CNN Audience Plunges 25% As Fox News Dominates Prime Time

In a new TV ratings report published Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research, Fox News Channel continues to reign supreme in the cable news wars, while CNN’s primetime audience has collapsed by a shocking 25%.

” Fox News extended its run of consecutive months at number one to a staggering 197, while building hitting another impressive milestone: Fox News has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers,” said Forbes.

“In prime time, Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.384 million and CNN’s 835,000. Among viewers 25-54, the group most coveted by advertisers, Fox News shook off a challenge in recent months from MSNBC to claim a clear victory: 461,000 viewers, well ahead of MSNBC (329,000) and CNN (265,000).”

Nielsen reported that Fox News secured an impressive ten of the top fifteen shows in all of the cable news, with Fox News’ Sean Hannity finishing in the top most-watched cable news show in May. Aside from ESPN and the NBA playoffs, Hannity had more viewers than any other show on cable.

In total viewers, “Hannity” had 3.261 million, followed by MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” (2.627 million), and Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (2.617 million), “The Ingraham Angle” (2.617 million) and “The Five” (2.153 million).

On a year-over-year basis, Fox News viewership increased +6 percent to 2.381 million viewers during primetime. MSNBC declined -2 percent to 1.654 million viewers, and CNN collapsed -25 percent in viewers to 888,000.

Regarding demographics, the prime working age American (25- to 54-year-old) coveted by corporations for advertising purposes, Hannity gained the top spot with 650,000 of these viewers. A handful of companies late last year dropped their advertisement programs with Hannity over the Roy Moore interview. Reflecting on that decisions, well, it seems like those companies made a terrible advertising mistake. Maddow secured second, with 513,000 prime age working Americans, while Laura Ingraham finished in the third slot, with 523,000.

When it comes to financial news, most Americans have now gravitated to Fox Business for their daily dose of mainstream economics. Fox has been leading the financial segment of news for twelve consecutive months in a row over its rival CNBC. “Lou Dobbs Tonight” has been a grand slam for the network — now ranked most-watched cable business program, with 319,000 total viewers. “Varney & Co.” with Stuart Varney placing second, with 232,000, and “Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman” was third, with 178,000.

Wrapping up the top five were “After the Bell” on Fox Business, with 176,000 viewers, and CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street/Squawk Alley,” with 172,000. Mad Money with Jim Cramer was nowhere to be found.

In total views during market hours of 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Fox Business had an average of 187,000 viewers to CNBC’s 165,000. However, CNBC did surpass Fox Business in the total views for the prime working age cohort, but not by much - possibly due to CNBC’s crypto trader segment.

Americans who get their daily dose of news, politics, and economics from mainstream news outlets appear to have received the message blasted by President Donald Trump that "liberal media" is fake news, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the ratings collapse of Trump's nemesis: CNN. Which begs the question: is the Fourth Estate indeed collapsing as many believe, or is it just shifting increasingly to conservative media?


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Good Stuff

The contrast between the channels is amazing...

CNN-Forums of ANTI TRUMP people like Van Jones all hammering Trump ...all being thrown softball leading questions from Anderson Cooper. They have one super weak (Can't Debate) token Trump supporter on the panel just to say "We are Fair". 


MSNBC- Words can't describe this station.  Maddow, Odonnel, Mathews....I can't imagine the pre-air meetings on how they are going to spin every news story.  And good old JOY.  The hate for Trump on this station has made them delusional.


FOX-Tucker and Hannity (My opinion) present the days stories for all to hear.  They show many sides, and they invite Liberals on to defend themselves...especially on Tucker and they just get crushed.  The Liberals NEVER answer a fucking question.  I have learned something from Liberals on Fox.  NEVER answer the question asked...always answer the question you want to answer.  So you will hear this comment.... "I will tell you what I do know...."  this is the lead into an answer that will NOT answer the original question.  Tucker is good at painting these losers into a corner...

My wife and I toggle between these three channels....and the contrast is astounding.  I am a Ron Paul conservative.....and I try to be empathetic towards Dem/Libs...and try for a second to put myself in their shoes and I JUST CAN'T do it.  I always come up with the same conclusion.  You people are lost idiots....How can you think like that?


And of course...I am here on ZH like a fucking addict.  I must come here 5 times a day to see the stories and read  your comments.  Is there a MIRROR site like ZH that is filled with Dem/Libs?   

Sure appreciate this site... 


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The ratings game is interesting but it’s not the real story.  The real story is that the combined total Blue Brain Numb Skulls absorbing the hate speech propaganda from the alphabet networks absolutely crushes the opposition .... something like 8 million per night, maybe more, for the nightly “news” (ABC, CBS, NBC).  Even local news is just a regurgitation of hate speech and then add to that the constant drum beat of hate from the nightly “comedy” shows and the propaganda machine could reach 15 million sheeple every day, maybe more.  Add to that the day time propaganda as well as the "news" papers and I'm guessing the total is probably more than 25 million and we haven't even thought about the indoctrination in the schools.

May God bless Michael Savage.


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Only because CNN's demographic is too busy slinging dope and making babies for our Welfare system. No time to watch CNN when you're banging drug addicts while your shooting them up...

One request for FOX, NOT EVERYTHING IS AN ALERT! "This is a Fox News Alert, Hillary just used the restroom." "Fox News Alert, Trump just tweeted on Mexico's president taking Tums to relieve heartburn." NOT EVERYTHING IS AN ALERT!

Tucker rocks. Never miss him. Hold them to the questions and watch them squirm!

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Receive their information from cable news is all that I 'll give them.

I have a tough enough time sifting through the articles and informative comments presented here.
Still, you make a point that is well taken.

I listen to Hannity on AM radio, and the repetitive nature of his show has become my required background noise.
Levin, Savage, Chris Plant are much more entertaining while being informative.
Chris Plant has a Hedger edge.

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NONE of the cable "news" shows broadcast the real news going on around the world, or with matters in the US.

Not Hannity, nor Maddow, nor CNN.

The only individual I sometimes watch is Tucker Carlson because he must have been trained in a university "Debating Club" and I enjoy his repartee.

But, again, NONE these shows reveal the "real news."

If they did, they would be immediately taken off the airways. 

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“Which begs the question: is the Fourth Estate indeed collapsing as many believe, or is it just shifting increasingly to conservative media?”


I think it’s apparent it is NOT shifting to conservative as FOX has had the top spot running over 20 months, yet NONE of the other outlets have “shifted” their stance on liberal ideaology. Instead of calling it “collapsing” perhaps a more accurate term would be “suicide”. 

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We should first eliminate both CNN and Fox.


That sounds like a tactic right out of the communist/left playbook.  If you don't agree with something try to ban it somehow. 

How about letting all the so-called "news" channels do their own thing and let people decide what they want to believe?  After a while a lot of people will just stop watching any of the MSM news programs like I did years ago . . . or not.

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I don’t doubt the # of libs not believing everything on CNN, MSNBC on that poll, but it’s fukin terrifying Fox News diehards think it’s 100% truth. Scares the shit outta fellow conservative libertarians that haven’t sold their soul to Trumps personal personal blurt our fib channel, whatever zany talking points he sends out. I wish it disgusted more conservatives. 

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The downvotes are simply a recognition that Fox is the only news organization to counter balance the other uber-emotional, uber-biased, unobjective, sloppy, DNC-colluding, overpaid journalism/English majors who for the first time in their weak lives now yield power as news fabricators.  Life in America without Fox would be like life in Russia with only Pravda.

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"Its because they don't report the news"

Yes. CNN is one of the many psychological warfare tools the Money Power/Aristocracy cabal use to manipulate our minds into beliefs that have nothing to do with reality.

Communist South Africa has declared it will now without any compensation STEAL the PROPERTY of the minority White race including the Boer farmers [who are being genocided] because 'the Whites stole our land'.

Now Communist leader JULIUS MALEMA who sings regularly "KILL THE BOERS, KILL THE FARMERS" unhindered, has truthfully stated that 'the bantu peoples (all South African Blacks) themselves are foreigners who came to South Africa from the north and invaded the non-Black KOI-KOI peoples there before them!!

Don't expect CNN or ZERO HEDGE to report on this turn of events (or any other media). Listen to this:

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OK, so let's do some math here.  Liberals are about 50% of the country, conservatives the other 50%, give or take.

"Conservative" news outlets (and I'm giving a lot of leeway as to what constitutes "conservative" here):  Fox News and AM talk radio.

"Liberal" news outlets:  50 other TV and cable networks plus NPR.  Pretty much anything that isn't Fox News or AM talk radio.


Doing some long division (I know it's painful, but try to stick with me):  Half the population has two "conservative" news outlets to choose from.  The other half is divided over 50 "liberal" ones.  And neither side watches the other's shows EVER.

I think I'm probably in the ballpark on this one.

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Conservatives have given rise to alternative news outlets because neither Fox, nor AM radio, seem to accurately portray conservative vox populi. In a society that's institutionalized narcissism, you can't trust anyone's opinion any more and because of his rising audience, Alex Jones is difficult to listen to. Savage? Full of himself. Limbaugh? Full of himself. I'd say we need a new "middle class" radio personality, but eventually, they'd probably corrupt as well.

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There's another new "news only-ish" conservative one that has recently been added to my DirectTV access, ch 347 OAN One American News  that is pretty fair and honest.  Simple no name conservative reporting.

My conservative news comes from Fox, Fox Business, and OAN.  My entertainment comes from MSLSD and See NoNews (c N N).  Anderson Cooper looks like a living ass swab.  I'd probably do Mika, but it'd be rough (literally).

The entire spectrum of non news TV (I.e. Hollywood), including all the commercials portrays how to think as a SJW.  There is always a strong white female, a black girl, a white girl w black guy, and (don't forget) the Asian... All getting together at the geeky white males house for a picnic.  Its like the united colors are f Bennington... You gotta have one of each and be sure the white male isn't to confident (scarey for you liberals).  Drives me crazy.  Sheldon is the new Alpha male in post Obama land.

I concur with your math, and similarly ask the question "Why?".  Why are we all being forced to accept the limpdicked rainbow homophilia?  Who is doing this to us and why?  Then I consider that the Zionists own the programming, and they read the Alinski rules...attack from within even if it takes 50 years.  I don't remember any Russians owning our media channels (our brain space).  Who does and why do they want our demise??


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Absolutely true. One problem is that polarization and negativity sell. People want 99.9% bad news, and .001% feelgood BS. Whether print or broadcast, it's a tried and true formula - deviate from it and you won't be in business long. People the world over are vacuous and want someone to tell them what and whom to be against, not for. It's a large part of how we form our identities and congratulate ourselves for being "politically aware" when the harsh truth is that, where current events and politics especially are concerned, we know nothing much beyond that which a steady stream of shit makes us believe we know. 

I see America as quickly becoming the 4th Reich. We're going off the rails in many areas, true. Most media being owned by a mere 6 conglomerates with solid links to government is a huge problem. But perhaps our most critical mistake, just like the Germans before us: we don't grasp the power of media and propaganda, and that the two are inseparable. A lie is most conveniently sandwiched between two truths. We may not grasp this, but those who mean to rule us do, and  they exploit it and our ignorance regularly and quite well. A BLUE and RED team in politics to sweep up 90% of the electorate, and media division along complementary lines. How convenient!






All are used by American MSM, including FoxNews. Most media are controlled media. Learn how to recognize propaganda, and understand that it doesn't always carry negative connotations. On the contrary, effective propaganda is often mostly truthful and is pleasing to the ears, heart and ego. A heavy dose of sugar makes the deception go down smoothly and subconsciously. Understand those things, and you'll be shocked at its frequency and you'll never fully trust media again!

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