The Rise Of Mass Knife Attacks Around The World Shows The Problem Isn't Guns. It's People

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

In China, where firearms are tightly restricted, it’s probably no surprise that those who want to hurt people found another way to do it. The dramatic rise of knife attacks around the world shows that the problem these days isn’t with guns. It’s with people.

Mass knife attacks have become so common over the years that a Chinese police department recently released a video to teach citizens how to defend themselves against knife-wielding assailants and it has gone viral, with 16 million views in just a few days. It has subtitles and some great advice that even I would be able to follow.

All humor aside, some folks in the US who want to do away with the Second Amendment are probably saying smugly, “Well, knife attacks are bad, but only people with GUNS can kill dozens of victims quickly.”

Those folks would be wrong.

For example…

This tells me that it isn’t really a problem with guns. It’s a problem with people.

Instead of school shootings, they have school knifings.

While in the United States, school shootings have become shockingly commonplace, what many don’t know is that in China, where gun control is strict, school knife attacks are a frequent threat. On the very same day as the Sandy Hook shooting in the United States, a man with a knife injured 22 children and one adult at a school in Chenpeng village in the southern province of Guangxi.

Knife attacks at schools in China are common. Last year, a man climbed over the wall of a kindergarten and attacked 11 students. None suffered life-threatening injuries.

In 2016, a man in the southern province of Hainan stabbed 10 children before killing himself, authorities said. And another man killed three students at a school in 2014 before jumping off a building.

Perhaps the worst spate of stabbings occurred in 2010 when attackers targeted schools on three consecutive days. (source)

Just last month, a man wielding a knife killed 9 children and injured 10 others outside a middle school where he says he was bullied.

This isn’t just a problem in China

There have been mass knife attacks all over the world.

In the UK, there has been a deadly knife attack every third day of 2018. In 2017, Met Police recorded 37,443 recorded knife offenses and 6,694 gun offenses. The problem is so bad that a judge has suggested banning the sale of large kitchen knives and that those who already have kitchen knives should file them down to avoid stabbings.

In 2016, two soldiers were attacked by a man with a knife in Belgium, and a few days ago, a prison inmate on day leave stabbed two police officers then took their guns and shot them.

Four people were injured and one was killed when a knife-wielding assailant attacked them in Paris last week.

These are just a few examples and I haven’t dug any further than the first page of Google. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

What happens if you take away guns

In each of these cases, something different was blamed.

  • Some of the attackers were shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they stabbed their victims.

  • Some of the attackers cited crippling stress.

  • Some of the attackers said they were bullied or mistreated.

  • Some of the attackers were mentally ill and had a history of psychological problems.

  • Some of the attackers had religious and ethnic differences from their victims.

  • One attacker just didn’t like disabled people.

You can’t fix people who want to harm others for their various reasons by taking away guns. You can only make it harder for the rest of us to defend ourselves against them.

Take away guns, and you get knives. Take away knives and you get improvised explosives. There is no way to take away the yen that some people have to kill others.

And if I am involved in a knife-fight, well, personally, I’d rather take a gun.


Lordflin Rapunzal Thu, 05/31/2018 - 21:17 Permalink

This is a weak argument against gun control, as it can be easily countered that the body count in the majority of these attacks was far lower as knives are clearly not as lethal as guns.

On the other hand, humans are not the possession of their governments, and have every right to arm themselves in self defense, including the right to defend themselves against government overreach. This is the only arguement needed in defense of the right to bear arms, and it is irrefutable.

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One of these i… MasterPo Fri, 06/01/2018 - 09:35 Permalink

"We just need to outlaw people. Fixed!"

We probably need to re-introduce some system of coherent moral thought and policy, via education, as we used to get when schools were nominally Christian.

For me the advantages that having a mostly functional Christian morality have conferred, far outweigh the limitations on my conduct which it imposes..

I don't like people very much and there are a few out there who I suspect I'd personally enjoy killing, but thanks to Christianity I understand fully why I shouldn't, nor should anyone step up and do it for me..

I also am old enough to remember a news article I read back in the early sixties entitled "he puts out food for the birds, so he can shoot them" which made the front page of a national newspaper then, whereas now, we have "the CIA imports drugs, so that the Government will have more criminals" and no-one is outraged. I think it's all becuse we are operating at a much lower overall level of voluntary restaint of our evil impulses, A.K.A. we are "more liberated"...

But whilst nowadays "people are cunts", (TM), and getting cuntier, yes, I believe gun restrictions are a good thing. Even for the likes of me who hardly have any cuntiness about us at all!

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You people can be true idiots at times. Hold onto your guns, they'll help substitute for tiny genitals, because they must be tiny as the fear is so huge. Security never comes from a gun, security comes from a functioning society, need a gun to protect yourself from society, than you are probably better off playing with yourself.

You know have to defend yourself from a society gone out of control, tackle the problem before it goes out of control, need that gun to fight, well, we know the true reality, you need others to fight for you, whilst you scream and shout with you pecker replacement, about how you want to fight without actually ever fighting.

Yours would have to be the stupidest statements ever made, I have cut myself plenty of times, band aid ohh ahh sometimes required, I have never managed to shoot myself but other idiots manage it all of the time and their injuries much worse than my band aid efforts.

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Your obsession with genitals isn't a problem for anyone but you. I can't imagine the burden of living life wondering about the size of other people's genitals in an effort to understand the world around me. How confusing it must be to think things like, "That fellow hurt me because his balls are small and that fellow helped me because he's well hung." How can you get anywhere with a philosophy like that?

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You libs are so fascinated with penises.  Of course I know why because you're all closet faggots, but I digress.  

If a man has a gun, it's a penis replacement.

If a man buys a big truck, it's a penis replacement.

If a man buys a sports car, it's a penis replacement.

Anyway you get the idea faggot.  Now go suck a bag of them.

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most people only need a single weak argument to change their mind, its a product of lowering the bar in education that created this seeming complete lack of ability to have a cogent argument, critical thinking is so rare now in the general public we have to refer to it as red pilling. all anyone can do is parrot talking points- dont debate it, use it to drive people crazy. also most humans are infact property of their govt, i lose roughly 30% of my labor to govt- that makes me by definition proper chattel. all humans that have ever lived have been slaves to other human, the question is to what degree. i lose a third of my income in trade for a badass military, shit roads, pathetic education and a corral of 300 million serfs for me to outsmart. but i do agree with your sentament. the founding fathers, in all their genuis, made the bill of rights come from our creator, so these rights couldn't be taken away, its irrefutable by design. with the greatest hippocrasy being indentured servatute and the purchase and holding of african bred chatttel. but thats a whole nother can of worms.

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That's funny, not true to my knowledge, but also closer to the mark than your humor may have intended.  The Chinese invented chop sticks, which were originally used primarily in the cooking/preparation process. 

But for eating the prepared dish they primarily replaced the KNIFE, as it was learned chefs could use far less cooking oil to cook the meats if they chopped them into much smaller "bite sized" pieces (a characteristic of most "Chinese food" dishes to this day).  Once the pieces of meat were made much smaller there was no need for a knife.  Additionally, it was believed that use of a knife to eat the meat might remind the diner of the rather brutal process that led to that meat being served to them in the first place.  The grace and blunt-ended nature of chop sticks completely divorced the customer from this association.

I feel like I just did one of those "The more you know" public service announcements.


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NoDebt TBT or not TBT Thu, 05/31/2018 - 22:10 Permalink

"It turns out human meat and pork taste about the same"

Uhhhhh... I'm... Um... Hmm...

I think you have just created the only post in the history of ZH which can never be refuted without shit getting massively weird.  And that's saying something because we've had a lot of weird shit on here.  But outright cannibalism "taste tests"?.... not to my knowledge.


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HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 NVTRIC Thu, 05/31/2018 - 21:18 Permalink

I got my first knife when I was 10 or 11. It was a small, pearl-handled Gerber with a locking blade that was about three inches. It was from the downtown Seattle REI (the old one on First Hill). I have a pear-wood handled multi-knife on my desk along with an old Swiss Army knife.

If someone comes towards me, I am not pulling out a knife. They will get to meet the wrong end of Mr. Mossberg.

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beijing expat NVTRIC Thu, 05/31/2018 - 21:47 Permalink

If you are going to introduce a weapon to a situation, you better be ready to use this t and more importantly, you better know how to use it.  For Our British friends, don’t forget, self defence is illegal and you will go to prison while your assailent will get a Council flat in London and benefits so it’s probably best just to kill yourself. 

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overbet NVTRIC Thu, 05/31/2018 - 21:57 Permalink

Lost a little pocket knife to TSA the other day. I forgot to take it out of my pocket. I knew I had to give it up, but I had to at least be a dick about it. I rolled up my sleeve and said I cant carry that little pocket knife on the plane but your gonna let me on with these guns, as I flexed my bicep a few inches from his face and said you wanna feel it? He was about 90 lbs and looked like a dungeons and dragons expert. I know some might consider me a douche, but fuck those people. I enjoyed it and thats all that matters. 

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