The Cognitive Dissonance Surrounding Donald Trump

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

In general, it has always been dangerous to put blind faith in human icons of any kind; not to mention, entirely unnecessary. The maxim that one “should never meet their heroes” is something far more people should take to heart when applying elevated status to political leaders in particular. Hero worship of a celebrity is unhealthy, but hero worship of a president can be truly dangerous.

Why? Because political power relies mostly on “human capital” — the number of people within a society that are willing to support or even fight for a particular change. Swaths of citizenry can be wielded by politicians with ill intent like a weapon to create the illusion of consensus and dramatic reversals in cultural principles. These changes usually tend to involve more control for government and less freedom for the public and can last for generations.

The cult of celebrity has never been more prominent in politics than it has the past decade. Starting with Barack Obama, something changed in the American view of presidential leadership. With Obama, there was an element of naive adoration that leftists largely embraced. Obama was more than a president — he was an idol.

Unfortunately, I am also seeing some of the same behavior in elements of the conservative population when it comes to Donald Trump. There are many reasons for this.

First, Trump is one of the few presidents that was already a celebrity before running for office. His notoriety went far beyond that of someone like Ronald Reagan, who did rank as a kind of known cultural element, but certainly not an icon or idol before becoming president.

Second, Trump rode the wave of a backlash movement against the far left, which is now by every definition fully invested in cultural Marxism if not economic Marxism. For many people, Trump represents the moment America was “saved” from imminent destruction by an insane ideology. In fact, I would say Trump’s popularity was directly proportional to the moderate public’s disgust with social justice fanatics; people who believe that sabotaging a culture from the inside, breaking it down through deliberate crisis and then replacing its core principles with their own, is an acceptable strategy.

Third, the election of 2016 was not about Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton - it was about traditional American values versus moral relativism. At least that was how many conservatives viewed it.

Some people may argue that Trump earned his election win by bravely taking on the establishment and the hard left when no other candidate would. This rebellion remains to be seen, but the notion is powerful and people take it personally. Trump cheerleaders react with disdain when any critical tone is applied to his behavior. In their mind, only evil leftists are critical of Trump, and if you are on the political right, then you better be toeing the line. If you are not with them, you are against them.

It’s funny; when I was writing analysis on the disturbing nature of the Bush administration, I was called a leftist. When I went after Barack Obama, I was called a “far-right extremist” and a potential racist. Now, when investigating Trump’s odd activities, I’m back to being accused of leftist antics again. I’ve magically come full circle.  When it comes to political bias, reason takes a back seat to team-based psychology.

Trump’s win, of course, had nothing to do with his validity as a candidate nor did he create his own following. His following was prepackaged. The rage against social justice and leftist absurdity was already vast. Trump was simply used as a focal point for that rage and his rhetoric tapped into the conservative psyche. He said most of the right things during his campaign; whether he actually believes in those things is another matter…

So far, his track record is not so great. One of his most vital campaign promises which appealed to the largest portion of conservatives was the idea of “draining the swamp.” What is the swamp? Trump defined it himself by going after Hillary Clinton’s contingent of elitist allies from think tank cronies to Goldman Sachs banking ghouls. This is a perfect example where Trump rhetoric does not match reality.

By Trump’s own definition, he has actually added to “the swamp” rather than draining it. Trump’s cabinet is loaded with an ensemble of elitist freaks that should have been relegated to a carnival side show.

Goldman Sachs goons like Steve Mnuchin and James Donovan lurk the halls of the White House while other Goldman alumni like Gary Cohn seem to cycle through and are replaced with other equally unsettling characters like Larry Kudlow, a former adviser to the Clintons and John Podesta as well as an economist for the Federal Reserve bank. You have Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State and a rabid supporter of mass surveillance of the American people. There’s Gina Haspel, a CIA director wrapped up in numerous torture scandals. And let’s not forget about John Bolton, National Security Adviser, Council on Foreign Relation member and one of the chief architects behind the aggressive U.S. war policy in the Middle East since George W. Bush’s administration.

I could go on and on…

Obviously, the swamp will not be drained anytime soon, if ever. But cognitive dissonance on this issue reigns supreme. Even in the liberty movement there are those that argue that Trump is merely “playing 4-D chess,” and that his introduction of even more elites into his cabinet is somehow part of a grand scheme to “keep his enemies close.” The laughable nature of this delusion aside, the fact that some people are willing to stretch that far in their mental gymnastics to justify continued faith in Trump is a bit frightening.

I have also witnessed a growing and disturbing trend of leader worship when it comes to Trump's pursuit of the international trade war.  As I mentioned in my article 'Trump Trade Wars A Perfect Smokescreen For A Market Crash', tariffs are not inherently destructive and can actually be very effective in undercutting the imbalances created by globalism; they are a natural part of the conservative methodology.  However, if implemented poorly, and without correct preparations, tariffs can destroy a nation's economy.

With all the rah-rah and pom poms from the Trump devout, you would think that America's economy is virtually invincible under his watch.  I'm sorry to say that this is not the case.  The fiscal instability of the US is still very much a "thing", and nothing has improved under Trump.  Given, he has not been in office very long, but most of our economic problems cannot be solved by any one president regardless of their time in office. Those problems stem from the power of the Federal Reserve to prop up or sabotage our system at will, and the ongoing presence of elitists within our government.  Trump appears to have no intention of ever going after the Federal Reserve, and as mentioned earlier, he has invited a gang of elitists into the White House.  Fiscal improvement is now impossible

Beyond the root cancer affecting our nation, Trump has not even taken the more rudimentary steps of giving corporations incentives to bring production back to America BEFORE attempting to enforce trade tariffs.  With America's dependency on foreign production as well as the elephant in the room - America's dependency on foreign investment in our debt and the dollar as a world reserve currency, a drawn out trade war will eventually result in severe retaliation.  This means extreme price inflation on most goods due to import dependency or possible scarcity, not to mention the dumping of US Treasury bonds, the end of the petrodollar and the dumping of the dollar in bilateral trade creating even more price inflation.

America looks rather hypocritical crying foul on unbalanced trade while we benefit from the greatest trade imbalance of all time - the world reserve currency.  If you think that the dollar will not be a target in the trade war, then you are gravely mistaken.

I've heard all the naive arguments before as to why a negative trade war outcome is supposedly impossible and countered each of them in the article linked above.  But, the pressure to support Trump without taking a skeptical position is high.

I would attribute this to what I consider a psychological game being played by the establishment. As stated earlier, Trump’s political success relies entirely on the existence of continued foreign and domestic threats. As long as foreign economies are seen as receiving unfair trade advantages, and as long as the left keeps acting insane, Trump will receive blind support from many conservatives. Rather than making his administration weaker, the “Russian collusion mania,” for example, only continues to strengthen Trump’s position.

The idea that the “Deep State” is after Trump is an illusion. On the contrary, without the perception that Trump is under constant attack, Trump becomes superfluous as a leader and conservatives will begin to question his decisions. The establishment actually helps Trump’s image by continuing the Russian farce, just as the constant (but weak) attacks by establishment controlled media made Trump a 24 hour news phenomena and propelled him into a new level of celebrity status during the election.

One could argue that perhaps the establishment is unaware of this dynamic. I think not. The manner in which they track social trends through web analytics is rather precise. Though I know it will twist the panties of quite a few people, I would suggest that the establishment PREFERS to have a Trump administration in place.

Look at it this way: Conservatives will cry foul for the remainder of Trump’s first term all based on the false premise that Trump is going to be “impeached” or sabotaged at any given moment. I remember all the claims before the election when I predicted a Trump win that the establishment would never allow him to enter the Oval Office. After his election, the same people argued that he would never make it to the inauguration. Now, they argue that the so-called deep state is going to try to bring Trump down before he reaches the end of his first term. And as long as Trump continues to stick around, there are those that argue that he is “defeating the deep state” with his magnificent strategic prowess. You see, the cognitive dissonance circle is infinite.

Few people appear to be considering the possibility that Trump is exactly where the establishment wants him to be; that the Trump administration is loaded with the very same swamp creatures he railed against during his campaign and that these elitists are the true power in the White House, not Trump.

Let me say this as clearly as possible — presidents do not matter. They do not matter in terms of any important change in American society. Those great changes are always made either by a contingent of free people fighting relentlessly for good, or by a contingent of power mongers manipulating the halls of government from behind the scenes. In the end, like most other presidents, Trump is irrelevant, unless you view him as a pied piper leading conservatives down a terrible path.

The danger of Trump, if followed blindly, is threefold.

First, the more conservatives tie themselves to his administration, the more they leave themselves vulnerable if and when his administration sinks into infamy. For example, the Federal Reserve has been avidly pulling the plug on its decade long artificial support of stocks and bond markets. Continued interest rate hikes and balance sheet cuts will ultimately crash those markets, and this will happen before the end of Trump’s first term if the Fed continues at its current pace.

Trump may very well be the next Hoover, as I have warned time and time again since his election. A conservative president presiding over an economic catastrophe that developed long before he ever entered office, but still blamed for the consequences. In the case of Trump, it will be conservative ideals and policies that are demonized most of all, leading to renewed public support for another FDR (i.e., another hardcore communist president).

Second, Trump's trade war activities continue to provide perfect cover and distraction on a monthly basis for the Fed's balance sheet dumps and interest rate hikes.  Every time stocks drop dramatically, very few people blame the fed's activities and all attention shifts to Trump.  I see a narrative building already, one that hides all central bank guilt in the degradation of the economy.  The more conservatives support a badly planned trade war, the more they will be seen as complicit in an economic crash that actually started over a decade ago.

Third, if Trump is meant to become a war hawk president as the introduction of John Bolton to his cabinet suggests, then conservatives may very well repeat the mistakes they made years ago when they fervently supported the Bush administration and the Iraq War. This time, though, America will not economically or philosophically survive another unjustified or ill-considered war. Not with Iran, North Korea or any other nation for that matter. Once again, true conservatives could have the tragedies produced by war wrapped around their necks if they do not apply critical thought to Trump as they do with most other issues.

And this is the solution to the problem. It is very simple; just treat Trump as you would any other politician, remove all bias and examine him under a microscope in the light of day. The more conservatives openly criticize Trump where it is warranted, the less the establishment is able to chain us to any disasters that happen under his watch. With the cabinet of grim elitist figures surrounding him from day to day, it is the only logical recourse.

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Cassandra.Hermes tmosley Fri, 06/01/2018 - 22:52 Permalink

LOL, i think Pussy-Grabberis the most not Marxist president in USA history. In Marxist sociopolitical thought, the dictatorship of the proletariat refers to a state in which the proletariat, or the working class, has control of political power. Trump gave the control of political power to uneducated anti-science populists rejecting the scientific consensus on everything from evolution to abortion, to climate change, to vaccination, to modern economics, to jurisdiction.

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brianshell SACRED-COW Fri, 06/01/2018 - 23:21 Permalink

I have been watching them since Eisenhower. A candy bar was 5 cents. None of them have been able to break the Fed. My airport vending machine charges 2.25 for a candy bar.

Trump may be just another contender but, he has a wicked pitch. He is a knuckleballer. You have to stand back so you don't get hit in the ear hole.

No, I will reserve judgement in this one until the fat lady sings.

In reply to by SACRED-COW

Conscious Reviver LiteBeeer Fri, 06/01/2018 - 23:45 Permalink

More like LiteBeer is either simple minded and easily led, aka lacking in critical thinking skills or through various layers of intermediaries, a Red Shield shill.

Care to weigh in on which of the two delusions you suffer from LB?

Predicted response from LB: Something perverse, most likely projecting supressed homo fantasies. Because that's the way Trumptards roll, the true believers, the paid variety and the Zino-ideologues.

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Klassenfeind bobcatz Sat, 06/02/2018 - 05:56 Permalink

Hear hear! As a true conservative and libertarian (I'm a big supporter of Ron Paul) I couldn't agree more with this article!

"Trump cheerleaders react with disdain when any critical tone is applied to his behavior. In their mind, only evil leftists are critical of Trump, and if you are on the political right, then you better be toeing the line. If you are not with them, you are against them."


"By Trump’s own definition, he has actually added to “the swamp” rather than draining it. Trump’s cabinet is loaded with an ensemble of elitist freaks that should have been relegated to a carnival side show."

This about sums up what I and many others have been saying all along, but the heads of Trumptards like tmosely remain still firmly stuck in their own rear ends.

Their intense hatred of Swamp-bitch Hillary Clinton has completely blinded them to the Swamp-like behaviour of The Donald himself.

The only way to get rid of the globalist-elitist Swamp is to drastically reduce the number of conservative neo-cons and generals that are manipulating US policy, and not to increase the size of Big Government and the number of neo-con MIC Deep State puppets in government like Donald Trump has done.

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Uchtdorf Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 06:44 Permalink

Yep, here and elsewhere, Trump supporters refuse to even consider the awful reality of John Bolton roaming the halls of the White House. Now, either Trump likes the guy and brought him in to ramp us up for the next war, or Trump is a puppet and had no choice in the matter. Which swampish option do Trump supporters prefer? Neither one leads to a free and great America. 

In reply to by Klassenfeind

Klassenfeind Uchtdorf Sat, 06/02/2018 - 07:03 Permalink

The big irony of it all is that all those people here on ZH who are supposedly against "Big Government," now believe that a Big Strong Government, a Strong Military, and a Big Strong President is the answer for everything.

IMO there is a huge difference between neo-con Big Government supporters like Bolton, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Haspel and Mattis on one hand, and true libertarianism of Small Government on the other.

If you ever want to drain the Swamp you need Small Government and libertarianism, not someone like Trump who actually increased the already bloated defence budget, surrounds himself with neo-con warhawks, surrounds himself with Goldman Sachs banksters, elevates a Deep State pawn like Pompeo to Foreign Secretary and promotes a known torturer like Haspel to the head of the CIA.

"MAGA" = American Police State!

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SACRED-COW King of Ruperts Land Sat, 06/02/2018 - 14:11 Permalink

Trump as well as his current minions are completely owned and operated by the Rothschild oil and banking cartel.

He could care less about you and everyone else. Trump owes Rothschild for bailing out his broke ass casino empire, which had a negative net value of over a billion dollars when he could no longer pay the bills.

Wilbur Ross, billionaire, secretary of commerce, is Rothschild's main man.

Almost every regulation canceled is at the behest of the Rothschild oil empire.

Did you ever question why we're in Syria?  Genie Energy (oil).  Rothschild owned.

In reply to by King of Ruperts Land

ThirteenthFloor Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 09:39 Permalink

Big government is supported inspired (sic) by big Wall Street and think tanks like CFR.  Only way to really drain the swamp is to nuke the “junk economy” we have.  

Watching Trump pre-tweet the employment numbers yesterday is clear communication he has no intend of touching Wall Street in any helpful way.

You cannot be a hegemony if your economy is called out for what it really is junk.

PS Bolton’s and Pompeo’s and their ilk shrivel up and die when the dollar is called out as for what it is junk.

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MoreFreedom Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 13:06 Permalink

I agree with the author that "The more conservatives openly criticize Trump where it is warranted, the less the establishment is able to chain us to any disasters that happen under his watch".

But I think the author is also partly suffering from cognitive dissonance (i.e. not accepting reality).  Certainly there is something of a cult of the presidency in the US. But the author ignores a few things.  Claiming Trump is adding to the swamp (because he's hired elite bankers and other career government employees) ignores the 24,000 fewer federal employees (only about a 1% reduction, but far better than all the previous presidents who've increased its size), and the deregulation via EO he's accomplished already (Congress not being willing to help).   And for big decisions, Trump will be making them and often contrary to the advice he'll get from his mixed bag of advisors (consider the battle between Mnuchen and Navarro in trade).

Claiming it's an illusion the deep state is after Trump ignores how they set him up to be investigated by a special counsel, and called his election illegitimate due to Russian meddling. Some Democrat politicians call for his impeachment every day. 

Trump is fighting to stay in office, needs some allies in the government (e.g. the military) and needs to avoid the Democrats taking the House in the midterms.  He can't do anything about the Fed or spending with Congress not helping.  Those are battles that can't be won yet.  I'm not sure Trump understands these problems or will do anything about them.  One needs to know the difference about what one can change vs. what one cannot change.   What point is there to fight and anger Congress when they won't help him? 

As for tariffs, seems to me Trump is mostly bluffing about them to get concessions (at which he's had some success).  How his tariffs will be implemented remain to be fully seen.  At least the tariffs he's created are limited to certain countries and products, and aren't the 25% tax for all imports that Smoot Hawley created.  And they haven't been in effect for long.  As a libertarian, I'd prefer free trade, and see countries subsidizing their exports for sale at below cost, as something to take advantage of for our benefit.

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tion Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 06:58 Permalink

I see this attempt from multiple places at labeling vocal supporters of President Trump as hero worshippers and I am regarding it with Extreme Prejudice.

Brandon speaks of cognitive dissonance and comes out the gates with a disingenuous fallacy. Obviously President Trump is just one flawed human being of limited capability (aren’t we all?).  My faith and worship belong only to God. The slumbering sheeple need to wake up to the fact that together and individually they have power. Not just your actions but your words and your thoughts. Brandon chooses to use his own power writing articles like this.


The non-democrat libshits keep REE’ing about how red blue party lines do not matter. And THEY ARE RIGHT. Who gives a fuck if you didn’t vote Democrat. If you are espousing standards for thee but not for me bullshit, guess what. YOU ARE A LIBSHIT. If you think you and everyone you agree with gets a free pass for obnoxiously and constantly espousing your opinions as loudly as you want but that I should feel ashamed for doing so, guess what, YOU ARE A LIBSHIT. Oh, but how dare I act so vulgar and childish by calling people names EVEN THOUGH THE LIBSHITS ON ALL SIDES HAVE BEEN CONSTANTLY CALLING NAMES. When people start flinging shit, getting it all over themselves and me and everyone in between, and I try to catch it and throw it back in their face, guess how many fucks I have to give when someone calls me a bad person for throwing shit. If you can dish it out but you can’t take it, YOU MIGHT BE A LIBSHIT. LIBSHITS ARE HYPOCRITICAL FAKE LOVERS OF LIBERTY. Please choke on your double standards.


If the libshits think they can keep trying to tear down my President and shame me into putting down my pompoms, they should reassess. May the Lord bless my President and keep him safe.

In reply to by Klassenfeind

beemasters tion Sat, 06/02/2018 - 08:01 Permalink

It goes deeper than what is seen on the surface. The entire US election has been designed as a slow process of attachment of self-identity to an avatar (nominee). Essentially, it renders a presidential choice as a symbolic representation of the self or identity. To an individual who has gone through the conditioning, criticism of his choice will be construed as an attack on one's sense of self. It must be defended... even if it means attacking the critics or denying the obvious and finding rationales or hopes where, in reality, there will be minimal to none.

Like all deep conditioning, the victims are usually the last to realize...

In reply to by tion

Blue Boat beemasters Sat, 06/02/2018 - 13:14 Permalink

I voted for Trump but don't worship the guy.

It is my observation, from reading many websites and the reader comments, that many who see him as a savior are those who've come from very religious backgrounds, particularly Christian ones.

Christianity is based on idol worship and believing in saviors. Many in that crowd are deeply, psychologically hitched to the Trump Train and expect him to "save us".  Maybe he will but, I prefer to not believe so blindly.  What is utterly clear is that he is intensely playing to that group with his many religious comments, that sound so unlike him! He's politicking, no surprise.

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Singelguy Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 07:21 Permalink

Trump may have added to the swamp, but I would suggest that he really had no choice. Just a reminder, Trump came into the WH with no previous political experience. He relied on Reince Preibus (a Washington insider) to help him fill all the key positions. Trump also knew that if he picked outsiders to fill those positions, the RINO’s as well as the Democrats in the Senate would never approve them. The swamp is so deep and so entrenched that it will never be drained by a head on confrontation. Steve Bannon even said it would take at least 15 years to drain it. Trump will only be there for 8. Trump is now busy holding rallies around the country to replace the RINO’s and democrats with people that support his agendain the upcoming midterm elections. If Trump is successful, then there will likely be some big changes, the replacement of Sessions being the most significant. If unsuccessful, then it will be more of the same until 2020.

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Tiger Rocks Dale Singelguy Sat, 06/02/2018 - 10:16 Permalink

During the campaign, Trump spoke about MAGA, getting out of the middle east.  This was a direct challenge to the Zionist neo-con's imperialist world view, hence the rabid mouth foaming on every single Government media outlet.  Sadly, campaign Trump is a stark contrast to President Trump.  Sometimes the most efficient means to prove a point, is simply pointing out someone's hypocrisy. 

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tmosley Tiger Rocks Dale Sat, 06/02/2018 - 10:50 Permalink

We are one quarter of the way through his presidency, at most.

There is plenty to criticize about anyone. Every time he has done something that I hated, it has turned out for the best in a way that is clearly attributable to those very actions. Trump has thus earned my trust.

As non-insiders, all we can do is watch, and broadcast either our support or our hate. 

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dexterfarmer Singelguy Sat, 06/02/2018 - 11:54 Permalink

Singelguy, yours is the most cogent response I've read.   DJT was elected President in the US where the swamp has been operating for at least 115 years, since private bankers took over our monetary system.  I was/am a Ron Paul supporter, but recognize that about the only power he could have wielded would have been with the power of the pen to vote NO.  Not much would have been accomplished.  

In contrast, it appears to me that DJT is playing the system.  He has to avoid JFK's fate, and that means playing along, for awhile.  Even while playing along, he's managing to undo some of the damage done by trade deals that gutted our productive capacity, and he's rolled back regulations that didn't help our environment much, but instead acted as very fine protectors for the biggest players (who lobby for those regs to keep their competitors at bay.)  He's taking on Big Pharma, starting with the small step of removing the "efficacy" clause currently required by the FDA's safety and efficacy requirements. (The later is a clause that the big players like because small competitors don't have the funds to jump through those onerous hoops.)    The EO signed two days ago requires that safety be proven but removes the efficacy requirement.  Competition can now operate against the Big Boyz.  

We have yet to see how the Middle East will play out, but I believe he's playing the situation there, too, although admittedly, I remain guarded.  My hope is that he's allowing the bad actors to get squashed (eg US backed and funded ISIS and the "white helmet" frauds.)   At some point, perhaps in his second term (if he's not taken out by then), my hope is that he'll cut Israel loose.  Without US support, they'd be hard pressed to continue acting as the rogues of the region.    

DJT's biggest challenge will be when the wheels inevitably spin off the monetary train wreck that has been building speed toward the cliff since Nixon had to throw in the towel on Bretton Woods.

This country was on the absolute precipice in nearly every way.  DJT is not a miracle worker, but this I believe:   He doesn't work for the globalist elites as evidenced by the vitriol leveled against him by the likes of Soros and a bought and controlled MSM.  On the contrary, it does appear that he genuinely loves this country and wants to restore some of the self sufficiency that will allow us to weather a transition from a failing monetary system.   He had to build our strength globally again to weather such a storm, and to able to bring our boys and gals home from far flung bases where we have no business. 

The whole transition will be painful, but perhaps when we emerge on the other side, we may all exist in a more peaceful world with the cabal, for awhile anyway, de-fanged.     If we love our country, regardless of our like or dislike for this President, we should encourage and support his successes.    He knows damn well we have no stomach for continued conflict and imposed US hegemony around the globe.  For that matter, he knows that we are simply to weak now to maintain that hegemony around the globe.  I never forget that all that geopolitical maneuvering wasn't done for we the people.  It was done for the global elites.  The irony is that our strength has to be built up again, before pulling out.  

Our goal should once again be to walk softly but carry a big stick.

In reply to by Singelguy

wdg Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 09:23 Permalink

I agree with this assessment. Trump is the SWAMP. True conservatives, not to be confused with the Fake/Cuck Conservatives such as NeoCon traitors and those inhabiting the Republican Party, have been sucked in by another pack of lies as they were by G.W.Bush. And Trump will play the role of Hoover and if we are not careful pave the way for the total take over of America by FDR-like neo-Bolsheviks/ the ones who took over Russia in 1917. The US is NOT a democracy which is why once again Americans will have to fight against the bankers/globalists  for their freedom and homeland. It is unlikely that freedom will be restored at the ballot box.

In reply to by Klassenfeind

Miggy Klassenfeind Sat, 06/02/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

Let's start with tax reform, rollback regulation for industry, and North Korea. What about moving the embassy in Israel?  There is a lot of anti-Semitism out there but us Christians think that was the best move he could have done for the safety of America. Trump is not a cult of personality. He's a business man that knows what he's doing that's doing a great job guiding America and he doesn't even have to. He's one of those lone politicians that actually took a pay cut. And a big one at that.

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