Preacher Asks Followers To Help Buy Fourth Private Jet For $54 Million

One would think that by the time you are buying your 4th private jet, you can afford it on your own; well in the case of US televangelist Jesse Duplantis, that's not the case: it turns out Jesse decided to share the burden of his newest toy with his followers, asking them to help fund his fourth private jet because Jesus "wouldn't be riding a donkey".

In other words, Jesse Duplantis said God had told him to buy a Falcoln 7X for $54 million.

And while according to BBC he was hesitant at first about the ridiculous purchase, when God told him "I didn't ask you to pay for it. I asked you to believe for it", all his doubts faded away.

While there have been similar ridiculous past requests by tele-evangelists, who pray on the stupid and the gullible, this particular appeal caused immediate controversy, and as noted by BBC, Twitter exploded with many users responding to the request with shock and disbelief, some quoting Bible verses warning against greed and "false prophets", or suggesting that the money could be better used to help the poor; others simply decided to slam the charlatan "preacher."

The belligerent responses, however, did not stop Duplantis: in a video address posted on his website, the 68-year-old explained: "You know, I've owned three different jets in my life, and I've used them and just burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Now, some people believe that preachers shouldn't have jets. I really believe that preachers ought to go on every available voice, every available outlet, to get this Gospel preached to the world."

Standing beside framed pictures of his current fleet, he said that the jet he bought 12 years ago was no longer sufficient for his ministry because he could not fly non-stop, meaning he had to pay "exorbitant" refuelling costs. And what god allows his preachers to have to deal with that...

In another picture which appeared in the video, the preacher stands with the three aircraft, above the caption: "It's not about possessions, it's about priorities."

To be sure, Duplantis came prepared and justified his request by saying that Jesus had told people to "go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, now how we gonna do that? I can't live long enough to travel by car or by ship or by train, but I can do it by an aeroplane".

In retrospect, flawless logic, and we certainly understand his motivation: surely there will be enough idiots within his "flock" who defray the $54 million purchase price; but why the fixation with private Well, in 2015, Mr Duplantis appeared in a video with another preacher, Kenneth Copeland, in which Mr Copeland described travelling on commercial airlines as being "in a long tube with a bunch of demons".

Come to think of it, he may be correct.


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My guess is he pays no taxes either:

Churches and religious organizations are generally exempt from income tax and receive other favorable treatment under the tax law; however, certain income of a church or religious organization may be subject to tax, such as income from an unrelated business.


The largest landowners in my area are 1) speculators/investors; and 2) Churches.

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Public access channel a few years back, for $1000 "donation", you would be "saved", over the phone, live on TV.

I had to watch; no way people are that stupid...well, I was wrong, phones ringing off the hook...real callers or just making it look like everyone is being saved to sucker in a few? I don't know...but if the "Preacher" is willing to spend the time and money doing the show, then people must be sending in the $1000 (actually, you had to have a credit card; they charged it, then "saved you" from the Hell your God created?)

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Well in this guy's defense this aircraft is a magnificent creation. Photo in the article does not do it justice.  

Ignoring private central banking and other horrors certain humans have created there are some things that you have to look at and say "The magnificent hand of some men".   The French have had their share of genius like Louis De Broglie.  They're not all cheese eaters.

    A better photo of the Dassault 7X

It's reminiscent of the old Lockheed TriStar.  Perhaps I'll start the Church of the Yoga Pants and buy one also.  Certainly would definitely help defeat the pants because if I owned one of those planes the pants would down themselves.  The pants they would fly off with the plane.

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Hey! I called in on that show! Of course, I used a stolen credit card but the nice lady on the phone assured me that as long as the charge went through, all would be forgiven, including theft!

Feeling sanctimonious (what I call my gf’s boobs) I also saved the dude whose card it was, and put the call center chick down for some salvation as well - $3,000 well spent imo.

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This isn’t the only scam prevelant today. Charities, especially cancer-based, are mostly money making scams. As long as you give “some” money to the cause you can be classified as a legal Charity. I worked for a breast cancer charity that gave   Less than 1% of the proceeds to The cause. Then the actual recipient organization has all their overhead and a fraction of those proceeds goes to actual research.

everything is a scam.

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Was watching the walking dead one night and there was a scene where Rick explained the broken window theory with respect to law enforcement. A woman in Alexandria had a sculpture that someone vandalized and Rick told her he would find out who did it. She told him not to bother…the whole world is crumbling around them…why should he care about a sculpture. He said it’s like the broken window. If we don’t find those that perpetrate the smallest of crimes and bring them to justice then that leaves the door open for the whole society to break down.

I started thinking…what could be the simplest crack in an economy that would be equivalent to the broken window and I decided it could be this:

the allowance of blatant and absolute false advertising. you are correct. everything is a scam.

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   ... there’s a special place in hell for these false preachers ... and there’s a lot of them ... with millions of their congregation willing to support their jet-setting lifestyle, it goes to show a fine example about that saying “a fool and his money are soon parted” ... here’s another one of those ... Benny Hinn  ... who was exposed by his nephew on this video ... >>> 


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So, your only expectation of "knowing God" is by reading it in a book written by men?


"God" is too busy to speak to all of us, so he/she/it picks a random person now and then to pen some pages in a book for us to read?


The creator of everything. and the only way to communicate his/her/its existence/word is through paper and pencil?


You want me to "believe" that?

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Offerings which are the pooling of church members' resources to pay bills, help one another, run charitable programs for the neighborhood, etc, should not be double taxed.  This money has already been taxed as income.  It would be like expecting you to pay an additional fee for the simple act of pooling money with others to purchase something.

However, there are crooks that sell merchandise and get rich, that don't pay taxes because they run the scam of saying the purchase price of their merchandise is an "offering".  This isn't just happening in these religious non-profit corporations either.

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GunnerySgtHartman Son of Loki Thu, 05/31/2018 - 09:38 Permalink

My guess is he pays no taxes either

Your guess, sir, would be incorrect.  All preachers pay income taxes, both federal and state, if they receive a paycheck.  They also pay Social Security and Medicare taxes as well as state and local income taxes.  Being a preacher does not exempt preachers from income tax.  Do you really think that the IRS and the states would let that skate under the radar?

Churches do pay Social Security/Medicare taxes on their employees, such as preachers.  They also pay whatever state taxes apply at the employee level (unemployment taxes, for example).

While churches don't necessarily pay income taxes or property taxes, churches pay sales taxes and other forms of tax such as fuel taxes, fire protection taxes, vehicle registration fees, and so forth.  They also pay whatever taxes are on their utility bills, such as excise taxes.

Contrary to popular notion, churches are not 100% tax-free.

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They need them to ferry important bureaucrats, administrators, and generals between conferences on global warming and third world development i.e. preaching about freedom and democracy.

And ferry Nancy Pelosi home to San Francisco because she's just sooooo important.

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RedBaron616 Son of Loki Thu, 05/31/2018 - 11:19 Permalink

Sad if the churches are the largest landowners. Megachurches are a plague. They give other churches a bad name.

I attend a church with maybe 20 members or so. We meet in a library meeting room. Once expense is the pastor's salary and trust me, he's not getting rich. We read our Bibles to make sure what he's saying is the truth. Our preacher doesn't buy any of this prosperity nonsense. If the prosperity gospel were true, then Christ and the 12 disciples were abject failures.

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