologies begin with humble origins before they eventually exert tremendous influence over their human ‘masters.’ The hand-held telephone is a great example. Beginning as a convenient method of communication, the ‘smart phone’ has now gone on to literally conquer the social and cultural domain. The next step may be the realm when, as predicted by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the “internet disappears.”

'There will be so many IP addresses...so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won't even sense it,' he told an audience at the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos.

Sweden, which has managed to avoid a major war for so long it may feel itself invincible, has willfully volunteered to serve as a guinea pig for the brave new technology, which many believe will herald in mankind’s total enslavement to the ‘system.’

Sweden’s cultural experimentation does not end with the microchip. In the realm of human behavior and sexuality it is also breaking down long-established barriers with its willingness to embrace the transgender movement.

First, full disclosure. My personal opinion on transgenderism (which in a nutshell says that the determination of an individual’s sex is based on an artificial ‘social construct’ and possible to change if only the individual wills it) is that it is largely a media-induced mass phenomenon, bordering on mass hysteria. After all, how is it possible that such a radical change in human behavior – which says that a man can be a woman (and vice-versa) so long as he “identifies” with that sex – when such a thing was absolutely unheard of less than a decade ago? Man has been evolving for millions of years and only today we hear about people being able to dream up a 'sexual identity'? The only explanation is that it was basically concocted out of the blue and pumped into the public realm on a daily basis until it was accepted as gospel. Which proves that the masses will happily assume any story as truth if it is repeated enough times.

In any case, as long as this new sexual identification (there are said to be over 60 different gender types today) remained confined to the realm of the adult world, and did not violate the rights of others (in the US during the Obama era, this was arguably not the case, as grown men who suddenly ‘identified’ as a woman, were legally permitted to use the women’s bathrooms and changing facilities, thereby posing a risk to women and children), then the phenomenon could be considered mostly innocuous.

But as with every new cultural curiosity that arises, Sweden has taken transgenderism to the extremes, to the point where it tolerates pre-schools approaching children as if they were ‘gender neutral’ freaks of nature. In this bizarre world of real-life make believe, Swedes have been addressing each other with the gender neutral pronoun “hen” since 2015.

Swedish schools also carry so-called ‘forward thinking’ books, like “Hästen & Husse,” which tells the story of a man who dresses up like a woman. His friend horse, apparently no less confused, is a “trans-species” that likes to run around the house imagining he is a dog.

With this sort of absolute insanity in the air, is it any wonder that the dazed and emasculated Swedish population allowed its government, nudged along by the financial clout of George Soros, to throw open the gates to scores of illegal Middle Eastern and African migrants, many of them escaping from NATO-led conflicts?    

Today, while Swedish schools are promoting gender neutral role models to their children, very male migrant gangs are making some parts of Sweden practically off limits to the general population. Paramedics and firefighters sometimes need police escorts before entering ‘vulnerable areas’, particularly in some neighborhoods of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city.

As The Spectator reported, “the gang wars serve as a constant reminder of Sweden’s failed migration and integration policies. This is a problem for the government (and even the opposition) in a country that prides itself on being a ‘humanitarian superpower.’”

Despite the lawlessness on the streets, support for the far-right, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party reportedly dropped to its lowest level since surging during the migration crisis of 2015.

In light of these seemingly unsustainable trends in this ‘progressive’ Nordic nation, one must ask the question: How long can the cultural experiments continue before the laboratory burns down?


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Every ethnic European country is on a fast track for national suicide. It is called immigration of different races. USA is included. All of these countries will end in ruin, and what rises from the ashes will be interesting.

fleur de lis Mustahattu Thu, 05/31/2018 - 08:53 Permalink

It seems like Sweden is some kind of NWO petri dish.

The NWO targeted the most homogenous, self reliant, industrious, culturally stable, law abiding society in Europe and decided to see how far it could be pushed into accepting one perversion after another.

First of all, it should be noted that despite its neutrality, Sweden was a major player during WW1 and the Bolshevik destruction of Russia.

Not that the ordinary Swedes had any idea -- unbeknownst to them their bankers were NWO psychopaths, and assisted in the management of all the carnage.

Like their microscopic brethren, central banker parasites had been quietly infiltrating Sweden and nesting in place for decades in preparation for the upcoming bloodletting and looting.

Then as now, the parasites emerged from the DC Swamp and its kindred Swamps overseas.

Like all deadly parasites, the symptoms and behavioral patterns of central banker infestation and infection is apparent -- their presence is known when there is limitless money for conflict and war, and an unending supply of weapons.

In his book "The Triumph of Unarmed Forces," British Rear Admiral Consett described how neutral Sweden was being abused as a pawn, and its ports used for shipping Allied food, medical supplies, and products for the production of weapons to Denmark and then on to Germany.

He was stationed in Stockholm during the war, spotted the treason, realized it was far above his pay grade, quietly kept a notebook of it all, then published it after the war to the horror of the British public.

An uproar ensued in Parliament but it was quickly shut down.

What else is new.

The NWO uses targeted populations for whatever perverted project is underway, and WW1 was no different.

The Swedes were abused for their orderly conduct and turned into a base of operations, the Germans, Brits, Italians, and French were abused to cull the males and force the grieving survivors into the new social system after the violent collapse of 4 Empires, and the Russians were abused to experiment with NWO mass murder and gulags. 

Being a self described Orthodox Christian Empire, the Russians in particular were abused to see how the NWO could completely eradicate the religion that had sustained them for 1,000 years.

The Spaniards and Mexicans were dealt with a few years later with vicious NWO attacks disguised as civil wars.

The goal in both of those cases was to destroy the Christian cultures that rooted both nations, and like the previous national attacks, these were funded by the same central banker parasites.

In real time we can see the same thing today as we observe the NWO abuse of the Syrians while blaming the carnage on Assad.

The MSM is the same pack of NWO concubines that they always were.

The Swedes are currently being as badly abused as the others with a goal toward extinction but they don't realize it because the abuse actually legislates, funds, and actively encourages the basest human instincts and carnal nature.

It's just a different avenue toward control and destruction, but instead of terror, violence, death, and poverty, the NWO uses state sponsored perversion.

Since it is the law of the land and the Swedes are by nature law abiding, they do not have the cultural instincts and defense mechanisms to recognize the danger that stalks them into their homes everyday.

Anyone who expresses reservations about the NWO carnal society, or dares go a step farther and express religious objections, will be immediately tarred with the most terrifying of all known criminal labels -- rayciss.

So to avoid being labeled with a poisonous fake word, any naysayers simply go along to get along.

The irony is that the NWO will target the wild Islamics as soon as the experiment is completed, or if things spin out of control.

They are only there because they serve a purpose, and when they are no longer needed they and their generous bennies will disappear.

Everything is going according to plan.

Because as bad as things look to us, everything is actually under control -- everyone in Sweden is a lab rat of one type or another.



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It seems like Sweden is some kind of NWO petri dish.

I sometimes suspect the entire world is and has been for quite some time. All of modern history as one big psy op. Curious how parts of the US settled by Swedes and with large Swedish populations appear to be undergoing something similar. Swedes seem to be the human equivalent of those animals on the Galapagos that have no natural predators.  

I also wonder whether they're trying to see how far they can push before there is a push back; if that's actually the real aim: Nazis 2.0.

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I don't believe anything anymore about wars that is fed to us by our slave masters and their MSM concubines.

The Nazi story has to be looked at again carefully but our slave masters have too much to hide so that is unlikely.

Too many of them would be on the wrong side of WW2 history if all the truth surfaces.

The one thing that we have that previous targets did not have is widespread information thanks to the internet.

Previous targets had to make do with whatever lies were peddled as truth, and they had no way of knowing otherwise.

Hence the Swamp dwellers' frenzied push to control the internet, and any news outlet that does not agree to promoting their lies.


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Heros, there is no rehabilitating you is there?You are a truly sad little fellow... following lock step in line with others of your ilk.

You possess no truth, nor do you desire truth. Instead, you propagate a devisive kind of hate useful to your handlers... for you are just another useful idiot my young friend, and too under educated to understand the basis for the philosophy you vomit. You will be consumed in that world you are trying to make.

My first encounter with you was over some imbecilic remark you made concerning Hitler. Hitler, you said, worked to preseve the British Empire during the Second World War. Undoubtedly a talking point from one of your little videos that are supposed to be evidence of something, but are just more of the same vitriol you espouse here. And so I brought to your attention that this was just simply not true. Hitler invited many nations into the war while offering them parts of the British Empire as inducement. I also mentioned Stalin's letter to Hitler asking Hitler what part of the British Empire he was to get (a letter that Historians claim went unanswered). Boy, you sure would like to see evidence for that, you claimed... while launching into another of your tirades. So, I wrote back and indicated that those various letters, Hitler's letters to world powers, along with Stalin's letter to Hitler, were published in Churchill's six volume history of the war (I believe volume 3... curse of a photographic memory... could be wrong on this one, so might be volume 2, or 4... even with a photographic memory it has been over thirty years since my last reading of that history). The letters were there for your perusal I wrote.

Given the fact that you were so eager to see that evidence I imagine you went right to the source... in fact, I suspect you have read all six volumes by now... or not, as reading a book is not high on your list of potential endeavors... and while these books had maps, and photographic plates, they were largely just words... boring... and besides, who needs facts when we have a peanut gallery of like minded worms to lend illusion to your sad little arguments... sad, if they were not filled with such venom.

A short time ago you suggested that American's spend huge amounts of ordanance on fire fights out of a general lust for killing. Well, having offered an opinion on the expenditure of ordnance in combat, I could only assume you had an interest in the subject, and since your theory was half witted I thought I would give you a hand... so I suggested further reading. Richardson's statistical treatise on warfare, 'Statistics of Deadly Quarrels'... considered a real military classic... Richardson, btw, was no fan of war, and was an avowed pacifist. He was also a mathematician, and attempted, with great success, to apply a statistical treatment to warfare. One of the subjects he handled was the increase in ordnance expenditure over time as technology made the battlefield and increasingly dangerous place. He found there was a natural function, that as the lethality of weaponry increased, the density of manpower on the field decreased... consequently it took ever increasing amounts of ordnance to kill a single man... don't have these figures immediately at my disposal, but you are good at researching talking points on the internet... your substitute for an education... so I am quite certain you can find the actual numbers, as numbers concerning ordance expenditure per combat casualty can be found going back to at least the Napoleonic Wars. In other words, there was a self feeding synergy between the lethality of ordance and concentration of manpower which effectively resulted in a linear function (not going to attempt a basic education into algebra, so if you have not been exposed to linear functions yet, you will... they come along typically in about the seventh grade... or used to). A linear function implies correlation...

Have you read Richardson's work yet?

I tried with you, Heros... are you really so irredemmable? Sad... and you infest a site I love, destracting from what used to be a great forum for debate. You will not fare well in this new world you are helping to make, my little friend. You do not have the balls for it.



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Besides the fact that you are a self admitted narcissistic oaf, it appears you are not able to read with any degree of comprehension. Your original statement, and this is a direct quote... ‘narcissistic oaf’. This is the comment I responded to. Having made a complete horses ass of yourself, you errased that comment with another. Seriously... oaf does not cover it... you fall more into the waste of space category.

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By this, I assume you mean your act of replacing one comment with another. No, I will leave that up to folks imaginations... frankly, Neither you nor your attempt at some philosophical point are of any interest to me, as among other things, there is no sincerity on your part. So, I will call you the victor. No, I cannot prove you changed your comment... you win.

I hang my head in defeat... in fact, so chagrin am I that this will constitute my last response to you... so feel free to go back and modify your posts anyway you desire. 

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In your comment, the word folks needs an apostrophe. If my points and I are of no interest to you, why have you replied? You are not the best judge of sincerity. And you accept defeat too easily. If you would just improve your method of response you could smash me easily. The weakness in your work is the very thing you believe is most strong: Your emotional base. Emotions don't last. Try being more rational and you'll have more success. It's not as easy, but it's better and more worthwhile. And more people will agree with you, because then you won't be trying to get them to respond in harmony with your feelings, instead of with what makes sense to them rationally

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No, what I wrote was, "Obnoxious, narcissistic oaf," and I wasn't talking about me. I was talking about you. That would be clear to anyone. The fact that you appear not to understand this could be said to prove that you yourself are not capable of comprehending verbal matter, but it is easily recognized that what you are saying is pretended and is meant to redirect the thrust of my comment and therefore functions as denial. I didn't edit my statement to confuse you, or in response to anything you said, because I hadn't yet read your response, but to make my own comment less emotional and more rational, and to help you realize what is ineffective about your style of attack. For the sake of clarity I have returned my original words to their rightful place.

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Intentionally misrepresenting people's meaning by lying yourself is a dishonest way of going about things. You say you could only assume, etc. That's not true. Other choices were available to you, the same as would be available to anyone. Most people are capable of recognizing such deficiencies, you should too.

Thank you for you well wishes, whether feigned or not. But I will have a good day whether you wish me one sincerely or insincerely, or even if you don't wish me one. My having a good day doesn't depend on you or anyone else. It depends only on me.

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The wish is sincere... have a good day. btw... you  seem like a reasonably bright fellow... even if you are a narcissitic oaf. I will own the obnoxious part... I am working on it, but I am running out of time. If you ever have an actual point to make you and I could probably have an interesting debate.

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Nietzsche wrote: "The great epochs of our lives are the occasions when we gain the courage to rebaptise our evil qualities as our best qualities"

I don't agree with him about everything. But this can apply at least sometimes, to being obnoxious, if done especially skillfully.

So you might want to work on this, in this way.

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btw... I understand your objection to my response to the kid. He is one of a handful of Jew haters that come here and railroad every discussion they can to that end. If one attempts a reasoned response, they descend on said individual as a horde of savage animals and carry on any number of ad hominen attacks.

I despise bullies. It tends to bring out the worse in me, I suspect. The hubris expressed in my post was intended to provoke... it was an open invitation to come out and play...  a thing these people don't do with me much anymore, as they tend to look for vulnerabe prey.

I am fundamentally not narcissitic (far from it, I am accutely aware of others)... and while I was, in my youth, very much an intellectual snob, when I finally came face to face with my own abject stupidity I was, frankly, embarrased. I am frustrated by lack of logic, but I am far from enamored with my own intellectual prowess.

That said, these people are the lowest form of life... their courage derived from numbers, while there is no sincerity in their arguement, only hate.

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There is a lot that could be said in reply to your post. We all have flaws in our methods and personalities, so here I'll omit focusing on that. A lot of people think they're right about everything, so that's not much of a topic for me either. It's usually difficult to persuade people they are wrong about anything substantial, partly because their opinions consist of many parts and also because they believe they have considered things carefully. Additionally, it is nearly impossible for any two human individuals to obtain or be exposed to exactly the same information, and a lot of what can be perceived as being true is not true. Moreover, various entities use information in ways intended to divert the beliefs and actions of others in ways inconsistent with what is true or in their best interests. One thing that makes all this even worse is the fact that given the nature of life and the world it is necessary for individuals at some point to cease investigating and questioning and simply move forward based on what can only be called faith that is founded on whatever impressions they already have, and this is done in various degrees of uncarefulness, thus perceptions consistently tend to be wrong in some degree. The young are characterized by the tendency to accept as true any idea whose source they trust, and this can be TV, politicians, government, parents, neighbors, swindlers, deceivers, or any other source, all that is necessary is that they trust it, and the young are not experienced in judging such things so they are certain to err. But the shear fact of their willingness to accept ideas is the reason our enemies focus on influencing the beliefs of our young, for, once instilled in them, any idea they have accepted is extremely difficult to dislodge. Their unquestioning acceptance of erroneous beliefs in youth typically results in their not being able to look at their own beliefs objectively, even in the face of strong and valid information that is new to them. Ideologies, therefore, make excellent weapons, and there are many of these in use right now in our own lives. We need to develop the ability to examine our beliefs more closely and be open to finding mistakes even in those beliefs we hold most dear.

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Nothing here I can disagree with... starting with all belief is choice, and therefor faith... a thing my youngest daughter is struggling with atm, as she tells me she has no connection to God, and I tell her that she must choose connection to God. Such a simple point... so very difficult to grasp.

As to the points you make regarding youth, you are correct. Moreover, it is my desire not that I somehow show them the error of their thinking (and, actually, it is far more interesting when folks show me the error in mine)... as I am convinced the singularity in our immediate future is unavoidable, and these beings will have their part, enthusiatically for a time, until the same monster they thought was theirs turns about to eat them... I just want them to go away. I want a few more weeks, months, could I hope for a year or more, of peace before these creatures are at my doorstep.

This site was an important place for me... and others I suspect... to find, not like minded people, but rather, people capable of reason. It is becoming less so, but the fun thing about bullies is, when faced with any real oppostion, they retreat back into shadow. Consequently it is my hope that my abuse of them will bare fruit, and they will simply disappear. It has started to have an effect, as no matter how many up and downflags their little group brings to the table, they are still left with the inability to pose a cogent argument.

Moreover, I consider it immoral to stand idly by, while these creatures attempt to shut down all debate but their own. If it reaches that point, I will simply leave the site, and I will lose one of the few contacts I still maintain with the human race (outside my wife, and three daughters). But I will not remain here, watch, and do nothing.

As to your earlier point, I have used such a mechanism for personal growth. Having a plethora of grevious faults, it has been a deep well from which to draw.

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I wouldn't make the assumption that anything will rise at all from the ruins. I think it will devolve into chaos and then a return to a nomadic life. These invader-immigrants have no knowledge of even how to raise enough food to feed themselves let alone the world. If the West survives it will likely be because of Russia as the US seems bent on self-destruction as well.

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swedish men were once the scariest guys in the world: vikings. all they need to do to fix this mess is to stand up and tell the women, "no more, bitches", and then backhand them across the room when the whining starts.

I don't think they will, though. they look to me like they've had enough of the women's bullshit, and they're gonna let the civilization burn down.

and when the women finally come crying, sniveling to "fix it!", well .... I think there's gonna be a whole new set of rules laid down with iron hands. we'll see

rrrr Heros Thu, 05/31/2018 - 09:51 Permalink

Look at this from the biological perspective. The Swedes are trying all the possible choices other than violence, in determining their own fate. Only a few need to survive, for this strategy to pay off. The ones who survive will be those capable of understanding the dynamics involved. The outcome is very likely to be that violence is the most reasonable response to what they are now having to endure. When this is found to be true --IF it is found to be true-- then moral considerations will have no power, because the survival of a biological organism is the only moral outcome, and that mode of achieving such result which is best is also the least immoral.

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So were the Scandinavian women.

The current gender roles in Scandinavia are not contradicting the Viking past. Already then did the women of society enjoy respect, power and privileges that was unheard of in (most) of the rest of the world.

Women where cherished as Gods: Frigg (Odins wife – and in many myths more than his equal. She could see the destiny of all, was, together with Freya, the Goddess of fertility and love), Freya (Goddess of beauty, love and lust), Sif (the wife of Thor and known for her high temper and ability to ease Thor when he – as often – was angry), Gefion (Goddess of agriculture = at that time “industry/commerce/wealth”), Idun (Goddess of spring and eternal youth), Nat (Goddess of night – she had three different husbands and had three sons: Delling (the God of morning) and Jord (Danish for “Earth”). The last husband was her own son Delling and they got Dag (Danish for “Day”) as their son), Ran (Goddess of the sea and the realm of death at the bottom of the sea), Rind (Goddess of frost – the Danish name “Rindfrost” is at term for when it is very cold), Nornerne (the Goddesses of fate – there were three, Skuld, Urd and Verdante, and each child got one of them when born to weave/decide their fate) and on and on…

The women in Viking society where seen as equals to men – they got the same position in graveyards (and the same amount of offerings), they were well-dressed, fed and had written rights (found on rune stones). A women had the right to get a divorce (if the man did not have sex with her or hit her more than twice ;-), she had the right to inherit the goods, gold and other property = many women where rich/had/got power when their husbands died. The name of women are often on rune stones as equals to men – the most famous one Jellinge Stenen has the inscription: “King Haraldr ordered this monument made in memory of Gormr, his father, and in memory of Thyrvé, his mother”.

In other words: already in the Viking age did the men of Scandinavia treat women with respect and honored them as equal important members of society. The vulgar “masculinity” preached by corporate propaganda in US is just another “divide and conquer”-tactic amongst many (race, sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity etc.)…

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Get their balls back? I don’t buy your premise: that strong, independent and influential woman is a threat to masculinity. A self-confident and intelligent man don’t need to “keep his women down” – why should he? Why should he feel afraid of being “castrated” by woman because she’s not enacting the “Disney princess”-version of “womanhood” (i.e. having a mind and will of her own and demanding respect)?

Only weak men who’re unsecure about their own identity needs to fear or flea from strong women…

+ the women went along. There're many examples of Scandinavian women skeletons from the places the Vikings went...

+ it is still speculated whether or not the women participated in the fighting. Many were buried with weapons.

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