Wicked Weather: Midwest Jumps From Coldest April To Hottest May On Record

“After an incredibly chilly April, May rebounded significantly, featuring record heat late in the month across the Midwest and while not official yet, May could go down as the warmest May on record nationally thanks to this late-month heat surge.

A plethora or heat records were broken this past weekend, including Minneapolis, MN soaring to 100°F. This broke the record daily record for May 28 and reaching 100°F for only the second time in recorded history. This intense heat has since abated, but more above normal temperatures are expected into early June across a majority of the Plains and Midwest,” explained Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Vallee Weather Consulting.

“April featured record-breaking cold, particularly across the Upper Midwest, compared to normal. May has rebounded significantly with record heat this past weekend in the Midwest, and above normal temperatures across a majority of the country,” Vallee added.

According to the weather desk of Radiant Solutions, “Memorial Day weekend felt more like the peak of summer for many in the Central US.” Here are some peak highs from earlier this week:

  • Chicago set record highs of 97 and 95 degrees Sunday and Monday, only the second time it has endured back-to-back 95 degree days in May on record.

  • Milwaukee and Toledo established record highs for May of 95 degrees (Sunday) and 98 degrees (Monday), respectively.

  • Omaha and Green Bay, Wis., set record highs on four straight days Friday to Monday.

  • Des Moines set record highs on three straight days Saturday to Monday, including its earliest 99-degree reading on record Sunday.

  • Muskegon, Mich., hit 96 degrees Tuesday, a monthly record.

Jonathan Erdman, a Weather Channel Meteorologist, said over 1,900 daily heat records were tied or broken across the United States in late May.

During the course of May, above average temperatures covered almost the entire Continental United States.

Last week, a preliminary analysis showed that a drought developing in the Southwest could be on par with the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s.

“The epicenter of this drought is where the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico all come together, but it is also devastating areas of north Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas as well. Portions of seven states are already at the highest level of drought on the scale that scientists use, and summer won’t even start for about another two months.

If we don’t start seeing some significant rainfall, it won’t be too long before massive dust storms start devastating the entire region. The mainstream media is finally beginning to wake up and start reporting on this crisis, and some reporters are choosing to make a direct comparison between this drought and the Dust Bowl conditions during the Great Depression.”

Victor Murphy, a National Weather Service Climate Service Program Manager, said, “the avg. monthly temp for the CONUS for May is 64.6F, thru 5/28. NCEI shows the all-time CONUS record being 64.71F in May 1934. With blast furnace temps across much of CONUS next 2 days, the Dust Bowl era record should fall.”



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Back in the 1600s global weather patterns shifted into a cooling phase. Seasons shortened and winters became intense. Crops died in the field from random frosts in the middle of summer. 'People', as usual, figured 'people' must be causing it because as human beings we believe we are the center of the universe. So this began an era of witch burning in villages throughout Europe and the colonies. Some person or persons have to be responsible and made to pay.

So, you see, although we ride in cars instead of ox wagons, and we type on computers instead of gossip in town squares, we are still, psychologically, identical to our peasant ancestors who burned witches because the crops failed just a few hundred years ago. We need some "person" to blame. A goat to put all of our angst, guilt, and anger on. If I can name the goat and be personally enriched by his sacrifice, so much the better.

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Global Douche ebworthen Fri, 06/01/2018 - 02:31 Permalink

Consider though, a huge Rex Block was evident up to maybe a couple of weeks ago. It's a high-level high pressure system directly north of a low pressure system and they're essentially parked for days, even weeks. With the jet stream diverted northward as a result, it allows Gulf warmth to stream far northward as these slowly head eastward.

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Ignatius MasterPo Fri, 06/01/2018 - 00:11 Permalink

I'm not saying I know why, or exactly who, but my observations here in the Pacific NW is that some sort of geoengineering ("chemtrails") is occurring.  I see planes on same day, one leaving a normal contrail and the several laying down a trail from horizon to horizon.  If we can't get straight information on this, how can we possibly form a knowledgeable opinion about "climate change"?

We're having a very cool Spring this year in the NW.  Why?  Beats me.  Related?  Might well be.

My gut tells me we're being played.

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Chris2 SJEqualizer Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:37 Permalink

expect more earth events.

1933 Uranus went into Taurus same volcano in HI went off big and for a very long time. Then stopped for 20 yrs.

Dust Bowl

too many to mention, but also national parks were created. Its change of earth use and farming.

change of money, FDR called in Gold, put tanks in front of Fort Knox.

FDR and Hitler both took office in March within one week.

Mussolini published his book on fascism.

Nationalism on the rise, then world war redrew the map. New Deal. Big infrastructure projects...WALL.

President is builder, will build it.

Resist is officially fucking over. Ya won't hear "not my president" anymore, except around Jan 2019 when Repubs take  super majority, by March its gone forever.

Things become very, very conservative.

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Chris2 SirBarksAlot Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:51 Permalink

Pluto entered Capricorn and it will amplify the conservative shift. Pluto roots out corruption, people you never thought would be sent to jail will be. The country/world being cleansed in some places in a violent way. USA hangs by a thread, we have Pluto return I think 2024 if my memory is correct. Most nations don't survive a pluto return, its reset/revolution that lasts as it was in 1776.

Capricorn Pluto will be cold and dry, that may figure into land use changes, farming low water. Capricorn is winter, bleak, frozen scarce resources. Mass migration with Neptune in Pisces, which started to happen when it went into Pisces 2011/12. If Dems won it would be Agenda 21, Agenda 30. But they lost so something more sane will occur. They shot their wad when Uranus was in Aries square Pluto Cap in 2011. They jumped the gun...had a little Occupy Wall Street and thats it. The real change comes soon with Wall Street, FED, money, economy all while the planet of change is in the house of money and resources.

Uranus 2 change of fortune (desire to bet the farm, don't do it at this time) and 2 is what we value, that changes too.


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kellys_eye Chris2 Fri, 06/01/2018 - 03:21 Permalink

Chris2 entered fantasy land.


OK then..... when is the next planet entering 'whatever' and what do you propose will be the outcome?  Come on, I want your prediction seeing as how you're so convinced these are causal events.

If you can't predict the next event you, and your cockamaime predictions are just so much BS.

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j0nx SJEqualizer Fri, 06/01/2018 - 04:41 Permalink

It’s been raining for a month straight in the dc area. Another 5-6 days forecast of it to go too. It’s getting downright ridiculous at this point. We have had literally one or two sunny days since April. This part of the east coast has to be the wettest area on earth. I don’t think even the rain forest gets consistent rain and cloud cover like this. Freaking ridiculous man. 

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Erwin643 Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:42 Permalink

It's called Arctic Warming, which is currently doing weird things to the Jet Stream.

Also referred to as Climate Change. Get used to it, podunks. Keep lying to your kids about what they won't have to deal with his century.

LetThemEatRand Erwin643 Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:47 Permalink

Just yesterday I flew my jet across the pond after a meeting with some Saudi Princes about my interest in their oil field, and then took the kids out in my V8 Rover to tell them to tell people to be more responsible with their energy usage and to approve more taxes that my friends at the bank will administer for a small fee.  

You can't blame people for thinking they are being lied to given who is telling the story.

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SirBarksAlot Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:42 Permalink

This year for the first time on the border of Mexico I saw two things:

Fire flies

Prairie dogs

Are they moving South because they know something is about to happen up North or to get away from the extended cold season?

swmnguy bloofer Fri, 06/01/2018 - 08:38 Permalink

We've been seeing opossums in Minneapolis.  In 50 years of living in Minnesota, I've never seen opossums. 

The area has warmed one full USDA hardiness zone over the past 20 years or so, adding several weeks to the growing season.  The last frost is earlier, and the first frost later.  Obviously it varies year to year but the trend is very clear.  Tree and plant varieties are moving north as well as birds and animals.

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