Stefan Molyneux: The War On Tommy Robinson

Authored by Stefan Molyneux via Quadrant Online,

The rule of law is fragile, and relies on the self-restraint of the majority. In a just society, the majority obey the law because they believe it represents universal values – moral absolutes. They obey the law not for fear of punishment, but for fear of the self-contempt that comes from doing wrong.

As children, we are told that the law is objective, fair and moral. As we grow up, though, it becomes increasingly impossible to avoid the feeling that the actual law has little to do with the Platonic stories we were told as children. We begin to suspect that the law may in fact – or at least at times – be a coercive mechanism designed to protect the powerful, appease the aggressive, and bully the vulnerable.

The arrest of Tommy Robinson is a hammer-blow to the fragile base of people’s respect for British law. The reality that he could be grabbed off the street and thrown into a dangerous jail – in a matter of hours – is deeply shocking.

Tommy was under a suspended sentence for filming on courthouse property in the past. On May 25, 2018,  while live-streaming his thoughts about the sentencing of alleged Muslim child rapists, Tommy very consciously stayed away from the court steps, constantly used the word “alleged,” and checked with the police to ensure that he was not breaking the law.

Tommy yelled questions at the alleged criminals on their way into court – so what? How many times have you watched reporters shouting questions at people going in and out of courtrooms? You can find pictures of reporters pointing cameras and microphones at Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter, who were accused of similar crimes against children.

Tommy Robinson was arrested for “breaching the peace,” which is a civil proceeding that requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Was imminent violence about to erupt from his reporting? How can Tommy Robinson have been “breaching the peace” while wandering around in the rain on a largely empty street sharing his thoughts on criminal proceedings? There were several police officers present during his broadcast, why did they allow him to break the law for so long?

Was Tommy wrong to broadcast the names of the alleged criminals? The mainstream media, including the state broadcaster, the BBC, had already named them. Why was he punished, but not them?

These are all questions that demand answers.

Even if everything done by the police or the court was perfectly legitimate and reasonable, the problem is that many people in England believe that Tommy Robinson is being unjustly persecuted by his government. The fact that he was arrested so shortly after his successful Day for Freedom event, where he gathered thousands of people in support of free speech, strikes many as a little bit more than a coincidence.

Is the law being applied fairly? Tommy Robinson has received countless death threats over the years, and has reported many of them. Did the police leap into action to track down and prosecute anyone sending those threats?

If the British government truly believes that incarcerating Tommy Robinson is legitimate, then they should call a press conference, and answer as many questions as people have, explaining their actions in detail.

As we all know, there has been no press conference. Instead of transparency, the government has imposed a publication ban – not just on the trial of the alleged child rapists, but on the arrest and incarceration of Tommy Robinson. Not only are reporters unable to ask questions, they are forbidden from even reporting the bare facts about Tommy Robinson’s incarceration.

Why? British law strains – perhaps too hard – to prevent publication of information that might influence a jury, but Tommy’s incarceration was on the order of a judge. He will not get a jury trial for 13 months imprisonment. Since there is no jury to influence, why ban reports on his arrest and punishment?

Do these actions strike you as the actions of a government with nothing to hide?

Free societies can only function with a general respect for the rule of law. If the application of the law appears selective, unjust, or political, people begin to believe that the law no longer represents universal moral values. If so, what is their relationship to unjust laws? Should all laws be blindly obeyed, independent of conscience or reason? The moral progress of mankind has always manifested as resistance to injustice. Those who ran the Underground Railroad that helped escaped slaves get from America to Canada were criminals according to the law of their day. We now think of them as heroes defying injustice, because the law was morally wrong.

The inescapable perception that various ethnic and religious groups are accorded different treatment under the Western law is one of the most dangerous outcomes of the cult of diversity.

Diversity of thought, opinion, arguments and culture can be beneficial – diversity of treatment under the law fragments societies.

The blind mantra that “diversity is a strength” is an attempt to ignore the most fundamental challenge of multiculturalism, which is: if diversity is a value, what is our relationship to belief systems which do not value diversity?

If tolerance of homosexuality is a virtue, what is our relationship to belief systems that are viciously hostile to homosexuality? If equality of opportunity for women is a virtue, what about cultures and religions which oppose such equality?

And if freedom of speech is a value, what is our relationship to those who violently oppose freedom of speech?

Diversity is a value only if moral values remain constant. We need freedom of speech in part because robust debate in a free arena of ideas is our best chance of approaching the truth.

You need a team with diverse skills to build a house, but everything must rest on a strong foundation. Diversity is only a strength if it rests on universal moral values.

Is Tommy Robinson being treated fairly? If gangs of white men had spent decades raping and torturing little  Muslim girls, and a justly outraged Muslim reporter was covering the legal proceedings, would he be arrested?

We all know the answer to that question. And we all know why.

Diversity of opinion is the path to truth – diversity of legal systems is the path to ruin.

If the arrest and incarceration of Tommy Robinson is just, then the government must throw open the doors and invite cross-examination from sceptics. Honestly explain what happened, and why.

Explain why elderly white men accused of pedophilia are allowed to be photographed and questioned by reporters on court steps, while Pakistani Muslims are not.

Explain why a police force that took three decades to start dealing with Muslim rape gangs was able to arrest and incarcerate a journalist within a few scant hours.

Explain why a man can be arrested for breaching the peace when no violence has taken place – or appears about to take place.

To the British government: explain your actions, or open Tommy Robinson’s cell and let him walk free.


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Not at all. Tommy Robinson is a fraud and a Mossad Agent.


Proof 1:

Proof 2:


The war is on the Zionist frauds who are trying to start a war by sowing hate.

For once, this was a GOOD THING. Arrest the maleficent SPY and shut him up.

And have him confess who he's working for and then threaten Satanyahoo to make peace with his neighbors and stop his war crimes.


WARNING: Graphic Images

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Leakanthrophy revolla Thu, 05/31/2018 - 22:09 Permalink

You're a fucking muslim shitskin. Equally useless as the kikes killing your own. 

Begone goat fucker, you're not fooling anyone.


Regarding UK, THIS is what happens when you leave law making to (((outsiders))), well known for their 5th column tendencies.

(((outsiders))) = kikes ... yeah, fuck political correctness.

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As bad as this situation is, it's no worse than the same PTB who jail historians for pointing out facts of the holohoax.  Always remember folks... the only way for lies to be sustained is to jail, falsely shame or kill its transgressors.  The lies can fall into several categories:

• political (Bolshevism) - penalty - death or gulags

• historical (holohoax) - penalty - jail, loss of employment

• cultural (egalitarianism) - penalty - ostracism, loss of employment

• scientific (global warming) - penalty - shunning by peers, loss of employment

• limitless immigration and its consequences (Tommy Robinson) - penalty - jail

• sexual - (homos, trannies, pedos) - penalty - ostracism, loss of employment

The list goes on and on.  The only remedy is for the majority of sane people to say "ENOUGH!" and not only abolish this spiked collar around our collective throats, but execute every diabolical advocate with a grip on the leash.

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You can add Richard Wagner to this list

As a pure bred German musical genius he felt nothing but contempt for the

HOLOSHIT SCUM OF THE EARTH and the depravity they brought to Germany

(to the ones who don't know what I am talking about do some research about Berlin

during the years after WWI all the way to the moment A Hitler came to power).

a nasty little detail that has been erased from the pages of history but was one

of the reasons the Germans wanted justifiably send the gas-trash to Madagascar.

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If gangs of white men had spent decades raping and torturing little Muslim girls, and a justly outraged Muslim reporter was covering the legal proceedings, would he be arrested? [and thrown in prison for 13 months at the whim of a "Judge"]

Says it all.  An out-of-control Judge jailing Robinson is the final collapse of justice in English "Common Law".  RIP to a once moral and proud nation that is no more.

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 "Those who ran the Underground Railroad that helped escaped slaves get from America to Canada were criminals according to the law of their day. We now think of them as heroes defying injustice"

... this also demonstrates the fact that the victors write the history books.   Also as evidenced by WWII. 

This also demonstrates why when this goes off a third time (WWIII) that it will be world devastating.  Because WWII taught everyone you fight to the death since the victors will destroy what is left of your society. 

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jews all over europe are being persecuted by anti semitic thug migrants, bc jews are the victims of their own cultural marxist ideology

only the awakened right wing jews share something in common with Tommy, and are thus his obvious political allies. The left wing jews regard Tommy as his enemy. To them, he is an agency of a potential right wing 'nazi resurgence'. Thats the sleepwalking jews who dont understand their own threat now comes far more from the Left


but do go on with your 'monolithic no intra- jewish community diversity' narrative



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doesnt take much searching to find stories of synagogs being torched, jews attacked, murdered, communities leaving for Israel bc they perceive it as SAFER for them than Europe.


Fuck me, you have Chechen Islamists doing their own Sharia patrols in German suburbs. The protective patriarchy of the West slumbers. What do you think those chechen patrols do with Jews when they detect them?

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surely you understand the downvoters, dont dissagree with you or simply dont care if hes a forgien actor, cause we the downvoters agree with him. name a country anywhere in the the non white world where millions of ilterate, 3rd world whites, with all their kids and baby factories, and bad habits, and proven higher crime rates, and proven higher unemployment rates could sneak into and demand they be given housing food money citizenship the right to vote health insurance phones cable internet education and clothes. go ahead name just one

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The arrest of Jewish puppets is not proof that Jews are not in control. Colin Flaherty, who has a a youtube channel documenting black-on-white violence, is frequently banned from youtube. Though Flaherty is pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, he keeps getting banned no matter how much he sucks up to Jews. But there is no doubt that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is responsible for censoring youtube content, this is well-documented. So that is a case where Jews who are in control are censoring and  harassing a Jewish puppet. So harassment of Jew puppets does not prove that Jews are not in control. There is the possibility that Flaherty, who knows full well that Jews control youtube content, sucks up to the Jews in order to keep from being harassed. But the Jewish Anti-Defamation League are anti-white, and do not want Americans to see the daily black-on-white violence which is out of control. Blacks are on a warpath against American whites, Jews are not reporting it. No matter how much Tommy Robinson sucks up to Jews, the Jew agenda is to hide darky-on-white violence. Jews have no respect for people who suck up to them.

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I edited my post. I do not think Flaherty is a Jewish agent. I think he sincerely wants whites to see the out of control black-on-white violence, which is being hidden by our media. He is pro-Jewish perhaps to keep from being harassed by the youtube censors, but it doesn't do him any good. I think both Flaherty and Robinson are doing good work (Flaherty and Robinson are friends). The thought of darkies crawling all over England makes my skin crawl. I have just provided an example of Jews bashing their puppets around like a pinata. Also consider that just 25 years ago, the pro-white British leaders were all anti-Jewish - they were all hounded, arrested their movement was co-opted. How does it happen that the pro-white British leaders switch from being anti-Jew to pro-Jew in a period of 25 years? They were bought ? Threatened ? These are people who are under a great deal of pressure.

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Well, my post had to do with the unlikelihood that Jews were running Europe while at the sametime orchestrating the arrest of Jewish agents for no apparent gain. So, if you do not believe Flaherty to be a Jewish agent your post was irrelevant to my argument.

The only loyalty globalists feel is to each other, and that is temporary until such time as they believe they have the world in check, at which point they will turn on each other (seems they are doing so already). When that happens they will need a global strong man to rule the planet, as thugs are never safe from one another otherwise. Globalists are no more Jewish than they are anything else, if one thinks of Jewish culture as an identity. They are sociopathic and psychopathic slugs and nothing else.

Could Israel have global ambitions? Sure. In fact, this would fit well within Jewish orthodoxy, as the Jews believe they are the harbingers of a new heaven on Earth.  But Israel is only a tiny player, as is evidenced by the way they have allowed themselves to be bounced about and compromised by the American government, as America is their only real ally and they are in desperate need of allies.

To suggest that the Jews have a stranglehold on the rest of us is to say one of a couple of things...

Either they are a race of superbeings whose influence we have been unable to resist for thousands of years (I would say it would be difficult to justify this position in the face of the pogroms carried out against the Jewish people, but others here would say that no such pogroms ever took place, and that the masterful Jews have simply been able to blind us into believing an alternate reality). If this is the case, then, as I have suggested before, we should bow before these superior beings, and express gratitude they have been willing to keep us as pets for so long, while allowing us to labor under the illusion we had something to say about world events.

Or these Jewish rants are a bunch of horse shit.


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The core of the islamic cult is sexual obsession, perversion and depravity.

mohammed was the greatest sexual pervert in history. He started out with a pathological sex drive and diminutive cock, fucking goats, sheep and camels.

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Are YOU one of these islamic cult goat humpers ???

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The part about a dog biting his cock is too funny!

Don't forget about Mohammed's other sexual perversions, which are allowed: necrophila, it is okay to have sex with the dead! Bestiality: it is okay to have sex with animals as long as you kill the animal and sell the meat to the villagers down the road!

Remember the posture of praying, too! Head on the ground, ass in the air, ready for easy anal penetration. When I see ragheads pray that is the one thing that sticks in my mind! They are closet fags! That also explains why they make women wear black bin bags. A fag Mafia. The men run around dressed like peacocks while the women are hidden under black bin bags.

If you are going to create a cult, why not make it a cult where every perversion is allowed? It doesn't make sense to you or I, but think about it: 1.6 billion people are in this cult. Staggering.

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Remember the scene from Braveheart, where the King reinstates the ancient perverted depraved practice of prima nocta, and most importantly, the reason WHY he reinstated the practice of prima nocta ??? =

To get the most immoral ruthless vicious selfish brutal sexually obsessed men - that exactly describes mohammed and the followers of the islamic cult.

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